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Indiana basketball has a preseason No. 1 ranking for the first time in 33 years, Dustin writes.

The IU football team faces its final exam on defending the triple option Saturday against Navy, Dustin writes.

The time is now for Hoosier football to start winning games, Andy writes.

The passion of the fans and talent of the teams has all come together this year for Indiana, Kentucky and Louisville, USA Today’s Mike Lopresti writes.

Penn State linebacker Michael Mauti is a curious omission from the midseason Lombardi Award list, ESPN.com’s Adam Rittenberg blogs.

Indiana is tops in the polls, which means a bulls-eye on the Hoosiers’ back. So here’s “Public Enemy No. 1” by Megadeth.


  1. Navy’s offense is one of the hardest offenses to prepare for. I hope our coaching staff was paying attention to the Notre Dame vs. Navy game in Ireland. Notre Dame played a near perfect defense against Navy and I hope that our defensive coaching staff took notes. Would be nice to hear that they picked up the phone and called South Bend to pick the ND’s defensive coordinators brain a little to find out what worked.

  2. Frankly, I’m just glad with our football team is able to compete this year in the B1G. That’s all that I hoped for and if we win a few conference games, great. Next year a bowl game is not asking too much.

  3. At the start of the season, I said that we would be making significant progress by (a) winning 3-4 games including 1 B1G opponent and(b) not getting blown out in games. I think we might exceed those expectations. We can beat Navy and Illinois. We will compete effectivley against Iowa and I do not think Wisc will blow us out as in years past. So, no question in my mind..we are on our way. I think the recruits on defense will help that unit become much more competitive. I do however think that we may need some new coaching blood on that side.

  4. Have read on a couple blogs that Illinois is a winnable game for IU…it is a very tough place to play. I have been there to watch IU play and Illinois will be up for that game. I hope IU can pull it out but I would give the edge to Illinois. Hope I am wrong big time!

  5. Seth Davis is an idiot. Here is what he said today: “We all know the Big Ten race will most likely come down to Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State.”

    So IU is out of the mix?

  6. Can we finally conclude that Seth Davis is an Establishment whore with an axe to grind against IU?

    Can we see it for what it is rather than calling it an invented “conspiracy?”



    Just in case my memory is in question again, do you think the Illinois Porta Potty facilities will be adequate this year? Do you think I search through a thousand threads to remember your critique of their facilities? I also remember your mentioning some nasty fans yelling obscenities at your kids…Am I anywhere close to a correct recollection of your experiences at Illinois? There was also something about visiting a restaurant on your drive back..I’m a bit more fuzzy on the restaurant, but I seem to recall you having a place you enjoyed stopping at when making the trip. I could be confusing the restaurant comment with another blogger.

    Anyway, if you travel to Illinois with the family again, I wish you more polite fans, clean portable toilets, and good eats.

    Yours truly,


  7. If most my recollection is relatively correct about JPat’s experiences at an Illinois football game(I believe this was a couple years ago), can we leave me alone when I remember derogatory comments from only 30 days ago by a blogger that was bashing ND football?

  8. J Pat, I’ve been there too and it is indeed tough for IU of the past. With a good but new 1st year coach this is their season of turmoil which leads me to give a slight overall edge to IU on the road and a bigger edge to IU in ST’s. Next season they will look like we do this season. Beckman is damn near as tough as KW and expect them to mirror our progress 12 months to the rear.

  9. I just read Seth Davis’ blog from today. He said,”We all know the big ten race will come down to Indiana, MSU, Michigan, & Ohio State”. So, whoever posted that he excluded IU, idk why you didn’t see the “Indiana” at he front of the teams he mentioned, but he did.

  10. Unless, Laffy, he did post what you say at the beginning of the day, & took so much crap that he “corrected” his blog. That wouldn’t be the 1st time I’ve seen these things change. Maybe. I’m trying to help you out!

