Report: Darius Latham de-commits from Wisconsin

North Central defensive tackle Darius Latham became the second of two known Indiana in-state targets to de-commit from their previous college choices in the last two days. Steve Wiltfong of reported Monday evening that Latham de-committed from Wisconsin a day after Pike defensive end David Kenney de-committed from Iowa.

Indiana has apparently maintained contact with both players even as they committed to other schools and appear to be high on the lists of both. The Hoosiers have already taken a commitment from Ben Davis safety Antonio Allen, who had previously been committed to Mississippi.


  1. Very interesting developments. One of two things is happening here in my opinion. I hope it’s the one that involves the Hoosiers. Given Wooo (BG fans you got that one) pulled the trigger I would not be surprised to see one or both Kenney and Latham at IU.

    I’m telling you, there’s a momentum out there with IU football right now. There’s a sense that Wilson will have a great offense and if he gets some defensive players something special could happen. This could be strong for the Hoosiers……I hope.

  2. I agree with Caleb; from what I’ve been reading around twitter, Kenney and Allen (and now Latham) are trying to get the state’s best defensive players to stay and play in-state. I really hope they do, this would be HUGE for the program. I can’t even begin to imagine what a Wilson/Littrell offense would do if it had a good defense to rely on. This would be just as big as the Movement was for the basketball program!

  3. Big! And a great gift for the state of Indiana we take so much pride in. Like there was a Movement, this is the Hoosier Generation that will be forever remembered for accepting the challenge and making IU football a national power. The men of the Hoosier Generation!

    These same men also dispel the false belief that Indiana does not produce football players. No other state near the Hoosiers has three major football (Indiana, Purdue, Notre Dame- four if you count Ball State a MAC power) and is still a hunting ground for BCS national powers). Should Coach Wilson’s Hoosier succeed in seeding and growing the Hoosier pride feeling clear in the message of these home Indiana players…a perennial BCS power is not only possible, it will be a legendary tradition.

    Welcome home Mssrs Allen, Kenney, Allen…men of the Hoosier Generation!


  4. Let’s not jump to conclusions Tsao, they haven’t committed yet…I’m really hoping they do but it’s nothing certain. PS I like that nickname you came up with, #TheGeneration !!!

  5. All we need is the football versions of an AE to channel his fellow All Stars to ‘The Gulch’.

    Seriously, it could happen. If anyone thinks CKW can’t develop an offense they are clueless. Give us a handful of bada$$ defensive players and we could be the next Virginia Tech (for you youngsters, 15 years ago VT was Southwest Missouri State as far as football goes).

  6. I knew the program would move in the right direction under CKW. Looking at the rest of the schedule and how we are playing, my six win prediction looks to be coming true. Kenney is blowing up twitter with Hoosier love. The future is bright for IU football.

  7. Was it not Coach Hagen 3-4 months ago tweeting some big things were going to happen with IU FB recruiting?

    Po how would these 2 D players look along with Antonio Allen in C&C?

  8. Totally agree. I think it’s an excellent idea. The three boys are a great combination of strength and coordination and this will definitely be good for the team.

  9. CKW has the Hoosiers playing as hard as any IU football team has played in years! Although the wins are yet to come, anyone with any common sense can see that the wins are right around the corner. Let me remind you that the offensive team that started the game againt Ohio St. Saturday had one senior in the lineup against the #8 ranked team in the nation. The defense started 2 seniors. This team was one more possesion away from winning. When you consider how they played against Mishigan St. & Ohio St., you must be able to see that the future is quite bright! Now that the recruiting is beginning to pick up with the comittment of Allen a month ago who is a legitamate 4 star recruit and the possibility of Kenny & Latham, also 4 star recruits committing, who cannot be excited about our football future? When in the past have we had 4 star recruits even looking at our program? There is no doubt that CKW and his coaching staff will be able to “coach em up”! Go Hoosiers!!

  10. This is HUGE! CKW is doing an excellent job with this program, the record doesn’t reflect it, but this team is night and day from last year’s team. I’m very proud of these kids for playing so hard, CKW has changed the attitude of his players and is on the verge of doing something very special here.
    Kenny has said that he WILL commit to IU, just not sure when, and it looks as if Latham will do the same. Along with Allen, that makes 3 reliable playmakers on defense. That is the only thing missing from our squad right now. Our offense can play with the best in the nation, if only we had a hint of a defense to help us out.
    Either way, it is a very exciting time for the hoosier football program. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store. Go hoosiers!!

