Knight auctioning off gold medal, championship rings

If you want to own Bob Knight’s 1984 gold medal or a championship ring from 1976, ’81 or ’87, this is your chance. Here’s the complete Associated Press story:

NEW YORK— Hall of Famer Bob Knight is selling his championship basketball rings and Olympic gold medal.

A collection of the former coach’s memorabilia will be auctioned by Steiner Sports Memorabilia. It’s part of a sale that features the jersey Yankees pitcher Don Larsen wore while pitching a perfect game in the World Series.

The auction, which has already started for some items, runs through Dec. 5 and will feature Knight’s rings from his three NCAA championship teams at Indiana — the undefeated 1976 season and the ones from 1981 and 1987.

Steiner Sports CEO Brandon Steiner says Knight wanted to be able to give some of the proceeds to his grandchildren and charities.

“He’s just consolidating his stuff,” Steiner said. “It’s going to be a really cool auction because he was a very detailed saver.”

The company will also sell a sports coat and a warmup jacket given to Knight as coach of the gold medal-winning U.S. Olympic team in 1984.

Knight set a Division I record, which has since been surpassed, with 902 wins at Army, Indiana and Texas Tech.


  1. Weird story… I guess I could see him selling his IU stuff, but the gold medal!!! Who sells that? How can he be that desperate? He’s gainfully employed. He doesn’t strike me as an undisciplined spender… What gives?

  2. I don’t read this as Knight being desperate for money. I think he’s the kind of guy that does not really care about material possessions, but would rather give his grandchildren financial security. Unless he’s lost a lot of money recently, he’s just getting rid of the stuff. A lot of people do this in their later years. You can’t take it with you!

    Ironically, Knight never made the huge dollars as a college coach, at least not by today’s standards. If you consider what Calipari gets paid at KY, can you imagine what Knight would command if was coaching today and had just come off a undefeated national championship?

  3. Bob who? Just another Knight ploy to try to remain relevant in today’s game. He is nothing more than a media hound and all he wants is the attention this provides along with the “stick it to IU” mindset he has. So again, he accomplishes his goal because all the old IU fans living in the past continue to froth at the mouth over the man that brought limelight to the IU program. Unfortunately these same fans can’t figure out that he continues to use them for his own self serving goals and keep buying into his schtick. When he was fired, I thanked him for his service and wished him well. Anyone else who hasn’t moved on from the guy IU fired will continue to long for days of yesteryear thinking somehow the savior will waltz into the Hall in some glorious and triumphant return to reclaim his place as the annointed one of IUBB. Folks he was fired rightfully and belatedly so. Move on. Besides if we had a coach right now that acted like Knight did in the 80’s and 90’s, fans would be calling for his head and he’d be fired after a few years. No one is, has been, or ever will be above the program or IU. Let Knight sell his stuff. Let him be the miserable man he is. And quit giving him the attention he craves. He’s using the old IU fans to make a living and they keep him going. Once IU fans stop enabling him and his behavior, his gravy train will stop. Until then, he’ll keep using the foolish fans, smiling all the way to the bank.

  4. I was looking at the NC State Rivals site.They are showing pictures of Midnight Madness including pictures of committs and non commits(Pinson) identified by name both alone and with current players.Isn’t that a violation of rules?

  5. Yeah, pretty sad/disgusting he’s selling the gold medal. “Great honor” my butt.

    How about his moocher kids go out and earn a living instead of sponging off Bob their whole lives?

    I wonder how many Knight-worshippers are going to mortgage their houses to “get a piece of Bob”……

  6. Come on, Debbie, don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel about Bob Knight.

    Wow, all that anger and rage must be unhealthy!

  7. I think the article referred to Knight’s grandchildren, who are, I believe, not yet old enough to “go out and earn a living.”

  8. Whatever the reason,(and I do hope everything is well with him), I remain grateful for what he did and taught at Indiana; as I am sure so are the dozens of great IU players and fans who benefited from his coaching and teaching. Prior to last year’s great team and the 1966-67 team you’d have to jump back to the mid 1950’s to list any accomplishments by Indiana basketball not linked to him. (Mike Davis’ team was in many ways as much Knight’s as Davis’ alone.

    In other words, it would be difficult to say “It’s Indiana!” The record would leave us living the ‘back in the days’ of the now legendary De Paul, LIU or CCNY programs.

    Whatever the reason for disposing of his memorabilia, Knight continues to merit our respect and gratitude.

  9. real IU fan,
    It’s not a violation for the site to use the pictures because the media is not governed by the NCAA and institutions can’t be held responsible for what an independent media does. But just as coaches are not allowed to publicly discuss recruits, the university/athletic department is not supposed to “publicize” visits. As I read it, that means they’re not supposed to help us get interviews or get pictures of recruits. They can’t point them out to us. Indiana is pretty zealous about it and if they see us talking to a recruit at the Hall, they make a point to stop it and they try to stop us from taking pictures. They claim they have to do that, but I’m not certain that’s true. Plus, sometimes it happens by accident. You can find Ron Patterson and Jeremy Hollowell in a lot of pictures of the IU-Kentucky game because they were right behind the bench. I don’t think that was a violation for all of them. It would, however, be a violation if the athletic department website published the picture.

  10. There is also a gold medal given to him by the Los Angeles Olympic Committee in 1984. Knight coached the victorious American basketball team but coaches were not given “Olympic” medals, said Costello, executive vice president of Steiner Sports(courtesy: Indy Star).

    It doesn’t sound like it’s an official “Olympic” gold medal(like those presented to players).

    I guess getting rid of the rings means we’re no longer going steady.

    Sorry, Coach Tom. Like I said, those halftime hugs and kisses you wanted to give Bobby at football games were never gonna happen.

    Love Knight, or hate him, those pictures featured in the Indy Star piece are real gems.

  11. HfH nailed it as stated by the Star. It is not an official Olympic Gold Medal. RMK is 72, he can’t keep them forever. He’s had much more time of ownership of those items in the rear view mirror than he has left in the windshield. As far as his financial status, his son Tim has has been his personal business agent for years and years. He is as tough, thorough and acutely sharp as the old man. No way this is a fire sale to raise cash for he and Karen’s future livelihood.

  12. One day they’ll need to grow up and get a job. Nice to see he’s already setting them up to be moochers like his own kids.

    Both Tim and Pat would be washing cars for a living if they weren’t sponging off daddy.

    Bob does not deserve one SPECK of my respect after trying to ruin the program on purpose by trying to bribe Davis to leave so it would implode.

    And by his own admission, he mailed it in his last 6 years and should have left. If he had, we could have got ANY coach we wanted and not have the 20 down years we did.

  13. Whew, sometimes I am shocked by the anti-Knight hatred coming from some people. For some, there is no gray, only black and white (mostly black). A guy shows he is not materialistic and wants to give something to his grandchildren before he dies, and out comes the hatred. Relax people!

    You know, it is possible to appreciate what Knight did for IU basketball, not worship every aspect of him, and still be thrilled to death we have a new coach like Crean. The very same people who say Knight is hung up on the past, are, well, hung up on the past…

  14. And I’m shocked how people WORSHIP a washed-up gym coach and act like he’s more pure than Jesus himself.

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