Andy Graham’s Michigan State-Indiana football notes


6:35: Michigan State 31, Indiana 27. MSU’s first lead of the day comes as the Spartans catch IU in a blitz, throw to Bennie Fowler in the flat with single coverage, and Drew Hardin misses the tackle. It turned into a 36-yard scoring play. The Hoosier offense, moribund the second half, now has no choice but to respond if IU is to win.

IU’s offense just had a 20-second possession when it really needed a drive. Whatever adjustments MSU made at halftime have been golden. The Spartans have taken away the short stuff in the flat, and the Hoosiers seem to have no answer.

7:49: Indiana 27, Michigan State 24. Hoosier defense nearly holds a couple of times, but La’Veon Bell ruled to have gotten a first down at the 1 on a 4th-down carry that was reviewed. Freshman wideout Aaron Burbridge is killing IU, and Maxwell is on target. Burbridge made a great third catch on 3rd and 10 for 16 yards to the MSU 45 on the drive, despite terrific coverage by Greg Heban and a big hit by Drew Hardin. Burbridge the first MSU freshman wideout to exceed 100 yards receiving since 2004. He now has 8 catches for 134 yards.


Three straight stops by the defense. It’s the IU offense needs to get back in gear now. Hoosiers get a first down, and a defensive holding penalty, but then have to punt again. Offense looks out of rhythm now, with the Spartan defense asserting itself.

Adarius Rayner two straight nice plays for the Hoosier to stop MSU drive. He gets a sack (with good coverage by the secondary giving him the chance) and then breaks up the third-down pass himself. Punt to IU 14 at 7:07 mark.

10:13: Indiana 27, Michigan State 17. Spartans take second half kickoff and go 37 yards in 11 methodical plays, but Kenny Mullen gets a nice PBU on third down to force a 46-yard field goal by Dan Conroy.

HALFTIME: INDIANA 27, MICHIGAN STATE 14. Well hush my mouth. IU has really answered the call, overall, for a half today.


1:32: Indiana 27, Michigan 14. Mitch Ewald 19 FG. Hoosiers capitalize on the recovered onside kick.

Taking advantage of personal foul call on MSU after IU TD, ONSIDE KICK set up IU at MSU 34. Wow. Great call, given the situation.

4:26: Indiana 24, Michigan State 14. Hoosier offense responds with crucial drive in just 2:00, with big plays a 10-yard pass to Latimer on 3rd-and-6, and a 23-yard completion to Duwyce Wilson over the middle, before a nice 17-yard swing pass to Shane Wynn, who made a nice move for the score. 9 plays, 75 yards, and much needed for the home team. Coffman 21-28 passing for 243 yards and 3 TDs now. Don’t know if Sudfeld will see the field today, at this rate.

Maxwell 10-14 for 110 and a TD now for Michigan State. His best game this season so far. IU hasn’t got a first down this quarter.

6:26: Indiana 17, Michigan State 14, 6:26 2Q. Nice deception with fake reverse on TD pass, but IU secondary now getting shredded by Maxwell. Sparty gotes 65 yards in six plays.

10:40 Indiana 17, Michigan State 7. IU’s Kenny Mullen neglects to look back for the ball and lets Tony Lippett catch a woefully under-thrown pass for 27 yards on a 3rd-and-8 to keep the next Spartan series alive. Mullen got beat on another pass on the drive, then missed the tackle on La’Veon Bell’s 2-yard TD run around right end. Not the best series for the kid from Fort Wayne.


Cam Coffman found Kofi Hughes on another post for 38 yards, he then alertly recovered a D’Angelo Roberts fumble at the MSU 21 before perfectly floating a pass to Ted Bolser from there for the TD. IU, 17-0, and there is nothing flukish about it. IU has 11 first down and MSU has 2.

Two straight dropped passes, one by Stoner and the other by Houston, threaten foil the next IU series, and both play calls were absolutely there, both would have been big gains. The swing left to Houston, especially, looked wide open, even a potential TD. But Sparty roughs Voss on the punt so IU keeps the ball. And the Hoosiers take great advantage.

Great circle move after the catch on the west sideline by Jamonne Chester creates 17-yard gain to MSU 40 on third IU series. The drive ends with 32-yard Mitch Ewald field goal that makes it 10-0, Indiana, with 6:25 left in the quarter.

Defense manning-up so far, for certain. Big Replogle sack of Maxwell deep-sixes second MSU series with 6-yard loss. Hoosiers stuffing Bell

After IU’s defense records a 3-and-out on the first Spartan series, igniting the IU sideline, a holding call helps thwart the next Hoosier possession. Exactly the kind of mistake Indiana can’t really afford today, especially when it has a shot to maintain some momentum.

13:42: Almost didn’t get on line in time to record the first IU touchdown drive, which took just 1:17 to go 75 yards in 7 plays, capped by a 19-yard screen right to Houston, who cruised in untouched. Cam Coffman started and threw high on his first attempt, but connected on everything else, including a 33-yard post to Cody Latimer, who beat Johnny Adams for the ball.
A few computer issues, but will attempt to recoup and supply my usual musings.


