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IU co-defensive coordinator Mike Ekeler says the effort is there, even if the results are not, Dustin writes.

The No. 14 Indiana men’s soccer team found its scoring touch thanks to Eriq Zavaleta in a 4-1 win at Kentucky, we reported.

Michigan State is ready for the Hoosiers to put the ball in the air, Joe Rexrode of the Detroit Free Press writes.

Michigan’s Trey Burke, last season’s co-Big Ten Freshman of the Year with Cody Zeller, is looking to avoid the sophomore slump, Nick Baumgardner of MLive.com writes.

A judge’s most recent ruling in the Ed O’Bannon case is not a favorable one for ESPN or the NCAA, Michael McMann of SI.com writes.

In honor of last night’s presidential debate, I present this patriotic offering of “Stars and Stripes Forever” by the Muppets.


  1. This makes more posts from me in the last few days than I have had in several months but I had to throw this out there. I had a very objective person look at me last, a non IU sports fan, and say…”It is amazing that Tom Crean in such a short time and starting with walk-on as the nucleus has his team ranked #1 preseason and most Vegas bookies have IU as the favorite to win it all”. I got to really thinking about it and he has done an amazing job, amazing!!! He takes flack for clapping, being too loyal to players (I even criticize that), being to animated on the sideline, flip with reporters, lacking a true defensive philosophy…I have heard many more and read many more but we are going to be preseason #1…simply amazing and exciting! When was the last time…early 90’s??? Crean has done this and we must recognize it!!! Even a long lost scoop and HT guy took him to task for game plans and the way the team looked a couple of years ago…

    This is going to be a fun year, really fun and I am excited! I just hope we meet UK in the Big Dance, fraidy cats!!!

  2. I agree J Pat. Question now is how does he prepare the guys for this season knowing they have a target on their backs? This will be uncharted territory for this group. They always were the hunters and now they will be the hunted. How they respond to that will be critical.

  3. JPat-

    I would have told your “very objective” casual acquaintance that without Cody Zeller’s commitment we would likely be starting Jonny Marlin at point guard this upcoming season.

    It’s been eons since the state of Indiana hasn’t had one of their premier big men plucked from our borders by programs that got huge momentum(and subsequent influence in terms of national rankings and additional strong recruits following on the heels) by doing so. An extremely long trend was briefly stymied when Cody made his decision to stay in Indiana.

    Tre Lyles is likely leaving the state. Mitch McGary, a NW Indiana kid, is now wearing the favorite colors of Ryan Kartje’s alma mater.

    Zeller goes to NC and the “dominoes” scatter rather than fall in smooth synchronization their tumbling rank-boosting way merrily to Bloomington. Do we have a Hanner Perea? Do we have a Yogi Ferrell not sucked in by Coach K?

    Without Cody Zeller we’d have Joyce Meyer meets Jonny Marlin meets JPat Robertson crying out his Tammy Faye mascara over Bill Lynch at his favorite melancholic booth to drink away the years at Nick’s..Weekends? Just another uneventful joyous outing of taking the kids to the Memorial end zone playground that coincides with strange looking fellas wearing helmets and putting on a poor imitation of college football..filling the days…waiting in perpetual stagnancy a once proud basketball Mecca gone by the wayside. Bloomington would be a cesspool of negativism with cheerleaders out of work turned into hookers on every corner…4guards would be mayor. Tom Crean would be the Mop Lady’s bitch.

  4. JPat; very good post. Nothing wrong with criticizing aspects of Crean’s coaching from time to time as long as we recognize and acknowledge when he produces success. Winning fixes everything! Heck, I vividly remember criticizing Knight’s coaching at times, even back in the 70’s when his teams dominated. We all want our teams and coaches to be perfect and produce blow out each game, even though we all know that’s impossible. Crean does a few things that I don’t agree with, but they’re not big things and everything considered, he has done an amazing job in the face of incredibly difficult circumstances. I don’t think any of us will ever really appreciate, unless we’ve been college basketball coaches, what he has already achieved at IU. On top of that, he seems to be a decent human being.

