1. Dustin was this done with the thought we may not a have a full team once the season even begins. How in the world can people can say we are on top of college basketball when we may not have a full team to start with. Rumor is going around that we may not have two of our big men. Derek now being hurt and that leaves us very short handed there. Have you heard anything on this so we can put that to rest so we can move forward and start this season with a whole team?

  2. Explosivo for sure on this one Dustin. Saw the Big Ten Media Scoop Talk with regards to the NCAA clearinghouse non response from Crean. Is there a thing going on?

    With Guy the final decision did not come until the end of Nov after the appeal was denied.

    Theo I assume you are talking about Perea and perhaps Jurkin.


  3. Lucifer was in Bloomington? Guess that explains Elston’s knee injury.

    Wow..First I’m responsible for the IU logo leaving Crean’s Twitter page. Now I have Lucifer in such a fuss that he wrote three pages of nothing he holds true in his heart..Then again, does the Devil ever have a heart or know truth?

    The only thing that would make Seth Davis’s year is the piling of this brick by brick giant blue “tell me what we don’t know” empty wall of hype poo and then watching us fall on us by way of a loss to San Diego State in the opening round.

    Knight may have taught that Dukie diamond dealer coach down in Durham everything he knows about hoops, but he wouldn’t have never allowed, Satan Seth, one of K’s Establishment troops, three miles from an IU practice without paining his scrotum in permanent candy stripe and then kicking it inside out. The Establishment Devil easily seizes upon the weaknesses of the self-infatuated…And we all know how Tom Crean is a puppet on a string if there’s a microphone dangling above his “ready to explode” attention-seeking head.

    And this is supposed to surprise me, Dustin? Seth softening us with his sweet marshmallow talk? Nice piece by Davis. It’s just too bad Dustin Dopirak doesn’t have 1/2 the love for Indiana as Seth Davis. And like the rest of his East Coast bandwagon clan, Davis only boards a train that the rest of the Establishment has already bought a ticket. He truly doesn’t have a clue what enabled the Hoosiers to break through last season. Where was Seth and Dustin when Harvard was talking of 22 wins and a top-10 ranking by mid-December last season?

    Two of our greatest assets last season were the phenomenal and crafty backup post play from Pritch and the pure happenstance of Remy Abell getting on the floor….(another unheralded Sampson recruit and a kid Crean had no intention of giving minutes to as long as his “chosen one” could soak up the glory). You won’t find any old notes of true understanding the game in Seth’s blue purse. Here’s a few examples of notes from last year he kept in his clutch:
    “overrated”…”will exit in the opening round against New Mexico State”…”blowhard Jesus freak as a coach that couldn’t coach give his team five minutes of Bobby’s genius in five years”…”homely runt from Bloomington that is the worst defender in all of college basketball”..”I am the Devil..I wish nothing but eternal grief for Indiana and their charlatan preacher.”

    And taking the ball out of Jordy’s hands may not be as wise as a wise man’s(Devil’s) bet. And Matt Roth would have sure been some nice perimeter insurance instead of a Bible school freshman walk-on transfer(more a munchkin in stature than Hulls)only good to us for cheers and Joyce Meyer quotes from the bench.

  4. The boilermaker trolls sound so foolish now. 4 years ago there was plenty of slop to feed on, now there is nothing left for them to eat. Pathetic starving creatures.

  5. Yep, always best to fire a coach when they get the program to the highest stature, with the most talent it’s had, in years…

    I can’t believe UNC hasn’t fired Williams after last year and what was Kansas thinking keeping around Self. No question that Duke fires Coach K and MSU fires the ever-inept Izzo after failed runs this year.

  6. Remy was a Crean recruit. But by all means, feel free to make things up to suit your agenda.

  7. Sallad, perhaps he was thinking of another recruit from Kentucky. Bud Mackey. Yes, he was a Sampson recruit.

  8. Yes, I know Remy was a Crean recruit. Duh. I’ve only been his biggest advocator on Scoop. I wanted Crean to put Remy in candy stripes a couple months before our coach finally offered him a last minute scholarship. I saw the moxie, b-ball IQ, and the potential in the kid long before he finally got his minutes to shine.

