1. So what’s with the Big Ten Channel sending this game to CBS? On my TV CBS (Channel 2 in Chgo.) has the Florida – S. Carolina game.

  2. Indiana Hoosier Football 2005-present: Worst clutch offense & defense in the history of organized football. When they game is on the line, they simply know they’re going to lose, and they go out and prove it…every…time.

  3. PLEASE can Sudfeld play now? Like I said weeks ago, you’re not gonna win another game this season, so why not go with the young guy who has a good arm? What’s the worst that can happen, IU loses, like every week? Coffman was dreadful today.

    Clarion: Chicken little, chicken little. The sky is falling. Took care of it for you, buddy.

  4. How is it that we go 3 and out on Offense (largely due to confusion on 2 plays) after holding Navy to a field goal after stopping them on the 1 yard line. Sheesh, a couple first downs and perhaps a field goal would have iced this thing. IU could and should already have 4 wins this year and in very realistic contention for a bowl game. Very disheartening loss for our Football program. IU must win at Illinois next week to salvage our season…

  5. Major meltdown the 2nd to last offensive series. We had the ball for :41 and moved it 7 yards. Maybe a lack of confidence, but it looked more like confusion.

  6. Pathetic! This team simply does not know how to win! Coffman is only good for one half of a game. It’s hard to believe he was a kid that played for a JUCO national championship. He absolutely chokes in pressure situations. Very disappointing to blow yet ANOTHER big lead. They just find every way possible to lose a game.
    Just when I was getting optimistic about them, they find a way to prove you wrong. CKW has said all along “close just doesn’t cut it” and I completely agree. The future looks bright, but the key word there is “future”. The present looks awful. While at least they are competitive this season, a loss is a loss whether it’s by 1 point or 50, the record is just as ugly. Very hard to watch them find ways to lose week after week.
    Now the only thing I can look for is to see if they will keep fighting, or if the week after week chokes have crushed the moral of the team and they go belly up like seasons past.

  7. I agree with Dunbar. I think Sudfeld should get a shot at starting. I know I don’t see what goes on during practice. I damn sure don’t have Wilson’s resume. Coffman may be more polished and have more experience. He may just burn it up in practice but, he is not winning. To me, Sudfeld seems to have “it” when he plays. Things just happen when he is in the game. Yes he had some lucky throws in the times he has played, but, I think he can stretch the D a little better.
    Maybe he plays a little more relaxed, whatever it is, whats to lose? I do know one thing, we didn’t throw deep at all tonight. Was Wilson sticking to a plan? Maybe some of you experts can shine some light.
    I have’nt commented on here in a while, you guys are hard to keep up with. Towards the end of the game I yell out “play like a Big Ten Team damnit” and scared my kids. I figured I needed to come on here and vent. Anyways, maybe those recruits will still come. Good to see more people comment on here.

  8. To be fair, Coffman really had a great game going until the end but it would be hard to claim he played well at the end. That being said, I don’t know if it was Coffman or the receivers who choked on a couple plays in the 4th. Coffman was the one who looked bad but I can’t know if it was the QB or the receivers made the wrong read. It looked ugly, though. They definitely weren’t on the same page.

    It was a tough loss either way.

  9. MSU,NAVY….Suffield should have seen some action…Kelly @ ND is not afraid to yank a QB. Possibly 2 more wins….Maybe next year….Will Suffield stay at IU? Seems like he should be more in the mix.

  10. Chet, your right. There were also a few dropped passes during the game. That said, I don’t blame Coffman for the loss. Knowing you have been around athletics, You know what I mean by “it”. I would rather IU look ugly and win, than look good and lose. I mean that respectfully, and I don’t condone sloppy play. I was suprised at the turnover statistics pointed out during the game. I wasn’t really following that stat closely. IU was leading the nation in not turning it over. I, like everyone else just want the W stats to increase. I love Wilson, and the team is going in the right direction. I would just like to see what Sudfeld could do.

  11. Bill Lynch @Indiana: 19-30 (6-26)

    “Porridge Bowl” Wilson: 3-16 (0-11)

    Two more years and PBW will have more losses than Lynch.

    Lynch was fired right after a conference win.

    PBW is safe though. He steers clear of that day in day out.

  12. Coffman can be the starter…..However, there have been situations for Sudffield to play some of the series during games and even finish games when the game is on the line not after it is over and pretty much lost…especially you can see it comming IU offense gets bogged down…Really happened in MSU game.

