1. Where on earth does a college kid get $30,000 cash for a down payment on $100,000 in diamonds? Wow…just…wow.

    Could you imagine if this happened at IU? Why was there no link on Scoop’s Hoosier Morning to this story? Dustin would be devoting a week’s worth of space on Scoop if something like this happened under Crean’s watch. East Coast Establishment sure loves to protect their precious Fluke Devils.

  2. Why do you think it would get more attention (nationally) if it were IU? Of course Dustin would write about it, it’s his job.

    What is a bigger story as far as basketball program involvement – Dukie Thomas or A-Hope?

    A-Hope didn’t get any more play nationally than this is… Most college bball fans would say “A-who?”

    What is the definition of “east coast”… UConn didn’t get away with violations. UNC football hasn’t been getting any slack and they are in the same town as Duke.

    Once again your imagination getting the best of you Harvard.

  3. As I recall there wasn’t any ‘there’ there in the A-Hope story. Despite all the effort to push it out there it simply had no legs.

    There is something very, very fishy going on here. I just wonder if the NCAA will follow up because it’s Duke.

    Here’s a prediction. Based upon his actions so far, I’m guessing Dez is among those 75% of players that will be broke shortly after their career is over.

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