Reports: Troy Williams commits to Indiana

Inside The Hall and a number of other outlets are reporting that Oak Hill Academy swingman Troy Williams will verbally commit to Indiana today. The 6-foot-6 swingman is the No. 35 player in the nation according to More to come.

UPDATE: Boo Williams, Troy’s uncle and AAU coach, confirmed Troy’s commitment.

“I think the biggest thing was the visit and coach Crean and his commitment to Troy,” Williams said. “He showed that Troy was his guy from Day 1. And Kenny Johnson did a great job recruiting him as well. And when Troy made the visit, the fans made an impact. Indiana fans, they love their basketball.”

Williams said Crean’s recent visit to Oak Hill for a scrimmage, immediately after Big Ten Media Day, was also important.

“To come down in a private jet just to see him scrimmage, that really showed Troy that he was Coach Crean’s guy,” Williams said.

Williams called his nephew one of the most athletic players in the 2013 class.

“He’s a sight to see,” Williams said. “He’s exciting to see play. He’s a great athlete. He’s one of the most exciting players in the class. He’s 6-foot-7, great athlete, can get to the glass, can handle the ball, run the floor. He’s an exciting player to watch.”

UPDATE: In Steve Smith’s 26 years as the head coach at Oak Hill Academy he’s sent about 160 players to Division I schools.

He’s had 29 McDonald’s All-Americans, 28 players taken in the NBA Draft, and he currently has 13 players active in the league, with Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks being one of the most well-known among them.

Troy Williams is the first player he’s sent to Indiana.

That’s a testament to the East Coast foothold that IU first-year assistant Kenny Johnson has helped the Hoosiers develop, and it’s also a testament to Williams a player that was apparently worth all of the travel the Hoosiers needed to get him.

Williams is in his first year at Oak Hill after starring at Phoebus High School in Hampton, Va. Smith hasn’t had much time to work with him, but he’s already impressed by much of his game.

“He’s a high-energy guy,” Smith said. “Plays both ends of the floor. He’s just the Energizer Bunny out there. He just goes. He gets out there and does what he does well. He rebounds both ends of the floor, and he’s going to be a great defender.”

Smith said Williams’ athletic ability could make him the leading scorer on this Oak Hill team. He has a good handle for 6-foot-7 and can get to the rim. He has range from out to the 3-point arc, but Smith said he simply needs to be more consistent there.

“He’s inconsistent, and that’s in part because he plays with so much energy,” Smith said. “A lot of the time he shoots it too quick. His feet aren’t set and he rushes some shots. When he slows down, and takes the shot, he’s very good. It’s not like he has to totally revamp his shots. It’s just about him taking good shots all the time and shooting in rhythm.”

And Smith said Williams’ most impressive talent is one that not everyone sees.

“I really like the way he passes the ball,” Smith said. “I’ve seen it in practice the last two months. In transition, he always finds the open guy.”


  1. While this is incredibly exciting news and continues to show the lure that CTC and IU offer, we still need to get a commitment from either 6’8″, 270 lb. BeeJay Anya or 6′ 9″, 222 lb. Noah Vonleh to provide strength up front for the future! With the possibilty of Zeller heading to the NBA after this season, we need help up front.

  2. Even though it’s pretty much a lock that BeeJay will be committing to IU soon, Jurkin, Hanner and Fischer makes me think we are covered up front.

  3. Makes one wonder what this means for Collin Hartman and Devin Davis. Certainly one of these guys will not be suiting up in Bloomington next year.

  4. How many shooting guards can we have on our roster? AT LEAST Hartmann or Davis, or about 4(I’m exxaggerating)others may have to get squeezed out. This borders on the irresponsible, unless there’s something that I don’t know, which there may be, but gee whiz! Anya looks like a lock? That’s the 1st I’ve heard of that. Now if he were to commit, he’s a no brainer to keep a spot for.

  5. Talk about your cup half empty…we just get one of the best ballers on the east coast from UNC and all anyone can talk about is scholarship limits. This is why real IU fans are on other sites.

