1. After 1 win last year I tend to think it was emphatic. ISU like the Missouri Valley Conference is pretty solid. Last years team would have folded like a newspaper in an Isaac rainstorm against them. QB play is 130 degrees better than last year(and would be 180 if not for TR bending that curve 50 degrees better last year in 5 starts). 2 big plays against the D, J. Alexander did not cover the FB on his TD reception(and was replaced on the next series)and Williams or Hardin I do not remember which did not plug the hole on Bell’s TD run. 5 sacks, 2 TO’s for the D and 10-20 3rd down conv., 2-3 4th down conv., 10 different receiver caught passes on offense. As a whole our youth did well. I’ll take it. Where we are in trouble is to many penalties and too where I thought the brightest light would shine would be on ST’s. They will have to spend much practice time this week fixing ST’s just to reach the poor level. I thoroughly enjoyed the game.

  2. I’d give anything to truly feel the same way Clrion feels about the game & the team, but I just don’t. My entire focus was on hoping to see marked improvement with the team as a whole last night, & as much as I hate to say it, I’m not sure that I saw any real improvement. I reaslize that we have a very young team with many new faces playing in this system for the 1st time, but it’s not inexperience that really bothers me with what I see. With time some of the guys will grasp things and get better, but I’m very concerned. Bracing myself, in fact for the rest of the season. Hopefully my gloomy view will prove to be misguided, I’d love to be wrong about it all.

  3. Chris, read more facts:

    ISU 2010 6-5, 2011 6-5, Coach Miles is the real deal.

    Coach Wilson tried to hire him as an assitant for IU.

    Last night IU only allowed 3-12 1st downs.

    To go with the TO’s and sacks IU’s D had 7 TFL.

    Those #’s did not happen much last year.

    As I stated above penalties, ST’s and the O failing to score more in the 3rd Q and none in the 4th were disappointing. I bet the staff put their worries about ST’s to work last night after the game. I’ll also bet the offense stays focused for the whole game next week at UMass. As good as the offense was in the 1st half the D has as much to do with this win for playing aggressive early in their learning curve of youth.

  4. A win is a win.

    I wasn’t really impressed either, but this is IU fb right now. Lots to work on. To expect more is living in a fantasy world.

    Roberson had some nice throws in the first 3 quarters. We left after the botched fourth down play. Couldn’t watch any more. Thought they were going to find a way to blow it, had a long drive home, and wanted to hear a bit about it from Fischer.

    Congratulations to surviving. Someday I hope we dominate these opponents, but that’s not who we are yet.

    Enjoyed the run game, and would love to see even more of that.

    Clock management? 4th down decision-making? What does everybody think?

    (JPat, MikeP, are you out there?)

  5. I’d have to agree, Chris. Clarion’s optimism is inspiring, but it’s hard for me to share. I’ll give ISU their due as they seem to be a solid team at their level. And, I’ll say that I buy into the typical ‘coach speak’ that the biggest improvement comes from Week 1 to Week 2, so I’ll hope for a vast improvement after some actual game time under their belt. Our offense looked sharp at times and I was encouraged by Tre; that unit may have potential. The defense had their moments and was decent outside of a few plays, but looks about like a typical IU defense. And…umm…can’t we find a punter?

    Even giving ISU their due, it’s still ISU, blame the D for giving up big plays or the O for not putting it away in the second half or whatever, but I’ve seen this movie before. Seems like this will be another very long season. Hopefully, we can save ourselves from embarrassment and find a way to win the next two (although I’m not holding my breath) and then the onslaughts will begin. The thought of the program’s potential 3rd loss in a row (I think?) to Ball State is a new personal low for me.

    It’s so frustrating that everyone I know gets so excited for college football and while I do too, it seems my team will once again only provide frustration, embarrassment and disappointment. This year will be as good as any of them though because I understand we’re young and CKW is still putting his pieces in place. Really, it’s not so bad when compared to those years when I have a glimmer of hope and they fail or they’re ‘a couple plays away’ from winning lots of big games. It’s easier when I know they’re gonna get destroyed so I don’t make the emotional investment, so I appreciate that. It just wears me out and outside of a handful of games, it’s been more of the same for most of the last 20 years. Hope springs eternally, but I don’t hold out much hope for this fall in Btown.

    Ok, venting over. I’m anxious to see if KW can get us to .500 or so by next year and maybe turn the corner as a program (if he’s going to) by 2014 or 2015. This fall, however, looks to be another long, depressing, pre-hoops tailgate party. I hope I’m wrong, too.

  6. It’s a win. It’s a start. As a young team, if the coaches are doing their jobs, then we should see the team progress through a pretty steep learning curve, and showing significant improvement from week one to week two.

    Let’s remember that some pretty good teams either lost yesterday or almost lost. Iowa was dominated by NIU for three and half quarters and barely pulled out a one point win. Wisconsin dodged a bullet on their home turf and beat UNI by five points. Nevada beat Cal in their new stadium. And although it was not a great surprise, Ohio beat Penn State in Happy Valley.