  1. The lack of 2nd half offensive adjustments is absolutely staggering. Did the coaching staff bet on Michigan State to cover today? It was like watching someone play a football video game for the first time. They just keep selecting the same offensive play the entire game even though the defense is expecting it and stops it every time. 32 total yards this half? Most people would see that as a sign to change something. Maybe something like throwing the ball upfield as opposed to calling the same slow-developing screen pass that hangs receivers out to dry (Shane Wynn was almost killed) and gains zero or less yards. Coffman had good stats in the first half, but looked absolutely helpless in the second half. Why? BECAUSE MICHIGAN STATE’S COACHING STAFF MADE ADJUSTMENTS AT THE HALF!!!!!! Why wasn’t Sudfeld in after two series in the 3rd quarter? Because Coffman “has been here longer”? I just don’t understand it. And I never will. There is a huge logic void in football, especially in Bloomington. I hope the team and coaches didn’t think this game was over after one quarter because anyone who has watched IU knows that this team cannot and will never be able to close. Talk about doing just enough to lose a game. Sickening, but sadly, not at all surprising. It’s so sad when you cannot enjoy a three score lead after one quarter because you can already sense how it’s going to end.

  2. This loss is simply staggering. I would say i’m speechless, but that is only almost true.

    Never once did Indiana attempt to go downfield in the second half to loosen the coverage. What’s doubly bizarre about that is where is Indiana’s lone personnel advantage? It’s Indiana’s receivers. I’ll take them in any 1-on-1 matchup all day long and twice on Sundays. At the point that Michigan State adjusted to the initial scheme, to not try and exploit your lone personnel advantage was incredibly poor coaching. 

    The obvious issue in doing so is that Sudfeld has to be the qb to go downfield. At some point, Wilson is going to have to accept that Sudfeld is also a gamer. That’s something that’s different than a matter of scheme, but it’s ultimately even more important. He needs to set his ego aside, stop having so much faith in his own genius, and coach a football game.

    He talks about being aggressive. Well, being aggressive only on your own terms is just a different way of trying to maintain control.

    He’s got the ability to get the program over the hump, of that I am sure. But only if he understands that there comes a point in a game at which his job is not to manage the game, but to put his kids in a position to play the game, and choose the kids who can do it.

    He failed utterly in that regard today.

  3. Football is a really complicated sport for Indiana. I didn’t see the first half. Tuned in at the break and watched closely but there was nothing to see. The only memorable moment of the second half: the Ewald winning field goal at Purdue almost two years ago. After that win Bill Lynch was fired.

  4. Guest: “He’s got the ability to get the program over the hump, of that I am sure…if he understands that there comes a point in a game at which his job is not to manage the game, but to put his kids in a position to play the game, and choose the kids who can do it.”

    Well stated.

  5. Hoosier Clarion, you’re truly the worst poster on this site, and that’s saying something. You whine about how no one brings anything substantiative to the table, yet your only response to people questioning coaches is the same old tired “chicken little” routine. I get it. Nothing can rattle you. You’re Mr. Patient. You’re all about “the process.” Everyone else is being unreasonable, right? This program was in shambles when KW took the job blah blah blah. When has this program ever been in good shape following a coaching change? Isn’t that the problem? I don’t recall any IU coach retiring after taking the program to unparalleled heights. There’s never been a Tom Osbourne figure here. Bill Mallory was the closest to that, and IU couldn’t wait to show him the door. I’m sorry not everyone here is as excited to lose a game that we led wire-to-wire as you are. When is the appropriate time to start expecting Big Ten wins, in your valuable opinion? 5 years from now? 10 years from now? 20? I don’t know who’s more stupidly proud of a losing effort: you or the American South. What a horrible mentality you have. No wonder the program is the way it is. It’s people like you with no expectations who are just happy that IU games are still on TV that make other fans look bad. The offensive play calling in the 2nd half today was unacceptable. I’m not second guessing. I was saying it two possessions into the 3rd quarter. IU has had countless games like this, and will probably have countless more. There are no signs suggesting otherwise. If you’re as big a fan as you claim to be, you’d be demanding more from this team and staff. And I’ll save you the trouble because I’m sure you’re very busy: THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING!

  6. Look, you have to understand The Claryawn: he has personally witnessed 102+ years of Hoosier losses in FB. So, he’s used to that, doesn’t like it when people complain about it and wishes it would never end.

  7. Just for your education it is Osborne not Osbourne. By the way do not make such spelling errors(such as mistaking an x for an o and vice versa)in the coaching resume you should be submitting to AD Glass. What you think literally means nothing to me. You repeatedly display no clue as to what it takes to determine how long it takes to turn this wreck around(I will give you 1 free hint-it won’t be this year). But keep posting everyone enjoys the comedy you provide.

  8. It’s funny how the only correction you had was in regards to my spelling. Instead of addressing any specific part of my argument, you simply make another general statement about how I have no idea how long this is going to take. Only you know. That’s the point. You’re the only one who knows. You’re an unparalleled genius with life-changing insight. That’s why I asked your expert opinion. When is it reasonable for me to expect a conference win? Your resume line is just as tired as your Chicken Little bit by the way. I’ll submit it after I coach a high school team to a winless season. What is so unrealistic about me expecting the team to close it out yesterday? It’s not like they were playing at Autzen Stadium and I’m bitching about them losing by 8 TDs. I’m not demanding a Rose Bowl appearance this year. I’m not even demanding more than 1 or 2 wins in a VERY weak Big Ten this year. IU had an average Michigan State team down 17 points. AT HOME. AFTER 1 QUARTER. I don’t think that my expectations for a win were unreasonable. So, once again, since only you understand what goes into the rebuilding process, enlighten my feeble mind. When can I expect a 2-score halftime lead at home against an average team turn into a win? What’re you going to say when this kind of game is still a loss in a couple seasons? Judging by your previous repetitiveness and unoriginally, I’m sure it’ll have something to do with Chicken Little and/or submitting a resume. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were the one calling the plays on offensive in the 2nd half, since it was the same one over and over and over again.