  6. Perea and Jurkin are not cleared through the Clearinghouse. I also just read that an African player was just cleared at another school,but has to set out a year. CTC has no issues with nudging or pushing players out—Bobby C.,Roth,Patterson.Also some guys won’t get the minutes they want this year.Time will tell.

  7. I’m guessing Etherington transfers and Hartman decommits and goes to a mid-major.

  8. Capobianco needed pushed out, he sucked! We don’t need Roth anymore, and Patterson wasn’t pushed out, he somehow couldn’t get a C in summer school (mind boggling) so that worked itself out. Point being..if Coach has to get rid of lesser talent for someone that is highly heralded, so be it. I would rather have someone that can make an impact on the team than to have someone riding the pine all season. In this day and age where a kid’s verbal commitment means jack, I for one can’t blame him for covering all bases and loading up on recruits.

  9. Although I’ve been reading a lot about this guy recently I’ve been holding off on watching any video… Uh, damn. He will play significant minutes as a freshman. Definitely a special athlete, but has a nice skill set too. May be a tad flashy, and some of that won’t transfer, but some will. He has great court vision, not good… Great. He made some passes in traffic, on the money, at full speed that you don’t see many top PG’s making. Not sure about the shot selection I saw, but that all gets ironed out. He will play a role and has all kinds of room to improve. This kid will be a special Hoosier.

  10. What Harvard said (on a different thread). According to the map I’m not even in harm’s way but it sounds like the end of the world outside.

    I can only imagine what it’s like ‘in the path’.

    …and my baby girl is in the nexus. Fortunately, she is WAY tougher than nature.

    Stay safe, Geoff.

  11. Just in case anyone doesn’t know…Oak Hill Academy is in the middle of nowhere on the Virginia/North Carolina border in the mountains.

    Just in case someone had the idea that it is an urban setting.

    They also have many levels of basketball…just in case someone tells you their kid plays at Oak Hill Academy. Anyone with tuition money can play on one of the teams at Oak Hill.

    Just sayin’.

  12. I’m sorry, god forbid we talk about, reality. Of all things. Actually, you make my point for me Aruss, by focusing solely on the fact that we landed a great player.

  13. Ofcourse it’s nice to see a player of that caliber choose IU over UNC, Louisville, G’town, etc. But in the process, another recruit may well bolt, again,. This kind of thing could potentially hurt recruiting in the future. I don’t want to hear a couple of years from now during recruiting about that great player, or even not so great player looking elsewhere cuz’ he doesn’t trust that his committment will be honored. That’s the “other things to consider” side of the equation. Call me crazy, but I like to plan ahead, look to the future. Is planning okay?

  14. Chris C., I agree…we can not ignore. Phenomenal’s post was phenomenally nauseating. I hope no one confuses him with Hoosiers.

  15. Chet- Just the same, use your ‘dad priority, tell her to get inside in a big building and ‘she can’t go out till you tell her’. Pray she’s both safe and comfortable.

  16. Just started to sprinkle overnight. We aren’t supposed to get the bad stuff until this afternoon. Not looking forward to it… Spent about 15 hours in my yard last week trying to prep for it, just so I could spend another 20 this week cleaning up.

    An earthquake and a hurricane within 2 weeks of each other…. Am I in Maine?

  17. Geoff – Take care guy.

    Were you around PG for Charley? I’ll never forget that. Lost a house on Edgewater in PC and one in PG.

  18. Funny thing. Due to my proximity to their programs I get mostly ACC recruiting news, primarily the Carolina teams. About all these offers that go out to players, or they commit, or de-commit, or whatever. Nobody seems to care if the previous object of a school’s affection is no longer going to be their prom date or not.

    At Duke or UNC the fans latch to a player on when that National Letter of Intent gets signed. Until then it’s all just courtship. UNC has more ‘offers’ out to kids than Tom Crean ever thought about. They also have every kid that ever watched a Tar Heel game ‘committed’ by the sixth grade.

    I don’t really peruse their message boards or forums but the anguish over ‘de-commits’ or ‘withdrawn offers’ seems to be unique to IU fans among top tier programs.

