1. Wilson has the coaching pedigree to lead a Big Ten team. Lynch, while a very nice and honorable man, simply did not. […] Not to be unkind, but seriously, Lynch’s pedigree, regardless of the positions he held, came from Butler, Ball State, etc.

    Bill Lynch’s pedigree just beat Kevin Wilson’s pedigree. In Bloomington. Again.

  2. Without Coach Wilson today this would not have been very competitive. He forces his will onto the team. Too much field position given up by too many penalties by a young team. Not much difference in QB play whether it is Cam, Tre or Sudfeld. Cam did have the look of a veteran until he was hurt. Wish we had a stud DE.

  3. This could possibly have been the worst officiating crew I have EVER seen in my life.


    I don’t make a habit of saying things like this, but if you believe Lynch has a better Pedigree than Wilson as a coach, you sir are an idiot, period.

  4. And you can take Poopdunker on your way out since the three of you are worth a little less than two dingleberries and a half.

  5. … you sir are an idiot, period.

    Mike Pee, is that your real name, sir? Couldn’t think of a better one myself.

    Carlton, ignore him, the P also stands for the size of his brain.

  6. …”Lynch’s pedigree 41-Wilson’s 39…Where did those brain dead stats come from?? Talk about size of brain.

  7. Keith & Carlton,

    You guys make me laugh.

    Carlton, easy question, but how does a 41-39 loss to BSU make Lynch better? Seems you forgot the 42-20 ASS KICKING BSU handed Lynch in 2008 after Dante Love (BSU’s top player) broke his neck early in the 2nd qtr and was removed from the field in an ambulance. Lynch gave BSU their first ever victory over a BCS school.

    I’m not 100% behind Wilson, I think his clock management and 3rd down play calling has been horrible. However there is not a case that can be made for Lynch over Wilson. Simply does not exist.

    If you would like to have a rational discussion on this subject, please by all means come with what you have and I’ll gladly debate it. Come strong, cause right now you’re beyond weak with your “Lynch’s pedigree 41 – Wilson’s pedigree 39.” argument.

  8. Mike P, Carlton does not do rational discussions on this subject. And he seems incapable of responding to posters who do not share his disdain for Wilson or his appreciation of Lynch without using childish name-calling. The irony is that Bill Lynch would probably be embarrassed to read a lot of Carlton’s comments. Too bad Carlton does not conduct himself on this site with the same class and dignity that Bill Lynch always demonstrated.

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