  9. Also, I’ll save you the trouble: “unoriginally” should’ve said “unoriginality.” I’m so flustered by your genius, I cannot even type correctly.

  10. Keep beating on your chest with demands. What a waste of time. Coach Wilson is not listening. Clueless is you but you are superb comedy. Keep posting as it is a slow Sunday PM and the relief you offer is welcome. By the way you’ll probably recognize when we start becoming successful as we will end up with more points than the opposition. That was another hint. FREE!

  11. Here’s an old post from Hoosier Hype by the one and only HuHot ClariNaught:

    Posted by Hoosier Clarion at 5:12 pm on October 25, 2009

    Credit or blame you can’t have one without the other and they both travel equal distances of infinity. If you are so reckless to blame Coach Lynch for a negative result then be gracious enough to offer credit for the positive one(s). I am quite certain he earned both.

    The man is a master of travesty.

  12. Yep damn fine post on the Hype. So glad you enjoyed it even though you have no idea what the hell it was about.

  13. He wasn’t addressing Wilson, he was addressing you, Clarion, you know-nothing coward. Answer Gene P’s questions, since you know all. Your talking points never change, as evidenced by Hype’s post. IU hasn’t won a B1G game since 2010. Why is it so unrealistic to expect one? What a loser mentality you have. No wonder you’re an IU football fan. You keep saying how unrealistic it is to expect a turnaround now. Guess what: nobody but you is talking about a turnaround! Just ONE WIN, you dolt.

  14. This team could go to a bowl with Roberson at QB; they certainly could have controlled the clock better at the end. Injuries, when it’s said and done, will be the main reason Coach W.T. (Win Today!) doesn’t have a vastly improved W-L record. I see a parallel here…yeah, I remember, it’s just like Coach Crean with the Mo Creek injury a few years ago!

  15. My Gawd the Panthers just refused to win that game. Time after time Seattle tried their best to gift wrap that one and the Panthers held their ground and pushed that win into the loss column. I really thought they were going to be good this year.

    They really are not.

  16. …and the Broncos should trade or cut Willis McGahee before the team arrives in Denver. He single handedly gave that one to the Pots.

    OK, I’m done now. Where’s my pill?

  17. I’m not presuming to delve into the souls of the men or even go slightly below the surface but I see a lot of similarities in the upbeat approach, hyperactivism, and the overt optimism between CTC and Coach Hep.

    Don’t take that as anything more than a superficial observation. No need to defend or disparage anyone (except me, I’m fair game).

  18. Really Chet? We ran for 250+ yds and were up 31-7, but it was Willis McGahee’s fault because he dropped one pass and fumbled once (directly after our guy fumbled)…

    I’m not sure that great logic buddy.

    They are just lucky we didn’t put up 45 points in the second half again and decided to run clock.

  19. He was their leading rusher and 2nd leading receiver. He caught 5 of his 6 targets…

    Pats are catching stride.

    Colts were fun to watch today. Caroline was just frustrating. Not sure how many times 6’6″ Greg Olsen can run great routes and be wide open and have Cam not even look his way.

  20. Pete Carroll has gotten lucky several times this year. That USC d-bag ain’t no pro coach. HIs decision to start Russell Wilson has cost us 2 games already. Bring in Matt Flynn already!!!!

  21. Gene P. – just so I can follow all this… Is Clarion a patient apologist or a chicken little? It doesn’t seem possible to be both at once.

    My guess is you won’t get many answers from him. He generally a man of few words.

    I agree that you should have expected a win yesterday, but I disagree that MSU is an average team. They beat a ranked team already and their only 2 losses came to 2 teams currently ranked in the top 10… They are above average.

  22. He generally a man of few words.

    Correct and those words are: “Run, run, the sky is falling!”

  23. Geoff, no question, the Pats are a juggernaut in the AFL East and will go undefeated this year (yet again). There is no team better in the NFL (as always). Bill Belichik is the greatest coach in NFL history (Cleveland never really happened).

    The Bradys don’t even need to bother with tissue in their home because…well, you know.

    The Mannings are no match for Tom Brady’s wonderfulness (except for Eli and he doesn’t count ).

    Yeah, once you’ve got a lead you’re home free. No Manning has ever overcome a big lead (championship games don’t count).

    They’re lucky Tom decided not to score a hundred.

  24. Also:

    They are above average.

    Coaching wise, compared to us, undoubtedly.

    But they lost Dion Sims in the first half and still beat us.

  25. Chet? That doesn’t sound like you… Usually you don’t use hyperbole.

    1) yes, they are clearly the best team in th AFC East

    2) they may well go undefeated the rest of the year, but I’m not predicting that will happen. My guess is more like 13-3 or 12-4 with as good a shot of winning the Super Bowl as anyone.

    3) coach is definitely one of the better coaches of this era, but who knows how anyone stacks up across eras. He had a crappy team in Cleveland. He was blessed that Brady ended up being the player is, but he went 11-5 with Cassel as well. Spygate was overblown for a few reasons, the most obvious being that many teams (if not all teams) were doing it, the Pats won 17 games in a row after the incident, and they are the winningest team in the league since then (66-18 in reg season).

