Andy Graham’s comments and analysis, Ohio State at Indiana football


Hoosiers scored 15 points in 35 seconds with freshman Nate Sudfeld again leading a late flurry. IU never said die till OSU covered an onside kick with 1:04 left.

1:40: Ohio State 52, Indiana 41. Nate Sudfeld entered at quarterback with 3:58 to play and, converting a big fourth-down pass to Jamonne Chester, led IU to a 10-play, 74-yard scoring drive capped by a 12-yard TD pass to Duwyce Wilson, who reversed field well.

6:47: Ohio State 52, Indiana 34. IU defense still making some plays, still playing hard, but looking tired, now, and who can blame it. Devin Smith just caught a pass on a crossing pattern, then completely reversed field to create a 46-yard scoring play as three Hoosier defenders dived and missed.

10:30: Ohio State 45. Indiana 34. Nice drive by the Hoosiers, and Coffman was sharper. The key play was a 19-yard end around by Shane Wynn. D’Angelo Roberts dived in from the 1 to cap a 12-play, 76-yard march that took 4:10 off the clock.

14:40: Ohio State 45, Indiana 27. Carlos Hyde 1-yard TD run caps 10 play, 78-yard drive. Indiana defense on the field way, way, way too long tonight and it’s showing now. Cam Coffman just 16 of 35 in the air, not nearly the completion percentage Kevin Wilson wants.

END THIRD QUARTER: OHIO STATE 38, INDIANA 27. Buckeye possession time 30:36, Indiana 14:24. That’s the stat of the night so far.

3:54: Ohio State 38, Indiana 27. Tevin Coleman’s 60-yard kickoff return sets up Mitch Ewald’s 44-yard FG. Possession nearly negated as Coffman throws a pair of near-picks. He remains erratic with some reads and throws.

4:34: Ohio State 38, Indiana 24. Very nice shuffle pass from backup quarterback Kenny Guyton to Carlos Hyde for 14-yard TD. \

Yet another questionable interference call on the Hoosiers. Looked like a good play by Brian Williams to me on a 3rd-and-7 bomb. He didn’t turn for the ball, but he got there right at the same time the ball did. Then a questionable late-hit call on Alex Webb, when Braxton Miller was still technically inbounds on the hit. Miller had left his feet, right on the sideline, and the last place his feet had touched were inbounds. Ohio State bench made that call.

8:40: Ohio State 31, Indiana 24: Hoosier quick strike. Coffman connects with Shane Wynn on a crossing pattern on a 3rd-and-6 and, after Buckeye defenders collide a bit with another IU receiver, Ohio native Wynn roars 76 yards down the east sideline to again get the Hoosiers within a TD. Home team is hanging in there. Coffman just 15 of 31, though, with several drops not helping those figures. Hoosiers will have to play sharper to really have a shot down the stretch in this one.

9:24: Great diving interception by Greg Heban in front of Corey Brown in the endzone prevents further Buckeye scoring for the time being. Really good play.

10:31: IU safety Mark Murphy, who seems to be playing with some sort of brace on his shoulder, hurt trying to tackle Miller as the Buckeye QB goes out of bounds at the IU 6. OSU threatening again after a quick IU 3-and-out and a bad punt.

11:20. IU just ran a big scoreboard video ad for men’s basketball. Hmmmmmm. I shall refrain from further comment, Many of the students (and the student crowd was down tonight, perhaps because of fall break) have taken their usual halftime powder.

12:18: Ohio State 31, Indiana 17. Braxton Miller 67-yard TD run on keeper up the gut in which the back judge inadvertently blocked the last Hoosier with a shot, linebacker Jacarri Alexander. Not really the ref’s fault, but a tough break for the Hoosiers. That should have been about a 12-yard run, not a TD.

12:36: Ohio State 24, Indiana 17. IU took a needed deep shot on the opening drive of the second half, with Coffman finding Kofi Hughes down the west sideline for 39 yards. The ball was a bit underthrown, but Hughes made a great grab over OSU’s Doran Grant at the Buckeye 25. It helped set up Mitch Ewald’s 22-yard field goal to draw the Hoosiers within a touchdown. Needed to get points and did. First time IU has gotten points in both halves of a game since Ball State.

