Wilson returns admiration for Meyer, and other notes from the press conference

In his press conference Monday, Ohio State coach Urban Meyer called Indiana coach Kevin Wilson “an innovator,” and said he occasionally stole things from the former Oklahoma offensive coordinator’s system.

Wilson seemed somewhat taken aback by the compliment, but said he has always been impressed by Meyer’s coaching style as well. Though both men are known as exceptional x’s and o’s coaches because of what they have done to make their spread offenses effective, Wilson said that what he believes is most important and what he believes Meyer does well is get the most out of his players.

“It’s nice to be an innovator, but I’m not an innovator as much as we’re trying to get guys to play hard and play physical,” Wilson said. “If you watch Coach Meyer and watch them coach and watch them do things, that’s what they’re doing. That’s kind of in the realm of what we’re trying to do.  It’s nice to have schemes or concepts. We attacked Michigan State last week differently than most people because our dynamic and our playmakers give us a chance. … What I like about coach Meyer is he’s been very innovative from what he does, but there’s a brand of football that’s toughness, attitude, playing good defense and coming at you. … That’s still the essence of football. You can window dress it all you want. Shift formation, I-formation, huddle up, not huddle, three-man, four-man, two-deep, quarters. It doesn’t matter. It’s a physical, combative game, played hard, and that’s what I think he’s got going on at Ohio State now. That’s what we’re getting to at our place is bringing the physicality and toughness. To me, it’s nice to be thinking you’re innovative, his offense is one of the premier, but if you cut all of the window dressing out, there’s fundamentals and basics that win. That’s what they do at Ohio State. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

Wilson and Meyer coached against each other twice, first in 2001 when Wilson was at Northwestern and Meyer was the head coach at Bowling Green. Wilson said Bowling Green won the game on a two-point conversion using the exact same reverse play Wilson used when the Hoosiers scored a two-point conversion on Northwestern two weeks ago. They also played in the 2009 BCS National Championship Game when Meyer was at Florida. The Gators won that game to give Meyer his second title in Gainesville.

Other notes from Wilson’s press conference

— Wilson said punter Mitchell Voss will miss several weeks with a hairline fracture in his ankle. Erich Toth will continue to be the punter.

—  Wilson and all of Indiana’s coaches have gushed all weekend about Braxton Miller all week.

“He’s the guy that makes it go,” Wilson said. “Because of his ability, he’s the best runner on the field, and he’s also a guy that can throw the thing. Very seldom do you find guys who really can throw that can run or guys that can really run that can throw. He’s a little bit more of a dynamic runner than a thrower, but he throws the ball well and you have to commit so many guys up there, a little bit like you’re playing Denard Robinson. Sometimes you’re guys can get your eye off your target. You have to commit so many guys to the run, whether you’re shadowing or spying him or just canceling gaps putting people on him, as soon as somebody gets his eyes off the receiver, here comes the play-action pass and you really can get burned.”

— Wide receiver Kofi Hughes has been limited with bruising in his back after taking a hard hit in Saturday’s game. Wilson’s explanation of the injury was entertaining but also sort of difficult to interpret.

“If he was a horse, they’d have shot him,” Wilson said.”He’s lucky he’s not equestrian, because a greedy vet would’ve took him out the other day. He would’ve been long gone. He’s got a bruise, a little limited right now. We’ll see as it goes, but God bless him that God made him a man instead of an equestrian, because he would’ve been out. But he’s got a bruise. It’s a back deal, he got hit in the back on the deal, helmet to the back. It was actually by his shoulder. It looked like a kind of a glancing blow. I think he’ll be OK. He’s been a little limited the first two days, but he’ll need to get a good go tomorrow, and get rolling Thursday and get in a rhythm.”

— Linebacker Chase Hoobler still isn’t practicing because of a nerve issue in his neck/back.

