1. I am not sure what you guys really want. Ball State just lost to Kent State, proof that MAC is very strong this year. Indiana State just won at Southern Illinois. Massachusetts gave Ohio a big scare. And we knew that Northwestern was tough because they beat South Dakota who beat Colgate.

    Also Northwestern just set a school record with 704 yards of total offense today so what other proof do you want they’re good.

  2. Wilson really should have tried to establish the run game more in the first half. See if you can play downhill, smashmouth with Houston and Coleman throughout as opposed to waiting until your down 27 – 0.

    Honestly, for us to have a chance to even compete / be in a game in the B1G, it’s got to start with running game. That will help us keep opposing O on the sidelines more. I’m afraid with our D, that’s about all we can hope for.

    Try to shorten the games. Then, you hope the D get a couple TOs, which they did yesterday, BUT you have to capitalize on them. As bad as they were yesterday, they did force the TOs, and actually got NW off the field a couple times. Puts a lot of pressure on the O, but that’s the reality right now, D is a sieve.

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