    4) I’ve always thought that Peyton was every bit the QB that Brady is and if he played on the Pats history would be about the same. Eli has gotten lucky twice on 2 miraculous plays, but both games it was Giants defense that was most responsible for winning. Their front 4 has been a terrible match-up for us, and we didn’t have a balanced run game to keep them honest either year.

    5) we haven’t had big leads in the Super Bowls. I’m confident if we had been able to put up 31 points in either of those games we would have won. Those games were both played within one score, and we didn’t have the ball last (with any amount of time to make an actual drive) either time. Kudos to the Giants for winning, but they are offensively probably the luckiest team of all time.

    6) Tom has never scored a 100, but it’s fun to watch him try.

    Why are you a hater? I know we have beat the Colts a lot in the Brady era, but Manning got 4-of-6 for the colts before he left. Seems like a team you would have respect for? They aren’t a long-time traditional rival… This isn’t Redskins-Cowboys or Bears-Packers.

  26. Tsao,
    Liked the above link from the Lansing State Journal, but have to ask. Did you get a chuckle out of the misquote of Glass calling Hoeppner a one man “gorilla-marketing program?”

  27. Saw that, yeeah I chuckled …but then assumed he’d misspelled (or miss-heard)-(Besides, I’ve sort of gotten used to ‘guerrilla-gorilla; their, they’re and there’ but do not need to get more hyper- not HPER here) guerrilla-marketing’, I’m gorilla enough sometimes. I did enjoy recalling Coach Hoeppner’s steel belief in getting the program dug up from the coffin. At first, I really do remember thinking ‘who is this guy?’. Then, thought about it and saw the origins and linkages going back to Woody Hayes, Parseghian, Schembechler, Pont, Walker, Mallory and a ton of others from Miami of Ohio. It truly was a cradle of coaches and love of football. It then wasn’t much of a surprise when the chain led to Coach Wilson.

    And, I do think the mystique does rub off. I wished we had won and was disappointed, but I am glad this is from the ground up and believe it will pay off. We are so much better at just ‘wanting to play’. That was a great article, a good, accurate review of the history to this point.

  28. Geoff, everyone hates the Pats. Why do you think Tom Brady, with his coverboy looks, can’t get a contract endorsing barbed wire while the Mannings seemingly own television networks?

    Are you going to tell me it’s because he doesn’t want to?

    Rodgers, Brees, Newton, Ryan, the Mannings, Romo, Sanchez, they’re all over the air. Everyone but Brady.

  29. Geoff and they now fault you for stating they are above average. I support you for that statement and so does our little 6 year old neighbor down the road. By the way she also has red pig tails.

  30. Chet – I know there are lots of haters out there. I’m just surprised you are one. I consider you a pretty even minded guy, so I just figured you’d respect them…. Oh well.

    As far as Brady, you are waaaaay off. He made $10M in endorsements last year. Besides the obvious (and ridiculed by Americans) deal with UGGs he also is in Under Armor, Audi, Dodge, Visa, and Movado watches commercials and ads.

    Sure Peyton is #1, but he wins Miss Congeniality at every pageant.

    Eli also makes $10M
    Brees makes $6M
    Rodgers makes $4M

    Cam, Ryan, Romo, and Sanchez aren’t even close. I have no idea what cable package you have that shows those guys more than Brady – I’ll have to ask my brother what he’s getting…

    Matty Ice (who’s married to a Maine girl who was a nasty ball player) does only $450k annually in endorsements.

    Don’t let the hate blind you Chet. Your too good for that.

  31. Probably no one has seen this, but Sullinger is absolutely killing top notch euro teams on the Celtics training camp trip. I hated him at OSU, but his skill set looks pretty good for a lot of the lazy (or immature) play of NBA big men. Pretty psyched he’s a Celtic.

  32. BTW, I think Brady absolutely rocks as a QB.

    I don’t like him for the same reason I never liked Bobby Hurley, incessant whining. Their whiny behavior is almost identical.

  33. Actually I don’t see this as an anti-defense rule at all. There is a ton of flopping on offense and in loose balls situations as well. D-Wade flops every time he goes into the lane. He just acts like he got maimed. There are just as many guys that flop on offensive post position as defensive. Guys who act like they got cleared out on a rebound… Etc, etc, etc.

    Remember the IU game last year when a defender got up in (i think it was) Watford’s grill and he came through with the ball and the defender acted like he got shot in the face! The replay showed there was little if any contact, but they called a T on Watford and it was a major momentum swing in the game. Crap like that should be legislated somehow, and I’m fine with it being after the fact.

    It’s pretty annoying to watch. One of the unfortunate by-products of the influx of international players coming from soccer cultures.

  34. Chet – I tried to figure out the methodology for the SI list and the Forbes list… SI was more specific in naming sources, but I guess we can’t be sure which study is more accurate… But one thing that came from both lists is that Brady is far more marketable than any of the QBs you named with the exception of the Mannings.

  35. I don’t know about that. He has attached his name to some products that are almost unheard of to the average person but he’s highly unlikely to find himself in an add campaign such as Aaron Rodgers and State Farm. While not everyone likes Rodgers or the Mannings, not many people dislike them either. A huge insurance company, or any other company looking for broad appeal are unlikely to use a Brady, TO, Michael Vick, or a Randy Moss. There are just too many people that actively dislike them.

    Do a search on “most hated athletes” and the names above top the list for football players.

  36. Maybe we need Korman on here bragging about the Ravens and the Orioles too…? And more Penn State!! Go Nittany Lions! More TV time for Pedophile U.!!!

    Don’t we get enough Establishment guys shoving their East Coast biases down our throats on the national scene? Now we have to on our tiny little cul-de-sac at Scoop?

