Report: Elston out with meniscus tear

Zach Osterman of Inside Indiana and 247Sports is reporting that senior forward Derek Elston is out 4-8 weeks with a meniscus tear suffered in a practice injury. A source confirmed the story to the Herald-Times.

The senior forward has averaged 5.3 points and 3.5 rebounds in three seasons with Indiana.



  1. When you play hard, people get injured. Sounds like he’ll be back in plenty of time to be ready for when we really need him.

  2. Gives the youngsters more opportunity to play earlier against lesser opponents, will pay dividends during the B1G season.

  3. So much for not missing the 3-point shooting of Matt Roth in our comfortable world an overabundance of outside perimeter threats.

    Jonny Marlin sure looks like a great choice for that final walk-on spot.

  4. I do feel bad for Derek. You gotta know he was just giving it everything when it happened. He’s always been one of my favorite players. I hope nothing but good things for him. He’s one of those seniors that gives the young guys an example that is hard to live up to.

    He’s still the guy I’d least want to be guarding me.

  5. He’s one of those seniors that gives the young guys an example that is hard to live up to.

    Yea, like tripping Marcotullio. Bad karma, is what it is.

    Also stupid, irresponsible coaching.

  6. He’s still the guy I’d least want to be guarding me.

    Guarding you is the central issue here, absolutely. 🙄

    ¢het, you are so full of it—as always.

  7. Uhg…not good news, but at least it is not a season ending injury. Ding, ding…paging Jeremy Hollowell – ready or not, your time has come!

  8. Yeah, because players not got hurt on Knight’s teams.

    The Crean-haters are THE dumbest people alive (after Thumpers).

  9. well.I don’t think they are counting coach-inflicted injuries. Bur over all I agree with you Laffy.

  10. Fortunately its not an ACL. I suffered a meniscus tear many years ago. Curious if this is inside or outside or both. With meniscus he’ll have deficiencies in his movement but not as much as with an ACL. With proper surgery and rehab he’ll be fine, plus Elston is young and in great shape to begin with.

    Injuries are a part of sports. I can’t see how this is irresponsible coaching. Anyone could fall awkwardly and do the same. The good news in this is that it’s early, Elston has time to get surgery and come back. Also, IU has depth, untested depth, but depth that they didn’t have in previous years. We’ll see more of Will Sheehey, Jeremy Hollowell and Hanner Perea will be asked to step up sooner rather than later, as will Peter Jurkin.

    Sorry about the injury Derek. Heal up and come back soon baby. Go Hoosiers!!

  11. Sorry. I did not mean to imply that this injury was coaching related..

    In the long run this could be good for the team. As you said more will be asked to step up sooner and get some game time. Be a strong team going into March if all have been battle tested.

  12. Hey, Ron, my comments were meant more for the guys thinking Crean should be fined or those thinking players are being pushed too hard. But you’re right… younger guys come in and now MUST step up. IU still has Mo Creek, although I hope he can move well. I have a big question about his mobility. But Hollowell, Perea and Jurkin will need to step up. Before fans were concerned if there would be enough minutes to go around to keep everyone happy. This injury to Derek is exactly why you need quality depth. Its a bump in the road for sure, but would anyone rather it be Zeller or Oladipo? IU has options. Let’s go Hoosiers!!

  13. This is where the IU will be key. We should be fine with Perea and Hollowell stepping in. If he misses UCLA/Georgetown and UNC game that would hurt a little but BIG TEN much more important. I was at Hoosier Hysteria and Jurkin is not the answer. He is good at blocking shots but that’s it. Waste of space on offense. Actually he hurts offense cause it makes it 4 on 5. He can’t catch the ball. But Perea should be good and Jeremy will just have to move from 3 spot to 4 spot.

  14. Don’t worry. Everyone has been ignoring Steve for a long time.

    MarkMe, good assessment. We’ve done the entire knee carousel around this place. Statistically, it’s more likely the medial (inside) than the lateral (outside). You are also spot on as it’s nothing like an ACL, which involves the forward/backward motion of the knee, it, instead, stabilizes side to side movement.

    How much, and whether or not, they operate will depend on the extent of the tear. As he is an IU basketball player they will no doubt ‘scope’ it but if it were one of us moogs they might just send us on our way with a brace if it were small.