“He still has not practiced coming off his neck deal,” Wilson said. “Until he gets going, he’s missed enough. My opinion now is it’s going to take him maybe a little longer to get his feet back because he’s missed three to four weeks. He’s running, and doing things but he’s not gotten the range of motion where our doctors (will clear him.)”

— Wilson was asked about the offensive inconsistency and why the Hoosiers were so good in one half the last two weeks and so bad in the other. The Hoosiers scored zero points in the first half against Northwestern, 29 in the second. Against Michigan State, they scored 27 points in the first half, zero in the second.

“I just think it’s easy to be a little bit off,” Wilson said. “Execution, play-calling, line of scrimmage, quarterback, all the guys in sync, protection run, perimeter blocking when you’re running, protection when you’re throwing, quarterback making decisions, it just takes a little bit to be off. When you’re playing a good defense, we played two teams that were decent, one of them extremely good. Those guys Saturday are pretty good. … To get what we could and work those, we got a chance. I think it was a lack of maturity, focus. it’s not a pep talk. There were some plays we ran in the second half were the same as the first half. The ball didn’t get delivered, running game wasn’t quite as good. They were gonna make it difficult to run. That was tough too, because you want to try to work the clock because you know you’re up. But part of our deal, if we’re not going fast, we’re struggling against you, we gotta go fast, so you’re sitting there, ‘how do you balance that?’ You gotta work the clock make the game slow, but you go slow, they’re teeing off coming at us. You go fast, you don’t execute, it’s 30-40 seconds and the defense is back out there. Against it’s a good defense, it’s a little bit harder. I wish there was a magic wand, magic potion. There’s plays that we’re doing sometimes work, sometimes don’t. It’s just 11 guys playing as one. When we click as one, we’re not great, but we’re pretty good. But when one guy’s a little off, it can be enough to get us out of rhythm and be third and long.”


  1. If Wilson ever becomes a legendary football coach, his quotes will be remembered right along with Yogi Berra’s. An equestrian is indeed a man- one that rides a horse (when the adjective is used substantively as a noun).

  2. Yep funny guy… Wonder if it was intentional dumb humor or intentional humor with unintentional vocabulary?

    Is Wilson an equine’s ass?

  3. Davis- most of KW’s statements are worthy of filing. His descriptions of the game of football and what it asks for from its participants are classics of ‘street philosophy’ that remind me of statements BK used to make in his more thoughtful moments. Then, his (KW’s) understated ‘British’- South Carolina understated sense of humor can be very amusing as well. As in ‘They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?’

    That, at least to me, is what makes some characters so worth following, how much they are a part of our popular culture.

  4. I don’t think CKW has any history of living in South Carolina. I believe he is from Maiden, NC, not too far from my humble abode.

    Aside from having ‘Carolina’ in the name the two states don’t have much in common. We had a Nobel Prize winner in chemistry named yesterday. In SC they don’t put salt on the tables due to safety issues.

    I worked in SC for 7 years. In most restaurants (I am not making this up) menus offer “cold slaw” and “toss salad” (I assume Jeb Toss was a Civil War hero). Another regular menu offering is an “aplenty”. It is like a “platter” only, instead including a salad or cole slaw, it includes the entree, French fries, and onion rings. You should wash this down with ‘sweet tea’ loaded with so much sugar no more can dissolve.

    I can’t imagine why obesity and heart disease is such a problem. I never saw so many fat people in my life.

    I digress, CKW grew up in NC and attended UNC before taking a handful of coaching gigs at various levels around the state including at UNC while he picked up his masters degree. I don’t think he ever worked in South Carolina.

  5. Hell Chet I’ve eaten tons of cold slaw. Must have been cold slaw, it was the fridge. Now I am not to sure about that toss salad but it must be true too as I’ve spent many days in S.C. although I fail to remember the ingredients. Much like the fellow at a restaurant who orders a bowl of chili and proclaims “where is the macaroni”. Makes me chuckle.