    What is it about Indiana that could ever make someone living amongst the great cities and teams of the East and West still feel a need to remind ten people on a tiny blog just how superbly wonderful it all is their greener pastures discovered?

    I wonder if they’re still upset about the ’85 Bears? The Midwest produces champs once every 25 years and it festers in their Establishment banker bellies for 1/2 a century.

    Maybe they’re still holding a grudge over Indy hijacking the Colts out of Baltimore…?

    Don’t kid yourselves…IU basketball has all the prominence it needs. Just listen to Geoff drooling over Celtics, Sullinger, Brady, the talent on UK,…blah..blah…blah.

    All this east coast blabbering occurring at the same time our basketball team is getting their premier center featured on covers of magazines and the Hoosiers bring the most skilled team to the hardwood in 20 years.

    I don’t need to try and expand upon my delusional conspiracies centered around Establishment blowhards forever envious of Indiana(and anything else that sniffs their big business, big- bucks-is-all-that-matters, superior butts once every ten year Hoosier dribble on a Final Four hardwood….when Geoff provides all the evidence needed.

    When they live in a land of never gorging enough helpings their own greatness, they need to find some big floppy dumb hillbilly ears to dump more waste. For Geoff, that toilet is Hoosier Scoop.

    We need to really thank Geoff. Our dinky little state with our dinky little sports teams and our dinky insignificant small town newspapers covering dinky Hoosier sports would be a dinky dust pellet helplessly sucked into the vacuum of darkness ..a very frightening place that only lives in insignificant space if not for the Establishment needing the pebble of dirt for an envious soul seeking a favorite mocking place.

    Go Pats!!
    Go Orioles!!
    Go Ravens!!
    Go Brady!
    Go Belichick!!
    Go Celtics!!
    Go Sullinger!!
    Go John Wall!!
    Go Calipari!!
    Go Yankees!!
    Go Frank Gifford and Kathie Lee!!
    Go Cody!!(Kathi Lee’s son that lives in a Connecticut mansion and attends the University of Blow & Privilege…not that big clod that plays basketball for Indiana)

    Is it no wonder that Bobby told them to bury him face down so they could all kiss his ass?

  37. Someday Harvard you will realize the difference between drooling over something and simply admitting that something exists.

  38. …and that will be the same day you realize Indiana actually exists within the massive shadow your supreme blow.

  39. Yes, Kentucky “exists” so gloriously supreme that they don’t need to give students on campuses great basketball games. Their supremacy deserves the existence of “neutrality” without the screams of the support from the the students that provide the “existence” of their locker rooms. What a demeaning demand to expect them to endure the screams of Hoosier fans in their ears every other year. And don’t give me that athletic department self-sustaining bullsh*t Establishment attitude that says we should bend over backwards because they could survive as profitable entities without the name of the university on their jersey…Then get the hell off the campuses and do so!!

    I know how “exists” works, Geoff. It works on Wall Street and it works for cheats like Calipari. They exist to ruin traditions, the joy to just left alone a small success not their own, and the humble voices seeking the simple pleasures in life.

    Heaven forbid any of that “exist” to steal the light only born to shine upon their world.

  40. Visa, Dodge, Audi, Under Amour… Those are smallish and unheard of to the average person?

    Here is a quote from the Forbes article that you introduced to the conversation: “A careful endorser to begin with – Brady earns a relatively modest $5M Annually because he turns down more Offers than he excepts – How do you improve on perfection?” and goes on to say, “‘He appeals to a broad demographic’, says Bob Dorfman, who specializes in Sports Marketing at Baker Street Advertising in San Francisco. ‘Kids idolize him, women want him, and men want to be him’.” (notice how that wasn’t an eastern Establishment quote Harvard).

    And Brady has very little in common with the 3 other people you put on that list.. That was a pretty weak reach. Those guys don’t get as many endorsement opportunities because they are in two cases they dont play traditionally marketable positions, but also because they are a-holes, team killers, and/or criminals. The Brady thing is for 3 reasons – he wins a lot, he is a little too perfect seeming (good looks, rich, super-model wife, AND talented…), and he is attached to Belichick (who is absolutely easy to hate and has a questionable reputation).

    Also, Tom Brady didnt make the Top 10 on the ESPN list of Most Hated, but you know who actually is at the top… Tiger (philanderer, but still did $55M in endorsements last year!!!), ARod (weird, aloof, choker = $3.5M in endorsements), Kobe (rapist, dink, selfish = $28M last year) and we’ll throw in LeBron (choker, narcissist = $33M in endorsements). So the idea that you can’t be a marketable athlete because their are a lot of active haters is flat out wrong.

  41. oops.

    “They exist to ruin traditions, the joy to just leave alone a small success not their own….”

    And the NCAA “exists” to hunt down a 3-way phone call while letting the tradition of great basketball rivalry disappear for the fans.

    And it “exists” to put Penn State on the networks this year because the money is too much to say no to.

    And the boys in the Penn State locker room that had to let those animals have their way with them in the showers while the team was playing before millions of viewers on ABC? They still don’t exist. Money, winning, and the concentration of power in the media is the only thing that exists in sports.