    Having said that, the pressure on Crean and his team is now much greater than ever based on the Hoosier Nation’s elevated expectations and the notoriety his team is receiving. Everything is relative to expectations, and with expectations so high for IU this year, it could get tough if IU stumbles in a few games. If I was Crean, I’d be working very hard to manage the fans’ expectations and keeping his players’ feet on the ground. We all have to remember, this is still a very young team!

    While it’s a lot of fun to see IU ranked #1 in some preseason polls, it makes me anxious because that is an entirely different type of pressure on Crean and his young players. Everyone will be expecting great things from this team, and as soon as they lose a game that everyone thought they should have won, the jackals will come out if force.

    I think IU will do great in all their home games this year. I can see them going undefeated at Assembly Hall and producing some epic beat downs (no better fans in the world than IU basketball fans). But last year, I thought they lacked the maturity, experience and mental toughness necessary to win some of the Big Ten road games (i.e., Nebraska) that they clearly should have won. To me, the key question this year is, can Crean’s team beat the majority of the Big Ten teams on the road?

    Regardless of the the overall outcome this year, we have to recognize Crean’s achievement in returning IU basketball back to national prominence and creating this level of excitement within the Hoosier Nation. It’s been a long, long time.

  5. It’s been a long, long time.

    Yes. Four years precisely: since Crean came as a walk-on.

    The Kelvin Sampson coached Indiana teams were beautiful and quite nationally prominent. But then Greenspan reported Sampson for an “infraction” that is currently considered perfectly legal and everything evaporated.

    Crean’s merits: debatable.

    Ah, if he had kept Jordan Crawford that would have been something worth talking about…

  6. Keith, Greenspan’s program was due to collapse because he had a bunch of players that were flunking out of school and making some other bad decisions. By the standards of today’s NCAA, Sampson’s rules violations (while at IU) were minor, but his players had all sorts of other issues.

    With regard to my comment, “It’s been a long, long time,” I was referring to how long it’s been since IU enjoyed national prominence. Sampson never got IU to that level. Maybe he could have, but he didn’t. It’s been at least ten years since IU made it to the final four.

  7. You are mistaken. A Sweet Sixteen and a #1 ranking, along with magazine cover photos, definitely qualify as national prominence.

  8. By the way, Hoosier Morning: WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS
    A judge’s most recent ruling in the Ed O’Bannon case is not a favorable one for ESPN or the NCAA, (by)Michael McMann of SI.com writes. Really, really interesting and provocative story. It may be our world is about to change.

  9. “It’s been at least ten years since IU made it to the final four.”

    Too bad you didn’t go back 11 years. Too bad you wiped Davis and a gritty team that fought their guts out in Kentucky to wipe Duke off its #1 perch at a regional semi. What a wonderful run by a great Hoosier team. 10 years…Yup, it’s a nice number. Davis matched Knight’s final 13 years(in terms of final fours) in a matter of two seasons…Couple years later Davis if fired..We know the rest… tear up your tickets and let Kent Benson snoopers start setting traps and wiretaps….Brand gets his vengeance, phones a 3-way into Robbie Hummel for the gruesome details his incoming phone records originating from the evil cheater from Oklahoma(or anyone else with an axe to grind against IU). Meltdown on the eve an NCAA tournament… Hire a savior cleaner than Mother Teresa’s doucheplunger… And there’s your ten years in a nutshell. We gave it to ourselves pretty damn well those convenient 10 years.

    Just too bad you couldn’t go back eleven. Too bad you must remind how it all began under Tom Crean. What a bunch of thick bullsh*t. Tom Crean isn’t pedigree. Knight wasn’t pedigree. Because of Indiana, the pedigree and character of the young men that wear cream and crimson through fat times and thin, they both enjoyed leaving the city limits with the faint hint of godliness flowing off their pretentious-ass skin.

    AJ Moye!…..AJ Moye!…AJ Moye!!… Carlos Boozer!!…Carlos Boozer!! Duke’s a looooooozer.

