1. Here’s what’s on the line today: already the all time losers in FBS the Hoosiers are currently second place in the longest active losing streak in conference play (eleven, all of them since Hunger Strike Wilson took over from Billy “Bob” Lynch). Kansas, top with 16 continuous losses, is leading Texas 14-3 at half time. But the Hoosier coach has masterminded a long string of defensive mistakes for their opponents and IU is ahead as well. Looking forward to and even better second half from the Hoosiers.

  2. Cupcake, you are the type of person that makes governments think twice about banning waterboarding. Just a worthless, bratty piece of trash that the anonymity of the internet has unfortunately given a voice to.

  3. As sappy & silly as it is, I’m not 1 bit ashamed to say that I’m actually fighting back a tear or two. I’ve wanted this SO BAD, my fandom to IU football is foolish, excessive, juvenile, I should be embarrassed. Not only am I not embarrassed, I’m very proud to be too into my team.

  4. Hoosier Fred: looking forward to see the Beavers later tonight stuff some more anonymity into that lousy team of yours.

  5. Huge win for IU. A milestone of sorts. KW’s first Big 10 win. And this win was on the road against a team that blew IU out last year. This win is a definitive sign that IU football has improved and is should provide a big emotional and psychological lift for IU’s many young players. In a sense, it validates what their coaches have been telling them over the last few weeks. Their confidence should improve significantly. This win is also a testimony that this very young team did not get down on itself or give up after last week’s disappointing loss to Navy. IU’s players have not quit, in fact they appear to have upped their collective game a notch or two, in spite of some heartbreaking losses this year.

    So Chris K., I applaud and share your emotional response to this victory. It has been a long time coming, and for those of us that really love IU, we deserve to get a little emotional about this victory. Good for you, you have every right to get a little misty.

    Having watched Iowa get beat by a somewhat injury depleted NW today, I believe IU has a good chance of beating Iowa in Bloomington next week. If IU can get one or two more wins this season, for a total of four or five, it will be a sign that IU has taken a big stride in improving the football program. GO HOOSIERS!

  6. Cupcake, not sure who you think I am, but I’m surprised you have any time to watch anything given the amount of time in your life you spend on the Hoosier Scoop.

  7. I can’t wait to hear Jacques Trudeau offer up his congratulations following the two touchdown pounding of Illannoyed. These two teams are headed in different directions. He’d better get used to it. Looking at the two rosters Illannoyed won’t be getting better in the near future and the Hoosiers will.

    Actually, I’ve never heard his show and never will. Is it on one of those 5 watt Mr. Microphone stations? He’ll be begging IU graduate assistants and equipment managers to come on his show from this point forward.

  8. Oh, I see that he got cancelled not too long after his debacle with Coach Wilson.

    Well, we have a winner on that exchange. Enjoy unemployment Jacques.

  9. Sure, Rico Chet, whatever you say.

    Yes, Jack Trudeau is eating some creaux today. And I hope it’s giving him some acid reflux.

  10. I am proud too Chris K…and proud of you and everyone else who shared that same small tear.

    This is a beginning!

  11. Great job Coach Wilson!…you’ve set a great example on the strength it takes to win. Thanks!

    The same to the entire staff. We were fortunate you each made the choice to come to IU and lead us.

  12. And this win was on the road against a team that blew IU out last year.

    Typical Podonkey. After they beat us Illinois lost EVERY SINGLE B1G game they played (all six of them). They fired Zook and the losing continued through this season and right now they’re 0-4. So, you just pulled another Romney. You are not fooling anyone. Beavers ahead. You going down.

  13. Podunker, HC, Chet, Guest, Davis…all…a deserved toast and wishes for many more victories like today…based on a winner’s character!

  14. The victory was Indiana’s first in Big Ten play since a 34-31 win against Purdue on Nov. 27, 2010. That’s nothing: Indiana’s last win against true FBS competition – not counting UMass, which is reclassifying from the FCS – came on the same November day against the Boilermakers.

    What happened between then and Saturday?

    A 3-16 record. One win came against UMass, another against Indiana State. The third came against South Carolina State. In other words, Indiana went 0-16 against full-fledged FBS competition.

    So it’s been a long, unsteady, stumbling, often painful climb back to the Big Ten’s win column.

    Yeah, thank you Coach Wilson! Thanks for coming here… I know it wasn’t the money, but the irresistible attraction to join a winning tradition.

    And thanks for masterminding all the Illinois miscues today. Hope it works for you in the following games too. If not, don’t worry, you will still be paid the same.

  15. Obviously, you don’t have a team that is superior to the Hoosier to cheer for or you wouldn’t be here.

    I’d hate to think my own team ever got in such dire straits that I’d be forced to go on the the boards of my betters and try to rain on their most recent parade. I’ve never been that bad off.

    It must really suck to be you.

