So this happened today….

Posting this just so no one thinks I’m ignoring it, but also trying not to overplay this just because I don’t know what’s truth and what’s fiction at this point.

Dan Dakich said on his radio show today that he was told by a source that Tech forward Trey Lyles took an unofficial visit to Kentucky before he had announced his de-commitment from Indiana. Dakich suggested that the visit happened in late July or early August. There is a dead period in that time frame. Lyles could visit a campus during that time frame, but if he had contact with coaches or other basketball personnel there, that would be considered an NCAA violation. Dakich later told Jeff Rabjohns of that he was not discussing the visit as being a potential violation and that his source may or may not have been mistaken on the date.

Dakich also suggested that someone in the Lyles camp had requested a job on the Indiana staff in exchange for Lyles’ commitment. It should be noted that it would not be considered an NCAA violation if a team hired someone close to a player to be a full-time assistant coach, but positions lower than that are subject to NCAA scrutiny.  Trey Lyles’ father Tom disputed the allegations in interviews with Rabjohns and Indianapolis Star preps reporter Kyle Neddenriep. Lyles formally announces his de-commitment on Aug. 7.


  1. WOW! I hope this is not true. Although, I can say I would not be suprised to find out that KY was cheating. Kind of fits Calipari’s m.o. doesn’t it?

  2. Who cares…We got a 320 lb., #297 ranked, JC player from Montana to play right tackle on our football team in 2014.

    Calipari is a good friend of Crean….This is simply a case of fair trade. Calipari is the genius of Apple(a new one-and-done model comes out every year) and Indiana is all the Chinese hoops labor he rapes for profit.

  3. Any may I also say that Dakich is the biggest bag of sabotaging blowpipes that ever came out of Bloomington.

    I honestly believe he goes to bed every night rubbing his voodoo doll of Bobby Knight wishing for these type of stories. He’s a witchdoctor radio crapshooter that could never play the offensive elements of the game to go anywhere beyond coming off the bench in college ball. He average 2 points per game. He couldn’t coach. He found a home for his mouth in Indianapolis and he uses it everyday to sabotage Indiana.

  4. How’s Dakich sabotaging Indiana? Minus the Dan bashing and actually staying on point here…..If you’ve paid attention to this story over the last month+ you would know that Indiana didnt even show up at Trey’s open gym. Oh they could make it to Blackmon’s OG in Ft Wayne, but cant make it to Indy to see supposedly their top recruit who just decommitted? Right. Couple that with while Trey’s OG is going on the IU staff is on the East Coast at other 2014 forwards’ open gyms. Not hard to see what’s going on here. Something, whether it was what DD says or not, something happened bad enough to turn the IU staff away from their best recruit and immediately start looking elsewhere. If you think Crean makes that decision lightly you dont know Crean. He always thinks he can win a recruiting battle. This apparently wasnt worth it anymore. So take that for what you will.

    To be honest, I’m over it. We are going to be a top 3 team in the country next year and have been getting and will be getting the types of talented players that will keep us up in that level for the foreseeable future regardless of what Lyles does. If Trey thought IU fans were getting on him before, he better get some tougher skin because his own decisions are going to make it a lot worse if this is going where it appears it’s going.

    By the way, one of his best buddies Jaquan Lyle just cancelled a visit to MSU this weekend to visit UK instead. Coincidence? Highly unlikely.

  5. One more thing to point out…… really think DD is going to make those comments and ruin his relationship with Crean and the IU staff if there’s even a CHANCE IN HELL that Lyles could commit back with Indiana? Think about it. It’s so so obvious what is going on here.

  6. Dakich thinks he’s an “insider.” The only thing he has inside is giant lungs.. He tried to pretend he had the inside track on Cody’s decision. His failure to shut the hell up likely pushed Cody to the brink of attending NC just so he could reclaim the right to his own decision.

    Sorry, Dan..You must have rubbed that oily voodoo doll one too many times. Cody stayed in Indiana and IU hoops is bigger than your mouth or one coach….or one 3-way calling addiction… or one recruit heading to p’lay for The Establishment’s head criminal that runs the “Hoops Circus of the 5-Star’s” in Lexington.

  7. Kinda miss the days when Tijan would enter Assembly Hall pounding his chest and saying firmly in Schwarzenegger’s voice: “I am Adam Ahfeld. I am Adam Ahfeld.” Miss the day CKS embraced Armon Bassett during a thorough taking apart of Crean’s mentor’s MSU. Miss the day we lost to Pepperdine, which was also the day Herman B. Wells died. And so … this happened today? Oh, OK: I am sure one day I am going to long for today too.

  8. IU lost to Pepperdine on Friday, March 17, 2000(opening round games were often on Thursday and Friday).

    According to Wikipedia, Wells died the following day: Saturday, March 18, 2000.

  9. Serious question Harvard… Is there a single figure in the public eye surrounding college basketball that you don’t have a hair across your ass for? IU players excluded…

  10. I’ve always liked Brent Musburger. I think he’s relatively professional and fair.

  11. IDKWTI

    That kid is dead to me. He’s a dirty version of Carlino and I’m sure he’ll fade away just like Matt.

    If for some reason Crean loses his mind and accepts IDKWTI, I hope he’s booed at home games like he’s the second coming of Sean May.

  12. Why would UK let a recruit visit campus? Outside of, no doubt, lush condominiums to sleep in nobody is gonna choose to go to UK based on that open pit campus.

    Something other than the scenery was taken in. He got offered something tangible.