    Sucks to go into his senior year this way. It will probably affect Derek more than the team, with our new found depth.

    Unless CTC is clamping players’ knees sideways in a vice and dropping heavy weights on their feet I don’t see how a coach could cause this.

  15. Just received my monthly government subsidy, or endowment or hand-out, whatever it’s being called anymore. Off to IU to see what tickets I can get, guess just the exhibition games but I can live with that.

  16. As many have stated, at least it isn’t an ACL. Usually these are non-contact injuries too. That is what really sucks about ACL tears and Elston’s injury, probably done while cutting or changing directions awkwardly.

  17. Why doesn’t Kentucky ever have injuries?

    Good point. Ask Chet, Clarabelle, Podonkey and Goeffy.

  18. It’s really entertaining to witness the Crean-haters jump at any chance to write negative comments about IU’s coach. A player gets injured and some how Crean is to blame? Those comments are so stupid, they’re funny. The sad part is that instead of communicating their sympathy for the young man who was injured, they make this unfortunate injury into an opportunity to spew their irrational hatred.

    Get well soon, Mr. Elston. We look forward to your return.

  19. It appears the injury happened to Derek at Hoosier Hysteria. Oh, the irony…The irony of self-promotion biting a great kid in the butt, a true team player, a Sampson recruit that endured the bottom-of-the-barrel years; the same years Knight was signing contracts with ESPN and spiting us with his vengeful silence…The only other ESPN reporters wanting to spotlight the Hoosiers were guys like Seth Davis defecating on our name.

    I guess that’s my “Sage Take of the Day”…Don’t invite Lucifer to your preseason coronation.

    Get well, Derek. Be ready in mid-January and show your heart and class by letting Seth interview at the Final Four.

  20. Answer to post #19: they don’t need them.

    Crean on the other way depends on them: there’s no other way he can put together a winning lineup.

  21. I thought he said it happened before HH, Gilligan.

    And why shouldn’t there be “self-promotion” when it’s a great recruiting tool?

    And talk about being a hypocrite. You use this board to “self-promote” yourself 24/7/365 all day long.


    Hillbilly = jealous hypocrite attention whore

  22. Patience everyone. We all know how things operate in Lexington. Just a matter of time ’till they get busted again, hopefully very little time, but who knows.

  23. From Scoop’s “Ticker: Big Ten Media Day:”


    Dustin Dopirak@DustinDopirak

    Crean said Elston’s injury happened at Hoosier Hysteria. “Something happened at that game that no one could pinpoint.”

    I’m just quoting God and your love interest. Nice to see you’ve returned, Laffy. I missed you.

  24. Elston said today that his knee actually was bothering him before Hoosier Hysteria, but he took himself out of the game at Hysteria, because he could barely move. So it seems to have started before, got worse during and diagnosed in the aftermath.

  25. As I said, I was taking the word of Tom Crean as quoted by Dustin Dopirak at 10:47 this morning.

    And if we’re going to split hairs, keep in mind that in post #22 I said “it appears the injury happened to Derek at Hoosier Hysteria.”…My use of the word “appears” leaves the possibility to the facts relayed by our esteemed leader of Hoosier Scoop as not anchored in stone. There is always a window of doubt, based on the filtering and changing of anecdotal statements, and I thus left the door open.
    I didn’t phrase my statement as 100% definitive even though Tom Crean’s words appeared rather unambiguous and exacting to the place ant time the injury occurred.

    And for what it’s worth, I was also attempting to deflect the “bad karma” aimed at Elston(as if he deserved the trip at Northwestern reference) into more of a random bit of bad luck irony because of our newly found love with ESPN(an ESPN that was betting against us and fueling doubt into our Hoosiers only 8 months ago. Not to mention having a blowhard at their desk that put out a sensational piece of garbage in an attempt to play with Jordy’s head on the eve of the NCAA tournament by referencing some a-hole that called him the worst defender in all of college basketball).

    Do you want to split some more hairs? Should we now assume Derek told Crean of the soreness and he still made him play in a completely inconsequential scrimmage? Of course not….Derek had regularly experienced sore knees..It comes with the territory and players don’t often communicate slight ailments to their coach. And lets face it..Derek is a Sampson recruit and one of the few guys on the team that’s not a attention-seeking whore/pansy. He just sucks up the pain and goes after it.