  16. Sudfeld for the WIN! My son had his football end of the year jamboree today. Had to miss the Hoosiers. Even though we both wanted to stay home and watch the Hoosiers,(he is six) we had to do our duties. A tough lesson to teach, but we were rewarded with an Indiana win. My son was so excited when I told him the score this evening. Priceless.
    Now, another dilema, do I not watch the game next week? I know he will be watching. I am happy for us all.

  17. Good point Chet, My son’s team has been trying to successfully run the double reverse all year. He is the Left Wing on this play. The D.Ends and Linebackers bit, and my son found himself turning the corner with open field down the sideline. Little Guy was gassed and the safety caught him just short of the TD. We got waxed today but it was the highlight of the year for my son and I.
    After the game, when we were walking to the car, my son asked if IU had won. When I told him the score, more satisfaction filled my mind as he replied,”yes”. Three big games for him today, and he still thought of the Hoosiers.

  18. Ohh, ohh! are they hurting Chet, HC, Podunker,…..ohhhh! are Rico and Cupcake and whoever Softee is…are they hurting…!

    Ohhh are they hurting!…snfff! snfff!

    Here’s a suggestion passed with love…Look around your shacks….see the top of rusty Campbell’s soup can laying on yuor couch that smells of old mushroom and onion and cheese soup…..take that rusty, bent top and use it…to slice your _____ off, sloowwwlyy off; then when they fall in the toilet reach in and grab them and put them in the door frame…and shut the _______ door! It will hurt you less than what you’re hurtin’ today.

    One last thing, just curious. Do you Rico and Cuppy and OhhMommyItsSoftAlltheTime have any idea how much we are enjoying and laughing over your pathetic hero worship and envy of us Hoosiers…keep coming over, we can’t possibly enjoy it any more than hearing your little shrieks and whimpers….

    A big thank you!! Go Hoosiers!!!

    And,… when this fall is over, and we’ve stood during our hard times… we get to own do it to you for another five months and b_tchsl_pyou over and over … and then… do it all over again next year… knowing that you don’t have the sense to keep from making our days because you have the need to come to visit us…to feel the joy of being a Hoosier!!!!

    How good is that???!!!

  19. Mass Hoosier…we all vote your son his Hoosier citizenship today! Congratulate him…he’ll soon wear the Cream and Crimson.

  20. Podunker
    Wednesday, September 12, 2012 – 4:00 PM UTC

    Can’t imagine why ND would not want to share the revenues they receive from their exclusive NBC football contract with all the other schools in the ACC.

    I wonder how much longer that NBC contract is going to run and how profitable it is for NBC? ND football is nothing special any more. I know they have tradition and a very loyal alumni group, but they have not been a top football program for many years. They’re mediocre at best. Given the other football games being broadcast at the same time, I’ll always choose to watch another game before watching ND. Whatever magic they used to have, it’s been gone for a long time.

    Harvard for Hillbillies
    Wednesday, September 12, 2012 – 4:13 PM UTC

    I think ND football will be back. I still think the tradition is there. I’ll always cheer for the Irish against USC or any the so-called “elite’ teams of the Big 10(those same elite teams that traditionally lost 9 out of every 10 games in a Rose Bowl contest against USC or UCLA over the last three decades). Though the contest in South Bend against Purdue went down to the wire, I think it’s more about PU having(dare I say?) a pretty strong team this year.


    Harvard for Hillbillies
    Monday, October 15, 2012 – 12:57 AM UTC
    Beat Michigan and MSU…Destroyed Miami…Downed Stanford in OT.

    Yup, the Irish are an undefeated “mediocre” team now ranked #5 in the nation.

    September seems so long ago. So sad to see all that tradition lost.

    Reminds me of how the Establishment was so quick to claim IU had lost their basketball prominence as we stand poised to shove more socks in mouths.

    Monday, October 15, 2012 – 3:26 PM UTC

    HforH; you need to get a life. I can’t believe anyone would go back over a month and dig out a comment by another poster. Ever consider that you’re spending way too much time hovering over this site?

    But since you brought it up, I think your comment, “Yup, the Irish are an undefeated “mediocre” team” says it best. ND will not go undefeated this season. I’m guessing they will lose two games and fall out of the top ten. They’ll play in a bowl game, but it won’t be of consequence.

    ND is doing better than I expected, and they benefitted from a little home cookin on Saturday (he got the ball over the goal line), but they should have beaten Stanford at home. Consider that Arizona took Stanford to overtime on their home field the week before.

    If ND played in the SEC, they’d finish in the middle of that conference. Their tradition and their notoriety gets them their current top five ranking, but it won’t last. I’d say right now, they’re the 15th best team in the country. Again, better than I thought they’d be, but hardly deserving the exclusive NBC contract.


    “Listen to me loud and clear, folks..Notre Dame football is relevant again.”
    Brent Musburger( 1:36, 4th quarter, Irish @ Oklahoma, 30-13 Irish)

    I just keep wondering when the bottom is going to fall out for the “mediocre” Irish…? Yes, tradition lost…NBC contracts lost…South Bend is a dust bowl of irrelevancy. It’s only home cookin’ that’s been kind to the Irish…Podunker is a genius. The guy really knows sports(almost as much as Seth Davis).

