1. ACC gets a premier institution
    Bolsters the ACC’s prominence

    The BIG Ten is BIG loser here
    Big 10 likely loses some games against ND – with 5 football games against ACC teams will they play 3 against Big Ten teams – unlikley

  2. ND’s current schedule has 3 ACC teams on it right now, BC, Wake and Miami. ND plays Pitt every year and they are moving to the ACC so ND only needs to add 1 ACC school to their schedule to make 5. Add 3 B1G schools, Navy, USC, and Stanford as 3 other traditional rivalries, that leaves room for 1 more on their schedule. Point is, rushing to judgement on them dropping a B1G school is premature. Michigan and Purdue are traditional rivalries I think ND would keep. Maybe MSU drops, but I doubt that as there is a history there as well. PU could be a candidate to drop since ND has had their way with them for awhile now, but I doubt it.

  3. Digger and ND have always been part of the ‘East Coast Establishment’….Going to bed with the ACC only formalizes the love affair. Indiana will always be the envy of these wannabees. They all want to wear the Hoosier big shoes(closest Digger will ever get is schmoozing with Bobby on an ESPN set), but when it comes to basketball and the college that put Midwest hoops onto a national stage, they fully understand their massive shortcomings and tiny feet.

  4. This topic has been hashed out before but ND has never been a candidate for Big Ten membership unless the rules have changed. While it’s a fine school, the fact of the matter is the Big Ten requires it’s institutions to be graduate research universities and ND simply isn’t. That’s not a knock against ND, it’s just not it’s mission.

  5. You’re right. In basketball they’ll play in a big game once a decade. They have always been second tier (at best).

  6. I commend AD Swarbrick for seeing the picture that will come to be the forgotten “little east” before it actually happened. This stabilizes the whole ND athletic department for the long term. The future *?* for Rutgers, UConn.

  7. Can’t imagine why ND would not want to share the revenues they receive from their exclusive NBC football contract with all the other schools in the ACC.

    I wonder how much longer that NBC contract is going to run and how profitable it is for NBC? ND football is nothing special any more. I know they have tradition and a very loyal alumni group, but they have not been a top football program for many years. They’re mediocre at best. Given the other football games being broadcast at the same time, I’ll always choose to watch another game before watching ND. Whatever magic they used to have, it’s been gone for a long time.

  8. I think ND football will be back. I still think the tradition is there. I’ll always cheer for the Irish against USC or any the so-called “elite’ teams of the Big 10(those same elite teams that traditionally lost 9 out of every 10 games in a Rose Bowl contest against USC or UCLA over the last three decades). Though the contest in South Bend against Purdue went down to the wire, I think it’s more about PU having(dare I say?) a pretty strong team this year.

  9. I’ve always liked ND. I had a girlfriend at IU whose family had a bunch of season tickets and I’d get invited from time to time. Great atmosphere. I’d take the experience over most any SEC stadium any day of the week (kinda cold sometimes, though).

  10. There is definitely a football mystique that grips at the core when you see those golden helmets take to the field…ND basketball will forever paddle upstream against that historic fire in the belly for football; much like IU football plods against the enormity of b-ball’s tradition, the Hurryin’ Hoosiers, and the soul of our heartbeat attached to the candy stripes of storied McCracken.

    Chet- Did you somewhat agree with me? Have you been tapping into weed?

  11. Nothing better than football in the cold blustery elements of a Lake Michigan snow squall blowing over ND stadium, Chet…It’s when those cute little blond Catholic girls like to nestle up close to their studly wrastlin’ boyfriends.

  12. Diamonds at Duke..Fake classes at NC…Athletes withdrawing because of cheating on take-home tests at Harvard?

    And to think the NCAA took down IU hoops for 3-way calls, a backpack, and water bottle. And why didn’t we give Patterson some take-home tests? Why? Because ‘The Establishment’ would fry our a$$.

  13. ND’s just extended their contracts with Michigan, MSU and Purdue. Michigan’s contract runs from 2012-1031, Purdue’s runs to 2021 and MSU’s is a little different. Their contract with ND goes until 2031, but their contract states that they play 4 years in a row, take 2 years off, then play 4 years. MSU and ND don’t play each other in 2014-2015.

  14. I still don’t get your fascination with the “east coast establishment”….

    You just described 3 instances where the schools are under immense scrutiny, and either being punished or investigated.

    So how is that different from anywhere else, like say IU or Texas or USC?

    It seems that the media is an equal opportunity back-hoe just looking for a pile of dirt to dig into regardless of the back yard.

    Whatever bias you perceive is based on an antiquated perspective that has been abolished by the Internet, the 24-hour news cycle, and 1000 channels of cable TV.

    There is no establishment protecting the Dukes, UNCs, PSUs, UConns, Syracuses, or Harvards. The last time IU got in trouble it wasn’t because of a story from an east coast establishment, it was from a governing body in their own back yard.

  15. The Establishment brought down IU on the eve of the NCAA tournament over a 3-way phone call investigation. A school that was turning its back on the raping of children is playing football this year on major sports networks. Contemplate.

    John Calipari coached the championship NCAA basketball team last season. Contemplate.

  16. Say what you want but I still remember some of the UCLA – Notre Dame basketball games of the late 60′ and 70’s. I was living in Ca. and it was nice to see some Hoosier state upsets. Of course there were the games where UCLA wiped the floor with them.

    On a side note I recently flew to Denver and the Ball State girls Volleyball team was on the same flight. They were so young, healthy looking and excited. I can’t remember being that young, health and excited.