    I think a little acceptance of the recruiting process is necessary. The Big Boys offer more players than they can eventually land. They just do. All of them. Also, more players commit than can actually be on the eventual roster.

    Sometimes a kid get left twisting in the wind. I know one locally. Great multi-sport athlete. On his high school coach’s advice he was waiting for “the big offer”. It didn’t come. He went back to all those other almost top flight schools that had offered him previously. Sorry kid, we’ve filled our roster. He got left out in the cold. He’ll probably end up at some place that isn’t nearly as big time as the schools he passed on before. They aren’t interested anymore.

    These top level players know the score. Sometimes it’s why the process is so unseemly. High school kids are not known for their decorum. They end up looking like jerks. But they know full well that there are more offers on the table than spots on a team. There has to be. Everyone is not going to sign and some kids are gonna change their minds (as we know).

    Don’t get all bent out of shape. The kids being recruited sure aren’t.

  19. Ron,

    Yeah, I remember Charley well. Not because of what happened in Maine though. My uncle owned the Punta Gorda Tennis Club (Ted Murray, played Tennis at Ball State) and he took a huge loss. However he was the first business I believe to rebuild and re-open on the Maine strip there. He was pretty proud of that. He has since sold and moved with his wife to India because they lost 2 condos in Charley and couldn’t really recover from those losses.

    Charley sucked…

  20. Everyone was wondering and arguing about what would happen before this season with the scholarship situation and everything ended up working out. None of us should be assuming or worrying about what will happen. Crean gets paid a lot of money to deal with this stuff.
    That said there is no way we deny Anya or Vonleh a scholly if one or both of them wants to commit to IU. Those are guys you HAVE to make room for and I hope they both commit.

  21. Twarrior – you seem to forget that many people still don’t think it “ended up working out” this year. They would say that Roth and Buss got screwed. They would say that the oversign practice will, at the least, bring bad Karma, and at worst, have a long-term, adverse-effect on recruiting because kids won’t trust an IU offer… Unfortunately for you, those are the people you are trying to address with your comment – good luck.

  22. Geoff – I guess you are right… but I don’t share their opinion… I would have loved for Buss to be at IU this year, but he couldn’t make the grades in summer school classes, that’s his own fault.
    Roth got a couple of free degrees and participated in senior night (which shows his intention was to move on and not play for IU this season). It was unfortunate he had a change of heart later and expressed interest in coming back while we had no room for him, but I don’t think you can say he got screwed.
    I agree I that its not the best feeling to think someone we made an offer to might get left out, but we were in a different situation when we made those offers than we are now. We are not the only school that has these problems and if we want to be at the top on a consistent basis we are going to continue to have these problems b/c you can never take your foot off the gas when it comes to recruiting or you will get passed up by another team/coach who has the pedal to the metal.
    I’m not OK with mediocrity just to keep good faith with a kid who isn’t going to see much of the floor during his time at IU. If BeeJay and Vonleh want to commit to IU there is absolutely no way we don’t make room for them. That would just be absurd.

  23. Geoff – India?? or Indiana ??

    TWarrior87 – I agree with Crean taking care of these issues. But I think if a scholly is offered and accepted by the kid, in writting, it should be honored. Don’t really care who comes up later. If you start kicking kids out who have signed I would think it would hurt recruitment.?? Its almost a circus out there in the recruitment world.. Who would want to sign knowing that they get kicked out if someone better comes along..

    The combination of ethics and being competitive with other schools in the recruitment, like you say let Crean deal with it.

  24. Ron – no one has signed yet… just verbal commitments, nothing is in writing… and I think this is on a different level… we may have a recruit(s) who is not even on the same level as a couple of recruits that may want to commit to IU.
    In the future we won’t have to make offers to recruits that are so far away from that level. I doubt we would nudge out a top 40 player just because a top 20 player committed later.
    Right now, we’re talking about a top 10 player and a top 30 player possibly committing, but IU turning them away b/c we already had a recruit who isn’t even in the top 150 verbally commit a couple years ago.

  25. Oh no, the “Crean is an over-recruiter” debate is back. And I suspect it will return every time a top 50 recruit commits to IU.