HALFTIME: OHIO STATE 24, INDIANA 14. Hoosiers get the ball first after intermission, but Buckeyes had some pretty big momentum late in the half. Cam Coffman has played pretty capably, but until and unless he shows he can stretch a defense vertically, opposing defenses will just load up against the short stuff. Coffman had Wynn wide open down the middle but threw late and short, nearly resulting in a pick. Just as Miller burned IU on a deep sideline, IU needs to show it can pose a similar sort of threat to open things up. Having said all that, it would certainly help Coffman and the Hoosier cause if receivers, especially Duwyce Wilson, were catching the ball better.

OSU has a 260-150 total offense edge.


2:31: Ohio State 24, Indiana 14. Gotta credit Braxton Miller for this TD. On a 3rd-and-9, he throws a perfect strike 60-yard bomb that hits Devin Smith right in stride and beats Antonio Marshall down the east sideline.

Duwyce Wilson keeps dropping what look like catchable passes. Maybe defenders are getting hands in there, but several crucial potential catches for first-down yardage haven’t been completed when it looked like he had his hands on the ball. And so far the Buckeyes have rendered Kofi Hughes moot. He’s playing, but not yet on the stat sheet.

5:19: Ohio State 17, Indiana 14. Buckeyes return the blocked-punt favor, with Travis Howard’s block recovered by Bradley Roby for an OSU TD. “Let’s go Bucks!” chant gets loud.

7:03: Indiana gets a favorable replay ruling, overturning what was called a Buckeye completion for a first down on the field. But the ball did look like it hit turf, so the overturn looked correct.

9:56: Basil misses a 35-yard FG attempt. Hoosiers still up 14-10.

IU defense hanging in, but Buckeyes had the ball 12:02 in the first quarter. That can’t continue, or the Hoosiers will wear down.

14:46: Indiana 14, Ohio State 10. IU capitalizes efficiently on the punt block, with Stephen Houston cruising in from 7 yards out. Lee Corso would be taking a photo of the scoreboard. but this has looked like a fairly legit IU surge.


0:26 Big punt block by Isaiah Roundtree sets IU offense up at the Buckeye 16.

2:00: Ohio State 10, Indiana 7: IU receivers finally started catching the ball and that seemed to set up the Buckeye defense for a 59-yard sucker punch, a quick opener to tailback Stephen Houston, who roared in untouched right up the gut.

3:06: Ohio State 10, Indiana 0. Should be 14-0, but OSU’s Devin Smith flat dropped a TD pass on a deep post and the Buckeyes had to settle for a 35-yard Drew Basil field goal. Neither team’s receivers are distinguishing themselves. IU’s wideouts had better wake up if the Hoosiers have any hopes of staying close.

IU quarterback Cam Coffman has mostly been victimized by drops, but also has stared down his receivers too much

10:52: Ohio State 7, Indiana 0. Buckeyes seemed to get major assists from referees in opening TD drive, capped by an east 12-yard scoring run on an option pitch left to Corey Brown. OSU got a bogus spot for a first down, on a completion to Jake Stoneburner, then got a phantom interference call on a late flag to keep the drive alive on a 3rd-and-3. IU’s Murphy defended the play but a late flag, well after the play was play was over, and Greg Heban was identified as the transgressor, and he wasn’t anywhere near the play or where the flag was thrown. Overall the drive covered 75 yards on nine plays in 4:08.

Cheers for Ohio State’s entry onto the field every bit as loud, if not louder than for Indiana. Crowd really sounds half-Buckeye. Not much of a home field advantage tonight

Just saw Bill Mallory in the press box. If I’d had a buckeye nut in his possession, long-time Indiana fans know what he’d have done with it.
(Hint: it involves a swift, crushing movement with a shoe).

PREGAME: Indiana’s recent Jekyll and Hyde routine on offense runs into a real Mr. Hyde tonight, with junior tailback Carlos Hyde and the rest of Ohio State’s No. 8-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes in town. But the real horror story for OSU opponents is Buckeye sophomore quarterback Braxton Miller, who is the best player on the Big Ten’s best team and might even play his way into the Heisman picture this season. Miller, with great breakaway speed harbored in his 6-foot-2 and 220-pound frame, has rushed 106 times for 763 yards (7.2) and 8 TDs already this season in leading his 6-0 club. And OSU simply abused Nebraska’s defense last week, hanging 63 points on the Huskers.

Consequently, IU’s offense will have to more consistently sustain drives tonight than it has in three recent losses, when offensive doldrums have interspersed periods of impressive offensive production. If the Hoosier defense has to spend an inordinate amount of time on the field this evening, that’s not a good sign for the home team.