  17. Here’s my contemplation…

    The PSU football program was not spared by any stretch. They are experiencing the worst sanctions since SMU. To shut down the football program completely would have meant shutting down at least half, if not all, the sports at PSU because of the overwhelming amount of money they bring in to cover Title IX.

    UK is not on the east coast. They are in the same part of the country as IU. What does that have to do with your point.

  18. Calipari made his name on the east coast(his first vacated title). He is Pennsylvania born and went to North Carolina schools for college. He’s as Establishment as they come. Corrupt to the core and given a free pass despite all the harm he’s has brought to the credibility of college basketball.

    PSU should not be playing football this year. I understand the innocent victims argument..TOUGH! Only ‘The Establishment’ and the major media outlets they dominate with heavily weighted participants ruling the roost would give a free pass for television contracts from a university that only six months finally admitted to a decades long cover-up the raping of children in the showers their prestigious football school(without coincidence has placed many a prestigious journalist into the halls of the same sports networks giving the free pass). Their football program should have been left to rot in the scum its own creation.

    You’re so infected with ‘Establishment’ that you wouldn’t recognize if it was giving you an enema, Geoff.

  19. Harvard, Calapari had an ‘appearance’ vacated, not a title. He was still a small time crook at that point.

    Ron, ND had some great games against the Bruins during that time. How many great games can you recall them playing during the ’60s and ’70s? Two? Maybe three? To be honest, a couple upsets against UCLA is all I remember about ND back then.

  20. Chet, I think it was only two games. Seems as if UCLA was ranked #1 and had a unbeaten streak going when they were upset by ND

    I’m spending a month in Utah and BYU is worried they will lose the ND series.

  21. My bad, Chet. It was a Final Four appearance with UMass..I must have been experiencing a precognitive intervention while typing.

  22. How am I infected? I was born in Indiana, went to jr high in FL, HS in Texas and college in maine… Maine is like a different planet compared to Mass, CT, and NY. We certainly don’t have any strong college allegiances up here.

    I love ya Harvard, but you’re the one infected with some strange conspiracy theorist bug.

    The facts are right in front of your face, then you start adding your theories to them and make outlandish conclusions…

    It’s like trying to argue politics with Clarion, no matter what mountain of evidence or logic you’re faced with I’m pretty sure you’ll never even consider budging a millimeter off your stance on this.

  23. And the plethora of anti-Indiana blow coming from Seth Davis last season….? I suppose you deny his repeated negative slants against Indiana(finding a so-called anonymous coward on the eve of the NCAA tournament that he could quote and put into print a sensational piece of crap claiming Jordy was the worst defender in all of college basketball), the repeated lack of validation our resurgent team, and the publicly betting against us on national TV show as having nothing to do with severe East Coast, card-carrying membership, Establishment bullsh*t?

  24. And the A-Hope piece attempting to paint Indiana as doing something unscrupulous was soooooooo very weak..Just more attempts by the Establishment to invent negative press aimed at Indiana…They’re very nervous, Geoff. They’ve been very nervous since the day Cody Zeller turned their world upside down. Finally a big-time recruit they couldn’t steal from our state. He could have easily gone to the NBA last season, but he’s ready to stick to the Establishment and once again prove that little Indiana has some damn mighty basketball genes that grow out its hick cornfields.

  25. Geoff, as often as I disagree with HfH he is absolutely accurate about the East Coast slant by the talking heads as to damn near everything, including sports. I must say and to support you I never felt it much in Maine, NH and Vt or even in some parts of up-state NY. Though even in those areas you are not isolated from hearing them on cable, home dish or XM/Sirrius. Your problem with me is that I have listened to both arguments and there is little evidence or logic available for you to offer me on politics. But please continue on as I am not much affected either way.

  26. Ron, I love Utah. My most recent broken bone (clavicle) was courtesy of mountain biking in Moab. The Mormon thing is a little odd. In my experience it’s nearly impossible to do business there without some link to the church. Not so much in Moab. It’s mostly half crazed thrill junkies.

    Beautiful place.

  27. Chet. This is kind of a strange place. Thing is, in Florida I’m boarderline kinda middle-aged. Here I’m just “the old guy”. Seeing Moab Saturday than a 3 day walk in rattlesnake infested southern Utah .

  28. Yeah, besides Canyonlands and Arches NP there is Dead Horse Point State Park and 40 miles south you can be in the San Juan Mountains and need a jacket. I could easily spend a month in Moab. If you mountain bike check out Slick Rock. It’s not for the meek, though. My wife is an Amazon chick and she puked. I broke myself.

    Have you been to Zion or Bryce Canyon NP?

  29. I once went jet skiing at Lake Havasu State Park..Man, was it a blast.

    I’ve boogie boarded at Coronado(went out as far as the waters being neck deep)..

    I’ve dove the cliffs of Acapulco.

    I drink Bell’s Oberon beer.

    I’ve sailed a thousand seas of fantasy and made Hoosier friends from Seattle, Chicago, Asheville(NC), NW Indiana, and Maine that I shall never forget.

    I have grown marijuana in my parent’s country garden and concealed it in the largest size a Hills Bros. coffee can.

    I am the world’s most interesting man.

  30. 1. Seth Davis isn’t an establishment. And IU wasn’t the only tournament team that was criticized by talking heads. We (you) are extremely sensitive to things said about IU though, I mean we spend 1/3 of our lives following this (and potentially other) IU blogs, so of course the Davis comments stood out to you. Greg Anthony Is from Nevada and went to UNLV, but apparently he is now part of the East Coast Establishment because he didn’t think IU could beat VCU.

    (oh and by the way, while I spent half the year defending Hulls’ defensive abilities there were scores of IU fans who agreed with the anonymous coach… So I guess a large portion of the IU fan-base living in the state of Indiana is now also part of the establishment.)

