Hoosier Morning

It may have just been a scrimmage, but the competitive juices were still flowing for the Hoosiers at the Haunted Hall of Hoops, Dustin writes.

Top 40 recruit Troy Williams committed to play for Tom Crean and Indiana Sunday, Dustin writes.

The eighth game of the Indiana football season, a win over Illinois, in review, Andy writes.

The No. 16 IU soccer team lost at Michigan State Sunday 3-1, we reported.

Indiana is clearly the No. 1 team in the nation, Seth Davis of SI.com writes.

IU has the best player in Cody Zeller and the best team, the Sporting News’ Mike DeCourcy writes.

Troy Williams’ IU commitment was aided by the NCAA’s relaxed phone call rules and in spite of his uncle’s history with the Hoosiers, David Teel of the Hampton Roads Daily Press writes.

Tom Izzo likes what he sees of his Michigan State team, Joe Rexrode of the Detroit Free Press writes.

A win at Oklahoma proved Brian Kelly and Notre Dame were ready for the big time, Yahoo! Sports’ Pat Forde writes.

In honor of the Haunted Hall of Hoops and Troy Williams’ uncle, Boo, here’s Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers with “Monster Mash.”


  1. Interesting that, in Seth Davis’ rundown of the team, CWat barely gets a mention. Here’s a guy who certainly has a personal goal of making himself an NBA pick and, in an article about the upcoming season, goes largely unnoticed.

    How’s that for depth?

    Christian seems to have a gift for going unnoticed…I noticed.

  2. Just read in the paper that Wisconsin lost their starting point guard to a season-ending injury in practice.

    According to some clowns on here, I thought that kind of stuff only happened to Crean because “he’s an idiot who doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

  3. As I recall, Bill Lynch did away with full contact drills to avoid injuries. That probably played a role in the Hoosiers reputation as a bunch of bone jarring hitters.

    From the look of the football team lately, they have resumed hitting in practice.

    The reality is, particularly in basketball, season ending injuries are more likely going to be due planting for a cut or jumping/landing awkwardly in addition to congenital abnormalities (such as Mo Creek). Practice intensity is unlikely to have any effect on these more serious injuries.

  4. Ok… Someone enlighten me… Under 3. Big Ten Country there’s an article on the Notre Dame vs Oklahoma game. Um…relevance to the Big Ten? Why is this article even on here?

  5. Laffy- there’s only one idiot on this blog, Rico Chet, and he doesn’t even believe his own words. He gets a thrill out of winding up gullible people. Don’t be one of those gullible people.

  6. Harvard is passionate, often ill advised, frequently unnecessarily confrontational, opinionated, irreverent, certainly colorful, and a boatload of other adjectives along the good to bad continuum…

    …but IMHO ‘retarded’ or ‘idiot’ would not be accurate.

    Come on, Laffy, you love stirring things up and you know it 😉

    I find both of you very entertaining and the Scoop would be a lesser place if either of you retired your keyboards.

  7. I agree with Mike W….how does Notre Dame v. Oklahoma fit into the Big Ten (B1G) Country (other than our head coach’s previous job being at Oklahoma). ND doesn’t get enough love Inside the Irish Triangle?

    I’d rather see more original, less repetitive coverage of Hoosier teams. That’s why we readers come to this blog and some subscribe to the HT, to read about our teams. The Chicago Tribute, Chicago SunTimes, Indy Star, etc…and the national magazines do enough genuflecting.

    Especially in a section named Big Ten Country.

  8. Being a front row student about the career of Bob Knight I know for a fact he never walked on water. He did part waters though on many occasions.

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