1. Big Ten is weak this year. Iowa sucks. We are coached by an offensive mastermind. The high of the season: the tremendously close loss to Ball State (at home). The low is going to be when we play Illinois. Otherwise it’s all smooth sailing from here.

  2. …I’ve just watched us score 21 points …unfortunately, your comment Harvard is completely right….I’ve watched us give up 17 with shameful surrender! What is is with the number 7 on the back of our shirst (#7, #37, #27 ?????

  3. I hate our vertical passing game. Hate it. It seems to consist of lobbing the ball in the air and praying our receiver will make a fantastic play on the ball (assuming it lands in bounds).

    That’s fine a couple times a game but it has become a regular part of the offense.

    No quit in these guys.

  4. Simply put, IU’s defense is horrific! Not only are the players not very good, but the system is broken. Today, it looked as if IU’s defense has regressed, and that’s after an extra week to prepare for this game. When one player generates almost 600 yards of offense, and is still shredding the defense with huge plays in the fourth quarter, something is fundamentally wrong. Either the coaches did not make adjustments or the players are incapable of adjusting. It was ridiculous.

    I credit IU’s freshman QB and the offense for a competitive second half, but late is the second half, when the game was still within reach, the play calling and/or execution faltered. Passes to the flat that gained one yard and kept the clock running? Terrible! False start on 4th and goal? Stupid freshman mistake. NU’s defense was tired and IU was running the ball well, but IU’s play calling did not take advantage, and as a result, two key drive stalled and IU forfeited their momentum.

    But the story of this game and the story of this season is IU’s lack of defense. I don’t see any part of it that is good. The D-line is undersized and gets pushed around the field. The linebackers don’t fill the slots and are not good tacklers. And the defensive backfield is simply terrible, once again. I know NU has a dynamic offense, but when they set a school record for total offense, something is terribly wrong with the defense. It goes beyond youth and inexperience, and I don’t expect them to be Alabama over night, but this defense is simply terrible. Either the coaches improve the defense, or Wilson needs to improve the defensive coaching.

  5. Offensively, we played with a lot of dignity; especially after a very bad start (I think that first drive defined the game). I agree with Chet’s somment that our football team showed there is no quit in them.

    But, Indiana football is being defined by the repeating ‘Hoosier Groundhog Day’ story of our defense. As a team we seem destined to repeat the mistakes that have always and still characterize the Hoosier over and over because we don’t show the conscious will to end it.

    Defensively, someone has to take charge and show leadership.

    Preferably, it has to be Coach Wilson-, and now. Even as I accept and respect that he is an offensive minded coach and that is the foundation of this team,I hope he understands his greatest challenge is going to be accepting responsibility for what happens to the Hoosiers defensively now and for the future: doing what is necessary to improve us a great deal and accomplish our job to get the ball back on defense, without surrendering points.

    No drama here; it is simple. That is just the challenge he accepts as Indiana’s Hoosier football coach. He has to look at what he has (staff, player, strategically and coaching wise), make the decisions he must make and take the action necessary. We can not live on the hope of outscoring the other team.

    I really do like the culture KW brought with him; the accountability for the players and coaches, the thoughtfulness and ‘coaching’ attitude in facing the problems inherited and his capacity to self-evaluate. It is what leaders do.

    And, now I am hoping he makes a commitment to resolve our marked collective IU personality that “surrenders” on defense. This will be Coach Kevin Wilson’s greatest career challenge and, if accomplished the greatest contribution he could make to the Hoosiers and athletic history.

    Today’s loss to an admirable Northwestern program- they have successfully gone through what we are going through- does not depress or anger me. It merely leaves me resolute to reach the same point as the Wildcats.

    Selfishly, as a Hoosier fan; and because I want Kevin Wilson and ‘us’ to succeed, I hope he finds the answers. I certainly think he has the intelligence, the spirit, the understanding and the capacity to do so. And, I truly believe he leads us with the ‘will’ to do so.

  6. Admit it: it was better under Bill Lynch.

    IU has regressed under Kevin Wilson.

    The only bright spot: Coleman’s 96 yards return. I imagine Wilson has spent countless hours in practice drawing that exact 96 yard path on the ground (over and over) with his pedigree. And it is finally starting to bear fruit!

  7. Oopses:

    Graph 1- “somment”= comment

    Graph 4- (rewrite) Preferably, it has to be Coach Wilson, and now. Even as I accept and respect that he is an offensive minded coach and that is the foundation of this team; I hope he understands his greatest challenge is going to be accepting responsibility for what happens to the Hoosiers defensively, now and for the future. Doing what is necessary to improve us a great deal and get the ball back on defense, without surrendering points, will be the defining outcome of his tenure at IU.

