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While Indiana football has shown resilience, even in recent losses, Saturday’s opponent, Navy, is defined by toughness, Dustin writes.

IU soccer looks to remain unbeaten in the Big Ten when it hosts Michigan, I wrote.

Lots of basketball and even some football recruiting coverage in the IU sports chat with Dustin and Andy.

A Q&A with Cody Zeller, from USA Today’s Nicole Auerbach.

From the “somebody is a little defensive” category comes five reasons why Ohio State, not Indiana, will win the Big Ten basketball crown, Cory McCune of Bleacher Report writes.

A midseason report on Indiana football, courtesy of ESPN.com’s Adam Rittenberg.

Ohio State basketball could be a player on the national stage despite some key losses, Seth Davis of SI.com writes.

With Hoosier Hysteria around the corner, is there really any doubt about today’s musical selection? Didn’t think so — Def Leppard with “Hysteria.”


  1. I’m betting Cody enjoyed the USA Today interview.

    Why Why Why do I read junk written by Seth Davis. Not what I would call “fair & balanced”.

  2. Cory McCune didn’t do very much research on that article. Not only do we not play at Georgia (neutral court) but we don’t play Butler at home either (neutral court).

    Still sick of this argument that we can’t win on the road. The season hasn’t even started yet. Ohio State last year lost to Illinois on the road who was downright awful. It can happen to anyone if you don’t bring your game night in and night out. Besides, Ohio State lost key players while we didn’t and in fact, have added better players this year which the article fails to account for. Please Cory, keep posting bulletin board material for our team to use.

  3. So here’s Cory McCune’s bio:

    I am a senior journalism major in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. I am a rabid football, baseball and basketball fan that sometimes dabbles with interests in other sports (read: handball sucked me in this summer). I am an Ohio boy born and raised so I bleed the color red–Ohio State and Cincinnati Reds red.

    So it should be a surprise that this mutt picks OSU? If Scoop is about “objectivity,” then why not attempt to find some pieces written that would reflect at least a tiny fraction of the same?

  4. I found other articles he’s written and they all basically consist of “OSU is the bestest, greatest, coolest, grooviest place ever and their gonna win everything all the time. On top of that, Thad Matta really has hair, he just chooses to shave it off the top of his head as a fashion statement. Plus, Coach Tressel was framed and didn’t do anything wrong.”

    How did any of his tripe ever gain main stream attention?

  5. Aren’t there any journalists that have graduated(even undergrads)that write for prominent blogs or sports entertainment companies?

    Scoop just wants to raise our blood pressure..Keeping the fires burning by creating substantial irritation the posting of articles written by blowhards with no love for Indiana(mostly because their obsessions and alliances to their own alma maters and pride the locale their upbringing).

    I feel so used and manipulated by Scoop. Didn’t Matt Dollinger and Zach Osterman attend IU’s School of Journalism? Never mind, Osterman is from Georgia and a huge Bulldog fan…Kartje was Michigan…Dustin is Penn State…Korman was Snootsville College…Kellenberger returned to his redneck roots.

    Is there any hope? Everywhere you turn it’s just more Establishment or the establishment of roots a heart beating for a love somewhere far removed from Indiana or Bloomington…How about this Mike Miller kid? Where did he spend his virgin years of infatuation a team other than Indiana?

    Objectivity, my a$$. There’s no objectivity on Scoop..There’s only a lopsided game of Battleship Blogging while we pretend to strike back with only small cruisers our Hoosier blow — worthless comments serving as loud harmless shots into the night — shots that have zero chance of ever sinking their monstrous Establishment fleet.

  6. oops.

    Aren’t there any journalists that have graduated from IU(even undergrads)and write for prominent blogs or sports entertainment companies?

  7. Just another adolescent in journalism school focusing more on the sucker in his mouth than researching facts for for consumption. He really should accurately pen name as Junior McCune.

  8. P-L-E-A-S-E! Who did not figure out as soon as the screen opened that this was an Ohio State fan blog. It announced it!…and its job is to spin the readers into wild expectations about the Buckeyes…

    They are Number 1!…the Scripps-Howard School of Journalism is #1…in Jim Tressel’s heart when he was fired for buying butt tattoos, #1 in providing beginner driver’s licenses to players. There is no doubt that Chad Motta is also #1…in the Big Ten coaches ‘ugly ranking’ (mean, this guy is ugly!), whatever merits he has…come from Hoosier country.