    2. Here’s a test of your ability to be logical and honest with yourself… If there were an A-Hope-like situation involving UK would you not have wanted it investigated? If the case was then determined to be “soooooo very weak” and nothing came of it would you be satisfied, or would you be convinced that something was really up?

    Here is what actually happened with the A-Hope story… It was published, it was deemed weak, it was dismissed, and no one gives a sh!t about it now. That’s the reality.

    3. UK is not on the east coast. You are now inventing rules around who the “establishment” chooses to scrutinize or be lenient on. By your logic (because Cal spent time on the east coast they dont scrutinize him appropriately) they should have also be ignored the squalor at USC… I mean Pete Carroll was the coach of the Pats! They should’ve been lenient on Sampson considering he grew up and played his college ball in North Carolina. So weird how the establishment is wishy-washy on this…

    4. The Cody Zeller comments are silly at best. First, you’re insinuating that the establishment has only been nervous for a year because that’s how long Zeller has been a Hoosier. Second, Zeller isn’t the first big time recruit to stay in-state. Third, and most importantly, you have zero proof that they care one bit about Zeller being or staying at IU. If they weren’t nervous before this year why even bother scrutinizing IU in the pre-Zeller days?

    5. IU is preseason #1 in most polls. They are a projected 1 seed in ESPN’s bracketology. Talk about disrespect!

    6. There is precedent for the NCAA not imposing a death penalty on a program that was in the center of a heinous crime… Baylor basketball received similar treatment after the Denehy murder case in 2003, but oh yeah that’s right, I guess they weren’t given the death penalty because they are a scenic campus located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean… Wait they’re not?! Baylor is in Texas?!

    Harvard / Clarion / any other conspiracy theorists – logic and facts in all of these situations dictate that there is no anti-IU establishment or east coast preferentialism. There are too many “journalists” out there trying to make a name for themselves by digging up dirt and breaking a story. The Internet and sheer number of media outlets make the establishment idea ridiculous.

    Please try to combat my points with some facts or logic… Please. Or admit you’re no longer correct (I’m willing to admit there may have been a time, a decade ago or longer, where such a thing did exist).

    Peace Out.

  31. It appears I’ve touched an Establishment nerve. Heaven forbid.

    Calipari was also part of eastern NBA teams. Complete corrupt Establishment guy. He’d promise the NBA moon and all the diamonds Coach K’s jewelry case to steal a top recruit. He amasses 5-star Globetrotter teams while a gypsy on the run. He’s not about college. He’s not about the student athlete. The only thing left more vacant than his records is a Norman Bates motel guest register. It’s no coincidence he ended up at Kentucky. I can’t help it you loved his circus act so much that your vision was Establishment-clouded when you predicted them to take down the Hoosiers in Bloomington last season.

    And calm down, Geoff. Why do you care so much that Harvard is off his hillbilly rocker? If you can’t see the vile slant spewing out Seth Davis toward Indiana, then I you are far more blinded by your love for the Establishment than I initially presumed. It’s o.k. I still love ya and your little pink Establishment stat book.

  32. I never said that Seth Davis didn’t spew it… I said, one person doesn’t make an establishment. I also gave you examples of west coast personalities with similar criticism of IU. I also pointed out that IU wasn’t the only team that had doubt heaped upon them at tournament time.

    And what does predicting that the #1 team and eventual national champion, who is geographically located in center of the country, beating any team, IU or MSU or Duke or Mizzou, have to do with east coast establishment.

    And did I lose my e-card when I picked IU to beat UK on all my tournament brackets?

    Thanks for coming back with still no facts or logic… And then trying to change the subject by making it into a Calipari-character conversation, and back-handedly trying once again to insinuate that I don’t think he’s a complete slimeball.

    Changing the subject isn’t going to work Harvard. I am going to address each and every erroneous point you try to make and systematically chop them up into little pieces.

    Still love you though.

  33. It’s quite difficult to provide specific examples, Geoff. I can only tell you that I’ve watched IU basketball for many years and my feelings are sincere when I tell you that the media has a very anti-Indiana slant.

    I love Dustin and think he’s as fair as they get, but you’d have to be blind to not recognize the inside joking atmosphere that was present when Korman was running this place(Kellenberger brought much the same vibe to me). It’s hard to put your finger on it, but its a form of resentment and mockery. I sense much of that same vibe on the national front. They just don’t like those stubborn hoopsters from Indiana handing it to their asses.

    Back in the 70s, ‘The Establishment’ always attempted to bend the truth of Wooden’s success.. It was always sold as California vs. Knight..Hell, they both only had success because they benefited from the long traditions rooted in Indiana basketball. Wooden was from Martinsville. He experienced the game in the days his youth from the best breeding ground of high school b-ball fever in the nation. He later went to Purdue. Both Knight and Wooden(15 championships between them) built their names off of Indiana’s tradition and unparalleled passion for the game. Indiana(other than a homey “Hoosier” movie that forever stereotyped our hoops in a backward barnyard fashion) has never been given its fair due the sheer unbelievable numbers in talent it produces for a relatively sparsely populated state. Indiana State and Larry Bird went to a championship…Ball State even once made a Sweet Sixteen…Valparaiso and Bryce Drew…Butler in two back-to-back Final Fours..Yes, even PU has had some pretty tough basketball teams(beat a very good Washington Huskies team a couple years back). Last year I remember checking how many kids from Indiana were on the rosters of teams that made it to the Sweet 16…Maybe I can find the old post..It was pretty damn impressive.