  11. Wow..Seth Davis reads Scoop? It’s been changed. Take my word for it. I went to the story about an hour ago(a piece about OSU)and it did NOT originally mention Indiana on the list of teams to contend for the top spot. I read it just as Laffy viewed it…

    Why would he say “we all know” unless he was leaving someone out that was expected to be in the hunt? He said “we all know it will come down to Michigan, Michigan State, and Ohio State” because he was making a jab at Indiana by way of not mentioning the name…In other words, he was claiming the hype surrounding Indiana will not pan out and “we all know” it will be the usual teams of the past five years that will battle for the top three spots.

    What a piece of scum. If he had a brain in his Establishment scull, he would have rewritten the entire sentence without the implication(“we all know”) he was slighting someone(Indiana) by way of their omission( e.g. “We all know it won’t be Indiana”).

    What a piece of work.

  12. Found it:

    J Pat
    Monday, October 25, 2010 – 10:24 AM UTC

    Wow, where do I start. This is mainly for KevinK and anyone who is interested. I traveled with my wife and two young children to the Illinois game. We arrived at our Hotel in Rantoul to find that it was the biggest dump we had ever stayed in. That was ok, I was with family and had the day off and we were going to make the best of it. The pool was the cleanest part of the hotel so we took a dip for the evening and went to a Mexican restaurant for a nice night.

    We got up early after hearing the game was at 11:00 AM and were very excited. I put the jerseys on the kids and packed the cooler. It was a breeze getting in as we left really early. I just hated that the pass lots were all around and they made us park so far away, it was a long walk. We were welcomed by an Indiana fan that had us move our car next to his. He had a tent and it looked like rain. There were twice as many port-o-pots as at IU and they were really clean.

    We headed into the game and a few fans ribbed us but it was no big deal. We got to our seats and were in the IU section. I watched warm ups and after seeing Illinois, I knew that we were as big, strong, and athletic as they were and felt god about it. The one difference was that Illinois was jacked up big time, my wife even noticed and IU went through the motions just like in Bloomington. The biggest thing for me was the execution was just not there. When you get punts blocked twice, there are issues. Teams have watched tape and know how to plan for IU…where holes are. IU uses Doss too much and teams plan for that. IU has weapons so spread it around, spread the plays around to Hughs, Belcher, and Turner. It was sad watching Lynch play conservative as IU still had a chance…never going for it and kicking field goals. I almost wished he would have waved a white flag at one point in the third quarter. There was NO emotion on the sideline, none. I kept quite the entire game but people are over Lynch! I wonder if Glass knows how over this coaching staff almost all IU fans are. I listened to fans all around me and in the restrooms and outside just saying exactly what I have all along. The final piece will be hiring a GREAT coach! The team looks awful at this point in the season, they have taken 2 steps back.

    I was not impressed with the Illinois fans at all. A guy above us yelled at us the entire game. A group of college kids cussed us the entire way back until I finally let loose on them. As I walked the last 20 feet a guy says, IU f-n sucks and I said…I know but I have a 4 year old and 6 year old with me, give me a break!

    Sorry for bad spelling!

    If you remember bits and pieces of the conversation(use something close to the suspected phrases in your search), it’s relatively easy to find the old post.

  13. Harvard, you are correct…the Illinois fans cursed at my family 2 years ago all the way to the car…I had a 5 and 6 year old at the time. The port-o-pots were at Wisconsin though…can you believe upper concourse of a stadium has port-o-pots? How do they clean them out?? Oh, I know you are a good guy a good egg, people have been funny on here for the last few months…go against the grain in the least and you get hammered.

    Clarion, I hope you are right…I would love to win 2 in a row and go to PSU with a shot and beat PEEU at the end!!!

    I learned last year from things he said and did not say, especially at the end of the year that Seth Davis has no love for IU basketball…

  14. J Pat was actually asking for a nice restaurant suggestion…So I was a bit fuzzy on those details(likely due to him mentioning eating at a Mexican restaurant they enjoyed near the hotel). Found that post too:

    J Pat
    Wednesday, October 20, 2010 – 10:52 AM UTC

    To Anyone: I am taking my family to Champaign Illinois for the football game. Is there a great restaurant I should know about or a special place to take my family??? Thanks for reading!!!
    J Pat

  15. Well what about Doug Gottleib? Last year he was very vocal about the fact that he found IU overrated and overacheiving, calling our win over OSU more a case of the Buckeyes losing, rather than us winning. Same for the UK game. He wasn’t convinced, neither was I to be honest, but they proved themselves over the course of the season, to me anyway. Idk about Gottleib.

