1. So we finally ran into a team willing to beat itself. A team that can give 100+ yards in penalties and struggles to make a fair catch or keep their QB from being sacked. A team that lost their head coach last year (Ron Zook who led them to back to back postseason victories in 2010 and 2011) and are currently under first year coach Tim Beckman.

    Great win. At this rate the next one should come right before Wilson’s contract comes up for renewal. Why risk: Glass, renew Wilson’s contract now!

  2. To “The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations”, the next win will be next week. I can’t wait to see your next negative post about a Hoosier win against Iowa.
    Go back to posting on the Purdue site.

  3. I hate to see Dustin go, but he’s ready for a bigger gig.

    He’s too good at his craft to be hidden down in the hills of Bloomington at HT. I’m predicting Dustin is going to land at a prominent sports desk within the next six months.

    I’m thinkin’ maybe a television sports anchor position.

    I would love to open the next five years of ScoopTalk videos with the impeccably professional Dustin Dopirak leading the discussions, but a scene from “Good Will Hunting” keeps playing in my head…
    I make fun of the Establishment because I never had the gifts or drive to be part of that crowd. Dustin has the potential to break through. Nothing would make me more proud to know his humble roots were tied to covering Indiana University sports.

  4. Ron, he posts here because he has nothing else. Every negative thing he’s been posting about the Hoosiers has ended up being completely wrong and it’s just killing him.

    If we win another game, particularly if it’s Purdue, that should just about do it for him. I’d be lying if I said it’s amusing to hear him squirm. It’s almost painful.

    He’ll try to come back with a rhetorical barb of some kind which, as always, will fall flat. It’s hard for him because everyone here is happy and he is depressed.

    I hope he can find something going right for him.

  5. 10 Chewt
    9 Cheap
    8 Cheat
    7 Chest
    6 Chute
    5 Churl
    4 Chafe
    3 Chunk
    2 Stink
    1 Ar’reem

  6. If we win another game, particularly if it’s Purdue, that should just about do it for him.

    By the way. Bill Lynch’s game was a win. Away at Purdue. There was an imbecile on this site who was signing “BeatPurdue” and who could not shut his piehole up yelling that Bill Lynch needs to be replaced ASAP. Game in, game out, that was his motto. Then Ol’ Bill actually took back the Oaken Bucket to Bloomington in his very last game. And from the imbecile that signed “BeatPurdue” nobody ever heard a single word after that game, or since.

  7. If we win another game, […]

    Way to show your confidence in Pancake Wilson, Chewt, Cheap Cheat, Chute Churl, Chafe, er … I mean, Chump.

  8. You know almost all of these comments are from Harvard. His writing style is so so easy to recognize

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