    Maybe it’s not a conspiracy, but its a noticeable slight. There is intended ignorance and denial for the importance and gratitude that should be given to programs from this little hick state that have done it the right way. Our schools have kept their noses very clean with very good kids. They are often lured away by cheats that get to paint their programs as elite and models for the game. Calipari is no model for the game. March Madness would suffer dearly without the immeasurable positives Hoosiers have provided to the game extending far from the borders our Indiana. Tom Crean had his moment in the sun with D-Wade at Marquette..Like Bobby Knight, and all before, he would have drifted quietly into the sphere of irrelevance without the chance to coach where the heartbeat of basketball forever flourishes. It’s Indiana.

  34. Geoff, I’m always torn between Bryce Canyon and Zion as to which is more amazing.

    I’m headed to the Dominican Republic tomorrow. I’ll keep you guys posted.

  35. Chet also has issues. …a quest to forever be proving his worldliness and handsome offspring amongst the small people. Must have something to do with stature.

  36. Ooohkay,

    Well, I’ve never claimed more than 5’9″ though my physician insists on 5’10” (but he’s Asian so he probably has height issues). My wife is closer to 6 feet but, frankly, I’ve never viewed that as a problem.

    Yeah, I’m sure I have my issues, such as they are. I’m frequently accused of being a ‘soft touch’. Sometimes that’s called being a ‘sucker’.

    Don’t know where that outburst came from but if this is how you treat your friends…

  37. Eloquent speech… I just disagree with the premise that Indiana is slighted when it comes to basketball. The state is synonymous with basketball. If you do word association with with a male, age 20-70, and say “Indiana” some would say “corn” and others “Indy 500”, but a huge % would say “basketball”. If you said “Hoosier” they would say “basketball”. They wouldn’t say “football” or “beaches” or “music” or “pumpkins”…. Every sports fan, sportscaster, and movie buff identifies basketball with Indiana.

    I just read 5 articles from the last 3 years naming the top basketball schools in NCAA history. All of them agreed on a Big 6 programs. All of them included Indiana. There are 3 schools from the middle of the country, 1 from the west coast, and only 2 from the east coast.

    I am also confused now that it’s completely gone from east coast establishment to anti-Indiana establishment. That is classic paranoia – just the absolutely dead-on definition. So they are willing to give west coast programs like UCLA and Wooden their due… It’s only Indiana that doesn’t get its proper due. Why did Indiana play on national TV 9 times in the regular season last year after coming off a 12 win season where they were at the bottom of the B1G? Why is IU a pre-season #1 in so many polls after “only” making it to the Sweet 16 last year and finishing outside everyone’s top 10? Wouldn’t an establishment have found a way to dismiss their chances this year… pushed them down to say 5, 6, or 7?

    I’m also curious about your last statement which seemed to claim that Bobby Knight and IU coaches are the only relevant coaches in the history of college basketball. I’ve read it over several times and it’s the only conclusion you can take from your phrasing…

  38. Well, at least I have a diagnosis from Geoff. That’s a start.

    The average fan does not run the boardrooms of ESPN, determine the schools the NCAA will bring down as example over 3-way calls while granting one that rapes children in locker rooms placement on their prime time Saturday afternoon football schedule, or control the spew coming from protectors of dollars before justice for cheats like Calipari.

    Of course Indiana is basketball. Tell me something I don’t know, Mr. Establishment robot stat guru.

  39. And better to be a “classic paranoia” than a classic butt-covering coward that would predict a cheat to come into our house and win. Only destiny and Harvard could see it coming when the rest you doubters thought we’d win 10 games last year. How more perfect could it be when the Turnover King delivered the pass for the winning shot..? You said it best, Geoff…VJ SUCKS! Did I tell you that Remy Abell also sucks? He sucks so much Calipari couldn’t find his lips in his own Kentucky backyard.

  40. That’s right, the fan doesn’t… But quit pretending like the entities you’re naming fit the description you’re accusing them of.

    ESPN: these IU haters put us on their networks 7 times last year. This anti-Hoosier faction has denigrated us with a pre-season #1 ranking and a disrespectful bracketology #1 seed. They also repeatedly took our side on the IU-UK scheduling fiasco. And for some reason they have snubbed us by only writing 11 articles in the last 2 months (prime college basketball time) that are at least in-part, if not entirely about, IU basketball.

    NCAA: this is going to sound strange, but the headquarters are located in Indianapolis, IN. And you are going to try to sell me on the fact they are anti-IU or east coast establishment? Also, the NCAA doesn’t set the TV schedule, so that point is moot. The sanctions that they put on PSU are infinitely worse and more crippling than what was imposed on IU – quit acting like that’s not the case. Most of what brought IU down was the internal strife, academic and disciplinary issues that were uncovered, and personality differences after the coaching transition.

    There are no facts or evidence supporting your viewpoints… None.

    Seth Davis doesn’t work for either entity…

  41. Brandon Weeden was the starting QB for the Browns last week… Just because he completed some passes doesn’t mean he didn’t suck. VJ3 did more harm than good when he was on the court. And that pass was a bail-out, not a cerebral draw-and-dish play. IU really hit their stride when Dipo got more minutes due to the Jones injuries. That being said, I wish him the best of luck in Europe.

    Everyone knows you called your Remy Abell shot. He doesn’t suck and I have never said that. Well done with the whole changing the subject thing again. Still doesnt work.

    My prediction for this regular season is 27-4. Is that too pessimistic? Am I a coward for picking them to lose 4 games?

  42. Geoff- Do you think ESPN hired Bobby Knight because they love us? Wake the hell up. There’s never been a more Establishment writing-on-the-wall hire than that ESPN move. They hated they tyrant when he was coach at Indiana…Hey! Lookee now, sports fans! Now we love Bobby! Now we treat him like a kingpin genius when he’s boiling over full of resentment aimed at Indiana.