    I remain concerned about the defense. We have a lot of new players on defense. We have bigger and better athletes on defense. IU’s defense should be much improved over last year, but I’m not sure it is. If it does not show significant improvement this year, we could see some changes, either in coaching personnel or Wilson changing the structure to just one D-coordinator.

    But my biggest concern is the lethargic fans, especially the students. Low attendance to start the game and then most of the students leave the stadium at half. IU will get the team we deserve, and given the support, we don’t deserve much better.

    Here’s a question for my friends. Does playing the game at night help of hurt attendance?

  7. Run D will have to improve massively if we’re to win anything in B1G play. It’s still early so there’s at least hope.

  8. Night games seem to slighly hurt attendance over the past 15+ years. I love night games(and day games). Students leaving at half time sucks.

    My observations: Shakir Bell is the real deal, fast, sneaky, good vision, knows when to change direction, runs hard. He pretty much singlehandedly kept them in the game. ISU did not have much of a passing game. ISU is well coached.

    IU: RB’s Roberts and Coleman hit the hole hard and ran fast. Houston appeared to be slower to the line. Tre Roberson looked sharp and had a career high 280 yards passing. He only ran when his number was called. The O-line protected him well-no sacks.

    Defense: Had 5 sacks and 7 TFLs. Those stats have been MIA for quite a while. They had a few break downs on gap/position responsibility. The 1st resulted in a 58 yard TD run. Another was 4th and 1 leaving the TE open for a TD pass.

    Footnote: The play calling(even w/26 passes and going for it 4th on down) was very conservative. It looked as though IU was playing not to lose. On the other hand, ISU was using everything(including the kitchen sink) to win. It will be interesting to see the play calling when BSU comes to town.

    Grade-C considering the teams age.

    This team needs to improve further on a very steep curve upward. Ever the optimist, I think it can be done.

  9. #11 4th paragraph—–“going for it 4th on down” should have been “going for it on 4th down”

    tyyyyyping and pooooooof reading have never been my strong suit.

  10. Star reported best attendance for an opener since ’91. I didn’t make the trip, was that incorrect?

    Attendance comes from the product on the field, aided by tradition. I’d love a full house from start to finish of every game, but it ain’t happening ’til the team progresses. We’ve been stuck in the same catch-22 for most of the last two decades, but it’s reality.

  11. I was at the game sitting on the student section and was very surprised by the number of students that showed up to the game. After the first half was over though, every single person around us left and I remember my friend asking me “how many of those people do you think will be back for the 2nd half?” I told him 10% but it was probably more like 3%. It’s sad that no one stays for the full game, we ended up moving about 10-15 rows down for the 2nd half. Anyways s, once the team starts winning the students will stay for entire games. Overall I thought the offense played very well, as everyone has mentioned Tre looked much improved from last season. Defense, I’m really worried about…some plays they seemed to play smart and physical and then they would go back to last year’s team and just look awful missing their assignments. I’m hoping they show some improvement going into their second game. As for BSU, that’s one game I am really hoping we win…as a student I saw BSU beating us not only in 2008 but also in last year and both times I had to put up with all the crap my BSU friends gave me after losing.

  12. Wow, I just read Bob Kravitz (Indy Star’s on-line site) hit piece on IU football and Wilson. What crawled up Kravitz butt? He dredged up the 19 month-old dorm incident, last year’s radio interview with the sports-talk morons (which most IU fans appreciated and support) and then, because 20 players left the team last year, hypothesized that Wilson was either a “tyrant” or a great builder and will turn IU football around. At best it was a display of naive cynicism, and at worst it was a very lazy and thoughtless hit piece written about IU’s new football coach.

    There was no excuse for that editorial, and I don’t remember Kravitz ever writing anything so stupid about Tom Crean during his three years of struggle building IU basketball back to national prominence. Anybody have any insight into Kravitz agenda? Kravitz came across as if Lynch was his best buddy and that his firing was a personal affront.

  13. I’d guess maybe CKW hasn’t been as welcoming. Our media friends here may be able to provide insight.

    IMO, the dorm incident is total BS and the Tredeau thing is too, for the most part. However, the cupboard wasn’t totally bare when he arrived and I think Kravitz’s point of either driving everyone away unnecessarily or building from scratch his way is legit. Time will tell.

  14. Check out how many guys left Alabama Saban’s first couple seasons. But then, no sportswriter in Alabama would dare to cross him.

  15. Great point, Chet. Not unusual for a failing program, after getting a new coach, to have a lot of players leave. In fact, it’s typical.

    And we all know that the most prominent player to kicked off the team last year had failed a drug test. What’s Wilson supposed to do, ignore that?

  16. Well, Saban and ‘Bama is apples and oranges to us. Doubt he was too worried about finding stud players to step in immediately and their third string would probably destroy us (and most others) anyway. But, you’re right, no question that an exodus is common during coaching changes. Ours seemed to be on the high side of that, but I wouldn’t know for sure. And, FWIW, I supported that at the time and generally still do, in so much as the coach should have total control to do as he sees fit and I’m all for cutting out those who aren’t fully on-board.

