IU blows lead late, falls 31-30 at Navy

ANNAPOLIS, Md — Indiana took a 10-0 lead early and led by nine early in the fourth quarter, but allowed the Midshipmen 10 unanswered points and posted two botched offensive drives to fall 31-30 in front of 33,441 at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.

The Hoosiers (2-5) have lost five straight, four of them by four points or fewer.

“This one’s definitely on us as players,” junior wide receiver Kofi Hughes said. “I think our coaches this game definitely gave us a great opportunity to definitely seal the game off. You can’t go three-and-out on the last series of the game, which we need to win the game. The first play, you have a running back lined up wrong. Third play you’ve got someone not running the right route. As players, we definitely let our team down today.”

Indiana took a 30-21 lead on a 3-yard run by freshman Tevin Coleman with 12:18 to go. Navy answered with a 16-play, 74-yard drive that took 6:48 off the clock, but it stalled on the Indiana 1-yard line and the Midshipmen took three points on a field goal by kicker Nick Sloan, giving Indiana the ball with 5:30 to go, a 30-24 lead and a chance to put the game away.

However, the Hoosiers went three and out, thanks largely to two critical miscues.

on first down, freshman tailback Tevin Coleman went left on a running play when he was supposed to go right. The sophomore quarterback Coffman found no one behind him when he dropped back to handoff and Coffman was forced to throw the ball away.

“Guy just went the wrong way,” IU coach Kevin Wilson said. “Just executed backwards. Which happens. We actually did that a couple of times today.”

On the next play, Coffman completed a 7-yard pass to sophomore tailback D’Angelo Roberts, setting up 3rd and 3 from the IU 28.

On that play, Coffman dropped back and threw in the direction of tight end Ted Bolser. Bolser broke to his right toward the sideline on an out pattern, but Coffman threw the ball to where Bolser would’ve been if he was running a straight seam route and nearly had it intercepted. Wilson made it clear to all that it was Bolser’s mistake and not Coffman’s by getting in Bolser’s ear immediately after the play.

“We had a few miscommunications there,” Coffman said. “It doesn’t really matter who messed up. The fact is that we didn’t convert. We didn’t move down the field. It doesn’t matter whose fault it was. We’ve gotta clean things up.”

Navy made sure those miscommuncations hurt Indiana badly. The Midshipmen followed the three-and-out with a  brilliant nine-play, 72-yard drive that ended in a 4-yard touchdown pass by freshman Keenan Reynolds to junior wide receiver Matt Aiken that gave Navy the 31-30 advantage.

Wilson used three timeouts once Navy reached the Indiana 11-yard line to make sure the Hoosiers would have a shot at a game-winning drive if the Midshipmen scored. After the touchdown, the Midshipmen kicked off with 2:02 to go and wide receiver Shane Wynn’s return set the Hoosiers up at the 20-yard line with only a field goal necessary to win it.

On the second play, however, Coffman rolled to his left and floated a pass that was picked off by Gaines, Navy’s boundary cornerback, to end the two-minute drill before it even started.

“I thought the safety was about to drive up on the underneath route that was there,” Coffman said. “I just forced a pass and, shouldn’t have done it.”

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  1. Meh. Doesn’t matter if it’s coaching or players. It still means they don’t know how to win. The last two series amounted to a dumpster fire.

    Coffman, although not every issue was on him offensively, makes too many ill advised throws.

    Complete choke job meltdown in crunch time. An extremely winnable game pissed down the toilet.

    Hope the “Football Fab Five” managed to miss it.

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