    The man is very, very bitter, Geoff. I suppose you haven’t picked up on that conspiracy either. He can’t even utter the words ‘Indiana’ on a national ESPN broadcast without his skin turning inside out. He hasn’t worn red since the year 2000. Knight makes Harvard look sweeter than the soft tender flesh a sweet broiled Maine lobster tail. Musburger is afraid Knight will go all Mike Tyson on him and bite off his earlobe at the mere mention a Hoosier team. Yup, interspersed with the vile spew coming from the commentary desk where Seth Davis was given his special chair, I must have heard Knight bring up Crean and the stunning success of the Hoosiers probably a dozen times on six different broadcasts last year(that’s sarcasm just in case your Establishment skull can’t absorb it). Now he’s the kinder, gentler Bobby that all ‘The Establishment’ just can’t get enough of. Funny, when he was bringing championship banners on the bus back to Bloomington, all we ever heard of was Connie Chung giving it up as easily as a referee gave it to Indiana and Downing in the ass at a Final Four against Wooden and Walton.

    Spot on with your VJ comments. I also wish the “chosen one” the best..Doesn’t change the fact that the UK game in Bloomington and Watford’s momentous shot via a Jones’ pass was a destiny foretold the pulse of reborn Hoosiers beating from the visions a Harvard heart. You must believe, Geoff..Shed yourself of the straitjacket your Establishment and set yourself free in the joys to believe.

  43. I’m sure I’m wrong because you’ve probably already crunched the numbers, but I tend to believe Remy was more the beneficiary of minutes after the Jones injury. Remy hit the big shot at Purdue. Remy had to be steady when Jordy couldn’t handle the intense VCU pressure(I think a ton of it was mental for Jordy because of the crap put into his head by the mean-spirited article put out by a “respected” journalist that was betting against Indiana). We were very luck to win that VCU game.. Very lucky we had a freshman with the poise of Remy Abell.

  44. We were all clamoring for more Remy, and his minutes were considerably more consistent in the games Jones didn’t play (15 mpg vs about 6 mpg). He was also quite efficient in those games, so that was helpful, but unfortunately it didn’t seem to matter if Jones was available.

    Your right about ESPN hiring Knight. It was to screw IU. It had nothing to do with the fact that he’s a controversial figure who could say anything at any time and made for good TV. Which are the same reasons he was prodded and needled by reporters (from any coast) when he was coaching. It was because he was from IU, not because he was fireworks just waiting for a spark, and everyone likes a good show. If Knight had been at Georgetown all those years the media relationship would have always been like a clear, sunshiny, Atlantic morning.

    That’s why they hired another Indiana coach in Digger Phelps and have kept him around so long. They are willing to trade their reputation and entertainment-value in order to show just how silly and moronic those wacky coaches from Indiana schools are. ESPN now has 2 of its lead analysts with a combined 50 years of coaching experience at Indiana schools just to prove how irrelevant basketball is in the Hoosier state.

    You’re right, the conspiracy makes way more sense. My bad.

  45. Clarion… I get it.

    Brand, who was from NYC, went to Oregon to shed his Establishment persona. He also took a path in university administration because that way no one would suspect his real intentions. Then when the timing was right, he infiltrated Indiana University, gaining their trust so much that they made him POTIU… only at that time could he begin his undercover dismantling of Hoosier basketball – the only thing that Indiana has that the Establishment cares to discredit. First he sets to undermining Knights authority, finally doing the unthinkable and previously thought impossible, and sh!tcans the unanimously loved, respected, revered, and beyond reproach Robert Montgomery Knight (great character name – genius craftsmanship). Then he pulls the strings from above on a series of hires that first make IU a laughing stock and then an abomination. His coup de etat, however, actually came after he left IU, and fulfilled his potential as the leader of the free athletic world, I mean the prez of the NCAA, and legislated the sanctions on his former university that would see them take their sudden and final plunge into irrelevance. FINALLY! The establishment had its victory. It was sweet even though it was hidden from public consumption, and only a few “theorists” out there (guys with anonymous titles like Harvard and Clarion) knew the truth behind the curtain…

    …But WAIT! Is that our hero riding in on a bullet-proof tanning bed with his bible belt cinched firmly around his waist?! Just when the Establishment thought the virginally pure nuisance that was IU basketball had taken its last breath… Harrison Crean, I mean Tom Ryan, or is it Jack Ford… I digress… Comes in blazing, killing his nemisis Myles Brand (official autopsy reads pancreatic cancer, but we know) and returning the honor to Assembly Hall and pride to his Hoosier throngs.

    Who needs Tom Clancy when you have real life? It’s all becoming so much clearer now.

  46. ^That was beautiful, Geoff. I am humbled by the creativity and fiery melodramatic nature a once prim and proper stat crunching accountant that used to so steady at the helm his dutiful blogging purpose. It appears everyone is stealing my gig these days. Amazing how Harvard can draw out the sparks from a previously comatose bloat so stagnated from spending his days and nights anointing himself in his own genius some distant cabin his Kaczynski hideout.

    Though I do believe you’re too hung up on the coaches. At least for this Hoosier fan, the knight in shining armor has never been someone riding into the sunset or charging in with the bible brigade to resurrect us the evils of the past. For Harvard, it’s always been about the players that will always believe in the candy stripes. Seth Davis and nearly every other b-ball guru voting against IU heading into last year’s tournament failed again at understanding the grit and determination those that play for the honor to wear the cream and crimson.

