IU opening practice on ESPNU

The Hoosiers’ opening practice of the 2012-13 seasonis currently airing on ESPNU. A few notes as we go along here:

  • Remy Abell appears to be wearing a soft cast/brace on his left wrist/thum area. That was nowhere to be seen at last week’s Media Challenge.
  • Early on, I noticed Cody Zeller stepping out and drilling an 18-footer, perhaps an early sign of that perimeter game we’ve heard about.
  • IU is sporting gray shoes — discuss.
  • A good point from Dan Dakich and the ESPNU on-set crew — IU has gone from fans rushing the floor after a win to a team that opponents rush the floor if they win. We saw a small sample of that at Nebraska last year.

Tom Crean joined the ESPNU set in the last segment. Had some interesting things to say:

ON DEPTH: Crean says playing time will “take care of itself.” (Sounds familiar, huh?) But he also talked about playing fast and increasing defensive pressure. “You can’t do that with six seven eight guys. You have to have team full of guys,” Crean said. “You have to deal with injuires. When those injuries come, you have to get to the point you can deal with those without dropping off.”

ON WILL SHEEHEY: “He’s a 365 day a year player,” Crean said. “There’s not any time this kid takes away from the game. He’s got an edge to him.” Also, Crean said when Dwyane Wade visited last spring and told Sheehey and Victor Oladipo that their ballhandling wasn’t close to NBA standards. “When you give Will a challenge, he keeps going with it,” Crean said. “He never feels like he’s arrived at any point.”

ON CODY ZELLER: “Cody is stronger, he’s really improved his mindset with the basketball, because you know defenses are going to be built to take him away. He’s better with the ball, his shooting is much improved, his vision on the perimeter is catching up with his vision in the post.” The one question for Crean is: “Can he really put himself in position to guard away form the rim?

ON DEFENSE: “We’ve gone in preseason to more defensive work than I ever have as head coach. … More fullcourt, more breakdown drills, more technique taught early in season. A big preach for us is how to get three mores stops in a game,” Crean said. Crean said that if IU had gotten three more stops in games it lost last year, it could’ve had three more wins. He also said if you take away three stops, IU would have been down to 20 wins instead of 27.


  1. That was good. I wish every practice was televised. No sound required. Taking my two grand-daughters next Saturday night….


  3. Discuss the shoes? Didn’t care for the gray shoes. Aren’t they Derrick Rose shoes? Didn’t he play for Calipari?

    I’m confused…. A Kentucky player can’t come to intimidating McCracken, but a $160.00 pair of shoes named after a former one-and-done that played for Calipari has no problem sneaking into the Hall and getting all cozy against our sweaty and stinky Hoosier socks in Bloomington?

    Didn’t Rose have someone take his SAT test? We really want the brand of those actions attached to Indiana ideals? And we ran Sampson thugs out of town for poor grades? Those expensive gray shoes reek of hypocrisy almost as much as they represent the honoring of cheating your way into a college run by a cheat.

    Again, the NCAA should be ashamed. And where’s the commentary from Dakich? Where’s the examination of the truth behind all his blabbering about “culture?” We look worse than Sampson flunkies wearing that garbage. Put on a pair of Converse canvas and show the nation that our actions speak louder than our judgmental, holier-than-thou, preachy sermons from podiums.

  4. I didn’t care for the shoes either. They simply don’t mix with IU basketball tradition. If IU is keeping the candy striped warmups (and I hope that they do), wear the type shoes they wore last year. I’m hoping those shoes are practice shoes and not game shoes. (don’t think so, though. Too bad).

  5. Kinda like the shoes and socks. But really as part of the big picture, big deal. Who knows maybe the next generation of foot wear will be cream colored.

  6. So, Jerry Lucas, John Havlichek, Walt Bellamy, Oscar Robertson and othes, never played the game because they wore Converse canvas shoes?

  7. There’s not a player over 45 who hasn’t worn Converse canvas at one point or another.

    Even now they sell them in droves as a fashion statement. I’ll bet Derek Rose has several pairs in his closet.

  8. I got my 1st pair of canvas Converse Allstars when I made the freshman basketball team in high school. I’ve been wearing them ever since though I have changed colors from time to time. They were the ‘state-of-the-art” shoes for years and worn by some of the best players who ever stepped onto a court. They weren’t a fashion statement then though as Chet points out, that’s now their role. I’ll bet, however, if you put them on the Hoosiers this year, this team would still be very good.

  9. Don’t like Converse shoes, then how about some Converse legends? I bet Chet remembers this kid. Another Indiana kid that took his talents to North Carolina.

    With the ease of digging through history on the internet, Harvard shall briefly resurrect the early days of the alley-oop.

    Is Oladipo the next David Thompson?

  10. I love the last seconds of this video.

    Learn to shoot the ball, Victor. Study the form of legends..A shooting touch to match your athleticism and you can have a long, prosperous, NBA career.

  11. Agree with those who do not like the grey shoes (regardless of make or bling trim), grey in the B1G is Ohio State. Don’t really mind about practice shoes but I would very much doubt that a marketing man like AD Glass would be much for a color or design that advertises another B1G basketball power. I suspect that Adidas (truthfully one of the best brands in athletic equipment- especially competitive footwear- for more than 60 years)is developing a Hoosier show that will have the 3 stripes and the IU logo. If not, they should. Not only is the OSU coach a renegade Hoosier coach, dependent on stealing Hoosier kids but now we would let him steal the Hoosier signature?? ….in basketball!!?? Plus, they’d be giving away a built in marketing strategy based on the movie that gave us Hickory (there’s a name for the Hoosier show line). The luxury line: ‘It’s Indiana!) (Adida Marketing and legal department, rights to the above suggestion as of this date 10/13/2012, 4:31 pm ET).

    Hoosier Clarion…IMO a line of shoes named after the inspiration of ‘Indiana’, ‘Hoosier’, ‘BK’, ‘Tijan’, ‘Hoosier Hysterics’…etc would be appropriate

    As to the Derrick Rose issue, Harvard is right,,,what kind of a message does it send to allow a line of shoes carrying the name of a player who defrauded fans by having someone take the SAT test that allowed him to visit the UK for a couple of weeks?

    By the way and as a final note on the subject of Hoosier fundamentalism. For those of you who are concerned that the Hoosiers earn the trust of basketball fans everywhere by avoiding being identified with any form of creeping religious ideas; at some point during the ESPN televised drills I heard Coach Crean bless and encourage a player for carrying out an assignment by praising him with an unmistakeable “good christian!” shout.

  12. Tsao – “good Christian”… Funny.

    Now did you really just ask what kind of message Rose’s shoe deal sends??? I hope you meant what kind of message does IU wearing those shoes send… Because that question has some merit.

    Rose is an NBA player. He was forced by the system to do a year of college. He was never a student. He got the shoe deal after he went pro. His shoe deal sends the same message all pro shoe deals send… that a company can make money off a marketable player.

    Do you begrudge capitalism now?

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