  6. One of the statewide favorites (as common as a hamburger in Indiana) is a ‘chili cheese aplenty. That’s a cheeseburger (the cheese is that gooey orange/yellow stuff you pour), smothered in canned chili, served with French fries (also smothered in ‘cheese’ and canned chili), with onion rings and ‘sweet tea’.

    It looks like it should be served in a trough.

    I was about 30 when I went to work there. I worked out of one of the largest medical centers in the state. Fifty percent of the people I worked with had the same attitudes toward racial issues as their grandfathers would have had in the South in 1958. I can honestly say that I never met as many backward bigots in 20+ years in Indiana as I met my first week of work in South Carolina.

    When the system hired it’s first black paramedic they actually felt the need to have a staff meeting to advise my co-workers to be more judicious when using the ‘N-word’ around the new employee.

    I choose to commute 60 miles to work as I did not want my children growing up and attending schools around a populace as backward as that.

    We used to joke that there was a time change between Asheville and South Carolina…50 years.

    Sorry, to venture so far off track…had a little cultural flashback, there.

  7. Those (cultural) off-ramps are fun. I remember one Labor Day about twenty years ago writing a story about the cultural meaning of sausages during Labor Day in Chicago. Each ethnic community has their own version; the Mexicans have their ‘chorizo’ whihc is different from South American ‘chorizo’ (which has its own spicing’, the Italians have their Italian sausage, Greeks have their, the Polish theirs, the Bulgarians and the Serbians, the Germans have their bratwurst and 100 other provincial types, Red Hots, and so on and on… I was covering all the ethnic groups in the park/beach on the North Side not too far from Wilson Ave and when I got there found this yellow cloud of smoke hovering over the entire area and this beautiful, wonderful, strong aroma of burning spices and wood and every kind of ground meat there is.

    Never stopped thinking about how much that cloud was exactly what Chicago is. So I ended up writing a column that suggested replacing the three stars in the Chicago flag with a big, smoking sausage and the words “Chicago…the Big Chorizo” instead of ‘City of Big Shoulders’.

    Anyway, digress away…we get pretty good and civilized when we begin discussing food. Maybe we should put together a “Hoosier Scoop Recipe Book”.

  8. I took quite a few years of Spanish in school, most of which has parted from my brain. I do remember taking a semester at IU and the instructor was from Chile.

    Well, let me tell you, that was a whole new language from the one I had been studying for several years. I may have been more prepared to converse with a Chilean but it otherwise just left me confused.

  9. Must say though the time(work and leisure)I spent in SC I thoroughly enjoyed. Met some real characters. All but 2 were genuine and those 2 were transplants from much farther up the seaboard. The other southern state I enjoy as much or more than SC is the “show me” state. The people living around and in the Ozarks are fascinating to do business with.

  10. Chet- Yes, I know…I was raised right over the ‘hills’ (20,000+ Andes MTS) from Chile, in Argentina. Chile has a mix of indigenous (Araucans Patagones,Pampas), Spanish and a lot of German,central Europeans and Irish (their greatest hero was Bernardo O’Higgins).

    As far as language, Buenos Aires (capital of Argentina)takes the prize. As a city, at one time 60% of its population had been born in Italy (ca 1910). A friend once jokingly described it as an Italian city, that speaks Spanish, admires the French, and wished they were English/ (or Americans). It basically had the same kind of immigration as New York and Chicago. They had a street language (developed in the more marginal sectors to hide their intent from the authorities) that combined Spanish, Italian and Portuguese and developed a New York/ Chicago ‘street’ talk known as Lunfardo that became the basis for the Tango’s lyrics. It’s a really humorous language, visuali-imagery based language. A guy may say the equivalent of, “I stepped in the lane with complete control and, at the last instant…as I’m about to dunk, the dwarf in the stripes calls ‘3-seconds’and waves it off,…man, was I sweating on the trip back!!”…to describe an episode of heavy breathing with his lady.