    Again, I do like the contempt for Indiana beginning to finally surface and violently flow out of you..I always knew it was there. I mean, who and the hell picks Kentucky to take down Cody Zeller in Bloomington? Anyone with a brain would realize the evil Establishment whistle worn by the zebras could still not infiltrate Assembly the way they could infiltrate Atlanta. Please don’t tell me you have already forgotten your referee conspiracy theories…I sure hope you’re not so infected with Establishment that you were just playing along and stage acting on Scoop to pretend you were a passionate Hoosier fan…Please don’t tell me that you have forgotten your numerous threads that you so repeatedly and violently cursed to the moon and pointed out the forces of evil against Indiana that run around the hardwood as jackals in prison stripes instead of the saintly pureness the candy stripes…? The unfairness it all! It had to be a conspiracy, right?! All the fouls called where none committed..All those calls in big games disproportionately going against Indiana! Down with the Establishment!! Long live Twitter!!

    Nice to see the green vomit finally flowing. It almost feels like Harvard has successfully broken through; an Establishment exorcism beginning to take hold your long Seth Davis possession.

    Think we’ll be able to keep this up until November? I’m exhausted.

  47. I’ll leave the theatrics, fluff and icing to you and HfH. RMK after his departure from IU stated his last 6 years were not as enjoyable as his 1st 23. No wonder those teams in that timeline were considered his underachievers. Guess who showed up as President after year 23?

  48. No question Harvard. I’ve been freed and I have only you to thank. However, I do need to clarify one thing. You are only a true Hoosier fan if you believe honestly in your heart that they are going to win every game?

    Clarion – so that’s what RMK looks like when he’s unhappy…. He was always so placid it was tough to tell.

  49. Clarion – I’m not reading between any lines. I’m have been waiting to hear a single convincing argument or fact that points to an anti-IU or east coast establishment. Since I was getting any, I decided to entertain myself with some fiction.

    Harvard – my ref rants weren’t based in a larger conspiracy. As you may remember I point out when the refs hurt IU as well as when they helped IU. I think there are incompetent refs and refs that may have individual agendas (even if they are subliminal), but I don’t think there is an organized conspiracy from a reffing establishment.

    And one other thing, not that you care, but I rarely watch any of the pre or post game shows whether at tournament time or not. The only useful information I ever gather front those is if there are injury updates. I never heard any of Seth Davis’s comments that you always yap about. I watch as much college hoops as most of those guys anyway. I use my own eyes and experience to form my opinions, and honestly think I know as much as many of those guys, and certainly more than Seth Davis and some others. Just because he can call Coach K on the phone doesn’t mean he sees the game like I do. Feast on that arrogance Tsao, and enjoy the taste of truth.

  50. Just revisit my predictions for last season..That should put to rest who follows the pundits and who does not.

    You’re in bed with them again this year with getting too giddy over the head-swelling of an inflated ranking.

    There will be bumpy roads, Geoff. It’s very difficult to win on the road in the Big 10(but you should already, obviously, know that). And the games out East and the Crossroads Classic could also pose challenges. The last week of the schedule is pretty brutal. Only four losses is a bold number. I’m not quite ready for the official prediction, but I’m thinking in the neighborhood of two or three more wins than last season(excluding the NCAA tournament). Chemistry could be an issue. It takes a strong leader from the bench. If Crean shuffles lineups too much to appease some incoming freshman with feelings their “Movement” should translate into immediate minutes, it could create some discontent among the ranks…Shooters need to see enough time on the floor and not be turned into only role players.

    A ton of good teams..I don’t get sucked in by preseason rankings.

  51. “[…basketball]…the only thing that Indiana has that the Establishment cares to discredit.” Rest my case. The consequences of having been rejected by the very place you grew up in must be severe. Surely someone at the Kinsey Institute can help the impotence.

    As a follow to his commentary ‘numbers crunching’ career will be analysis of pressed numbers in a T-shirt shop.

    Harvard, Clarion…please, I implore… your responses to IBS (medical discomfort) is attracting even more fly doo-doo.

  52. So you get sucked in by negative assertions that the Establishment makes, but not the positive ones, or the rankings… Gotcha.

    I dont get sucked in by any of it, just use it as ammo to define the flaws in your arguments.

    You just said that IU would win a couple more regular season games than last year… Which is funny because that’s almost exactly what I predicted. You just spent about 200 words lecturing me on how I was giddy and how it’s tough to win on the road in the B1G and how 4 losses was too optimistic… And then you predicted a 5 loss regular season.

    You sir, are hilarious.

  53. Please Tsao – what else does Indiana do well that the Establishment would care to discredit? I implore you to actually back up a statement you make at some point with something other than a flowery 8 paragraph soliloquy.

    Those statements I made were clearly part of my fictional account of the Estbalishment Theory According to Harvard, not my beliefs, but I guess you can’t follow that. Since you want to press the issue though and try to make it into something real, please fill me in on all the ways the “establishment” is trying to hold Indiana (the state) down.

    Can’t wait to become a bitter old man, full of paranoia. You make it seem like so much fun. I appreciate all your personal attacks Tsao. You are a nice old man. I still know deep down if we had a beer or two together you would leave with a little bit of love for me. For some reason really old people just dig my vibe.

    It’s also comforting to know that even though you won’t respond to me anymore (I’m sure mostly because you know you can’t factually refute any of the points I’ve made in our debates) that you still take the time to read my posts, even if you can’t interpret them correctly.

  54. What’s the point of watching them Clarion? Give me one piece of value that they provide. I gave you one. They are for entertainment purposes as far as I can tell.

    Now I will occasionally watch a football pre or post game show because their breakdowns are valuable to me… I don’t understand the intricacies of that game like I do with basketball. I need help from a Gruden or Dungy to understand the different defensive sets, or the nuance of a blocking scheme, or how a WR sets up a DB to get an inch of space.