And if things get out of hand, it might be tough to tell which side is the home team, because the Memorial Stadium stands will hold their customary robust contingent of Buckeye fans whenever OSU visits Bloomington. But it should be a good night-game atmosphere, regardless, and could well be a high-scoring game, so opportunities to cheer could arise frequently. Let’s see if the Hoosiers can give their fans enough reason to cheer to stay till the end of what could be a late night.


  1. Are IU’s receivers afraid of getting hit after they catch the ball? There have been way too many drops in traffic.

  2. Even after losing I am proud of this team; they fought hard and never gave up. After seeing OSU run all over Nebraska last week, I can say that Kevin Wilson and staff have done a great job with the amount of talent they have. The future seems brighter and I’m excited for what’s to come. The W’s will be here soon!

  3. I agree with all the earlier comments. CKW and the IU offense are getting it done. The defense is playing better, much better, but IU doesn’t have enough quality defensive players, yet!! Once IU gets more quality defensive guys IU will take off. I see the improvement even if it doesn’t show up in the win-lose column. Go IU!!

  4. There are no moral victories, but if there were, this game certainly was one for IU. I’d say it was a great loss. I’m really proud of how IU refused to quit, how they came back and made the game close at the end. We all know that in years past, some of our IU football teams would have folded up and waved the white flag. I’m just really proud that IU made Urban Meyer have an anxiety attack just before IU attempted that last on-side kick late in the fourth quarter. I’ll bet Meyer respects KW as an offensive coach even more today than he did last week!

    But again, the elephant in the living room is IU’s defense. Man, oh man, how is IU going to build a competitive Big Ten defense? Are there enough Junior College players in the country to convert this swiss cheese into a stout defense? I’m beginning to develop this fear that IU football is going to be one of those programs that will have consistently great offenses year after year, but never turns the corner because it does not develop a competitive defense. High scoring track meets are fun to watch, but they become bummer when one’s team never wins them. KW may be a great offensive coach, but can he apply some of his brilliance into recruiting and coaching players that form a moderately competitive defense? I mean really, with this growing offensive prowess, IU does not need a great defense, just having an average defense would have have gotten the job done against BSU, NW, Michigan State, and now Ohio State ( or at least three of those four).

    I know, I know (Tsoa), we have to be patient. I know it takes time. I’m proud of IU’s effort and the team’s refusal to quit last night. And I salute the progress KW has made with his offense. It’s becoming a force. But oh goodness, can we just get enough defensive players that qualifies IU as Big Ten defense?

  5. Podunker,

    Your graph about the “elephant in the room” D is a great description of the Cam Cameron and Bill Lynch eras. Or, a good deal of the post-Mallory era at IU. CKW is no different so far, but time will tell if he’s able to break the mold.

  6. HC, I hope you’re right, but I’m not seeing the “tendencies” necessary for a good defense. I’m not seeing defensive backs that can tackle (in fact, they avoid tackling). I’m not seeing defensive players that have the raw size and speed necessary to stop Big Ten offenses. I’m not seeing the pass coverage that is tight enough. I’m not seeing the volume of take-aways on defense.

    HC, your comment implies that IU is going to be getting a lot more defensive players that will not possess those current tendencies. If you’re right, that means IU’s going to have to continue to go heavy with JC recruits, otherwise, we’re going to continue playing a lot of freshman and sophomores on defense, which will extend the current below-average performance. The current defensive roster is so far away from being an average Big Ten defense, I’m not confident the current crop of freshman and sophomore defenders can be developed/coached-up enough to be effective in the Big Ten. Honestly, I’m beginning to think we have a defensive coaching problem. It’s either the structure (co-defensive coordinators) or the staff is not getting the job done. Yes, the defense has improved over last year, but how could they not?

    The defense has a long way to go.

  7. Po, you are absolutely correct. It will take both paths(JUCO and hi-grade HS’ers). Tell me Antonio Allen(2013 commit)is not a top notch DB(the D staff knows talent). There is no other way to make it happen. My eyes see much improvement. Took Crean 4 years and our patience. As I stated you will be giggling in 2 more years.

  8. HC, Podunker…I have to agree with HC, we are clearly beginning to see a pattern beginning to point towards success. Po, honestly, with all due respect towards you my Bro in Arms in this Hoosier Brigade, patience is a critical asset in this battle.

    BTW, anyone notice…we gave DD the weekend off and we damned near knocked off the B1G leader and #8 team in the country…where do we send him this week and next? Somebody, quick! volunteer to get married the weekend of the Penn State game!… that one may be for a Bowl

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