    And, let’s be honest; perhaps they are doing us a favor. If there is anything I fear is that we get way ahead of ourselves and where we should be…before we become 2012-2013 Champions of anything, we will have to play and win each of 30+ games. I worry more about how we (‘rabid fans’ will react if we do lose 2 pre-season or 4-5 Big Ten games than I do about the team, its talent and its performance. At times our vies of the Hoosiers and their achievements and the coaches’ performance is a consequence of our own insecurity about ourselves; the same factor that drives our reaction to this Ohio State 4 years out-of-high-school wannabe journalists evaluation that the Buckeyes can challenge the Miami Heat.

    Be secure, avoid fretting. That’s why God- when He created the Universe and Man- wrote on His to-do list; Indiana- Hoosiers, candy-striped pants, basketball skills, understanding of 5v5 vision, good journalists (Ernie Pyle, Bob Collins, Bob Hammel…). (For a while, the Lord tried to balance it out by allowing Bob Knight to be born in Ohio but then saw it how futile an experiment it was and transferred him (BK) to Indiana.

  9. And the irony that you’ll never read in a piece by an Ohio journalist in love with Buckeyes, Tsao? Much of that early success at OSU for Matta(the first Final Four) was a direct benefit of landing two top Indiana recruits that came from a high school program with a coach holding a longstanding grudge against Indiana(a grudge first developed when Knight was at IU).

  10. So see where Mbakwe, who is on probation for “felony battery just added another probation for drunk drving.

    Tubbie Smith initally felt he would kick him off the team but for some reason is keeping him.

    I guess that 3 probations at the same time may be the magic limit?

  11. Harvard – so what are you looking for? Objective reporting or IU-centric and biased reporting?

    From what I can tell, your theory of the Establishment now means anyone who is not slobbering over IU.

    If a naive and clearly biased OSU reporter writes a pro-OSU article that now means he is Establishment?

    So if OSU were pe-season #1 and a IU grad reporter wrote a pro-IU article would our guy be Establishment?

    I’m concerned over the constanly changing boundaries of what is Establishment. It started as ESPN/CBS, Boston-to-DC corridor, but then extended to the south and west. It since has continued to creep inward first enveloping PA, then taking over OH, up into MI, certainly into KY, and most recently seems to have morphed from Establishment into “Everyone is jealous of and out to get IU because of our lily white purity, squeaky clean tradition, and undeniable HS supremacy”

    Just saying…

  12. … That being said the McCune guy is a total hack. And it has nothing to do with his bias… It has to do with his lack of reasoning and research.

    Reason 1 – Thad Matta > Tom Cream… Ok, I would be open to an argument there, but he gives the absolute worst reasoning. Head to head match-ups??? Seriously… That’s your go-to stat? When IU is coming off essentially the death penalty and OSU is a top 10 program… He should be embarrassed that it isn’t 8-0. Here’s the real stat – IU is 1-1 against OSU as a relevant contender.
    Then he actually opens up Motta to criticism for in-game coaching ability before concluding his argument with another irrelevant stat – overall winning %. What a tard… Motta took over an OSU team that was under scrutiny, but had 2 years to build the program and gain stability before the NCAA levied any sanctions, which had little effect on Matta because they just went back and wiped records from the previous era. Crean walked into a situation with sanctions imminent, players baling, and academics at an all time low. A complete overhaul of the program was in order just to stabilize things. He had one returning player his first year at IU. If you remove the first 3 years of the Crean-IU era that it took him to re-establish the program Crean’s overall record is 217-105 (67% compared to Matta’s 77%). I’d bet anything that Matta wouldnt have had the balls to walk into the IU situation, but can an argument be made for Matta? Sure, he has an impressive resume, but much of it was taking advantage of a down or transitioning IU program from 2004-2011, fleecing indiana HS prospects that he’ll no longer get because of our regained recruiting foothold in the state.

    So when you combine McCune’s logic with a realistic perspective and relevant stats what you get is:
    1. The head-to-head record is even
    2. Matta may not be the greatest in-game coach (that’s ok, we say the same thing about Crean)
    3. Crean’s record is pretty close to Matta’s
    4. Matta’s strength, recruiting Indiana, is no longer stronger than IU’s ability to recruit its own state.

  13. Reason 2 – OSU returns more than you think
    Reason 3 – IU returns less than you think

    Ok, so OSU loses their 2 best players and 3 of their top 6 contributors, and doesn’t bring in a single notable recruit. While IU returns it’s entire starting 5, top 6 players overall (yes I’m implying that VJ3 was brutal and more of a problem than a solution on both ends of the court), and one of the top recruiting classes in the country… But those things add up to a checkmark for OSU and against IU??? This clown brings up the fact that Roth, Jones, and Pritch = 13 ppg (wow that oughta be tough to replace…) But fails to mention that Buford, Sully, and Ravanel, and Weatherspoon = 41 ppg (now that is a number that Yogi couldn’t replace by himself)

    Here’s a better stat if we want to look at continuity and being able to predict what could happen – returning stats:

    IU – Hulls, Watford, Zeller, Sheehey, Elston, Dipo, Abell = 67 ppg
    OSU – Craft, Smith, Thomas, Ross, Scott, Williams = 36 ppg

    Yep McClown, you’ve convinced me so far. My $$ is on OSU this year.