  42. Wtf are you talking about Harvard? When did I ever say anything other than Cal is a cheat? I’ve always believed it just as deeply as anyone else on this site.. And saying that a school has every right to keep their best interests in mind has nothing to do with UK – I would defend any school. (as an example, I defend Savannah State’s right to get blown out by BCS schools, in the face of all the eastern establishment ESPN criticism, because those games will fund their entire athletics program for the year…) In fact, my point was that IU doesn’t need UK. IU can stand on its own without that game. Why should IU have to bend to meet UK’s demands? I loved the way IU handled it, and especially the letter that Glass wrote.

    As Chet would say… “whiff”

  43. California is ‘Establishment’ seeks two homes with nicer weather.

    I only say “East Coast” because it’s the source of your wind on Scoop. “Establishment” is more about the embodiment of thinking you’re better simply because you have more numbers to concentrate the wealth all your simplistically labeled success.

    If you measured basketball talent on a per capita basis, nothing on the globe compares to Indiana. ..Five banners would equate to fifty.

    Tom Brady is far too superficial and into himself to be anything approaching a role model. Roberto Clemente. That was the last of any athlete east of the Ohio border deserving the reference of a “role model.”

    Lance Briggs and the Bears will soon put Brady on his delicate male-model ass.

  44. Disagree. Calipari intended to monopolize success by taking away the right of Hoosiers and Kentuckians to have the rivalry games played on college campuses as they should be.

    Indiana didn’t elevate its dignity by letting him get away with such arrogance in believing his name is bigger than the game.

    The NCAA should ban him from the sport for taking the joy away from students(already being murdered by the cost of education) a chance to go to their school’s stadium to watch the highest level of athlete compete. They deserve no less. How can it be just to separate the athlete from the student? The NCAA should be ashamed.

  45. Harvard – when did I say Indiana wasn’t the best basketball state? Didn’t put out the most talent? Do you just say those things because you desperately need a sparring partner? You are the worst at insinuating things about others that clearly aren’t true. I’m sure if someone did that to you on here, you’d freak out.

    Now, when did the Brady as a role model discussion start? That has nothing to do with anything. I dont think many athletes meet your definition. My take would be, if your goal in life is to become a quarterback, then Tom Brady is a great role model. If that’s not your goal then choose another person.

    Lots of players put Brady on his ass. I’m sure Briggs will too. Brady usually comes out on top. Bears are good though. I certainly have no Bears hate. They are my dad’s team, and he is quite passionate about them.

    And so now geography determines a persons integrity and ability to do good deeds? You’re desperate Harvard. (Brady is from west of the Mississippi by the way…)

  46. Calipari is a blip on the map. He will be gone in a few years. IU and UK will come back at some point. It’s amazing that with all your conspiracies and ability to see things that don’t exist you lack the perspective to see how insignificant the current scheduling conflict is.

    And btw, just about every IU fan that has anything to say is talking about how excited they are for the upcoming season. How great it is to be an IU fan. Somehow I’m missing all the joyless people whose upcoming season has been ruined by Cal because of one game on the schedule. And if you truly believe that the game should be played… Well then there was an option on the table. IU didn’t like it and walked. I agree with IU’s assessment and decision.

    You’re having one of those days today Harvard.

  47. Uh oh Harvard, did you just give UK a compliment? I’m pretty sure you just said they had great players… You are such an establishment hack, Cal-apologist, and closet Wildcat fan.

    Now I get how it works…

  48. No, Geoff. I’m wondering what the hell a ‘Movado’ is. Not too many Americans are driving around in Audis, either.

    To be honest, I haven’t seen any of the ads you are referring to. I might have seen an Under Armour ad in a magazine, I don’t recall. The TV ads must be regional and only run in the northeast. They sure aren’t being played in the south or west (I spend a good bit of time there). Haven’t seen Brady on a TV ad in over a year, of that I’m sure.

  49. “And Brady has very little in common with the 3 other people you put on that list…”

    Well, they have ONE thing in common. The ONLY thing I said they had in common.

    They are all on the “Most Hated Players In the NFL” list. That’s all I said they had in common.

  50. Chet – your point was that those guys don’t get endorsement deals because they are disliked. But that is proven not true. Moss and TO don’t get endorsement deals because they are WR’s mainly. Vick got endorsement deals until people found out he killed mans best friend, so sure it’s true for him… But Brady does get endorsements – more than evry football player not named (Peyton) Manning. Proven by every study that both of us have named. Whether or not you see him on TV is irrelevant. Even if it’s true that he doesn’t get near the air time, the reasons are unknown to you. You can guess if you want, but they are just guesses. Forbes says he turns down deals and is very picky. You probably don’t like it , but that’s as close an answer as we have right now. Either way, marketers determine him to be extremely valuable, and more so then the other gys you named. (and if you don’t think people aren’t getting sick of Rodgers and the Discount Double Check spot, you’re wrong)

    I’m sure you’ve heard of Movado. You’re not uncultured or unaware. Certainly most of our wives have. Either way you can’t just pick out the ones you haven’t heard of to make your case. The fact is Visa, Dodge, and Audi are all major brands that every American knows. Under Armour, UGGs, and Movado are more niche markets, but they are huge brands.

    The bottom line is whether or not you are part of the demographic that Brady is aimed at, he is determined by the free market to be more valuable than the other NFL personalities.

  51. I find it interesting that whenever Harvard is posting, Rico Dumb/Carlton is conspicuously absent. Then, when Reek’o emerges, Harvard disappears. Very interesting, yes indeed.

  52. Btw, Brady was not on Forbes list of 10 most hated NFL players this year…

    Manning was #10 on the most liked NFL players list. Brady didn’t make that list either.

    Those lists are done by an independent polling company.

