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It was hard to say exactly what it was other than a 2-0 victory for the No. 11 IU men’s soccer team Tuesday night, I wrote.

Coach Kevin Wilson doesn’t want the Indiana football team getting too happy about close losses, Dustin writes.

The Indiana volleyball team picked up its first Big Ten win of the season by beating Purdue, we reported.

Cody Zeller accelerated Tom Crean’s rebuilding process and made Indiana a national title contender, CBSsports.com’s Jeff Goodman writes.

Crean also has yet to decide on a starting lineup, Goodman adds.

Freshman quarterback Keenan Reynolds will make a second straight start for Navy against Indiana Saturday, Gene Wang of the Washington Post writes.

Don’t know what it was the IU soccer team was doing last night, but Andy Griffith says “What It Was Was Football.”


  1. I remember Coach Dunbar coming in and telling the Big 10 network during the PSU match her first season that she had to change the losing culture at IU with volleyball…and went on to talk about the attitude and blah blah blah. I thought that was harsh as Weismiller was a fantastic coach from personal experience with her and the team members. There absolutely was not a losing culture…fact! Now most would love to have Weismiller back…IU is last in the Bog 10 and 1 and 8. They are awful!!! Dunbar talked a good game but cannot recruit or coach any better than the previous coaching staff and her difficult personality does not help!

  2. I can’t stand coaches like that! All they talk about is winning but they can’t coach or recruit! If you can’t recruit and you can’t coach how do you expect your team to win games?

  3. I actually watched that vball game on the B1G network last night… It was actually quite entertaining. I’m surprised to hear that is IU’s first conf win of the season… They looked really good.

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