  14. Reason 4 – Defense wins championships

    Ok, if there is a sticking point this is the one. But his reasoning is biased at best. They return Craft and Lenzelle, who are both very good defenders. We return Dipo, who is their equal at least. They will have Scott and Williams playing bigger roles, and Matta has declared them to be “the most disruptive defensive force in college basketball” and a great rim protector.

    Here’s where the bias and lack of research come in. McClown says that Zeller wasn’t very impactful because he only blocked 1.2 shots per game. But what does that have to do with anything? I’d argue that he was the best big man team defender in the country. He defended high ball screens better than anyone I’ve ever seen at the college level, switching out and forcing guards away from the basket without fouling. He also defended the rim without leaving his feet and fouling, consistently cutting off driving lanes and taking charges, cleaning up messes left by VJ3, and occassionally Watford and Hulls.
    He also is fine mentioning the new roles played by Scott and Williams, but doesn’t mention that Crean believes Yogi is a “one man press”, or that Sheehey will be one of the most improved and versatile defenders in the B1G, or that we added 2 shot-blocking freshmen in PJ and Hanner.

    How to look deeper into the story and provide actual journalistic integrity McClown.

  15. Geoff-

    No cultural phenomenon is in a constant state of stability. Definitions and perimeters change as attitudes become framed within the changes of power the various institutions and hierarchical structures of the business/information world.

    I will do my best to keep you informed on the ever-changing boundaries and power players withing the changing Establishment as it pertains to sports media and their inherent biases that spill into the evil dark voids a complete disregard for objectivity and the pursuit of truth in reporting.

    At this current juncture your ‘Establishment Meter’ as it relates to your personal doctrines, I would consider you to be two levels outside the Dick Vitale Zone. Be careful. You’re teetering.

    Furthermore, a blogger hijacking any form of a previously used Scoop screen name(particularly the protected trademark beginning with “Lord of the..”) will be considered severely corrupted by the inner circles of the Establishment.

    Post #16 was spot-on…although it basically repeated much of what I had already communicated(the glowing sections of Matta’s resume and his initial Final Four trip benefiting extensively from building momentum by way of Indiana recruits).

  16. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Tsao, the Scripps Howard School of Journalism is at Ohio U, not Ohio State.
    As for the McCune thing, I’ll take responsibility for that. It was an unstated policy that the Bleacher Report doesn’t qualify as something we should link on here, because very, very few of the people who write for it are actual journalists. It’s basically a horde of guys who just write stuff, many of whom not only don’t have press credentials but don’t even live anywhere near the city of the team that they “cover.” (There was a pretty interesting story recently in SF.com about the Bleacher Report and it’s business model, which is very strange and bizarre and affront to journalism, but somehow works.) But this was a policy I did not actually state and should have.

  17. And, once AGAIN, you didn’t bring up Remy.. That’s a sign of your Establishment bias creeping in. What makes it an “Establishment bias”..? That would take more time than I currently have available.

    Remy is a very good defender(athletic with a solid and large frame). I would also tend to believe he’ll show big improvement over last season(the gains he made from being thrown into the fire last season and the off-season preparation going into 2012). Crean has previously stated that Remy is the best athlete on the team..He’s also stated his shooting has shown vast improvement.

    You repeatedly analyze the team without mentioning a kid that came up very big last year. Hmmm? Wonder why that is?

  18. Harvard – I did plagiarize there a little bit, but in my defense the posts had already been written in my head as I was reading McClown’s piece, which I read before your post.

    How do I keep from becoming Vitale? It’s seems so inevitable… Also, how many stages from Seth Davis am I?

    Lastly, I couldn’t agree more about cultural phenomena constantly in flux, but usually it takes time, decades, eras, centuries. Like the shift of the Republican party from fiscal conservatives into a neo-conservative right wing base with strong evangelical Christian social values, masquerading as fiscal conservatives based on not increasing taxes even though they spent unprecedented amounts of money during the Bush era… Republicans that died in the 50’s wouldn’t recognize the current party if they came back to life.

    Your Establishment parameters change (expands) from day to day…

  19. Sorry, I called him Abell instead of Remy. Read post #17 closer. Also, it is yet to be determined what Abell’s role on this team is. Clearly most non-establishment, life-long Hoosiers, including alum believe that most of the PG minutes will go Yogi. The team got more deep, not less deep, this year. While I do believe that Remy’s role will increase, I find it hard to believe it would be by much. Not by any fault of his own, but these are the names he’s competing with – Yogi, Hulls, Dipo, and Creek. So I get your point, but if you want to call me Establishment on the Remy deal back it up with whose minutes from that list he’s going to take to get into the 15 min/gm range where he’s actually a consistent factor.

