Mallory talks Navy game, Illinois

Indiana defensive coordinator Doug Mallory said he was mostly pleased with Indiana’s play against Navy’s triple option, though he did see a few breakdowns. Navy rushed for 257 yards on 57 carries.

“I think one of the things hurting us here is just consistency,” Mallory said. “At times I think we defended the option fairly well. Other times we didn’t fit it correctly. I think we tackled a little better here this past week than we have previous weeks, and that’s something we have to continue to develop especially as we face an offense like Illinois.”

Though the Fighting Illini have struggled mightily to move the ball, especially in the Big Ten, Mallory said he’s impressed with their talent and schemes.

“They’re pretty multiple formation-wise,” Mallory said. “I think they got great skill starting with the quarterback, the wideout, the running back spot. Even the tight end. They’ve got playmakers at every one of those positions. It’s going to be a tempo offense, a spread offense, it’s very similar to facing our own offense. They’re pretty multiple in how they’re gonna attack you. they can do it with tempo. We’re going to hopefully have a good week of preparation as we prepare this week.”