  16. JPat-

    Appreciate the kind words. Please don’t think I’m stalking you like other bloggers have implied when I remember details of their conversations…I really enjoy your posts and hope you find time to come back to Scoop whenever you desire.

    And I’m glad you noticed how I get hammered..I thought I was actually developing another personality disorder.

    P.S. I think you will notice in your post from the Illinois game(cut-and-pasted above) that you did mention plenty of clean “port-a-pots.” I have this weird nak for remembering obscure things. I also never forget a face. If I see someone on the street that looks familiar, it drives me nuts..I obsess with it until I finally think I know where I’ve seen the person before.

  17. Gottleib is just another name part of the Establishment prostitution ring. They’re nothing but whores to the East Coast executives that want to wipe the history of IU hoops from the record books. Look at the teams we defeated in our championship years…Do the math. The fans of the Establishment teams we spanked grew into executives that now run the networks.

  18. Harvard, you are good and come to think about it…there were a large amount of port-o-pots at Illinois…one of the few positives of that trip!

  19. Seth Davis is a hack…but like all hacks he craves credibility. So the far more likely scenario is that he meant to put IU in and forgot. The only explanation that doesn’t make sense is that he caved to pressure from the very fan base he is trying to take shots at. That just sounds stupid.

    You take shots at me all the time Harvard. When was the time you caved because I said I wasn’t establishment? Right, it doesn’t happen. You’re a hack and crave credibility – its why you constantly remind us of the 3 correct predictions you’ve had in the history of the Scoop. I’m a hack and crave credibility – underneath it all its probably why I even started posting here in the first place after a couple years of just reading others opinions.

    Of course Seth Davis sucks… He does seem to have an anti-IU bias. But if he is so establishment why doesn’t he also have bias against other Midwest powers like UM, OSU, and MSU? Another sign that your theory doesn’t make sense. Now the conspiracy is SOOOOO large that IU is the only program on the outside looking in. It doesn’t effect other Indiana schools. It doesn’t effect other B1G schools. It just effects IU. Everyone is out to get IU.

  20. I had a mountainous rebuttal to send off to you, Geoff.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that I enjoy your presence on Scoop too much to go down more roads of insults.

    Sorry I referred to you as part of the Establishment. A true Establishment guy would never have time for a nutcase like Harvard.

  21. I copied it straight from his article/blog. The snake probably changed it after I and others emailed him saying he’s a f-ing idiot.

    I’m curious if he mentioned the change/error like most places do or just tried to sneak it in so others wouldn’t notice he’s a moron.

  22. I think we all know it wasn’t an error. Notice how I said “we all know?”

    I wouldn’t doubt if the slimebag had an inside joke with Thad Matta to initially omit Indiana’s name from the list while knowing full well he would make the correction shortly there after.

    Wouldn’t put anything past Smirk-face Matta and jerk-face Davis. “We all know” the only way Matta begins to even sniff his first Final Four was by robbing Indiana of prime recruits(the two most vital components of his team Oden & Conley). Wow..What a surprise…”We all know” that NC, Duke, OSU, UK, MSU, Michigan, etc…etc..etc. have all benefited immensely from building their rosters around top recruits from Indiana.

    And “we all know” most of the hate festering in the pits of their stomachs this present day is because the most skilled post player to come out of Indiana in two decades has decided to stay in Indiana at the college “we all know” used to make bitch slaves out of the other programs that had traditionally fueled their programs the last two decades with shots of momentum by plucking key, top-level, bigs from the state “we all know” is a breeding ground for b-ball talent built on foundations of lasting traditions and prominence at every level.

    “We all know” you meant to include Indiana, Seth. Just like you meant to include the name of the a$$hole assistant coach you claimed anonymous source that you used to rip into Jordy Hulls on the eve of the NCAA tournament. Yes, “we all know,” Seth…

    We all know you all too well. And “we all know” the smell of your Duke cologne is infused with a thicker bias than the roadkill stench of a rancid polecat.

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