    There are 80 minutes per game at the 2 spots Remy can play… There are at least 3 guys ahead of him, if not 4… Last year Hulls got 30/gm and Dipo got 26/gm. Maybe those come down slightly to 25 and 25, and maybe 10 of those minutes for Dipo are at the 3. So now we are let with 45 minutes. I think we can assume that Yogi will settle in at 25, but just to be real conservative, let’s say it’s 20… So now we are down to 25 minutes for Remy and Creek. Are they split evenly? Does one get 15 and the other 10? How does it play out for the Rem-dawg (establishment term)?

  20. Reason 5 – Schedule… Non-conference OSU > IU

    Not sure what this is really has to do with who will win the B1G. The B1G itself is arduous enough prepare you for big B1G games. But that’s not the worst. The worst is he couldn’t even read our schedule, as others have mentioned getting the Butler and Georgia sites wrong. The other fatal flaw is believing OSU’s schedule is different “philosophically” (and better) than IU’s.

    OSU plays Marquette, URI, Wash or Seton Hall, Duke, Kansas, and LBSU… Clearly Duke, Marquette and Kansas are premier games, but the other 3?
    URI was a 7-24 mid-major team last year… gotta watch out for them
    Seton Hall – sure they were 21-13 last year, but only 8-10 in the Big East, and lost in the 1st round of the NIT, oh and they Lost there top 2 scorers…
    Wash – Another NIT team who lost its top 2 scorers, except they were both NBA draft picks…
    LBSU – Had a great year last year, but in a very weak conference, and lost its top 3 players including the conf player of the year in Caspar Ware and 2 other 1st team all-conf players.

    IU – their philosophy was to play UNC and UK, but Mr. Slimy threw a monkey wrench into those plans.

    In reality philosophy has little to do with it. This year we stuck in a tough spot by a db late in the scheduling cycle. None of it will have much to do with anything as far as the B1G season goes. If OSu gets a checkmark for having tougher games to prepare them, IU gets a checkmark for having easier games that give them the chance to get their depth additional experience. IU also gets a checkmark for being able to ease into B1G season with an “easier” starting conference schedule.

    So yeah, McClown I hope the Bleacher Report pays well, because you won’t be a highly coveted graduate.

  21. Regrettably, I don’t think Creek will be much of a factor this year(especially defensively).

    I certainly don’t want to put things into a Remy vs. Creek scenario..They are two of my favorite Hoosiers. I have been a big advocate of both these guys long before they were definite offers/commits to be in a Hoosier uniform. I used to blog on Hoosier Hype(formerly IDS Basketblog) endlessly about Creek…Long before Maurice’s injury, I drew some rather foolish parallels some similarities I saw him to the great Oscar Robertson(his b-ball IQ/maturity on the court, his somewhat similar handsome looks, and the dipping shoulder twitch in his jump shot). Big fan of Creek..Always have been..Always will be.

    I don’t presume to know where/when(games, circumstances, happenstances?) or how many minutes per game Remy will find.

    I do believe Remy will still surprise and move his game on an upward slope at a higher rate than many expect. I think he has immense potential.

    But you’re right…It will be tougher to find the minutes at guard play with the increasing depth of talent(primarily Yogi hoarding many of the minutes in the backcourt).


    Very impressive digression into changing Republican political structures through the decades.

    Selling yourself as someone superiorly evolved at the summations of political party agendas tucked into a simplistic Ari Fleischer box, gives me a sense that you’re venturing dangerously close to a stronger gravitational pull emanating from the thicker interior belts inside the Establishment core. I worn you…It will grab at your soul and you won’t even know its there.

  22. I now feel a bit bad for the youngster at the Bleacher Report. Geoff diced the kid into tiny pieces…He’s young and naive and his heart is where his home…There’s nothing wrong in that.

  23. Harvard – I screwed up on my math… There are actually only 20 minutes left over for Remy/Creek…

    It may come across like I am liberal or anti-GOP, but I wouldn’t say that’s accurate at all. Just like I try to be objective in my view of sports I try to be in politics as well. The one criticism I have of the GOP, is that they refuse to admit that they have gone through the changes I noted and moved further right. Those same, but opposite criticisms can be made about Democrats.

    But it does open up another parameter for your Establishment… So are Establishment primarily Liberals? I would assume that conservatives could also be establishment, but now you’re insinuating there are political alignments involved.


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