names Hulls, Watford to top 50 shooters in the nation

Neglected to post previous Top 50s put together by CBS Sports, but found this one particularly interesting because it’s a little bit different. In case you were wondering, though, CBS named Cody Zeller the best big man in the country (shocking, I know) and named Yogi Ferrell the No. 33 point guard.

Those were mostly positional rankings, but this one obviously goes across positions. Senior Jordan Hulls was named the No. 3 shooter in the nation and senior forward Christian Watford was No. 42. Beyond that, there were a number of players at other Indiana schools in the top 50 and a number of graduates of Indiana high school graduates. Butler’s Rotnei Clarke is on top of the list and teammate Kellen Dunham, a Pendleton Heights graduate, is No. 9. Marion’s Scott Wood, a senior at North Carolina State, is No. 6. Evansville’s Colt Ryan is also on the list, among others.


  1. They better shoot well since 2 of our freshmen bigs apparently will not be playing.Bring on Howard.

  2. Chet-do the names Rex Stark (154), Floyd Blackwell (145) or Paul Dill or Roy Aberson mean anything to you?

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