    Interesting how there are always stories of former IU players and their business ventures, or running an NBA franchise, while former Kentucky players either slip into the cracks of the sidewalk or play the lead role in some sad story.

  13. Harvard, I’m sorry but Musburger should have retired shortly after he filmed the Waterboy. He is one announcer I have to turn off because he is so awful.

  14. H4H,

    Think what you will of Dakich, but I can tell you when he says something, there is a higher than high chance he is right!

    IU commit James Blackmon Jr. put up a pic of him and Lyles on twitter that is an obvious a staged shot. Trey responded to him with “take me out ur twitpic”.

  15. HS kids, weirdos, and people who think they are obligated to for networking or business reasons. Eventually they all figure out its pointless.

  16. Dakich is always nibbling around the truth of a story before it becomes widespread news. He has inside connections that HfH has no vision to recognize. Be really interesting listening and reading about this and how it unfolds for the future. Lexington in July, strange. Just as strange as Trey Lyles wants his recruiting story to be; after all he likes attention and he will surely get it now. NCAA do you read the blogs?

  17. Twitter is awesome. I love the fact that IDKWTI and his coach decommitted because they “want to experience being recruited” and now they are complaining about ‘haters’ on twitter. Congratulations, boys, you’ve gotten your wish. You get the love you wanted from other schools and all it cost you was everyone in your home state losing respect for you because of your dirty actions.

  18. Never seen the Lexington campus. Is it really that gross, or does it just pale in comparison to the beautiful, bucolic Bloomington campus?

  19. Exactly, Aruss.

    “Part of the experience” is getting wrath from fans you basically told to go to hell.

    Screw him.

  20. Geoff- The Lexington campus is pretty awful, and so are most of surrounding streets, bars and restaurants. There is no cohesion in the architecture, no warm, inviting central area, no “college feeling” that you get from places like Bloomington, Iowa City or even Madison. There are parts of Lexington that are nicer, but they don’t hug the campus like Kirkwood Ave or Telegraph Ave do. You have to drive to them.

    All the big “Go Cats” signs and banners hang impersonally from nondescript buildings. Go there and it will make you hate UK even more.

  21. If you ask me he rather mysteriously changed his mind all of a sudden(wink wink)and then realized he had to spin this in a way that didn’t make him look bad. The spin he chose to put on it was as if he just wanted to do something that he had never gotten to experience, but that IU was still at the top of his list(again wink wink). He then preceded to look for any excuse possible to gradually spin it to look like IU was the one that didn’t want him instead of the other way around. This way he could lay the blame at the feet of IU, they would be the ones at fault and they would be the reason that he didn’t come to IU. Just a wild guess here (dws) but I’d say he pretty much knew all along that he wasn’t going to come to Btown.

    As far as Dakich goes, yea he can be a smarta$$ at times and can be more than a little bit loud at times but I imagine he has more ways to know what the truth actually is when it comes to something concerning IU bball than most everyone else and I don’t see him damaging his relationship with CTC OR the chances of CTC & IU getting TL if there was still any chance of it happening. And IF this is true, and where Calipayoff is concerned just about anything is, it should be put out there & made public.

    Not a single person from the IU camp being at his open gym says to me that something major had to have happened for it to be that way otherwise there would have been at least someone from IU’s camp there. “I don’t why they weren’t here I guess I’ll have to get on the phone & talk to Coach Crean & see what’s going on”. Now there is a phone call I would love to be in on…. if it even ever happens or if CTC even takes the call.

  22. I’m as a big an I.U. fan as anyone as have been since day 1 as a bloomington native, & obviously the I.U. campus is home to me & will alwaysbe my favorite campus, but I must honestly say that Lexington & the UK campus is NOT nearly as bad as HT says. That’s just not true dude, although it is a matter of opinion I suppose. Lexington has great areas just like most U of’s..

  23. I’ve only been to Lexington once and upon the journey unfolded some of the most beautiful memories I shall ever hold onto.

    I watched Coach K and #1 Duke fall to Indiana at Rupp Arena in one of the most stunning come-from-behind tournament victories in college basketball history. What could be more beautiful?

    HT doesn’t hate UK anymore than his Washington Huskies. More blow from the great beluga resurfaced.

  24. No way Lyles is going to ruin the possibility of attending IU if it was not for something more “tangible” than a scholarship and great education, not to mention a storied program. UK also has a storied program, none would argue that, but currently the only coach to ever have a final four taken from him and on top of that he had 2 taken from him is still coaching there. Would you want your son playing for someone like that? Ya Trey, you wanted to experience the recruiting game, well now you are so live with your decision. Its part of becoming an adult. You once had the backing of thousands, now feel the disgust of more than just IU fans, even if it is based solely on speculation. You made your bed, now sleep in it.

  25. The campus is average I guess. Community College description is pretty accurate. Lexington as a town really is not to bad.

  26. Harvard, I wish you’d stop bashing Dan Dakich. He’s a good guy and he knows basketball. As far as the Lyles saga, I’m over it. GOOOO Hoosiers!!!

  27. That’s funny I was debating posting this same question yesterday, but then I figured I’d just research it a little. However I can find any info on why he’s not playing…

    Is he hurt or just not that good? 3 qb’s have taken game snaps so far for ND this year, none of them named Gunner.

  28. Dad asking for a gig at IU in exchange for a commit from his son… mmm where did I hear this before…OH it was Tom Lyles taking his son out of decatur twp., vising Bloomington South before settling in at Tech…with a new Coaching Job to boot for good ol’ dad. Coincidence? I think not..

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