    Prominence never left Indiana. Prominence was stolen by haters and witch-hunters.

  10. Give it up, Podusky. Those pipsqueaks of the Northwest will never stack up to Hoosier hoops. Even Purdue had your number when you had your best shot at a once-in-a-century Final Four.

  11. Suppose, instead of Indiana, Colorado State had offered the young Coach Knight the head coaching job. He would, in all likelihood, have accepted. Don’t kid yourself. CSU would never have hung a banner. I have no doubt it would have been their ‘glory years’. Several conference titles and semi regular trips to the Big Dance.

    Make no mistake. The Indiana job ‘made’ RMK. Not the other way around.

  12. How do you put a date on a baseball cap?

    I’m obviously willing to be seen as a clueless dweeb.

  13. 100% correct!! Just as it may for the current beneficiary at the helm.

    And Cody Zeller shares some of the pedigree courtesy a Steve Downing putting Indiana on his shoulders Knight’s first successful dance his great timing taking the job with a premier center his own happenstance.

  14. Very true. CTC understood he was stepping into a gawdawful mess. RMK was handed the reins to a pretty darn good team.

    Who did more with less? That’s easy. Who did a better job?

    Time will tell.

  15. Chet…Chet…Chet. Just when I thought I had you corralled.

    And it would have very likely stayed a “gawdawful mess” without the landing of the young man that just graced the cover of Sporting News. He’s back at square one. Let’s give him all the credit for that. Can you really still compare coaches across four decades?

    Can you really compare the race for banners in a college environment of Knight’s heyday with the NBA enticements, rankings hype, and meat-market surrounding recruits of the current day?

    And get with the program, Chet. Dat hat on Jeremy wud straight-up Sampson gangsta. Jeremy is a balluh.

  16. Chet…here’s one you’ll love (and that other kid in the East Coast). I seem to have a very vague recall that the U. of New Hampshire had a vacancy, or RMK applied for their vacant job or something to that effect. And, I believe UNH decided to offer the game elsewhere and, shortly thereafter, Indiana (Bill Orwig) went after the available RMK. Very vague…but something to that effect. Maybe the U. of New Hampshire would have dressed their gym with 4-5 NCAA Championship banners. Can you see Steve Downing, George Mc Ginnis, Uwe Blabb and Isaiah Thomas skiing?

  17. I believe they’re spelled ‘Blab’ and ‘Isiah.’ Everyone on here always wants to spell the name of the great Hoosier point guard(’81 Championship) that became a premier NBA star(Detroit Pistons) the same as the far inferior player that played for the Washington Huskies a few years back. ISIAH.

    Blab…Wow….Flashback. If only the best of Pritch’s craftiness around the basket could have been available to Blab. If only Blab’s shooting touch could have been available to Pritch. Tragic about Uwe’s son a few years back.

    Uwe always seemed like a rather shy kid. Many of these young men were likely crippled their best possible talent rising to the surface because it always appeared they were straitjacketed any form of comfortableness on the floor from the fear driven to their core by the frequency a furious Knight glaring from the sideline. I always felt a bit sorry for Uwe. He had skills but I just remember him looking very stressed on the floor. Some could play just fine despite the tyrannical approach of the General ..Some were left in robotic state while playing most their minutes as if a deer staring into headlights.

  18. When at West Point RMK was getting inquiries about the soon to be open job in Madison, Wisconsin. His old coach Fred Taylor and another prominent national coach who I now do not recall both advised him against the move by asking the same Q’s “do you have any idea what spending a full Winter up there is like” (since the only time he had spent there was for an away game when at tOSU) and “you’ll not recruit to your satisfaction to that environment”.

    Now lets get real for a moment, the IU BB program we know and remember for 29 years would not look the same w/o RMK at the helm. No amount of exaggeration can draw that image different. 3 banners is hard even in this BB state as the last 25 years just proved. Also if a certain coach whose initials are Mike Davis was still the coach at IU a year ago CZ would now be Chet’s across state neighbor. Good programs need good playing talent(you’ll all agree)and that good talent needs good coaching to achieve. Even in this state bad coaches do not toe the mark.