  13. We’ve seen it all during Bill Lynch’s last season here:

    * almost beat no. 15 Iowa with a last second TD (Damarlo)
    * matched Denard Robinson’s no. 19 Michigan punch for punch
    * lost to Northwestern by only a field goal
    * won second half at Ohio State
    * 10-10 at Wisconsin after one quarter before losing Chappell
    * actually won at Purdue!
    * IU undefeated in non-conference play (4-0)

    And? Was the future bright? Nope. We’re living it.

  14. Look, no offense intended to anyone in particular, but can we please stop with this “Indiana football is back” nonsense? We are, right now, at this moment, LOSERS. I realize young teams often struggle to “learn how to win”, but there’s a difference in not knowing how to put teams away, & giving games away. & damn right it’s the players fault. 1 positive thing I’ll point out, is that the offensive line has been fantastic, basically all year. They are primarily responsible for the improvement of the team, & that’s wonderful & encouraging going forwar, but none of it will matter untill these kids become grow up as football players. I’d rather get slaughtered like last year, than lost to teams that we KNOW we are better than. That’s dictionary definition LOSER! I don’t even care right now, I’m so disgusted. Let’s just pray these “fab flippin’ 5 or 6” will still consider coming. It wouldv’e been nice to win a road game & show our improvement in the W/L column during this CRUCIAL period of opportunity to attract big time talent, but NOOOOOOOO! I’ve got to go, I’m nauseous.

  15. Chris K (others)…I read your first line and wholeheartedly agreed with you. I’d like for the “IU football is back!” talk to go away. Matter of fact, I can not really think of a period I’d like ‘back’ except for the Mallory period (even accepting a couple of years with losing records there, we were still a good program). (I’ll add, even the ‘glory’ Pont year (1967) do not represent an established successful program. The 1967 season was ‘it’ followed by a 1968ason that started out great and collapsed around issues of the period so nothing became ‘a program’.

    So part of your view is just good perception and analysis; the offensive line is doing an excellent, excellent job. Our QB is keeping his uniform relatively clean, he is getting the time to look at the field and to allow the routes to develop, the running game is more than adequate, …all the right things are happening.

    But your jump from seeing the improvement and the development of the program to your conclusion that they are “LOSERS” right now, I disagree. Yes, ‘we’ defeated ourselves Saturday; yes, we have glaring weaknesses/holes that keep us from winning; yes, some players who are filling first team roles right now continue to show signs that they may not have the mental disposition to focus on doing the ‘little things’ that it takes to become a winner (misreading a key, committing a foul on a third down that would return the ball on a key defensive series, lining-up in the wrong place…

    But, while I am frustrated with the loss as well; I can not remember when I have watched the Hoosiers look and act and compete as evenly with quality opponents as this team has. More than the team learning to be winners, we fans need to learn how to do that appropriately, how to understand it is the process that makes winning a habit and that what changes is the personality of the players, the coaches and, eventually, the fans.

    I’m not intending for this to be ‘preachy’; to te contrary, there was so much that was good about your post that it reminded me of yesterday’s game…it was good, but just missed the point to be learned to win the next game…and those that follow.

    Go Hoosiers! We are doing doing a great thing…CHANGING OUR NATURE…stay on it!

    (By the way…you’re not the only one it happened to. It took me 4-5 hours to get over the frustration and seeing it in its own reality and context. Know how I got the point? We’re trying to teach my 2+-year old grandson to use the potty. Right now he does it well a lot. And, suddenly…. Pfftt! Brrrooom!! Ohh, I said…you were doing so good…why didn’t you go to the potty?…He looked at me and said, ‘I forgot’…)

  16. I do want to make it clear that the one group that appears to get it is the coaching staff. Their resiliency and persistence, their focus on ‘doing it right and completely’, in the midst of the disappointment, the ‘demands’ for immediate success and their ability to simply see the moment (play, game, etc) as one of a series of points that lead to the straight line of winning is a lesson we can all take. I think we will remember this season with incredible admiration (the team, the coaches and ourselves) and with great love. Just like now we look at the making of the Hoosier basketball saga in 2009, 2010,2011). Want to know why? Go back to last year’s ‘Scoop’ blogs and see the vile thrown at Watford, VJ3 and, yes, Crean himself when in fact, they were all points to one of the most lovingly remembered chapters in IU roundball history. Why do we love it so much?…because it changed us.

    That’s where this is going with football and because KW has the strength to withstand our ignorance and change it into our passion.