    My above references to Pritch and Remy should have read “respectively”…

    correction: (another unheralded Sampson recruit and a kid Crean had no intention of giving minutes to as long as his “chosen one” could soak up the glory, respectively).

  9. How can you guys call yourself “The Scoop” when you’re always LAST with recruiting news?

    Troy Williams picked IU today and everyone else has the story up but you.

    Have you EVER actually ever “Scooped” any of the other outlets?

  10. Laffy, I’m pretty sure they have to scoop up loads of B.S. after your unhinged rants on the Scoop.

  11. Laffy – Think Dustin is agreeing with you.

    Who – I don’t think Laffy even comes close in the “loads of BS on the Scoop” He would not even get Honorable Mention on who leads in BS.

  12. who— Right. I’m worse than Hillbilly who does nothing spew “look at me” nonsense the ENTIRE day and TT with his “Knight is more pure than Jesus” baloney. (rolleyes)

    Ron– Ok. They put up some good info….just don’t they ever “scoop” anything.

  13. I thought Dustin recently broke the recent football recruiting news with the Twitter interception/communication(If memory serves correct, wasn’t the thread titled “So this just happened”..?) Doesn’t that qualify as a ‘scoop?’

    Dustin also works for a Bloomington newspaper with a long reputation for covering IU sports.. Hoosier Scoop serves as a branch of that paper. Articles are often linked from Scoop to HT. Many of the other sites live by rumor and pushing the edge on getting out news before it’s officially confirmed from solid sources. That may be fairly dangerous for a local newspaper journalist working in such close connection to the IU coaches/programs. He can cut his own throat from access if he jumps the gun on a breaking story or extrapolating information into gray areas based on conversations with players/recruits.

    Look how much sh*t Dustin took for the Roth stories last summer. Was he not crucified by another outlet for what they claimed his making something out of nothing in the lack of communication between Roth and Crean regarding Roth’s status for the upcoming season? We all know that Roth was given the shove and the silent treatment. He covered for his coach and Dustin became the fall guy.

    Dustin’s strength is in his deeper analysis of the games, his breadth of knowledge in the major sports, and his excellent reporting/camera skills.

    It takes a lot more than breaking stories to keep readers interested. It takes dedicated coverage and skilled writing. And it’s not just about Dustin. Andy, Jeremy, Matt..They are all excellent at their crafts. Scoop has had many fine journalists come and go(and go onto some very good gigs).

    There’s no question in my mind that Hoosier Scoop reigns supreme when it comes to IU sports coverage.

  14. Dustin has been good to Harvard. I’d like to think he’d change the Establishment for the better.

    He’s the first Scoop reporter that has sincerely engaged his readers. That means something to me. It means he’s genuine. He’s willing to spar with his readers and thus make them feel more equal in the process of talking about our passion for sports. He may one day work in the Establishment, but he embodies qualities and a decency in his core foreign to most their card-carrying members that have learned to talk down to people through the years of elitism practiced.

    In a nutshell, Dustin doesn’t play the typical Establishment card in pretending to know it ALL. And though he obviously has far more command the topics his faithful followers and readers, he doesn’t put down his audience. That’s very refreshing.

  15. Geoff-

    Stay out of harms way…Sandy sounds like a hell of a big storm bearing down on the Northeast.

  16. “Fall Guy” is in the eye of the beholder (Lee Majors?).

    Nothing that has happened around here has put any sort of ‘taint’ (hey, hey, it’s a family site) on Dustin.

    Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it affects Dustin or his reputation.

    You couldn’t ask for any more honesty and objectivity than we’ve gotten from ‘The Big D’.

  17. Roth should have had some balls and stuck up for Dustin instead of the coach that let him rot all summer.

    And many were trying to insinuate Dustin was manufacturing stuff..It was obvious and pretty pathetic. They’ll go after anyone to save the precious image of a coach. I certainly don’t believe Dustin’s image was tainted by the blasphemous a-holes.

    I was only using the example in attempting to illustrate how you can be “damned if you do, and damned if you don’t” in the world of a journalist covering IU basketball(e.g.reporting on “scholarship crunches”). If you know too little, you’re not doing your job…If you question too much, you’re attempting to undermine.

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