    All I’m saying is that I think Kravitz was making a fair point. The last 2-3 years of the Hoeppner/Lynch era were the most competitive we’d been in over a decade; I think it’s fair to question the wisdom of running everyone off. Could be that we’ll look back and think Wilson definitely knew what he was doing and we’ll all love him. On the other hand, he basically guaranteed his rebuilding process would be from scratch and that we’d win very few games for 2-3 years, and by that point fans are even more restless and recruits begin to wonder if that coach is ever gonna be able to turn it around. Maybe that’s the best way to do it, but discussing such a strategy is what people like Kravitz (and fans) do.

    And, as Bobby Bowden once said, ‘if you don’t want your boys to get caught with drugs, don’t give them drug tests.’ But, that’s a different topic altogether.

    I guess I like CKW and his resume and all of that and I like his no-BS approach, but I’m not to the point of blind allegiance yet. IU football is the boy who cried wolf; I’ve been excited about coach after coach, yet nothing really ever changes and I’m with Kravitz in that I’m not totally sold one way or the other on CKW. Mostly, I’m just dreading what promises to be another miserable fall. But, before anyone even goes there, I’m totally for giving Wilson until at least ’15 before we discuss his job status.

  17. The only point Krapitz can identify is that’s the shape of his head. I refrain from reading his (work)(?) as I learned a long time ago his malarkey is like driving on flat tires.

  18. Podunker, a lot of journalism- especially sports journalism- is that way today. Criticism, anything negative sells, and under the threat of diminishing readerships, sports pages have taken to a very consistent negative view, hoping that the will provoke reactions and sell papers.

    Read the stories carefully. Generally the ‘good news stories’ begin by with a regurgitation of negatives about a team/coach/player…etc. Newspaper’s marketing department have linked readership to negatives coverage and this to advertising sales based on circulation.

    Long time ago you could get a chuckle and a good read from a Bob Hammel, Bob Collins, Corky Lamm but these were always analytical critiques, real commentary different from much of the consistently boring and repetitive criticism we see today. Just a different world, a different writer, a different reader.

    I would give Kravitz no thought. Most of the time he writes as if he decides his opinion depending on his IBS and then goes watch an event.

  19. Lousy punter or not, it is emphatically idiotic to go for it on 4th and three at midfield with a 7 point lead and a quarter to play. Even if you only pooch it to the twenty yard line, it’s better than turning it over on downs at midfield. Ask 100 coaches about the call to make in that situation and 99 will tell you to punt (but only if the survey pool includes Kevin Wilson).

    Can’t find a punter? Let’s see- there are about 30,000 students at IU, so let’s say there about 15,000 men enrolled at IU-Bloomington. Not one of them can punt a football? Heck, there’s gotta be a co-ed on the women’s soccer team that can punt the damn thing. I played rugby at IU and there were several guys on our team that could give that fat (albeit lighter) ball a ride.

  20. Did anyone else feel the energy coming out of this ScoopTalk session? Dustin’s Apple…Ginger’s Peaches…and Andy’s Pumpkin Pie. Bring back the fauxhawk!

    I truly believe Wilson will get this team to a bowl game THIS year.

  21. Wisco, I think everyone would agree that the jury is still out on Wilson. he himself has said that we should demand that his team improve and win games, right now. The jury will remain out until he produces wins. No problem with that. But Kravitz drudged up the old dorm incident and the radio interview as points to support his suspicions and made reference to a “tyrant.” That crossed the line in my opinion. And he did it after Iu won a game.

    Hey, Wilson is fair game for the decisions he makes during the games. Time out calls, going for it on 4th a 4 on the 45 yard line, calling plays, etc, but Kravitz was hitting below the belt when he questioned whether Wilson is a “tyrant.” I sensed an agenda in Kravitz commentary, and that agenda is not good for IU football.

  22. At least Wilson brings an honesty to IU. I prefer a coach that doesn’t waste time hiding his humanness. It’s refreshing in a world of coaches that put themselves on holier-than-thou pedestals to remain untouchable and forever positioned to talk down to the fans and the media. Wilson seems genuine. He’s intelligent and open. It’s the foundation of a personality/identity IU Football desperately craves to somehow, someday, be taken seriously.

    It will be a long process and the cynics desiring IU Football to be forever thought of as a joke will be many. I might actually start enjoying watching IU play the gridiron game. So tired of whiners and preachers…It’s time for a bit of tyranny from bowing to the old accepted attitudes and internalized losing our weak Memorial spines wanting nothing more our football than sunny parking lot parties and family pancake buffets. We needed a true rebellious swashbuckler. I think we have the seaworthy ol’ salt necessary to right the ship in Wilson. He’ll pour you an honest drink. He’ll take no sh*t from voices only serving as anchors.

  23. HC- I’m just following in the footsteps of unemployed coaches Corso and DiNardi and being a talking head sports commentator. Except I’m writing, not talking, and no one gets to see my head. Which is good for all concerned.

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