  17. I tend to agree with you CK. It is indeed encouraging to see the team “not quit” and “not get blown out”, but that hurry up offense in the fourth quarter with a lead (and players that are going the wrong way) is incredibly frustrating and IMHO costing IU wins.

    The no huddle is an awesome weapon, but does anybody else “hurry up” all the time??? It just doesn’t seem sound strategy to me.

  18. IU football team called LOSERS..?

    No way in hell.

    True, they lost a game or a couple games or even maybe quite a few games. But as some have mentioned here they are improving each game, getting better as an individual and a team.

    They may lose a game but they are not Losers.

  19. KK, If you ever watched OU while Coach Wilson was OC, win or lose it was hurry up offense right to the end of the game. It is just as Coach Crean did in the 1st 3 years w/o the talented horses, he ran his style of O and D. W/O the horses yet playing for the FB program Coach Wilson is going the same way for the same reason. ND has horses and Coach Kelly now in his 3rd season and up to this point in time has them winning the ones they should and winning the ones they should not and winning the close ones. And he has had some horses through it all.

  20. Actually we are losers at this point in time. Just because it’s a very unpleasant thing to say about one’s self, & because you don’t like it, doesn’t make it any less true. the challenge is to get the kids over this, “we’re Indiana & we’re not expected to win, but we’re playing pretty well. Ain’t it grand!” attitude. Surely most if no all of these kids come from winning backgrounds, un accustomed to making mistakes in crunch time, yet this is what happened yesterday with several players. I get the feeling of ’09 all over again, remember that? Dominating ranked teams on the road, then collaposing when it’s time to actually win games? That;s the legacy around here, & it’s CKW’s burden to put a stop TO THIS RIGHT NOW! Ofcoursde there’s a lot ot be excited about, have yoiu not heard me?? But the players NEED to feel like LOSERS after a performance like that at the end of yesterdays game. Not to beat themselves up, but to never want to FEEL IT AGAIN! Ofcourse I’m overreacting to the loss, but that’s what I want the players to do too! No more optimism when losing a game we should win, sorry.

  21. I know you are probably right Chris K and I probably had too many yrs of corporate positive thinking seminars.

    No way I could ever be a coach. I would have that “OK guys get out there and have fun and try for a win but play your best whatever happens”.

    Maybe from attending too many 4-7 yr old grandkids playing sports?

  22. IU’s football team does not have a very good record. They have lost some very winnable games. Sometimes they just don’t look very good.

    I don’t know the players’ bios but I’m willing to bet that each and every one of them were among the greatest athletes to play the game at their respective high schools. These guys have been extremely successful in athletics their entire life. You don’t get consideration to play at a Big Ten school, ANY Big Ten school, unless you are an extraordinarily gifted athlete. If you think otherwise than you just don’t know very much about the game. Most of these players will go on from IU to be very successful in their chosen fields after experiencing the challenges of Big Ten football.

    Losers? I don’t think so.

  23. I don’t know the players’ bios but I’m willing to bet that each and every one of them were among the greatest athletes to play the game at their respective high schools. These guys have been extremely successful in athletics their entire life. You don’t get consideration to play at a Big Ten school, ANY Big Ten school, unless you are an extraordinarily gifted athlete

    Same can be said about the kids from years past that came here to play for Bill Lynch. Now those are considered losers by Hoosier Chloroform and Holy Chet and Tswhoa-who Gonzaga and Poopdunker (who really are the ultimate losers here). PeanutButter Wilson’s pedigree has won 0 (zero) conference games so far. The ratio of conference wins under Lynch to conference wins under PeanutButter is like: ∞ (infinity).

    Supporting a coach that makes millions without justifying them to the detriment of outstanding student-athletes is the truly repulsive tendency here!

  24. Chet, youre obviously a very intelligent, level headed individual, but please! You sound like a spokesman for the intercollegiate athletic fund! I don’t mean these people are losers PERSONALLY-I don’t even know any of them, the IU football program & our fans have a mentality that is far too tolerant even in defeat, & that needs to be changed. Is that better evryone!! Gee whiz, I’m not the only 1 who overreacted here, I figured someone might get all hot under the collar if I used verbage that was too blount, but the Chetster?

  25. Not hot under the collar at all. Nothing in your post bothered me.

    Fair enough that you are referring to the program and not the individuals but don’t you think that the program is the individuals? Is there some sort of collective mindset that functions over and above what is within each of the players? At what point do you take a bunch of people that have, for all intents and purposes, always been successful but when you put them together they are losers?