  8. IU has regressed under KW, just as IU initially regressed under Tom Crean. Hare-brained Crepes is like the dumb dog who thinks his tennis ball has vanished into thin air when you cover it with a bowl. He can only see what is in front of him at the present moment.

  9. Crepes Flambee- no, I don’t think so at all. I believe that under Coach Lynch we defined ourselves with a high school vision of what football is. We recruited accordingly and it defined us.

    We have obviously touched bottom and it is deep. What will hopefully develop- and I accept it will be slow because it is so profound, is ‘character’…something that we have little experience with and will have to get as we go along. It is pointless to compare this; except to the stages we went through during Coach Bill Mallory’s tenure. Other than his team we have nothing in our own (football) history to serve as a model.

    How we do it, will also define us as fans. I’d like to see us develop the grit to accept the battle ahead.

  10. Why does a blogger get to write anything for CBS Sports? Are these just used as blowhard whores of high-ranking journalists/executives? That was just pointless, mean-spirited nothingness..Much in the style of a Seth Davis “worst defender in all of college basketball” classless dig.

  11. Funny how we can cheer for politicians needing extra terms when inheriting a complete economic mess based on years of disparity between the “haves” and “have nots,” but we can’t make the leap for a 2nd year football coach that fights for the little guy in the Big 10 that has been beaten down for decades.

  12. I was amazed at the cushions being given to the NU receivers, even in the second half, when IU was mounting a comeback. Sooner or later, when you’re losing by 20, you need to take some risks to make a stop or potentially create a pick-six. I credit IU’s defense for not quitting and for getting two turnovers in the second half, but the D-backs continued to provide huge cushions, which NU’s offense found easy to exploit.

    It just seems to me that whoever is calling the defense failed to make the adjustments that would seem obvious when one’s team is losing by 20 points. At that point, with nothing to lose, time to tighten up the coverage.

    On the bright side, I loved the kickoff return and the call on the the two-point conversion. Both plays were exceptionally well executed. I also witnessed the affect that Houston’s power running was having on NU’s small D-backs. They wanted no part of him, and if not for some shoe-string tackles, he’d have scored a couple more times. He ran well and I think IU’s O-line was effective in the second half.

    NU is a good team this year (they’re 5-0), so I did not expect to win this game. But I did expect IU’s defense to put up a better fight. Disappointing.

  13. ‘Where Did It Go George’, I think changing a team involved two processes

    – First, having them ‘forget’ (wipe out from their memory) the bad habits developed simply by repeating them over and over. It is a false belief that practice makes perfect. Practice (reps) done badly also make permanent. If players learn bad habits and repeat them…they merely make them permanently bad. That, I think is what they are fighting in the defensive secondary.
    -Second, correction and instruction perfect. In other words, practicing good habits and expecting good practices. That’s an issue for coaches (good instruction) to address.

    That’s also how you train a dog.

  14. Amazing that people still defend Bill Lynch as a head coach. If you take a peek you might notice that, even though he is a coach with experience as a head coach in the Big Ten, he can’t get a sniff for a head coaching position anywhere at any level.

    Every other coach that IU has ever fired got snatched right up as a head coach by another D1 program or an assistant in the NFL if they remained in coaching.

    Bill Lynch is the only exception. Of course, maybe your just smarter than all the football professionals.

    Bill Lynch knows what Bill Lynch is, a mid major assistant coach. Good for him. Don’t try to pretend he is anything else.

    He doesn’t.

  15. Bill Lynch is an associate AD at Butler currently.

    Tell me about more about the great Nick Holt.

    I’m listening.

  16. Tsao is right. CKW is now in character-building mode. He’s currently focused on himself and when he succeeds hope it will rub off on the team–or on the opposing team… someone has to win the game, eh?

    Also post #13: we have a picture of you too.

  17. WDIGG: IU Basketball is all about Hulls and Cody “Alien” Zeller. It’s not about your stupid Crean. Any comparison with IU Football under Fatman Wilson is absolutely infantile. The Zeller of Football is in South Bend dude, not in Bloomington: he decommitted, remember? Wilson will have Nick Holt’s fate in Bloomington. He too will end up someplace pancakes, pushing pens and papers in an office. That, of course, after he buries IU Football with character.

  18. Yes, I remember the great Nick Holt. Outstanding pedigree. The Baylor Bears peed all over it before he was fired.

  19. Nice try. Kinda like you not having a job but spending most of your time on this blog lamely pretending you have one.

  20. Bill Lynch at IU: 19-30 (6-26)

    Fatman Wilson at IU: 3-13 (0-9)

    Facts are facts. Chet, you’re not familiar with the concept.