    Beautiful, colorful people and places, both Argentina and Chile…and great, great food. The meat is to die for (all grass fed) and some incredible, not yet too discovered wines.

  11. BTW- You are absolutely right about KW being from NC rather than SC. My mistake. And yes, if there are 20 Spanish speaking Latin American nations, there are about 30 versions of Spanish. Its really hard to sit and listen to a Mexican, a Costa Rican, a Puerto Rican, a Colombian, an Argentine and a Chilean talking to each other. They understand each other perfectly every fourth word…the rest they’re just trying to get it close.

  12. HC…never spent time in the Ozarks and always wanted to. Been nearly everywhere in the US, but that area and always wanted to…I hear it is beautiful and different. The South I’ve known pretty well. Live in Louisville, traveled through Chet’s area (absolutely incredibly beautiful…one series of mini-climates after another, and have had family in the northern Rockies and the Northwest Pacific. Like Chet enjoying his motorcycle, I enjoy traveling by train. Incredible!!!…I’ve traveled from Chicago to Portland across the northern border (on the Empire Builder)(Chicago, Wisconsin, Minnesota, the Dakotas, Montana, Idaho and Oregon and Washington; have family from Montana and alsoin Oregon. What a country!

    And, one of the most unbelievable trips I’ve ever taken was from LA to Portland on the Coast Starlight. For 500 miles you are riding no more than 50-100 yards from the Pacific beaches (along US1), San Francisco, around Mt. Kashka and up the Cascades for the next 8 hours looking down on the valleys…wow. Trains are a great, comfortable and, relatively, inexpensive way to travel and relax, eat decently, see the country and meet a lot of different people. Next, think I’ll try the Chicago-New Orleans-LA before heading to Portland.

  13. I’m Mexican and believe me, the Spanish we speak is very different from the Spanish that other south American countries speak. We can still understand each other perfectly fine though. It’s almost similar to having someone from the deep south in Louisiana speak to let’s say an Australian person (If that’s even possible). Anyways, why does this blog always seem to move away from the main topic into something totally unrelated to IU Football?

  14. Anyways, why does this blog always seem to move away from the main topic into something totally unrelated to IU Football?

  15. TTG, I have a good friend who was born in Argentina, the offspring of a Spanish mother and an Italian father.

  16. HoosierFan12 (HinchHoosier12)- Porque no? (Why not?). Somos un monton de individuos que compartimos nuestra pasion por el football de los Hoosiers y, por lo tanto, nos hacemos amigos y conversamos 1) de los Hoosiers y 2) de cualquier cosa que se nos antoja…y porque no? No creo que existan reglas que uno no pueda hacerlo. Si ud. quiere lo incluimos con placer; y, si no, tenga la gentileza de saltearnos y no leernos. El espacio del cybernet aca en Scoop no nos cuesta nada. De modo, bienvenido.

    (HoosierFan12- We are a bunch of individuals who share a passion and love for Hoosier football, become friends and exchange dialogue on 1) the Hoosiers and 2) anything else that hits us. Why not? There are no rules that prohibit this. If you’d like, we’d be happy to include you; and, if not, all you need to do is skip right over (our posts) and not read us. They cybernet space here on Scoop is free and doesn’t cost us anything(I think). Either way, welcome).

    I generally agree with your statement about regional dialect and tone differences (we can understand each other), but there are some significant differences. I know I could speak Lunfardo (Buenos Aires street dialect) and it would pose some difficulty to understand for some because of vocabulary and tonal differences, as well as some pronunciation. Same can be said of English. I have to listen for a bit to capture the tones and some vocabulary of a Brit, a Scot, an Irishman or an Aussie and, sometimes, the same is true of regionalisms within the US, such as urban English and some Boston tones and expressionsn.) Differences are a universal factor that make life fun.

  17. Chet- There’s a good joke Argentines like to tell that Argentina is a great country with tremendous wealth, natural resources, rivers, grasslands, a fertile earth, minerals, cattle, metals. a temperate climate (similar to the US) and weather… The only problem with it…Argentines (though I am one) live there.

