Hulls, Watford, Abell lead White to rally over Red in Haunted Hall of Hoops Scrimmage

Seniors Jordan Hulls and Christian Watford and sophomore Remy Abell scored 10 points helped the White squad rally to a 40-35 win over the Red team in a 15-minute scrimmage at the Haunted Hall of Hoops on Saturday at Assembly Hall.

Sophomore center Cody Zeller scored 14 points for the Red team and sophomore guard Victor Oladipo had 13, but the White team rallied back from an 18-6 deficit with a 17-0 run to take the lead for good.

Indiana followed the 15-minute scrimmage with a 4-minute situational period, mixing up the teams and giving a slightly overmatched White squad a 76-70 lead. The Red team came back to win that one with Zeller flushing two fast-break dunks to make it an 88-83 final.

“I thought our guys did a really good job of competing and playing hard,” assistant coach Tim Buckley said. “We’re looking at a lot of different combinations and trying to see who fits where.”

Said assistant coach Steve McClain: “Whether it’s Hoosier Hysteria or today, these guys are coming out in these events and really competing. You can tell by watching it, it matters to them.”

AUDIO: Tim Buckley and Steve McClain


  1. 10 points from Remy…Do I remember someone from Scoop saying this Remy kid was pretty good? Trying to recall the bloggers’s name is simply haunting me.

  2. Remy is a solid player, he plays very good defense and has a good stroke. Just watched the highlights and couldn’t help notice how good Will looks shooting the ball. It’s obvious he has worked very hard during the offseason. Yogi had some really nice assists as well. Can’t wait for the season to start and see how all the pieces fit together.

  3. I picked out some comments from the Haunted Hall of Hoops highlight thread over at ITH. It takes those pedestrian robots of Bozich’s Pollyanna Farm for the Sports Juvenile about 1½ yrs. to get up to speed. Nice to see that even the most grossly unsophisticated of Hoosier bloggers can finally recognize talent.

    Remy Abell sees significant minutes this season.

    Going to be hard to keep Remy off the floor. Solid, Solid, Solid.

    Honestly, I think Remy probably is our 7th best player.

    Remy is a machine in this clip,

    And it looks like Remy is really playing with confidence.

    The person who surprised me the most was actually Remy Abell.


    And then I found a light,
    Hidden where no blogging life has been found for over a year,
    On an island in the sun there was an exile with true vision,
    A man left in his lonely day, in the solace his boudoir of humble dark beauty,
    Banned from Scoop, yet his glow never extinguished,
    His words still shining bright as the sun dancing in the east on a morning ocean,
    His thoughts bouncing back and forth between the stirring ghosts of waves pounding the shoreline his synapses with thoughts his imagined audience,
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    Living in the soft breezes of quiet palms and kinder ears,
    The dawn in his eyes when the rest lived in night,
    Bestowed to the Island of Basketblog awaiting their day.

    Posted by D-5 at 10:33 pm on April 24, 2011

    To whom it may concern,

    Something to get excited about for once..Crean finally has his eyes on a good one. Abell(decommit from Bradley) would be a very important recruit to land. He provides immediate help where we need it most.. We have a chance to put a real spark plug on the floor that is lightening fast and confident with the ball. There are no guarantees the timeliness of Creek’s recovery curve and Abell gives us influx of speed with some size at the guard position. He has the ability to create his own shot, hit from beyond the arc, and burst into the paint. …great assist guy that could give a ton of quick kicks to Hulls on the perimeter…I think he could be a real difference maker….Maybe the most important addition since Zeller. He’ll make Cody much more dangerous because of his ability to buzz into the middle and draw the excessive attention off our main force inside. Keeping my fingers crossed. For weeks I’ve been trying to post comments on Scoop about my enthusiasm over this kid, but ti appears Hugh has banned me permanently.

    Come on, Crean…The Kentucky dimwits have foolishly bypassed on this talented sleeper with oodles of game and speed. Make me a believer and put him in the candy-stripes! We have enough slow farm boys that played on 4guards elementary school team.

  4. Bozich’s ITH is credible also full of solid news and offers 1 paramount benefit, no H4H.

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