So this just happened…

Twitter can be a strange place. And because so many of you who read and comment on the Scoop have expressed your unrelenting disdain for that particular brand of social media, I feel it necessary to sort of downplay the following as breaking news. But in the same sense, those of you who are following closely the current narrative of Indiana football recruiting should probably at least know about this, and other media members have already noted this exchange on their blogs. It’s possible I just caused David Kenney to declare on Twitter that he’s committing to Indiana tomorrow.

Kenney, the four-star defensive end from Pike who recently de-committed from Iowa, has spent most of this week on Twitter making it exorbitantly clear that he intends to commit to Indiana though he hasn’t actually done it yet. His profile picture is of him and several other Indiana high school stars (Antonio Allen and Darius Latham among them) wearing IU uniforms with a heading above saying “This Would Change Indiana Football,” and below saying “Homegrown.” About 20 minutes ago, he put out the following post.

“Can you say Fab 5? #IUFB”

(NOTE: I’m not going to try to explain the purpose of hashtagging here, but the point is, IUFB stands for Indiana University Football and I’m not exactly sure which of the other highly touted in-state recruits would be considered part of said Fab 5, but it seems easy to presume that he includes himself).

Having read this and several other posts along the same vein in the last two days, I posted on my account effectively wondering aloud when he would get it over with.

“At this point, I’m not sure what David Kenney is waiting on to make this official, but he’s done everything but commit,” I said. I also included his Twitter handle so he would see it.

Moments later I got a response from him: “hah Friday.”

Of course, I understood I was dealing with a 17-year-old kid who may or may not have known who I was and to how many people I could quickly disseminate said information. So I responded as follows.

“Can I retweet that or are you trying to maintain suspense? (Read my profile before answering)”

His response: “you can”

Now, needless to say, this whole thing is rather strange. I can’t say I’ve ever seen something like this happen,  and I also can’t ignore the possibility that someone either hacked into Kenney’s account or that one of his buddies managed to get on his computer and caused some mischief. I sent a reply asking for him to send contact info to speak by phone and he has not replied. So I’m not suggesting that this is ironclad and brilliantly sourced news here. But I relay all this simply to say, don’t be surprised if Kenney makes it official tomorrow.


  1. DD, I’ve been reading during the day on 2 other sites the IU FB Fab5 will consist of 5 of the following 6.

    …Kenny, Kenney, Allen, Latham, Daniels and Kimbrough…

    …and tomorrow is the day…

    …Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to KW and staff if true…

  2. Wow…either 5 of those 6 would be HUGE for the program! I’m still a little skeptical though. Until I actually hear it from them. Still excited to see who commits.

  3. I don’t care how it happens, I just want it to happen! It would be great! I believe IUFB can win the next 3 games from the improvement that continues to show and go into the Wisconsin game in B-Town 5-4! GO HOOSIERS!

  4. HC,
    Kimbrough is the only one that still feels like a real reach to me. Obviously Allen has committed already. Kenney appears to be in the bag and I can’t imagine Latham de-committed for any other reason. When I talked to Allen when he committed, he suggested Daniel was up in the air, but he told me then he thought Kimbrough was a lock for Georgia, that he was too excited about that to change course. Maybe if the other four commit he’ll feel the pressure, but if there’s one guy that I think will be the most difficult for them to flip it’s Kimbrough.
    Again, not suggesting I’m THE authority on this. Osterman and Weaver live this stuff, and they probably have a better handle on it. But that’s my guess.

  5. Any chance of starting Sudfield this weekend? IU can take out Navy this weekend either way! I agree with Mike W… Go Hoosiers!

  6. Yeah Kimbrough would be unreal, but I think he seems like he is pretty solid. Daniel would be a nice flip from Clemson. I’m guessing when he says Fab 5 it would be all defensive players, but I know they are close to Chase too, so something tells me they are including him in there too. That kid is going to be a great player in our offense.

  7. DD, I suppose that is why Kenney is saying 5 of 6 because Kimbrough is the outlier of the group. In my mind 4 out of 6 would be sensational.

    Caleb, if Chase Dutra handles the ball at IU it will be on ST’s. He has been recruited for his athleticism and will be put on D as a safety and if he grows enough will end up as a LB. Coach Wilson knows studs are also needed on defense to be successful.

  8. just check elijah daniel’s twitter and he’s been “texting coach crean #iubb”

    dude….is what’s about to happen WHAT i THINK is about to happen………..