    Yup, September seems so long ago.

  21. Now let’s watch that undersized IU football team keep on rollin’….


    They sure showed some good speed and anticipation on defense today. I know, it was Illinois, but have they really been totally out of a football game this year? I’m beginning to wonder if all that worrying about lineman being 10-15 lbs. lighter than your average Wisconsin cheese puff butt is just empty blow out of a can of Whiz?

    Oh, just one more thing..Hate to keep bringing up the Irish, but I have to say just how impressed I was with Theo Riddick…I haven’t seen that type of crafty changing of gears and lateral movement coming from tailback since the great Gayle Sayers. I thought I was watching the gridiron rebirth of one of my all-time favorite Bears.

  22. To see a guy change speeds and go sideways without losing a beat no longer seems Theoriddickly impossible…Sorry, couldn’t resist….I’ve been drinking.

  23. Now…BEAT IOWA!

    Legitimizes the Illinois win even more.

    After that, I’ll take any one win and be elated with this year from a progress standpoint, even despite some of the disappointing non-conference squeaker losses.

    Yes, I’m happy for CKW and the end of the streak. But following it with four straight losses to close the year would not be acceptable, and certainly isn’t acceptable to the team and coaches.

  24. Thanks Tsao. That brought a smile to his face this morning. He wants to be “#3 or #1.” lol

  25. Mass Hoosier, that’s awesome. Did you happen to get it on video? I’ll bet the coaches have it, you should get a clip. Pretty cool screen saver.

    I can still (pretty well) remember my younger son’s only carry in youth league. The coaches’ boys were the running backs/QB and nobody else was gonna touch the ball. Our boys hadn’t scored in the first three games. My son came in for a single play when a couple of the starters were cramping up. He took the pitch and did his best Barry Sanders and took off for 77 yards and a TD.

    That was the only play he got in the entire game. Never got to touch the ball again the rest of the season. They also didn’t win any more games. That was his career stat line in youth league, 1 carry, 77 yards, TD. Helluva average. Fortunately, he was eligible for middle school ball the next season and did pretty well. Most of those coaches kids never really panned out middle or high school ball. The experience kinda left a sour taste in my mouth for youth league. My son handled it surprisingly well. He simply said that the guys on the team knew the score.

    I always liked ND. To see a team from the Hoosier state beat Alabama, Miami, and the like was always entertaining to me. Then I got to college and started dating a girl whose parents had a bunch of season tickets. Her Dad was dealing with Ed Debartolo on a project at the time. Remember that guy? Different world for a bumpkin like me.

    If the Hoosiers were off to Iowa or playing in Madison, or such, I’d brave the South Bend weather and go watch the Irish. I was broke and didn’t own a car so the trek was often an adventure as the weather turned.

    One of the things I liked best about Saturday was the way Hoosier defenders were hitting. No more of this pulling to the ground or trying to sweep their legs. They were trying to hit in the center of their body as hard as they could at every opportunity. That’s the way good teams hit.

  26. HforH; Congratulations on your ND win. It was an impressive win. I fully admit that ND is much better than I thought they were. After they narrowly beat BYU a week ago, I thought they’d get spanked at OK. But they were the superior team Saturday night. I was wrong and you appear to be right on that ND football is back. They played like a very well coached team on Saturday. In addition, I think they now have a great chance to beat USC this year (which I hope happens).

    But I guess I have a comment and a few questions for you? My comment is that you celebrate ND’s win ahead of commenting on IU’s win. That’s interesting. If you’re such a huge ND fan, why do you participate on this Hoosier Scoop blog? Just slumming to see how the other half of the college football world lives? Do you also participate on a similar blog dedicated to the “Irish Scoop?” And lastly, if IU played ND in football or basketball, who would you be rooting for? Come on now, tell us the truth.

    By the way, does anyone know where the highly touted quarterback, Gunner Kiel is on the ND depth chart? He’s obviously not first or second string. Is he being redshirted this year? Saturday’s ND starter is, I believe a redshirt freshman. If he continues to play like he did Saturday, one can assume Gunner won’t take a snap in a game until he’s a senior. My guess is that we will hear that Gunner transfers some day, probably after his sophomore season. No way Gunner will be willing to ride the pine at any school for three years!

  27. Notre Dame has a basketball team?

    I looked up the ND depth chart. It goes 4 deep at QB. The name Gunner Kiel was not among those four. I’m sure he appreciates the pressure being off.

  28. How old (or what class) are the four quarterbacks listed on the depth chart ahead of Gunner? If two or more are freshman, redshirt freshman, or sophomores, you can expect gunner to transfer sooner rather than later.

    Hhmm; I wonder if anyone will criticize the ND football coach for over-recruiting quarterbacks to ND?

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