    I think the only thing different between now and any previous era is that sports media is so prevalent, we all know more about recruiting and the recruits decisions than we used to. Other than that comment, I think I’ll sit out this, and all future rounds of that old warn-out debate and simply celebrate the fact that IU is back in national prominence.

    Let me know when someone proves Crean is guilty of major recruiting violations.

  26. India… He met his wife in India while touring with a tennis teaching org back in the 80’s…

    Yeah, twarrior, I don’t agree with them either, but these folks are hyper-ethical and care more about the university than the basketball team… Neither are bad qualities, just need to know who you’re dealing with. Personally, my priority is watching a great program year after year and competing for national championships within the framework of the NCAA rules.

    Ron – once kids sign its different. IU can only oversign by one… They can over-commit by 20…

  27. Geoff…do me a favor please. Go outside, near the boardwalk. Suck on your index finger, raise your arm and your now wet index finger in the air and let me know which way the storm is coming from. Thanks, buddy.

    (Hell, you’ve been wanting me to write to you…)

  28. Twarrior- Roth earned every bit of his degrees and his full scholarship to Indiana. Every bit of it. More so, when a coach without ethics got Indiana in trouble and all the players left or flunked off (by not bothering to go to class and feeling an ‘in-your-face’ entitlement to do so)leaving IU in a lurch and a hell of a mess; Roth immediately stated he would honor his commitment to IU.

    That’s not just ethics, it is the mark and character of a solid individual. Never did Roth get anything not earned.

    And yes, it is my belief that sustaining the ethics and the reputation of Indiana goes solidly in front of its basketball program. Does that surprise any individual who really, really cares for our University? I want the championships, the banners, the admiration of our basketball program; but not the way Kentucky has theirs (which includes not only their reputation for illegal recruiting and illegal payment of athletes bu also a suspension for a national gambling scandal that had some of their best known players arrested and convicted of shaving points for profit).

    So…I know that it is tempting and that a great deal of self-identity for some comes from our success on the court and that many feel personally rejected when an athlete turns us down; and that some have little to do but devote their lives to as hollow and shallow an institution as the NBA …but, all things considered, I’d rather be known for my Indiana University connection in all its magnitude.

    I know you think it’s strange someone thinks like me, but consider this; I (and many others) think it is just as strange there are folks who actually think like those who agree with you.

  29. Twarrior87- BTW, Buss was given every chance to come into the university by meeting its standards. The committee that followed his case (on which Crean had not influence whatsoever other than his original recommendation that they give Buss the opportunity0 warned Buss as the summer went along and it became more and more evident that Buss was trying to cut corners and not meet his obligations. When the time came, Buss failed to meet the privilege that was the opportunity to enter IU.

    And, I do not agree that we leave it only to Crean. We pay him a lot of money and he’s earning every bit of it as well. But, he is being paid to do things the right way and to represent the University in a way that reflects honor on the institution. That’s why it’s important that he do things ethically and that the program understands it is part of the University not the other way around.

    So…it behooves all of us alums to follow up and make sure that those who represent us do so ethically. here are no two ways about that.

  30. After Sampson you can be sure there is plenty of university oversight over every move that the coaches make.

  31. Tsao!!! Long time man!

    I tried… But there weren’t any boardwalks around. Sorry.

    One of these days you’ll admit that there is about a 1000 miles of middle ground between your ideals and how UK chooses to win championships. Btw, UK has only won 1 title recently… It not like Cal has found the formula for ultimate success. Just because some of us want more talent than you doesn’t mean we want 4-6 guys every year that will only last 2 years at most.

    I know everything is either lily white or black as night to you Tsao… It’s just surprising that after so many years on this planet, and so many degrees in your back pocket, and so many wonderful international experiences, that you don’t see the all the other colors in the spectrum.

  32. @TsaoTsuG — I never said Roth didn’t earn anything, I’m not sure how you got that impression from my post. I only said I felt he in no way got screwed by Crean or IU.

    In your second post to me about Buss, it seems you are completely agreeing with what I said, so not sure if you were just saying I agree with you or what.