  21. It seems to me that Lynch is doing well…Butler is doing well in BB and though not getting rich Lynch is making a decent living and is probably happier….Lynch did not have that great of gig at IU and was not getting rich…IU tradition in football is a win or 2 and rarely wins more than 4 or 5 per year…The wins just cost more per win when the head coach makes a million plus and assistants make two or three hundred per year vs. one or two hundred thousand for the head coach and maybe a hundred for assistants.

  22. That’s why he was fired. He was just too darned successful.

    You’re absolutely right about working. I don’t exactly have a ‘job’.

  23. Bill Lynch regressed since Bill Lynch. He took a 7 win bowl team that he inherited from Hep and rode it to a 3-9 finish in his second year.

    And now, a painful fact for Pancake boy (he just loves playing these games doesn’t he): Kevin Wilson has the same record in year 2 after 4 games as Bill Lynch had in year 2 after 4 games. The only difference between the two seasons is that Wilson’s win total is trending upward, while Bill’s trended downward.

    I might add that Bill Lynch’s IU team lost by 22 to Ball State that year. Wilson at least closed the gap to 3 points this year.

  24. As I’ve stated in previous posts, we will not win a conference game this season. Unfortunately, our defense is neither strong or fast enough to keep us in games. That’s just an unfortunate reality. We simply do not have the chops on defense to compete in this conference and win. Our offense can score no doubt but can’t score enough to keep up.

  25. That’s why he was fired. He was just too darned successful.

    “Beerbelly” Wilson was hired by an AD (Glass) who had been hired by a basketball coach (Crean, plus a few others, in a committee) who in turn hadn’t coached a single game for IU at that time. The epitome of incompetence, as can be seen now: Glass, with no previous experience as AD, fired Lynch and hired a coach whose only notable characteristic is the beerbelly.

  26. You are the same clown(s) that wanted CTC fired his second season.

    It’s OK, though.

    You’ll disappear from the football threads just like you disappeared from the basketball threads.

  27. I might add that Bill Lynch’s IU team lost by 22 to Ball State that year. Wilson at least closed the gap to 3 points this year.

    That very same year Lynch beat Northwestern. Whoa. Beerbelly Wilson, however, as we saw last night, lost to Northwestern too, to make it two for two, just so there’s no doubt about the “trending upward” nonsense promulgated by some riff-raff on this blog.

  28. Well,…continuing this really interesting discussion; Flaming Flambe,…, quite a few (including me) considered Coach Lynch a fine man, but- reluctantly- had to accept the reality it was time to search in a different direction. I am one of those who is sincerely glad Lynch landed on his feet at a fine University where he is appreciated.

    I also see signs of progress and am glad Glass decided on KW. We are much more competitive now than we were a year ago. For the first time in years they actually look like a B1G team in several areas. And, I’ll concede there are areas that need to get a lot better. But, on balance, the right decision was made. Coach KW has improved IU football in terms of the talent brought in, the team’s attitude, and the ‘fight and toughness’ of most players.

    It’s also clear it will take time for it to show in results. I too would like to see wins, but know and have to accept that it is a tough piece of work. The problem his not KW and if we want a solution, we need to stand back and admit to ourselves we have not done very good by football to this point. Not accepting this has been our biggest obstacle to this point. Prior to Glass and KW arriving was a generally very toxic environment that had practically abandoned football.

    There is no up-side in attacking each other. Nor is there an up-side that any of us have the vision or the skills, judgment or knowledge to put forth or select a vision. Sometimes, when the ‘incoming’ is thick, all we can and should do is.. jump in the fox hole, put on our helmet and eat our ham sandwich…while the helicopters get there.

  29. That very same year Lynch beat Northwestern.

    And it was a year in which Northwestern also started 5-0. It was a team that went 9-4 (5-3) and lost the Alamo Bowl to #25 Missouri in OT. Admit it: Bill Lynch was a superior coach!

  30. The fix this team needs is not with the coaching staff but the DL and DL speed. With a small improvement in talent of both we could have 1(maybe 2)All Conference player come from the LB’s and or the DB’s. Cooper had 8 tackles and Alexander had 5 w/2 TFL along with a forced fumble. It would be enjoyable to watch Murphy and Heban perform with more help up front. You almost never have a perfect game with the play calling but Littrell is making progress each game. The plays that hurt were the missed FG, the questionable penalty on Murphy and the penalty on the LT inside the 4. If they had been to our benefit they could have have tipped the scale. Kain Coulter is a better athlete/FB player than anyone on our roster. They know how to use him. This game was what I would expect at this point in the timeline. AD Glass chose the right man.