  19. It takes everything coming together. RMK could only have coached three teams to the title at a tiny handful of schools, IU being one of them. Texas Tech never threatened to hang a banner nor did Army (which, of course, never will).

    Likewise, great basketball schools still need a quality coach (see Matt Doherty at UNC).

    That being said, there are other coaches who could have (and have) won titles here. RMK could coach Idaho for a million years and they’d never hang a banner.

  20. While I was just a youngster I do recall the outrage when the Hoosiers hired a ‘nobody’ to take the reins. RMK’s hiring was not a popular move.

  21. RMK could coach Idaho for a million years and they’d never hang a banner.

    I like this statement. I don’t know how true it is but it reads as follows: “CKW could coach Indiana for a million years and they’d never go to a bowl.”

  22. Many, many more than a handful Chet.

    Who was UCLA before JW
    Duke before K
    USF Before PN
    UConn before JC
    GT before JT
    Tenn before Summitt
    OSU before HI
    UNC before DS
    tOSU before Taylor
    L’ville before Crum
    IU before ED & BM
    Gators before BD
    Zona before Lute
    Kans before Phog Allen…and I’ve left so many more out my mind is buzzing…in other words lots and lots of schools can get in the mix with the right coach…RMK was lightning in a bottle for over 2 decades, his achievements waned the last 6 years(the MB regime)…in those 1st 20 years of his career and considering the Southern growth and migration of athletes in that direction he could have easily hung a banner in Lubbock(nicer place than Stillwater or w.laffy…

    I remember well RMK’s hiring and you are correct, he was certainly not on the tip of the tongue of the alumni, local media nor the fans 1st name in mind as to being the IU BB coach. But indeed many things have to come together.

  23. Wow Rico… That was a feeble attempt. Actually the correct logic would be that Wilson couldn’t win a title. Your logic is more like saying that Knight could have never taken Montana to the NCAA tournament, which I’m sure no one would say.

  24. I have a lot of confidence Wilson can take IU to bowl games.

    When my brother was managing the non-profit Lower9.org rebuilding homes in NOLa after Katrina the first thing they had to do on the site of an old house was clear the debris. Then they had to rebuild the foundation. Then they could put up a house that would be stronger and had the potential to withstand serious threats. None of those homes would have been anything worth living in if they just picked back up the old pieces and tried to put them back in their old places on the weak foundation. You can’t just slap a new can of paint on that pile of junk and call it good.

    Wilson is going about it the right way with the right attitude as far as I can tell.

  25. Geoff,

    Too bad they didn’t send Calipari in the gulf instead of your brother. He uses a totally different method… But more to the point this time I have to admit: you’re right. There’s evidence that Wilson is using exactly the method you described to rebuild IU Football. Here’s proof he has already started digging to put a new foundation into place. (Note: this is an actual picture I took, a real picture and you can see the Shack that Lynch Built right on the edge of the new foundation).

  26. HforH; what were you ranting about in #12? Looks like you got an early start on your weekend! I said “at least ten years” simply because, at that moment, I did not know exactly how long it had been since IU made the final four, and I did not have time to look it up. Some of us have other things to do besides patrol The Hoosier Scoop.

    There was no disrespect intended toward Davis or that IU team. I was simply reinforcing my previous statement that it had been a long time since IU basketball enjoyed “national prominence,” which to me means going to the final four or better.

  27. No disrespect intended for Mike Davis but, in all fairness, in order to judge his ability as a coach you need to look at his entire body of work, not just his single season achievements with a team in which his contribution consisted of little other than game day coaching.

    I was actually hoping he was going to be a lights out success. It would have reflected well upon the university. I’ve always thought his downfall was his complete disdain for all things Hoosier.