  9. Tom #2–ditto here

    WOW!!! If this pans out, this would be the start of a game changer for IUFB. We already have the coach(KW)and the offense. Having better players for the defense was the missing ingredient.

    I really like this years team. They may be overmatched; but, they play hard and never quit. Such a refreshing change from the last 15+ years. After looking at next years scheduling, I think we will win at least 6 games. At times we seem to forget how young our team is.

  10. A reason to have excitement over IU football recruiting? Can it be true? If this is a dream induced by the almost 103° fever I’ve had since last night, no one wake me yet!!!

  11. I agree with vgBMG.

    The guys on IUFB seem to be “all in” with CKW’s leadership. Improving the defense would make IU very competitive.

    There are currently 8 seniors on IU’s roster, 5 of whom I believe contribute significantly (hope I got the numbers right). IU plays 36 soph or frosh making what I have heard is the youngest football team, not only in the B10, but also in the nation. Is that right? Can anyone else verify that stat?

    Either way, I hope we hear some great news form these “Homegrowns”.

    Go IU!!

  12. Read where Kenney is now saying the Fab Flip5 and then shortened it more to just the Flip5. If John Kenny de-committs serious things are going to happen. These players are recruiting each other but the IU coaching staff has made a difference.

  13. Trying to control my excitement. At this point, anything lesss than 4 of the fab 5, or 6,will be dissapointing. Kimbrough would only be icing on the cake, I don’t think that will happen & I don’t really care so much about it. It’s Defense that would “flip” the program. Daniel is the 1, the silver tuna. If he comes, it goes from a very good class to a real showstopper for Wilson & the program. Again though, in reality, even 2 or 3 would be reason for optimism, in case that’s what happens. Which I hope it doesn’t!

  14. I like how Dustin is embracing the new media world by getting scoops through twitter. Finally, a forward thinking journalist who isn’t just using Twitter for narcissistic ramblings.

  15. If IU gets all of these guys to commit, would it be possible that IU could have a top 10 recruiting class coming in with the JUCOs that are coming in too? That would be a shock to college football.

  16. Good players with this staff means Ws! 54-49 against OSU? Wilson’s guys are turning everybody into studs. Just think how good we would be if they are already studs coming in.

  17. I have heard that IU is the youngest team in D-1, again(I beleieve they were last year too), not sure if that is so, I think there may be more than 1 way of measuring that, but regardless, they are obviously still quite young. With the current depth chart, we would return 10 starters on offense & 9 on defense, & if these defensive studs show up, along with the schedule next year, you understand my excitement.
    Freshman are freshman, speaking of the potential recruits, but when the cream of your crop lies ECXACTLY where you need the most help, & it’s SWEET cream,the potential for improvemnent is greater than with the average recruiting class. This is a long way off ofcourse, & we don’t know what/if any of this will happen, not to mention redshirt possibilities(which I doubt under the circumstances, but nonetheless), but I will not let that dampen my fervor!

  18. Another thing that I like, is the fact that there are several other very good players that are not amoungst the “homegrown fab5/6” that are still very much a possibility to join the 2013 class. A couple of JuCo’s & several more 12th graders that are still very much in play–seemingly giving IU a much longer look than ever before, & obviously the more studs that join, the odds of attracting others increases. So, it’s not just the fab flips that could make the class so successful. Just something to keep in mind and hope for.

  19. It’s too bad that 4 and 5 star football recruits- particularly defensive players – can’t make an immediate impact their first year, like in basketball. Fingers crossed that K-Wil will be around long enough to coach these guys as juniors and seniors.

  20. 1. Wilson we be around.
    2. Disdain of social media is based on old media commentators echoing their constituency. My M.S. thesis at the U. of Chgo. was about the use of social media (or lack thereof) in disaster response and recovery, and let me (someone who can’t even figure out Facebook) tell you that social media is not about technology- it’s about human nature. The U.S. military relied heavily and well on crowdsourcing to facilitate its response to the Haiti earthquake. See also Mendoza, Poblete, and Castillo “Twitter Under Cirsis: Can We Trust What We RT?” SOMA ’10 Proceedings of the First Workshop on Social Media Analytics.

  21. Davis, I’ve never given much thought to part 2 of your post but i now believe you a re very correct. With awareness the of human nature aspect what else could we expect? Good post.

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