    For some reason, they just can not put it together…

  18. HoosierFan12-

    I agree. Let’s talk some football!

    Another Fall of Hoosier Football

    So set the clocks back to lengthen the fall day,
    Cast your hopes of Hoosier bowl games away…
    Fill the trick-or-treat basket for the kiddies seeking treats,
    The horror’s almost over for the men in gridiron cleats.

    Bundle in wool blankets, the air grows cold, the season,
    chuck it!
    As always our consolation prize, found in Old Oaken Bucket…

    The fans grow tired as the restless autumn leaves,
    Hopeful dreams break free from the same old stubborn trees..
    Rake again the huge pile of losses into bag few victories our lovin’
    Set the timer to next year, this turkey’s in the oven..

    Upon dormant field JPat shouts a final sarcastic cheer,
    Not without thanks for all that matters, IU basketball is echoing near.
    The Memorial sky darkens, a wintry sullenness begins to loom,
    Yesteryear’s dark shadows have found their familiar gloom..

    In the stands some silly snowflakes drift down in mocking bliss,
    A wintry bite of harsh reality, give the pigskin her bedtime kiss.
    Put her on the dusty shelf, sing her a ‘Dandy Don’ tune tonight,
    The football party’s over, don’t forget turn out the light.

  19. Who’s ready for the upset in Bloomington this weekend!?? Ok, that was bad joke…but I do think that we will have one (maybe even two) more wins this season! We really need the defense to keep improving though and the offense to be effective the entire game, not just one or two quarters. I’m really hoping Rashard Fant and David Kenney commit to IU, they would really help our defense!

  20. HoosierFan12, I’m all with you. Lead us by example. Post something interesting about IU football for us. I didn’t have anything to post regarding football or I certainly would have. I was interested in responding to a related topic. Should I not have posted at all?

    Is your point that we shouldn’t post at all if it’s not specific to IU football?

    To think that some folks were claiming a while back that Geoff was trying to run the Scoop.

  21. I hope they can put up the kind of effort they did in the first half last week. That was certainly a step in the right direction (IMHO).

  22. TTG, Other than 1 time riding in a modified RR pickup with an undercarriage with wheels for rail I’ve never ridden on a train. I suspect I would enjoy it as much as you have stated because of our American scenery. I do know this I will never go on another cruise again as I found it confining to be out in the middle of the blue and someone other than me being in control. Ya the food is tremendous but I have good food at home and I did spend time with the bride but I also can do that at home, even shooting trap from the back of the boat was an activity entertaining to me but I also do that at home. With train travel I could get off at 1 of the frequent stops if I wished. A cruise is just not my cup of tea but my wife thinks different and finds it to her liking and has been on a couple of more(but w/o me).

  23. I once took Amtrak’s ‘California Zephyr’ from Denver to Glenwood Springs, CO (it runs from Chicago to near San Francisco). It was delightful. I’ve been wanting to ride the entire length ever since. About a gazillion times nicer than flying. Comfortable, spacious, you can walk around, good food in a nice dining car.

    Aside from ‘The Big Gray Cruise Line’ I’ve never been tempted to take a cruise ever since I stood on a pier next to one and did the math on how much deck space each of those passengers was allotted. It’s just unbelievable how many thousands of people they cram on those things. There is only so much sunshine that can fall on any given space. If I want to be spoiled with food I’d rather go to some all inclusive resort with tons of space than be crammed into one of those sardine cans. I’m too claustrophobic.

    Of course, my idea of a great vacation is being in the middle of Wyoming/Montana/Idaho, etc., without another person in sight.