  28. Do you think the 2001 Hoosiers were a stronger team than this year’s Hoosiers?

    There are no guarantees. Fact remains, Davis took a team not bursting at the seams with extreme talent to a Final Four. He made halftime adjustments and inspired men he had a ‘disdain’ for to come from 17 points down and defeat the #1 team in the country.

    Davis inherited a bigger mess than Tom Crean. He inherited a fan base unwilling to embrace him because most the Knight worshipers were not over the firing. Do you not remember the fans burning in effigy a representation of Myles Brand at the front of the university president’s house?

    Crean came to IU with Sampson as the great evil and a Bob Knight to resurrect with his godly tongue. And he’s been doing and saying plenty in attempts to restore a flawless image to Knight? Why? Easy. Same reason he plasters Jesus all over his Twitter page; a Twitter page that originally had the IU logo sharing its holy page.

    Wish I could agree with you, Chet. I don’t believe our current coach can claim more love for Indiana than any his predecessors. He can recruit. He can sell. He is a born opportunist. He has married into the sporting professions. He keeps Jesus at the end of every other sentence to build his own mountaintop of untouchable purity down to his smelly socks. That’s the way he builds his house. A big bad wolf with emphysema could blow it over if it wasn’t for the Cody Zellers, Mo Creeks, and Remy Abells that believed in the house despite the fact it’s occupied by pigs at various times in history.

    It is the roots of Indiana hoops, a fluctuating pool of young men with solid values, local and rich basketball talent(some years more up..some years down, but always talent), that provide the lifeblood our years of ‘prominence.’

  29. Good post Harvard, not sure I agree with it all, but thought provoking…

    In a rare move, I won’t debate it. I’ll just let it stand there and sink in a bit.

  30. MD inherited a gift. Odle, Fife, Moye, Coverdale, Jefferies and Newton were dead nuts the drivers of that run. Hell MD did not understand motion offense and had yet to invent his offense consisting of “the shot clock is nearly run out throw up a 3,4 or 5 pointer. With GPS assistance Davis would have missed that NC game by 41k+miles and several light years. He was a fish w/o H20. What a recruiter. He did as much harm as Sanctions.

  31. Mike Davis had a gift indeed: his gift was to make a group of Knight players put their talents together in a way that even Knight would have been proud of. He finished a job that Knight himself couldn’t — not because he was fired, but because he was self-destructing. In this respect Davis was the ultimate assistant, loyal to the core. This may have been his only gift, but it was his entirely, and it didn’t come from you.

    Only problem with Mike Davis: he was a very religious man. He decided there would be no practice the day before they played Maryland in the final (because it was a Sunday, the day you go to church, not practice, he said) and thus the Hoosiers were dead cold the next day.

  32. A gift is correct, handed 2 HC jobs, overpaid for both and fired twice. How the hell could you not recruit to IU after a run to the NC game. He was and still is inept. Remember when he complained he could not get the team to practice hard? What a mess. Good thing Fife, Odle and Coverdale had stiff backbones cause Davis has none. MD could not coach crab races at a seashore oyster shack. Rico Dumb as Mike Davis.

  33. DJ White…Hot Rod Wilmont…Earl Calloway. They gave me some pretty damn good Hoosier memories. Calloway was so damn smooth. I loved watching him play point guard. They eventually lost in 2nd round to a very strong Gonzaga team(’05-’06 season). Gonzaga lost by 2 points to a UCLA squad that went on to the championship game against Florida.


    ALL GAMES……….. (19-12) (10-3) (5-7) (4-2)

    I do believe many of us remember plenty a Bobby Knight team that exited in the first round of NCAA tournaments. And it’s just as possible with Knight at the helm in 2002 they never get out of the West Region’s opening round.

    But if we’re going to play speculation rewind…I’ll take the firing of Bobby with five more years of Mike Davis before one year of Pat Knight and a stagnant Bloomington never getting separation from outdated styles and personalities. I’ll take catching Joyce Meyer and Crean in Manhattan hotel room and another Sampson scandal all over again to get a Rick Majerus crapping on the face of Joyce Meyer while removing the fake preacher from all records our history.

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