  31. Chet, others-Should be fairly easy to figure out who the embittered Flaming Jumbo Pancakes is and the why for the ever so personal attacks on Coach Wilson…the result of some bruised feelings because he(CKW) didn’t stop to recognize the value of such a profound football mind and influential Hoosier citizenship at…some pancake fest.

    So….best to cover the flaming fattening flat fancake f_rt he passes as the result of the thick bitter sour grapes jelly oozing from him with a heavy syrup of silence.

    You are right…individuals like this disappear from the blog when life is good in the Hoosier Republic. All there is left for them to do is feed on their bitterness.

  32. One thing that struck me on our defensive side is some of the body language and movement in the part of some of our corner backs, specifically particularly #22 (Mullen) and #27(Webb), even #37 (Murphy) sometimes.

    I agree the last penalty on Murphy was, at best questionable (though, given he may have identified himself as playing ‘at the edge’ to the officials). The ball carrier appeared to be inside the line. Murphy does appear to deliver blows at the ‘edge’ in timing and purpose. He may have called attention to himself as a ‘questionable’ player and that will cost his team and team mates.

    In general, there seems to be an ‘attitude’ issue with some of our defensive backs (not true for #9-Heban). At the same time, #22, #27 seem to be avoiding hard contact during the play. Watch the videos during Northwestern’s scoring or big plays.

  33. TTG, regarding pancakes and such, it is sad how easily some folks get their egos bruised and how long they subsequently cling to their grudges.

    Life really is to short for such silliness.

    This is a great place to have a little fun while supporting the Hoosiers. It’s a shame some folks choose to come here to put their insecurities on display.

  34. Are some on here implying JPat is behind these various highly critical posts because of the “pancake” references?

    JPat may not be a cosmopolitan blowhard with 3 doctorate degrees and the ability to impress upon the masses of Scoop his worldly arrogance and multilingual expertise, but I’m more than confident that he has no time for petty, deep-rooted envy, or resentment aimed at Wilson /Hoosier football.

    Personally, I don’t believe a single post on this thread is JPat hiding behind curtains of hate.

    Gloating extensively about one’s own lot in life, ridiculing others by means of putting your ‘superior’ education and mighty level of career accomplishments on podiums of preachy condescension, in attempts to silence a simple and sincere decent heart this humble blog intended for equal voices treated equally for all that love Hoosier sports, is, by far, the grandest display of insincerity in a most obsessive and twisted form.

  35. Tsao, I am still here and have plenty to say both positive and negative on IU football but I will get attacked by you for whatever I choose to write. You ran me off of here along with a couple others. You think all is well in Hoosier Republic, don’t forget that we played non-competitive football for an entire half and NW ran up over 700 total yards and set a school record on IU football yesterday. I can promise you I am still here and I have no bruised ego at all…I just got tired of being attacked and the back and forth is bad for my health and that is from the heart, health problems. I have used the time I used to spend on here to be with my wife and kids. Dustin can tell you, I am J Pat and have never posted under anything else. I hope you are all well, I miss the blog sincerely. Being honest got me in trouble on here, life is too short!

  36. I never would have thought anything less of JPat. I have always enjoyed his(and MikeP.)inside info they gleaned from their local zip code. I miss that heads up now because I rarely get the skinny at my zip code. Chet, TTG, HfH we lost a good resource here when JP quit posting. Like everyone else we did not have to agree but he is a vocal addition from a local perspective. Good hearing from you JP. By the way what are the good things you are seeing from IU FB? I can always recognize the bad things but sometimes overlook some positive stuff.

  37. Clarion, glad you asked. I am loving what Wilson is doing with recruiting and also what he is saying. I have a friend that constantly sends me his tweets and I love what he has to say. I will admit I like the more humble and pleasant Wilson I have seen with my own eyes, spoken with and the press conferences. I think though he has been humbled…I really think he thought he could come here and WIN TODAY and I cannot fault him for that I guess…I bought into it too deeply I think. I think what has impressed me most is his eye for the QB and WR positions, also the RB…well I guess the entire offense. It is not as predictable as it has been in the past and nobody is playing out of position which I appreciate. The O line was going to be worst in the Big 10 according to so many publications but they are a solid group. I was not prepared for just how bad the defense would be. We just have almost nothing up front and the end position is awful. Defensive coaches in my own experience sometimes make things harder than they are…I think Wilson will have to make some changes in the coaching staff and that stinks because I love Eckler(sp?) and Mallory. If you are getting NO push from front 4 Saturday, would it hurt to go 3 man front and put a nickel out there as an extra safety/LB to spy?? I cannot stand Beliceck(sp?) from New England but he does that simple stuff all the time. That NW QB ran all over the place…I trust in my gut we had the athletes to stop him. I also trust that our athletes match up pound for pound in speed, size, and athletic ability so why did we get stomped in the first half? I was at BW3 in B town and it was obvious to all tables around me that NW came out on emotion and adrenaline all jacked up and IU did not look a bit like that…a bit! When IU saw that…they had to counter punch and failed to so so. That is coaches mainly and players somewhat…the motivation piece. Have a good one, gotta teach!