    I think you have an extremely valid point that we may have been too tolerant of losing. IMHO it is why BL had to go. He was recruiting MAC level talent because it was OK to recruit MAC level talent. Those guys were probably winners, too, but they were winners that didn’t weigh enough or run fast enough to compete.

    Here’s why I think we are on the right path. Obviously, we are getting more competitive. The guys we have now can get out there and smash mouth and run with their opponents. Plus, they are young. On top of that, we are looking at getting recruits, really good recruits, in bunches.

    Look, I want to win now, too. But I do understand process. This looks like they are building a program that will compete year in and year out because guys are starting to want to come here. I think one of the reasons is because we have better coaches than we have probably ever had.

    I was sick after losing on Saturday but, unlike some others, I’d have been sicker if we weren’t competitive.

    Post more, you have a lot of good stuff to contribute

  26. RC, I’m pretty confident I’ve never called any Hoosier player a loser. I may have said they don’t weigh enough or can’t run fast enough but neither can I. Doesn’t make them losers. It just means they probably should have played somewhere that better fit their talent, but who can blame them for accepting a scholarship?

    On the flip side, you don’t seem to have any qualms about degrading people.

  27. Look, I want to win now, too. But I do understand process.

    Apparently Wilson needs time to learn to coach. I agree.

  28. Facts are fact and currently Bill Lynch has a far better record as coach at Indiana than Wilson. Whether things will change remains to be seen. Maybe they won’t.

  29. You have to give Wilson at least three to four years…a chance to recruit and develop his own choices …a chance to optimize the foundational strategies within the style of play his methods …a chance to build and refine the overall personality for his young team.

    Hoosier football will forever be a tale of horror. A mad scientist back in charge at the old castle…tinkering in his brilliance and attempting to find the mystery of life at Memorial. Voltage..voltage..voltage..and more voltage! Hoosier football has always been the piecing of many past corpses into a shocking creation we believe something resembling life.

    We should cherish these scary football tales to appreciate the beauty of natural processes, the mysteries of faith that build life beyond the science, in the humble evolution our storied basketball program with its eternal beating heart.

  30. The program is comprised of individuals, but as a whole, the mindset is different, absolutely. That’s what I mean when I point out that the players come from winning backgrounds, but IU football does not have a winning background. This createsd doubt in players mibnds, if only even subconciously. It’s about belief, we’ve gotta’ believe we can & will win. I’m no proffesional phsychologist, but this situation is as old as competition itself. Doesn’t take a pro. I believe we can win RIGHT NOW, I KNOW we can, that’s why this last loss especially bothers me so much, frustration that I may be overreacting to, but this is an issue that is CRUCIAL. A winning mindset is a must, CKW has already done something that is awesome here:the effort, that is half the battle. The other is getting the kids to KNOW they can win, if they trulyy believe they are gonna’ win, we won’t see as many miscues late in games. We are obviously on the rightr track, there’s no question, but we can do better now. This year. If the team wins tugh games this year, it will absolutely improve our already strong chances next year. We will go into 2013 knowing we can win & expecting to win, noit just hoping for the W’s with a more talented & experienced team. Regardless of my whining though, every single person that chimes in here is AWWESOME in terms of the lotyalty & support you give IU. I love that.

  31. Is Chris K. short for Chris Korman?…Really similar writing styles. Good thoughts.

    Winning attitudes may not yet be reflected on the scoreboard. Give the latest scientist a chance to sew the pieces together and maybe next year you’ll see the Memorial monster take a few steps forward.

  32. Chris K, I made it a point to make a comment based on what I thought was, to start, an excellent comment by you in #16, in particular your observation of how well the offensive line was playing and how important that was in the improvement we were seeing.

    Rightly so, you concluded that we should not get ahead of ourselves in what we knew from the beginning was going to be a long, arduous, time consuming and necessary process that would have to change the culture along with the record. I agreed with every bit of that.

    Then, to my great disappointment (in you and your comment, not in the process of developing as players and a strong, competitive team) you call them LOSERS. Not losers the noun, which I take is the noun for a team that has lost four games while winning two; but LOSERS as a noun/adjective, a description which describes the team as failures and rejects. And you describe yourself as “disgusted” with their performance.

    Had you said ‘losers’, I doubt I would have reacted (maybe disagreed but not anywhere near feeling the need to respond. You used capital letters in LOSERS, making it clear it was a remark meant to describe their condition. Now, I feel, by continuing to insist and attack the team as a whole, you are trying to be cutting and insulting.