  24. HoosierFan12, don’t you scold Chet. It’s all he can do. He was never able to do more. He just can’t. But that doesn’t mean some of his posts aren’t memorable in their own way, for example:

    Chet Saturday, October 16, 2010 – 8:02 PM UTC

    If Zeller doesn’t come all is lost… What a frickin’ moron. Indiana lost Larry Bird. Knight had him and lost him. All we were able to do was have an undefeated national championship team. Zeller is one player. I’ve seen better, I’ve seen worse. He damn sure isn’t a Larry Bird.

    Sounds so much like Taso’s posts after Gunner decommitted.

    Wilson is getting farther and farther away from Bill Lynch’s record at IU. Only in the wrong direction, the wrong direction…

  25. Wow, 2 years later that comment is still spot on. I must be clairvoyant.

    Or, do you think that Cody is now the greatest small forward to ever play the game?

    To quote Bugs, “What a maroon.”

  26. …not so, not so…because Chet is right…someone is a maroon…or as a surly old neighbor used to say “he is the spittin image of a spittoon…that ole boy used to crack me up…

  27. The beauty of Chet’s statement is we’ll never know. It definitely isn’t wrong.

    Do we know how the team would have been last year without Zeller? Nope.

    Has Chet seen better players? Yep. Lots. I’ll just start with Michael Jordan.

    Has Chet seen worse players? Yep. Lots more. Hmmm… DJ Cunningham

    Is Cody Larry Bird? No, he’s Cody Zeller, with a completely unique set of DNA.

  28. Hoosier Malarkey, you can resume your nap now. Don’t need to acknowledge the other guy since he admitted a while ago he’s on various substances. So here are two questions for whoever else knows:

    (a) When did IU last have a Preseason National Player of the Year?

    (b) In what year was Larry Bird (or Michael Jordan if you want) first named Preseason National Player of the Year?

    Let me know. (Meaningful answers not expected from Podonkey, Tswhoa, Hoosier Malarkey or Dumbochet.)

  29. Whatever you guys do just please leave Chet alone. He’s definitely not Eric Arnett (if you get my drift) but he’s one of a kind. He’s the George W Bush of this blog, generously providing (albeit involuntarily) numerous moments of vigurous slapstick comedy. Through just a few ill conceived thoughts Chet is able to brighten up the dullest of threads. Blisfully unaware of the hilarity induced by his posts he keeps coming here and works his “magic” day in day out. Chet happens. Let him be.

  30. Oh Rico, after all these years someone has finally cut me to the bone.

    George W. Bush.

    Owww! That hurt, man, that really hurt.

  31. Oh, by the way, it was ’78-’79 when Bird won the Player of the Year, Naismith Award, and Wooden Awards for player of the year. It’s irrelevant where they went to school if you’re comparing players.

    I hope, I really, really hope, that Cody will be better than Larry Bird but, Earth calling CISOS, he’s has miles to go(and multiple MVP awards and NBA titles) before they will be spoken in the same sentence.

    I suppose it would also be blasphemous to say that Yogi is no Magic Johnson, yet, either?

    Yours was a cute thought, though. It gave me a chuckle.

    Is PJ better than Kareem, too?

  32. BTW, where is the trophy case for those oh-so-important preseason awards?

    When do we hang that preseason banner?

    I’ll never forget when Temple hung that preseason banner. Man, that was an upset.

  33. BTW, where is the trophy case for those oh-so-important preseason awards?

    Same place where they keep the mid-season coaching awards.

  34. Oh, by the way, it was ’78-’79 when Bird won the Player of the Year, Naismith Award, and Wooden Awards for player of the year.

    In 1979 Bird was at the end of his junior year. Cody is on track for the same only at the end of his sophomore year. Take into account that Bird was actually older as he spent a year attending Northwood and then working for the Street Department in French Lick after quitting IU.

  35. Of course, you’re right.

    Larry Bird was no Cody Zeller. What was I thinking?

    “BTW, where is the trophy case for those oh-so-important preseason awards?”

    “Same place where they keep the mid-season coaching awards.”

    Man, you so got me, again! We totally tanked after CTC got that mid season award. They sure looked like fools giving THAT one out!