    Are we done here, Jeremy? Maybe you should just pull a Kellenberger and censor me.

  26. Ron, your #17, should say thanks to all of us who contribute to it. It probably should include RMK since he probably contributes a significant amount to it as well. Now, if it is a Veterans Benefit, we thank you indeed since you earned it beyond our capacity to reciprocate for your service.

    In either case, sorry we can’t do better. Times are tough. Enjoy the game.

  27. Re #26…; “of all the gin joints, in all the towns in all the world”, ‘Rick’ (Humphrey Bogart), when he sees Marlena Dietrich sitting at his bar in Casablanca.

  28. Maybe you should pull a “Amy Whinehouse” and stop the crybaby victim act while begging for attention……

  29. I thought Ingrid Bergman was in Casablanca….? How could you mess that one up? Such a wonderful performance from Bergman.

    Same Ingrid Bergman that was in Gaslight. Tsao reminds me a lot of Gregory Anton in Gaslight. Laffy fits the bill perfectly for the maid, Angela Lansbury.

  30. OK, let me explain the part of this that I can and get out. Crean said on the podium that they couldn’t pinpoint what happened but that it happened at Hoosier Hysteria. There’s some truth to that, but it’s not the complete story. Elston’s quote about the process (and the accompanying audio if you want to hear it from his mouth) is located in the new post above.Elston said he had felt some pain in the days leading up to Hoosier Hysteria, but then went to athletic trainer Tim Garl. The pain subsided and he felt comfortable playing in Hoosier Hysteria, He got into the game there and the pain was too much. They drained fluid from his knee the next day, but he went back to practice and the knee swelled up again. They had an MRI and found the torn meniscus.
    Elston said he doesn’t know why it happened. No one hit him and there wasn’t a cut he made that stands out in his mind as the reason this happened. Because of his high school injury know, he wasn’t dealing with extremely healthy knee cartilage to begin with.
    I don’t know (and based on Elston’s answer, I don’t know if he or Tim Garl know) if the injury occurred because of Hoosier Hysteria or if the knee was already injured before hand. I certainly don’t get the impression that Crean demanded Elston play through the pain for the purpose of Hoosier Hysteria. I get the impression that Elston (and Garl) thought he was good to go and he wasn’t. When the pain became too much, he took himself out of the game. Those are the facts I have after talking to the principals. I will now remove myself from this conversation.

  31. TTG what the h** you talking about. I’ve just started receiving my SS and it will be many yrs before I break even with what I paid into it.

    Why in the world would I want to thank you?

    My comment re tickets. Games are sold out except for the exhabition games which I will be happy to attend.

    What does “sorry we can’t do better”. mean???

    WTF does RMK have to do with anything. True he was one of the greatest minds in bb before he went bad. I have as much interest in him as he does for IU. And O respect after his actions and comments.

    What the h** does “times are tough” mean??? Did you hear me complain????

  32. Dustin-

    You pulled a Seth Davis. The first draft said the knee was drained before Hoosier Hysteria.

  33. I don’t need to listen to an audio. I know what I originally read in the first draft.

    Does my quote above still stand(post #29: the one where you’re quoting Tom Crean during the “Ticker: Big Ten Media Day:”), or has that also been altered?

    I really don’t care. I was attacked when I was merely quoting what you had stated at the media event. If you want to defend that, that’s fine. It’s not like I was purposefully misconstruing facts or creating rumor. I used your words as my source. If you have more information at your disposal at this time, then that’s all fine and dandy.

    Doesn’t change the fact that I was quoting something you communicated at 10:47 this morning. Please don’t insinuate(as Laffy attempted)that I was manufacturing a lie when I was honoring your exact words. I didn’t realize the words of Dustin Dopirak are interpreted as rumor and fair game for assault in the spreading innuendo.

    Review the succession of the posts and please tell me where I invented something to deserve an attack. I went to your Media Day Ticker to follow your coverage. I saw the quote. I put the quote on Scoop. And now I’m being positioned to appear disingenuous?

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