    As far as basketball shows go, they are set up for the average fan, or person with a novice eye. I’m sure I would have great conversations with those guys outside of the set and learn a ton, but for what they offer on air… No value to me.

    Still waiting for a piece of evidence from you supporting the Establishment theory…

  55. The point is if you do not listen to them the premise you hold is flawed. I am not into the so called conspiracy aspect(as HfH)but the East Coast bunch has a bias. If the media center were on the West Coast it would probably be more of the same. Been that way for a long time.

  56. Clarion you don’t want me to actually dig in and expose the facts of those shows. I can almost guarantee the each panel is made up of a diverse group of personalities with ties to all parts of the country and opinions that run the gamut.

    If all you are trying to say is that east guys have an east coast bias, west coast guys have a we coast bias, etc, etc… Sure. That’s not to hard to back up with some evidence and facts. I am surrounded by blow hards from Boston and NY that constantly spew how great they are and how important they are… The south certainly is biased when it comes to SEC football. Lord knows how biased many members of this forum are when it comes to IU, Indiana, or the B1G.

    But that is not what Harvard is trying to say. He is stating, without any evidence to back it up, that their is an active anti-IU and anti-Indiana conspiracy led by an east coast establishment.

    My premise that it is flat out wrong and nothing more than paranoia isn’t flawed. I have provided evidence and logic at every turn of his theory that disproves it. I’m more than happy to listen to other reasons why either of you think it exists…. But things like “ESPN hired Bob Knight, case closed” doesn’t really fly.

  57. As far as basketball shows go, they are set up for the average fan, or person with a novice eye. I’m sure I would have great conversations with those guys outside of the set and learn a ton, but for what they offer on air… No value to me.

    Yeah, you pretty much summed yourself up with that paragraph. Funny how we’re of any value to you. Nothing matters unless Geoff says it matters. No stat as important as a stat Geoff pulls out his hat. No sense of bias interpreted as such unless the bias his own perfect reflection his unchallengeable being. Only here to bless us with his Establishment presence, I guess. I shall call him Geoff “The Establishment Doubter.”

    Can’t even acknowledge the accuracy of Harvard’s vision for last year’s Hoosier success without labels so glaringly obvious his jealousy. Please show me where I used the word “conspiracy” to describe the Establishment. The Establishment doesn’t need a conspiracy. Those in power to control the media and influence perceptions the viewing public need not conspire their already held positions of prominence to manipulate news and opinions put before the masses. Even a major news story has spin. If you think the pertinent facts are not often twisted, forever placed before you in the chosen packaged format while wrapped in the bias of chosen words and selected images, then you, my friend, are exceedingly naive. Can it be labeled as conspiracy? Probably not. Can it be labeled as irresponsible journalism, deceptive, blatantly bias, and often hidden with agendas those in charge its production? That’s what embodies “Establishment”…It’s about deception, spin, and lack of objectivity.

    And Bobby Knight’s total silence and refusal to acknowledge the school and state that helped him on his road to fame holds a very strong deceptive element and blatant bias. ESPN relishes in the same taste his bitterness while they slather Calipari in compliments.

  58. And I’m really not that old, Geoff…

    I’m young and bitter…and “paranoid”… and hopeful..and psychotic..and “manic”…and a “Drama Queen”…and “a racist”…and not very “seasoned”…and “shadowed by my father’s presence”…and “grandiloquent”…and with no capacity to love…and “hilarious”…and living in a Indiana “hole” that I won’t crawl out for a chance to sit in stands and miss a basketball game at Pedophile U. while some blowbag from Maine is telling me everything I don’t know.

  59. Harvard,
    Just for the record I’ll be in an unaircondtioned cinder block building 40 miles inland doing therapy with Dominican kids. The only time I’m likely to see the beach is when I fly over it.

    It’s all very glamorous.

  60. You’re a better man than me, Chet. I think I’ve always acknowledged that “fact”(maybe Geoff can verify it with his Scoop Self-Disclosures stat book).

    I’m not here to play Gandhi and tell you all my good deeds. If I’ve done any(very few..small ones countable on one hand), I just prefer to keep them in a better place than in front of a microphone..or share them on Twitter with Joyce Meyer. There won’t be many my judgment day, so why gloat?

    What else do you want from me? Do you want my mailing address to forward your ‘pictures in philanthropy?’

  61. And for the record…The beach picture was not of my hand(though I did find it harmlessly hilarious given the history and context).

  62. For the record Harvard I called Tsao old and bitter, not you…

    Unless… You… Are… Tsao…? Did I just stumble on something?

    And you guys are of great value to me. I just wish there was more substance to your arguments sometimes. Having a talking head talk at me on a TV where there’s no room for discourse or debate. Little value. Having it out with you guys on here. I can’t say whether there’s any value in it for you, but I enjoy it.

    Clarion – I know that you stand closer to Harvard on this. I just would like to know why. “because” isn’t a good reason. Clearly you don’t owe me an explanation, but I am still curious.

    Has there been an east coast bias when it comes to sports over history? Yes, but mostly it affected polls because of time zone differences and the ability for east coasters to view west coast teams. With the Internet, DVR, and 100 sports channels plus PPV, that bias has lessened considerably over the last decade. At no point did IU bear the brunt of it, nor did they have as much of a complaint as and Arizona St or Oregon or Cal or Colorado. Indiana has essentially been in the same time zone so it was never really an issue.

    Now, if you think that IU has been targeted more than others or slighted or discredited disproportionately I would love to see the evidence of it. When you say you are closer to Harvard on this than me you are saying that you believe there has been a concerted anti-IU effort.