    Wow, I just can’t keep up with that rapier-like mind of yours. Man, “same place they keep the mid-season coaching awards…” Whew, that sure got me.

  36. Cody turned down the best programs that are destinations for the Establishment’s big-headed prima donnas to wear candy-stripes instead.

    He put himself in a position that few could handle. When the 5-star’s go to Kentucky, Duke, UNC, etc., they don’t have all the hopes of the program on their individual shoulders. The talent is dispersed along with the opportunity to build your own highlight reel for the NBA. Mistakes are not magnified..The fans aren’t overly concerned with your sole performance when so many other elite level players can step up when you’re not tuned in or your desires become too egocentric in attempts to monopolize the limelight your pre-NBA, one-and-done show.

    Cody’s decision to say no to the easy route, the typical safety net/insurance policy of surrounding yourself with the best of the best, makes him worthy of the unique world his thought processes live. Maybe not so different in that respect to Larry Bird..

    When Bird removed himself from IU, he turned away from a lot of talent that could make him look immensely better than what a slow Jordy Hulls(ish) point guard at ISU would provide. He still put what was in his gut first. Cody did the same.

    Zeller kicked Roy Williams in the gut by going with his own gut instinct a desire to put Indiana basketball back in the forefront where it belongs..He realized the years upon years other programs have put themselves over the top with key components their rosters coming from his home state. It was time to do the unselfish thing and give back to the fans of Indiana instead of deserting them at a moment when so much was symbolically riding on his decision. It was far more about the level of that symbolism than the perception that he can play the game of basketball better than Michael Jordan or Larry Bird.

    These are men that put their hearts before the easy pathway, only invested in wearing a uniform because it’s a 1-year stepping stones to greed, or instantiates tournament success because the depth and breadth of talent on the rosters. These are men that believed in Indiana(keeping their hearts in the state), believed in the power of example their work ethic, believe in their teammates enough to not be followers. They live for challenges and keep the game pure in its origins a team sport where the magic ignites from common purpose and chemistry with far more lasting force and memory than anything ever accomplished as an individual.

    It’s not the level of Cody’s talent that changed the tide..It’s the level of his character, the crimson molten fire of a heart beating in Hoosier pride inside the man with the towering mountain of potential, that sets him apart.

  37. Hang in there, dude, because this year they will start issuing Halftime Coaching Awards in Football. Upon recommendation from Urban Meyer, Wilson is currently top of the list. Rumor has it he’s going to mention Bill Lynch in his acceptance speech.

    Don’t you worry about keeping up with anyone, Chet. You’re doing OK, buddy, you can type — what more can be asked of you…

  38. oops.

    …or instantaneous tournament success because the depth and breadth of talent on the rosters.

  39. Without Cody:

     6–25      1–17
    10–21      4–14
    12–20      3–15

    With Cody:

    27–9      11–7

  40. Correction, if you don’t mind:

    It’s not ONLY the level of Cody’s talent that changed the tide…

  41. Correction, if YOU don’t mind:

    Without Etherington:

    6–25 1–17
    10–21 4–14
    12–20 3–15

    With Etherington:

    27–9 11–7

    The real hero rides the pine while on the cover of Sporting News the limelight did shine.

    At the end of the day, Cody just wanted to be in the locker room with his soul mate(sorta like Korman and Dustin).

  42. Correction, if YOU don’t mind:

    Without Remy:

    6–25 1–17
    10–21 4–14
    12–20 3–15

    With Remy:

    27–9 11–7

  43. I stand corrected. More Remy remix!!

    Without Remy we don’t get past VCU and Jordy is forever the goat..Mr. Establishment, Seth Davis, gets to have a field day as he defecates extensively more on Hulls during a barrage of postgame ridicule. He would have added “least composed ball handler under full court pressure in all of college basketball” to his previous label put in print as being the “worst defender in all of college basketball.”

