1. It’s Indiana State. This game should already be over and it’s not. There’s no way that ISU should have the athletes that IU has (and I don’t care that their offensive line averages 295…Go to any Old Country Buffet and the average is the same there but I don’t think they’re Big 10 Athletes). I think/hope that Wilson will get IU to a respectable Big 10 level but tonight should be a scrimmage and it’s not.

  2. You’re right we should be blowing them out…oh, wait, I thought we were LSU. On second thought, I’m glad we have the lead.

    What color is the sky in your world?

  3. It’s Indiana State. In my world a Big Ten Team should beat a Division 2 team every time. It’s not LSU playing Vandy where it can get tough on any Given Saturday. It’s IU playing ISU. IU should should always beat them. I don’t think that an IU vs ISU game should be competitive. I anxiously await Chet’s next cutting post.

  4. I guess this has turned into one of those ‘chippy’ internet things that I hate. I meant that ISU isn’t a Division I Team in a Big Time Conference. IU is. If ISU isn’t my recollection of Division 2 type of team (I know the NCAA changed the designation because of the Tournament aspect of those teams below the BCS System) it really doesn’t matter. IU is in the Division that is above the one in which ISU exists. Once again, a Big Ten Team (IU) should dominate a team in that division.

  5. Nothing ‘chippy’. There’s Division I, Division II, and Division III. There was no change between the three with the advent of the BCS.

  6. There’s the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) and then the teams that have playoffs. There was also Division I and Division IAA before one got to Divisions II and III. Finally, I don’t know why we’re having this back and forth. I just don’t think that ISU should be giving IU a game at the beginning of the 4th Quarter. I expect more from them.

  7. Did anyone see Iowa get dominated by NIU for three and half quarters today (they blew the victory)? Did anyone see Penn State get beat by Ohio? A lot of underdogs gave the so called big boys fits today. I’m happy IU won the game, no matter how ugly it was, and after watching Penn State, Northwestern and Iowa, I’m thinking IU might win more than 4 games this year.

    Once again, IU’s defense, especially against the run, sucked. If IU’s run defense does not improve, Mallory and Eckler are going to get fired in late November.

    At least we won the game.

  8. Ya the game today could be categorized as ugly but what word would be used to describe the game if the team from last year had played in it? They would have lost this game by 2 TD’s. I doubt highly if any assistant coach(s) employment will be in jeopardy this year and/or next.

  9. IU Long Ago- I wouldn’t get too worked up. I also grew up with the idea that neither Indiana State nor Ball State should ‘compete with us in anything’…but the world of sports has changed. Remember Appalachian State beating mighty Michigan? It happens, and with enough frequency that some question whether BCS schools aren’t risking too much scheduling FCS schools.

    Yesterday Penn State lost by 10 to Ohio U.; Northern Illinois beat Iowa by 1; Wisconsin- the B1G champ beat Northern Iowa 26-21…last year Ball State beat IU. All unexpected scores.

    Two points, if I may. My dad used to talk about ‘always respect the sport’. It began by ‘always respecting the opponent’, no matter who it is. Never assume superiority for any reason, that’s the whole point of sports.

    Also, some of the issue may also be in the academics of the B1G. B1G universities are not an easy admission (we just saw that with a recruit in basketball). As a result some great athletes who do not qualify academically for the B1G end up enrolling in universities that are not as demanding academically.

    No doubt Indiana State had some excellent football players; they are a legitimate FCS ranked team in the FCS, a legitimate major football divisio. ISU was very well coached (as we noticed last year with Ball State) and very ‘up’ for an upset against “THE” state school. I go back to what my dad taught, “respect the sport”. Today was a good win, against a good and worthy opponent; enjoy it.

  10. While we are, and should have been, the deeper team, ISU has a couple guys that will probably be playing on Sundays in their future. I’m not sure we do.

    No turnovers, high completion percentage, a couple defensive break downs against a team that can go all the way if they find the seam.

    I didn’t think it was sloppy at all. At least not on our part. Sloppy is lots of turnovers, penalties, and a bunch of bad throws and dropped balls.

    They did fine.

  11. Tsao,

    Iowa beat Northern Illinois by 1, not the other way around. Otherwise, I agree with everything else you wrote.

  12. It’s a mixed bag. Clearly Tre is showing B10 potential. We did run the football with some level of competence. For the most part, we tackled and blocked more effectively than in the past. So, my sense is that a year ago, we lose this game by 2 TD(s). So, a win is a win and that’s great!

    However, can we still expect to win 2-3 games this season and be competitive in some others (PSU, NW)? I would have to say “maybe” but not probably and that’s a bummer. I don’t know much about Mass, so hoping for a win there despite being on the road. BSU, frankly, may be a loss. Navy is a toss up and the balance of the schedule, barring a miracle, are losses. So, perhaps 3 games which would be nice, but two is more probable.

  13. Psych, got it, you’re right…I was staring at that score and had a brain short…put the right score wqith the wrong team. Sorry…thanks.

  14. Every given day there are upsets. They are always different teams. However every given day Produmpster will refer to those and claim that IU fared better (if we win, like last night) or just as bad (hey, someone else stunk today too!).

    Great win yesterday. Indiana State is now 0-4 all-time against the Hoosiers, 0-10 all-time against the Big Ten and still has not won a season-opening road game since winning at Drake in 1980. Five years when we played them (Bill Lynch first year as head coach) it was 55-7. But with Wilson the change of culture is obvious: close game until the last second, great win against a team depleted of injuries.

    Missouri Valley team, man! Didn’t Northern Iowa just give Wisconsin a scare? We beat Indiana State! We scared Wisconsin too, man! Does Wisconsin still need to come to Bloomington for the Nov 10 game? By Proflunker logic it’s an emphatic “No!” so I look forward to see how much Wilson’s team improves by then. Though if we get skunked again the discussion will probably switch to the cardiovascular health of the Wisconsin O-line, I’m sure.

  15. Watching the Penn State and Iowa games, I think it is possible IU could beat one of those two teams. Beating both of them might be a tall order this year.

    It all depends on how much IU’s young team learns from this experience and how much they improve week over week. In that regard, their youth is a good thing. Looks like we have a good QB.

  16. Po- sorry, but you can’t put NU’s opponent Syarcuse in the same class as Ohio and No. Ill. I’ll take the win, though, it equals IU’s total wins from last year.

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