Short Video: Mallory on Northwestern

Was working on a feature on Zack Shaw today and didn’t have much of a chance to speak to co-defensive coordinator Doug Mallory, but here’s what he had to say about Northwestern.

On their offense in general
“They’ve got an athletic quarterback. They’ve got speed at the running back spot. Good speed at the perimeter. You’ve got three out of five offensive linemen back. They offer a lot of difficulties for you there. They’re doing a good job on offense. They’re moving the ball very effectively. They got down in to the red zone this past week and they were more effective getting touchdowns instead of field goals, but it will be a great challenge, one we certainly have been working hard for you. But they provide a great challenge.

On how much preparation time Indiana got during the bye week
“We went Monday through Thursday last week. We wore full gear all four days right there. We got after it pretty good. Tried to get back to more fundamentals, a lot of getting off blocks. A lot of tackling and pursuit. Trying to get takeaways and getting back to the physical aspects of it. We did some prep last week, did some work, always had scout work to get ready for Northwestern. The game plan, a little bit more of it was put in here today from what we were able to get on Sunday. But we were able to get a little bit of a jump ahead last week.”


  1. Can I just say one thing? SEAHAAAAAWKS!!!

    The non-replacement refs took away the31ir super bowl in 2006, so it’s only fair that the replacement refs awarded them with this small victory, a minor compensation.

    How bout that Golden Tate?

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