  11. It might be very good news, but I think I’ll refrain from celebrating until after the ink is dry on their Letter-of-intents come February 3rd, 2013.

    Regardless of where these two players go, KW has improved recruiting.

  12. Whether or not these particular athletes wind up at IU is less significant than the reality that, for the first time in many years, we are actually competing for this level of talent.

  13. Aha! Tthis is what I was talking about awhile back when I said that CKW has “irons in many fires”. predicted this, & I’ve found them to be credible over the years, this is further evidence of that. No guarantees that either or both of these kids will head to B’town, but i wouldn’t bet against it. Don’t be surprised if there are more quality kids from the Indy area that open their recruitment too. I like this. A lot. What I like more though, is what we’re starting to see from CKW’s teams.Tthey are playing their asses off for him,& that is a GOLDEN quality in a coach!! It’s more important than anything else in a coaches arsenal. Moreso than recruiting, schematics. If your kids bust it for 4 quarters, you will find success sooner or later. The future prospects for IU football are giving me a chubby!!!!!(sorry for that, but we might really be on to something here!!)

  14. Down boy! Let’s see how it looks February 3rd. I think it is appropriate to be cautiously optimistic, but keep your pants on.

    iufan23; that was a great post and your comment in right on the mark! We’re now competing for much better talent. Heck, I’m just happy that Wilson is going after players of that quality. That has not always been the case.

  15. Up boy! Everyone–drop everything, stop what you’re doing, & go to The news is even better than I thought! Yes it’s true, I shouldn’t countr any eggs untill they hatch, but they’re trying to bust out for sure! We may well be on the verge of a seminal(?) moment in the hitory of I.U. football. Oksy okay, maybe I’m getting a little carries away, maybe a lot carried away, but I’m starving for success, & there’s FINALLY light at the end of tunnell for this program!!

  16. Chris K; well what does rivals say? Come on, share the good news with those of us that do not subscribe to Rivals.

  17. Well, you don’t have to be a subcriber to see the 2 headlines that addressed IU today(1 has come down since this afternoon when I posted, but nonetheless). The 1st is about Kenney, a 4-star who was a cornrstone of Iowa’s class this point & is now apparently all but officially coming to IU, & the other suggests that IU may well be the front runner for Lathum, AND, there may well be others! This may well end up being the most talented class we’ve EVER had, & heck, even if only Kenney comes, which looks like worse case scenario at this point, this would STILL be a substantial step in the right direction, & what’s more? ALL of the these players that are rumored are Defensive talents, & I don’t think I need to tell you the significance of that!! For a program like IU, bringing in several 4-star, defensive recruits FROM THE INDY AREA, has the potential to be a MASSIVE boon for the program for years to come. In recent years especially, Indianaplois has produced fantastic talent at a rate that rivals some of the most prolific hot beds in the midwest. If CKW can begin a pipeline from Marion county heading south on 37…the possibilities are soooo delicious for the program that I can hardly stand it!

  18. Chris K…I took that ride down 37 yesterday (& old 37) between Martinsville and IU and let me tell you it was beautiful. The colors – it was like a screen saver every mile.

  19. It’s an exciting time not only for the football program but for all IU sports in general! We are also #1 for Rashard Fant, a 4-star corner from Georgia. From all the twitter talk that I’ve been following; Kenney, Latham, and Allen, are trying to convince all the top Indiana players to switch their commitments. I’ve seen many tweets directed at John Kenny, 3-star LB from Carmel who is already committed to Iowa. Another player that has been getting attention is Elijah Daniel, 4-star DE who is already committed to Clemson. In fact, Daniel tweeted last night: “Texting Coach Crean #IuBball”. It seems like some of these players also want the chance to play for Crean. Either way, I’ll be happy with this recruiting class. Coach Wilson is definitely changing the work ethic of the program and getting talented players’ attention. Hoosiers are on the rise!!

  20. Ohhhhhhhh hell no, don’t even tease me about Elijah Daniel. This kid is a straight badazzz! if he flips to the B, I will have a stroke! That would mean CKW has the pipeline in effect right now! In 1 year! Listen to me, if Daniel were on the roster next year, we would be an INSTANT factor in the leaders, or legends, whichever division we’re in! Seriously, along with the other talent coming to the Defensew next year, even being freshman, who knows what could happen with 10 starters presumably returning on offense. & yes, I grew up on that drive down 37, I know how awesome it is this time of year, really all year, especially south of Martinsville. Now I live where the only natural beauty(non-human)is Lake Michigan & the Dunes. Pales in comparison.

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