    That bothers me. For the first time in many years that description is neither appropriate nor necessary.
    I’m not even disputing that we may still have some (few) players with a loser’s attitude; but at this point they are few and seem to be getting fewer. As a team, they have been losers of games they could have, even should have won. But, as a team they are far from being LOSERS.

    You disrespect and demean the very noble effort they are making to end the expectation of losing games that has made LOSERS of all of us at times.

    Then, after calling them LOSERS, and yourself as “disgusted”, your end as follows:

    “NOOOOOOOO! I’ve got to go, I’m nauseous.”

    Somehow I feel a need to apologize to this team; or, perhaps explain to them that two decades of losing have made us very inexperienced as fans at supporting a team trying hard and nobly to become WINNERS.

    NOOOOOOOO! I’ve got to go, I’m nauseous

  33. Bill Lynch non-conference record:

    2007: 4-1
    2008: 2-2
    2009: 3-1
    2010: 4-0

    Enter Bowl-a-Baise Wilson:

    2010: 1-3
    2011: 2-2

    Whoa! Ascending trend! Indiana Football is back!

  34. Bill Lynch non-conference record:

    2007: 4-1
    2008: 2-2
    2009: 3-1
    2010: 4-0

    Enter Bowl-a-Baise Wilson:

    2010: 1-3
    2011: 2-2

    Whoa! Ascending trend! Indiana Football is back!

  35. have made us very inexperienced as fans at supporting a team trying hard and nobly to become WINNERS.

    You talking about the team under Bill Lynch and how you did not support them then?

  36. Enter Bowl-a-Baise Wilson:

    2011: 1-3
    2012: 2-2

    Sorry messed up the dates a bit…

    But: The Boulabaise is Back!

  37. Well, I can’t say I didn’t expect this. I knew that smoe would take offense to calling the team “losers”, as if that is intended as a mean-sprited insult to US-myself included, but what it means is…what it means! Imagine that? Forget it. I knew some would react harshly, it is what it is. We’ll get over it, & hopefully start winning some of these close games. & yes, I’ve been meaning for a while to give props to the O-line. They haven’t gotten nearly enough credit so far this season. That poll on the site about the best Hoosier football player would be even cooler if it had an “entire O’line” option. I’d check it 100 times.

  38. Chris…there are some phenomenal IU fans on this blog. I suspect you join Podunker, Chet, Hoosier Clarion,Davis, Guest and others who like you bleed Crimsonin your passion, earnestness and commitment…we’ll all enjoy the good days together. As I said in my post, I generally enjoyed the post and agreed with most of the observations. The loser, LOSER distinction was the disagreement.

    May good Hoosier spirits surround you.

  39. Than k you, & yes you are correct. Want to hear some sap? Surely not, but let me indulge abnyway! My dad toofk me to my 1st IU football game as a young boy in 1980-that’s right, as painful as it is to say. IU was decentr that year & we hosted Iowa, favored to win. I fell in love w/IU football that day, even though we lost 16-7, that broke my heart. They’ve been breaking it ever since, but noone is hungrier, more DESPERATE for IU football success, god willing a Rose Bowl berth someday, than I. I realize that I get awfully passionate at times..like now, but I’ve seen all of the “potential,”, & “bright futures” too many times. We’re alive now, and it’s time to seize the day now. There are no guarantees things will work out tommorrow, or next year, as I’ve learned all to often as a lifelong fan. Now I’ll grab my hankey & bid adieu!

  40. BTW, I apologize for the constant spelling erors. My keyboard is compromised, although that doesn’t excuse me from spell-checking. It’s just that it’s so compromised that it often boots me off the page, or deletes my messsages mysteriously, so I have to send the messages ASAP. I just wanted to explain that, cuz’ normally I’m 1 that hates those type of errors, so I know how annoying they can be, & foolish they make the author(?) look. Sorry.

  41. Chris K., as a rule of thumb I don’t think anyone will ever say anything about typos and/or grammatical errors unless the purpose of the post is to call someone else stupid or uneducated.

  42. Chris. May want to be cautious if you have a compromised keyboard. “grab my hankie and bid adieu” spelling errors could make for an interesting statement.

  43. Chris, comppletely agree with Chet…. I value the thoughts, the loyalty and the passion. Spelling, technical errors (notice how often I open a parenthesis and forget to close it)…all due because we are trying to get out a thought we believe is important and urgent.

    Yes, your opinions are strong, show character, on the Hoosiers and provoke…never change, please!! Go Hoosier!

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