    Finally, I feel Crean is doing things ethically and the right way. I don’t see any issue with the way he is handling himself.

  33. Twarrior87…sorry, that’s the problem with some of the longer threads. I posted, you answered and I didn’t see it again except this evening (Sunday) and then only by accident.

    There’s no issue between us. I’m grateful to Roth for that gesture and defend him based on that. Yes, on Patterson I think we agree. (I liked the kid, his high school was our biggest rival- also Woodson’s school) and I would have loved to see him at IU. But, he got a big break on his ‘conditional’ acceptance, Crean arranged the summer and Patterson did not keep his end of the understanding. Rightfully, a committee to supervise such arrangements did the right thing and Crean did as well, putting the integrity of the program first. In particular, Crean seems to respect the relationship with the academic side so we walk the talk.

    I totally agree, Crean seems to do things ethically and there’s absolutely nothing but respect for his handling, which we should all be proud of.

    (I know there are rodent who would like us to be NBA prep who think differently. I think they are humorous and generally ignore them and they get overcome by the smell of the cheese. As long as they don’t reproduce we are ok).

  34. Actually Tsao, I’ve spent quite a bit of time on this Blog and I can’t remember a single poster ever saying they wanted IU to become an NBA prep.

    For some reason you only see 2 scenarios, one where IU recruits only 4 year players and the other where they are UK and go after mostly 1-&-done talents. You’re such a weirdo.

    Once again you fail to see reality and live in your world of black and white and hyperbole.

  35. He’s not only a weirdo, he’s a damn smart weirdo. Most men Tsao’s age are struggling for one daily bowel movement and the solving of one “Wheel of Fortune” puzzle before going to bed. It’s damn weird to have your smarts, be blogging into the late hours your passion for something, anything, when the rest your lonely world have retired to prune juice and nursing home farts. Love him, or hate him, for his “black and white world,” he is utmost unique. I can only hope I have a fraction of Tsao’s verbal zest, intelligence, wit, vinegar, piss, and “spit-in-your-eye” when I reach the days only memories so tirelessly force their will upon the mind to kill all else of youthful vigor and thought. I have a fear that I will be swallowed by the internal monsters of sorrows and shortcomings. Tsao gives me hope. Tsao is a warrior and his last battles cry from his fierce intellect. His words his sword and his joy is in the fencing of any opponent in debate. He does not discriminate on age or acumen. There is much to be learned from Tsao that transcends any our petty differences on the topics of Hoosier sports.

    I never trust the term “committee”…It’s a great form of evading individual responsibility. You help a kid through his problems and not just put him out to pasture by way of a “committee” to chew him up. Was Christ not crucified by “committee?”

  36. H4H, Even though you may be joshing, the description in your post about people the age of TTG and myself is idiotic. But after all it is a blog so have fun and TTG and I will have ours too by continually handcuffing you to your outrageous posts.

  37. Hey, outrageous can be fun.

    So serious.

    While he takes the occasional potshots at TTG I think Harvard has respect for and, dare I say, a certain fondness for him.

    I think Harvard views most of us as his dysfunctional family. Hey, I talk to you guys more than my ‘living in their own little Fox News world’ sisters. If (when?) FN told them the sun was a big egg yolk there would be no talking them down. At least you guys (the ‘regulars’, at least) can give me a semi rationale reason for your opinions.

    I’ve only actually crossed paths with Dustin, albeit briefly, but we’re all here for our common feeling about our Hoosiers. That’s a lot more in common than you’d find in your average coffee shop or bar.

  38. Sorry Chet, just like fools I do not suffer outrageous well. As far as your fantasy of FNC, welllllll. Not much frivolity clutters my life, like big egg yolks in the sky. But press on, as I stated above it is a blog. “His” dysfunctional family??

  39. I love how TT says “We need t make sure we stay on teh coach to make sure he does things right” when he did nothing but smooch Bob’s butt while he treated people like dog feces.

    “Doing it right” doesn’t just mean following all the rules.

    And it doesn’t mean just treating “some” people with respect.

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