  53. It is a little strange… Now I know you have the talent to back up your intellect, the money to back up your taste, and the awkward looks and voice that explain your penchant for writing instead of video blogging.

  54. Yup, Cal chickened out when he knew we had the team to annihilate him at Lexington.

    And his good buddy in Bloomington spun it to make it look like we were taking some holier-than-thou stance. Any other coach in Lexington other than Calipari and the rivalry game is played just as it had been for 20+ continual years..Leave it to ‘friends’ that can’t take the thought either one of their egos getting crushed.

    Good friends can never get enough of trying to one up each other. The cost?

    The Hoosier fans are denied the most anticipated payback to the biggest cheat in college basketball. Crean did nothing but help save his friend from such humiliation.

    And the NCAA lets egos destroy a traditional rivalry and ruin the game for the fans. The NCAA should be ashamed.

  55. For what it’s worth, when I was a young lad, Joe “Willy” Namath was my favorite football player. There will never be another “Broadway Joe.” It was a thing of beauty to watch him settle in the pocket in those white shoes and throw deep..Every bomb looked like a Heisman pose. Back when the game was fun..When their were real personalities instead of created ones.

    Joe was a ton of fun. Genuine in his imperfections. So much more fun to do Angels rather than pretend to be one.

  56. Is that me up on top of the light house staring into the woods/blue sky? I love those days… Wish I had more of them.

  57. Harvard – I understand your upset about the whole UK thing…. But my question is, how would the NCAA be able to interject into a scheduling issue? Are institutions obligated to follow certain scheduling rules? If it doesn’t happen all at the very last moment, and UK reschedules Duke in that spot, and IU schedules KU or UL, how are the fans cheated? I know it didn’t work out that way for IU, but it could have… I understand that you personally are cheated from the game, and sure, a lot of fans would have loved to see the rematch, but it isn’t ruining anyone’s year (except maybe yours?).

    Do you want everything regulated according to your personal tastes? That seems
    Iike a good way to do things…

    Listen, the NCAA has a lot of things to be ashamed of, and half of them have to do with Calipari, but this doesn’t even crack the top 100.

  58. Chet. The NBA no longer holds any resemblance whatsoever to the game of basketball. I am much more likely to watch and enjoy a game from the Spanish or Italian leagues than one involving NBA team.

    First, they shaped the rules to destroy the ‘team’ game and now they make defense (and whatever ‘brain’ skills are left irrelevant. Tune into Stein and ‘Groupies of the NBA’.

  59. I love Maine. Really, love it. Blue skies? Not so much.

    That being said, I’ll keep going there looking for them. Man, it’s so beautiful.

    Personal experience. I had an online class going on which I thought I could handle via my phone and laptop (this was several years ago). Wasn’t working out so well. Ended up grading finals at a local library in Cutler, ME, on their only computer, fighting for time with a Chesapeake Bay Retriever in my lap as I graded finals. Looking out the windows at lobster boats coming in from hauling traps.

    It was glorious.

    I love Maine.

  60. Joe “Willy”. Talk about a guy seizing the moment. I don’t know if he’ll ever make the HOF but he’ll definitely be the weakest QB to ever do so.

    ‘Bless his heart’ for proclaiming that his far superior team would win the Super Bowl. It was pathetic that a teeny bopper like me could look at the matchup and say,”Hey, aren’t the Jets a lot better than the Colts”?

    Right place at the right time. Good for him.

    He sure knew how to market himself.

  61. You missed those 2 weeks Chet? It’s a shame…

    Actually right now is the best time of year in Maine. Almost all the tourists have gone (except the leaf peepers on their tour busses… But they aren’t obnoxious d-bags from NY, CT and MA). The weather isn’t too hot/humid (key because most of ME doesn’t have AC) and the days are still long enough that you can enjoy some time outside after work.

    Weekends in October in Maine are literally my favorite moments in life.

  62. I don’t know, Geoff. I only know that something seriously wrong when rivalries die because friends can’t be proper enemies. Something is seriously wrong when fans can’t watch the best compete against each other on the grounds of their respective college campuses. If money has infected the games to that degree, then its pretty much lost its way and doesn’t deserve to fall under the heading of ‘NCAA.’

    That game in Bloomington last year is what college basketball is all about…Once games get to Final Fours and tickets are a minimum of $1000.00 per seat, its no longer something the average college student can attend.

    Nothing like attending huge rivalry battles in person. It’s part of the great memories in being a college student. Maybe you can’t legislate it, but one would sure wish the leaders of schools could remember how it felt when they were students and just how important the bragging rights to take down your rival.

    We should be playing UK this year. We should be showing the college basketball world how kids that still believe in honoring the idea of student/athlete can win against those that believe college is nothing more than a one year preliminary camp for the soon-to-be NBA elite. It’s not even an argument that UK’s way is the wrong way for some kids. It’s more an argument to let the separate theories stand in contrast and meet each other head on..may the best team and the best approach win.

    Cody Zeller could easily be on an NBA roster this year. His honoring the college game and his uniform should be awarded the opportunity to show he can win destroy the best one-and-done they can throw at him and his team.

    But you are right. Legislating values and honoring young athletes that want something other than personal returns and individual stardom from the halls of their colleges of choice tells us just how far the game has deteriorated from being for the students and the institutions represented by the uniform.

  63. Yesterday he was slapping on ‘tan-like browning creams’ to get that Hispanic look his wife soooooo adores (como se llama Ud., babee?)…and today he’s complaining about ‘them non-American ‘f’erner’, his words: “…the unfortunate by-products of the influx of international players coming from soccer cultures”.