  38. JPat,

    Like HC I would like to know your thoughts, both good and bad about where the team is and where you think they are going. If you don’t feel like sharing on the Scoop, you have my email and we can discuss there.

    I think I might put my two cents in this week, and I’m sure there will be certain guys on here that will not like what I have to say, about the former staff and the current staff.


    Sorry about Saturday, I lost my internet connection and decided to play with my 16 month old twin nephews during the game instead of logging back on to the s**t show that the chat was.

  39. The Scoop is always better when it has a broader spectrum of posters (other than the occasional troll). Personally, I have no insights or information other than what the BTN allows me to see on Saturday. It’s fun to hear what’s happening around Bloomington.

    Here’s a way off topic question. Decades ago Bloomington was referred to as “the gultch”. Is that expression ever used anymore?

  40. After posting the question I Googled it and got a bunch of hits. It is referred to as a favored term for Bloomington used by the locals.

    Back in the day the expression was widely used

  41. Chet, I have lived in Bloomington my whole life, and the only people I can ever remember calling Bloomington “the gulch” are all dead.

  42. JPat, how could anyone run you off this site? How is that possible?

    “No one has power over you unless you allow them to have power over you.”

    I liked your comments about IU’s defense and I agree with most of what you wrote. It just should not be this hard to improve that group, especially given where they came from last year.

  43. It just should not be this hard to improve that group,

    Guess the pedigree gets in the way.

    Martha the “Mop Lady” has twice the pedigree of Wilson.

  44. She is very talented, therefore Martha’s got four times the pedigree of Bill Lynch.

    IU’s offense is looking much improved, even with the back-up QB’s. Wilson’s QB’s are heads and shoulders over what he inherited. Running backs are better too. Makes me wonder what Saturday’s outcome would have been had Tre not broken his leg a couple weeks ago. My guess is that IU would not have been shut out in the first half.

  45. I think the offense is good. He definitely is a top notch offensive mind (right up there with Laffy and Pancake Boy whom I also find very offensive). The question is: can he make the whole work?

  46. So far as a head coach Wilson is slightly below Lynch. Lynch left a good group of student athletes. Wilson came yelling “Win Today!” and because they were not winning (though he was telling them to, because that’s what a coach does, eh?) he dismissed half of them. So he inherited a team that had gone 5-7 under Bill Lynch and he made them go 1-11 because he was holding his pedigree upside down I suppose.

  47. You are correct Coach Wilson inherited a group of good student athletes from BL but there were not many of them who were good FB players. EWB and Kiel were some of the best he left behind and they were not B10 in more ways than 1. The 5-7 W/L had much to do with having an above average 5th year QB and some good WR’s. The real travesty would have been to keep BL another year, had an 0-12 or 1-11 season and kept all his student athletes around for another season also. That would have been as beneficial as a bucket of warm ^’#~.

  48. Travesty, Clarion? Remember when you were defending Lynch with words like “let’s thank him for the 27 points he personally scored”. Right up the moment he was released you were asking for a new defense coordinator for him. And now… where is your loyalty? Damn. Travesty? You define the term.

  49. ^ He has no loyalty. Replace BL with CKW to find out what he will write after Glass fires Wilson.

  50. Exactly right, I was a proponent for BL. I liked the way he organized his FB program and staffs recruiting duties and his relationships with Hoosier HS coaches but I knew at the same time his string was short and why(something you still fail to recognize). When all B10 programs were able to get their players to stay all Summer on campus and train voluntarily BL could not and was a glaring deficiency for the program. He was not in the habit of knowingly doing things wrong but he did not demand the dedication it takes from coaches and players to succeed. That is why I always thought he needed a strong, aggressive asst./coordinator to balance out his passive/low key persona. In other words he isn’t a meat eater(same for OC Matt Canada now having trouble at Wisky)but I did want him to succeed. No doubt BL’s new job fits his demeanor much better than practicing as a B10 FB coach. Yes, it would have been a travesty to keep BL and some of his student athletes 1 season longer. I hope you are starting to get it as you’ve certainly had an abundance of opportunities on here to do so.

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