1. Dustin,
    Please tell Andy to quit interrupting you !
    He talks too much.Very annoying.
    Better yet,you don’t need him at all.

  2. Ready for the news flash? Our defense isn’t good.

    This obvious fact will be pointed out in every column, blog post and comment. They’ll look for scapegoats, like Kenny Mullen, or aim higher and blame the defensive coaching staff — co-coordinators, their previous resume, the vague charge of teaching “lack of toughness”, bad recruiting — or right to Kevin Wilson and Fred Glass for hiring him.

    None of this really gets to the root of the problem. Indiana has been between horrid and putrid on defense for almost 2 decades now. Each regime with the same problem. Opposing teams just see the I and the U on the helmets, they begin to salivate and walk through us like we’re the band who made our way down to the field a little to early before halftime.

    I grew up and most of my football playing days were spent in Tucson during Arizona’s Desert Swarm Defense. The false conclusion that a lot of people came to was thinking that AZ had figured out some kind of magical scheme. It was very creative, but ultimately, it was more of a mindset that every single one of those players bought into. It was relentless pursuit through the whistle; staying home, staying low and keeping your feet moving and making the other guys believe that there is no way you can hold them back.

    Check out this YouTube video. Teddy Burschi was on that squad, but I want to point you to an undersized All American: Rob Waldrop. Rob was a NT on that team, he was undersized (drafted in 5th round and only played 3 games in the NFL) and spent most of his time in the CFL. Yet, check out 5:30 of the YouTube clip below. Against #1 Washington, that’s future All-pro guard Lincoln Kennedy that is trying to block Waldrop. The guy is 300 lbs, on top of him and can’t get him to the ground. His feet are moving, he hits another future All Pro Napoleon Kaufman, he fumbles and AZ recovers.


    Watch the whole thing (and part 2 if you want to see much more) and contrast it with what we normally see in Bloomington. It is easy to pick on Kenny Mullen, but the only time Wenning got dirty last night was when he caught his TD pass in our endzone. No pass rush at all. Their running backs were running through flat-footed, upright defenders who got their first contact when they were already a yard or two past the line of scrimmage. All they could do was stick their arms out and provide little more resistance than the gauntlet machine.

    Things aren’t going to change around here until EVERYONE involved in the program, from the top all the way to the bottom, start training and playing with the intensity, fundamentals and the belief you see in that YouTube video. Arizona had a program at the time that had a worse history than our’s (they still haven’t been to a Rose Bowl), yet they created this machine.

  3. “We have a good football team, you may not think so with those smirks.” _- Coach Wilson postgame.

    Lets just get better and I think we will.

  4. The team truly is much better than last year. Ball St., for example, is a better team than last year. Unlike last year, IU was playing right with them despite using it’s 2nd and 3rd string QB’s. The defense is better. The thing that killed them was PENALTIES. How many did we have, especially 15 yarders! We gave up at least 14 points directly from penalties alone. Had IU played a game with an acceptable amount of penalties they would have beat BSU by at least 14 to 17 points. So, I think they’re getting better, they just need to clean it up in order to truly compete.

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