    Any other anti-legal immigration garbage? (with work permits and green cards).

    What we have here is a bigot. A classist, racist, Bigot with a B. Not just condescending of ‘them f’erners’, but if you read his posts carefully, with equal contempt for Hoosiers of that farm state and its public State University of Indiana.

    Summary: Vous n’avez pas le jeu Goofie.
    Te hicieron de madera y madera no juega.
    (You ain’t got no game Goofy)
    (They cut you out of hardwood and hardwood can’t play)

  64. Maine is glorious. It comes at you in fits and starts but, at its best, there is nowhere any more beautiful.

    …and fresh Maine lobster is the best tasting food on the face of the Earth. There’s a marina in Yarmouth where you can buy 2 lobsters for $15 and eat them at a picnic table next to the docks with cole slaw and fries.

    How great is that?

  65. TTG, I’m a little fuzzy about your last post but I’m assuming you are expressing disdain for a certain fascist hoping to achieve high office in our country. True or not?

  66. You have a right to your opinion, Chet.

    I just thoroughly enjoyed watching Joe Namath throw the ball.

    He was unique. He was flawed. He enjoyed the company of good times and his arm was a lightning rod from the heavens like none I’ve ever witnessed since.

    Notice how I brought you and Geoff back together again?..Harvard works in mysterious ways.

  67. I agree with your sentiments here Harvard, but we should be careful… Cody could very easily be gone after this year, and it would be hard to tell a non-IU fan that his leaving early is any different than Terrence Jones.

    Big games are great no matter where they are played. I know they are more special on campus, but being in arenas doesn’t mean they can’t be great. I saw IU play UConn at the Hartford Civic Center… It was packed. It was raucous. I got to take my father. IU pulled an upset. Great memories. Duke vs Butler for the national title in the RCA Dome. Huge arena, neutral site, but great game and great atmosphere.

    To be honest, I don’t know how much a game in Indy with 20,000 more tickets would become less affordable for students. There would be ways around that if it were the main concern.

    The only thing that I disagree with in your last post is that the rivalry died… I couldn’t disagree more. This is just a minor break-up. It happens all the time between lifelong sweethearts.

  68. You got me Tsao… I’m a racist. Intolerant of other cultures and foreigners.

    I cannot rebut those things… But in case you haven’t paid attention over these past few months, I played college soccer and coached at the HS level. I am sure your background with the sport is superior, but I am not unqualified to make a judgement about it.

    Here are a few truths, but please tell me if I’m off…

    Soccer is a bigger sport in European and South American countries than basketball
    Flopping (embellishing contact) is a fairly common occurrence in international soccer
    Since the Dream Team in 1992 basketball has become more popular than ever in foreign countries
    In the last 15 years the NBA, and NCAA, has seen a drastic influx of foreign players
    Flopping has become increasingly common in that same time span, and it’s most infamous practitioners are guys like Vlade Divac and Manu Ginobili

    Thank you for exposing me as a racist Tsao, the burden of being in that closet has been particularly annoying. Now I can just be free to be me.

  69. If anyone had complaints it should be the UK students. They have been soooo cheated. I just don’t think they have the smarts to know how they have been abused.

    Kind of the history of their state.

    If you’ve never watched ‘Justified’ you should. It’s an incredibly accurate portrayal of the region (and my lineage).

    If I followed UK I’d feel so cheated. As it is, I just feel like it’s the most recent bastard to cheat me.

  70. The only thing that I disagree with in your last post is that the rivalry died… I couldn’t disagree more. This is just a minor break-up. It happens all the time between lifelong sweethearts.

    I’ll agree with you on that one, Geoff. The rivalry will likely live on long after this Hoosier nutcase is gone.

  71. Oh, Com’on. Geoff is not a racist. Supporting Tom Brady, a known Nazi sympathizer, just makes him seem like a racist.

    Geoff, I hope that helped

  72. Tsao – just so we can put a bow on this. Can you please rank, in order, the things that best describe me? I’m still trying to learn myself a little, but with your help I can figure it all out… Am I a bigger bigot or narcissist? More of a racist or snob? I know that they’re all fair and accurate, but let’s say you had to give a really short description to a stranger meeting me at a coffee shop. What would you lead with? Like if I had to tell a buddy what to look for if they were meeting Danny DeVito, I would probably go with short, even though bald or fat would be good descriptions too.

    So nail me down here and lets get a handle on my situation:


  73. Yes. Thank you Chet. Now we can add Nazi-sympathizer to the list. See, I learn things about myself with every passing minute.

  74. Harvard, Geoff and I are now wearing ‘promise rings’. I’m still not clear what that means.

  75. The following video is dedicated to Geoff and Chet(and Chet’s dog named “Bugles”).

    Promise rings represented by Tina’s ear gear.

  76. I don’t particular get it either. Chet and Geoff have made a lot of promises and Bugles is the only eye witness?

    And where is this t-shirt girl Ron speaks of? Figures…The Establishment must be keeping her off of my page.

  77. Geoff and they now fault you for stating they are above average. I support you for that statement and so does our little 6 year old neighbor down the road. By the way she also has red pig tails.

    Hoosier Malarkey, still sharp, I see: Iowa stunned your above average MSU team yesterday 19-16 in East Lansing, in double overtime.

    I am glad you stated your FB knowledge is at the level of your little 6 year old neighbor down the road. For once you have spoken the truth. Indeed, that is precisely your level in FB.


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