  63. Also, I find it funny that you say ESPN slathers Cal in compliments. There is far more criticism of Cal then there are compliments or defense.

    You have zero proof that anyone at ESPN enjoys Knight’s bitterness towards IU more than they enjoy his overall bitterness. His bitterness is an enjoyable watch.

    Every day it’s clear that Fox and MSNBC and other news channels including ESPN or FoxSports put a huge slant in the news based on an agenda. I would never deny that. Most of it is based on money and politics though. The one thing that isn’t clear is how any of these outlets have done anything that’s anti-Indiana or anti-IU. Furthermore, with one of the top 5 alumni bases in the US, and with sports franchises throughout the US and east coast littered with IU graduates, it just doesn’t make any sense (cents).

    So again, I’m open minded, I just need some evidence and a logical reason why those at the top have an anti-IU agenda. I haven’t made up my mind that there isn’t. I just haven’t seen a shred of evidence suggesting there is. And I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone would waste time trying to secretly push that agenda.

    I think the reason you gave me earlier was something like “they are jealous of the purity of our basketball history”. But that is a pretty wierd reason that only someone like you would think of.

  64. Geoff, this for you personally, “because” I know what I hear from the Seth Davis’. You would not hear it “because” you say you do not listen to the BB experts and that tells me what you do not know. Similarly “because” of their “tude” towards IU I no longer listen to their drivel much “because” I know their refrain by heart.

  65. So far you’ve identified Seth Davis, but then said They… I agree that Seth Davis may have an agenda, I just have never felt an anti-IU bias from “they”. And I certainly don’t hear more criticism of IU than I do of other programs. As an IU fan I would be sensitive to that, so I know it doesn’t exist.

    I know there is a difference between my objectivity and Harvard’s because he believes “they” pile onto IU and slobber over Cal. That is ridiculous. Cal receives more criticism than any coach in college basketball.

    Also Seth Davis is not a basketball expert. Hopefully you can agree with me on that. To be an expert on something you have to have some level of experiential practice. He does not. He didn’t play and didn’t coach. He is a journalist and amateur stand-up comedian with an impressive Rolodex.

  66. And another thing Harvard, that paragraph you quoted me does sum me up well. I don’t pretend to know a lot about the culinary arts. I don’t pretend to be an expert in international affairs. I don’t believe I have clarevoyance when it comes to investing. Closer to the topic, I don’t pretend to be an expert on baseball, even though I coached it at the HS level. You don’t find me over on the football page furiously debating the finer points of Wilson’s gameplan – I am competent in a discussion but thats it. I played college soccer and coached it for many years, but I don’t pretend to have an intuitive knowledge and understanding of all the nuances of the beautiful game.

    I am certainly willing to admit the things I don’t know and understand.

    But yes, I do understand basketball. I understand it better than almost anyone I’ve ever met. I understand it better than anything else in my life.

    You have a wife I believe. Go back to the moment when you knew she was The One. And then it ended up you were right and she was the one. I’ve had that feeling a couple times in my life. I met my wife and I knew pretty much right away. There’s an intuitive certainty. I also have that feeling about basketball. Nothing else. Just that.

    If you want to call me arrogant or egotistical or foolish, or Tsao’s favorite, narcissistic… Feel free. I have an unshakable confidence in my understanding of basketball.

    Everyone probably has something they know really well. Certainly everyone has something they know better than anything else. Do you think millionaires watch Suze Orman’s show? I’m gonna guess not many… Because the content is geared for people with a lesser understanding of finances. It doesn’t mean that Suze doesn’t provide value, just not to the millionaire. They could probably have a great conversation if they went out to lunch after the show though…

    Maybe you get it now…

  67. Harvard, I don’t know what you carry around with you but it must be very heavy.

    I hope there’s more happiness in there than you let on.

  68. Geoff,

    Maybe native Hoosiers naturally have more paranoid tendencies than other people? I have been an Indiana fan since I can remember, but I have never heard any kind of anti-IU establishment coming from the media, and I watch the pre/post-game shows. I think people on the East Coast and West Coast dismiss the middle of the country as boring/worthless (i.e. “flyover states”), but being Minnesotan myself, I found this to be funny, and did not take it seriously. But to say that people on only the East Coast have a specific hate for Indiana, even more specifically, Indiana University athletics? I am confused.

    I guess my question is, what would the benefit be of this “East Coast Establishment” (ECE) talking badly about IU basketball? The media (and coaches) do not decide who gets into the championship game in the tournament (people select the NCAA field, sure, but point out a year to me where IU got left out and had a legitimate case to get in, but were screwed over by the ECE) like they do in football. Everyone knows IU is horrendous in football, and has been for a long time. There is something to be said for not making a Rose Bowl since 1967, or making only one bowl game in the last 20+ years (I drove 4,000 roundtrip miles to watch that bowl game). Again, my question is, what does Seth Davis, or Jay Bilas, or Jay Williams, or Digger Phelps, or Dan Dakich, or Fran Fraschilla get from hating IU?

  69. Nothing I can do about insensitivity. Davis has a high profile job on TV talking BB. You and I do not. No doubt someone thinks he is an expert. It makes damn little difference what we think seeings how we cannot reach out and throttle him.

  70. Where you find some of these pics is beyond me…. But #1 is brilliantly scored.

    Whoever’s brain puts together these images and ideas is a beautiful mind.

  71. ^ Which brings us to … the #1 thing Harvard carries around.

    P.S. I liked the #7 (previously omitted) estimate of Geoff’s basketball IQ best. Also #3. But all of them are extremely funny!

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