    Sheehey never gets an open shot to win the game because we lose by a dozen points.

    Who does Crean blabber over during the ESPNU televised practice?…You guessed it, Sheehey. Should have given the ball to Sheehey to bring up court against VCU..See how well that would have worked out.

  44. Funny how no matter who you put in those post posts the record always improves… Weird how with experience, confidence, and team-building IU has improved year after year.

    Is there an obvious correlation with Cody? Yep.

    Do they win 27 games without him? Nope.

    Would they have improved again and challenged 20 wins without Cody? Probably…

    When foundations get built correctly, and players work to improve, and coaches bring in continually better talent… Well usually there is a direct correlation in wins.

  45. Vile blasphemor. Dost thou not honor thine own objects of worship? Cast thee now to the bowels of Hell.

  46. Geoff,

    Much longer process without Cody. I highly doubt we get the dynamic point guard that will makes us exponentially more dangerous and difficult to defend.

    Once you witness how raw the games of Jurkin and Perea, a greater understanding just how rare a talent like Zeller.

    We now have all the essential pieces: a premier center, a playmaker at point guard, a deep threat guard no longer consumed with fighting off the opposition’s best defender, seasoned and versatile forwards that can move their games outside, depth and athleticism coming off the bench, a havoc creator in Oladipo that is nearly impossible for teams to match up with in terms of containing his energy and explosiveness to the rim.

    It’s hard to now find a weakness on this team to exploit..Cody made everyone around him so much better last year..And now with dynamic point guard to take us up even another notch..? I think we’ll be nearly unstoppable.

    Does it happen this quickly without Zeller? I think your in a dream world if you believe he didn’t almost single-handedly thrust Indiana back into the thick of top 10 rankings and restored relevancy in such a short turnaround his arrival. Zeller is the paramount piece in the puzzle…He’s the elusive element every elite team wanted..He created the influx of talent that came on his heels..He’s the primary reason we can realistically contend again for championships.

  47. Chet, HC- forgot about the California Zephyr…equally great, right through the plains and down the middle of the Rockies. The Coastliner has a Parlor Car (like a living room with overstuffed furniture and bar) for the ‘Sleeping Car passengers worth the price by itself.

    As for your Montana dream the area outside Glacier National Park (Kalispell, Bigfork0 …its you and a couple of mountain goats.

  48. I’m not arguing any of those points Harvard, they are all most likely true. I know you’d like to try to make it into something I didn’t say… But my only point is – get ready – we don’t know, so Chet’s statement stands and he doesn’t look silly.

  49. Oh, come on, how do we not know… Only a week ago you were the expert in hypothetical situations.

    The truth is: Cody is very much like Larry Bird in 1976 and Crean is slightly less competenet Bill Hodges (but great recruiter, eh?!).

    End of story.

  50. Correction: [a] slightly less competent Bill Hodges.

    Crean’s competence is somewhere between the Hodges that recruited Bird and the Bob King that Hodges replaced.

    Crean got a mid-season half-assed coaching award. By the end of the season they all realized who was responsible for the turnaround so the only end of season award we got went to Cody (Big Ten Freshman of the Year).

  51. There is a little bit of a difference between the “hypothetical” situations…

    One is very simple to prove – sit down a person in a room and ask them a question about their thought process. It is possible to know the outcome.

    The other is a course of events set in motion that cannot be reversed and therefore impossible to absolutely know an alternative future.

    Clearly Zeller was the biggest reason for our success last year. I’m not convinced that Crean is a great tactician, but he does enough things well that fall under the duties of “coach” to run a highly successful program.

    I think it is safe to say that we would have challenged 20 wins without Cody last year. The wins were trending up each year. Christian and Jordy were very experienced juniors, Dipo and Will made huge improvents, and we would have had some additional piece that would have taken Zeller’s scholarship. So maybe we get to 16 wins or 18 wins, but that would be challenging 20…

    But yes, (Harvard) we don’t sniff the top 10 without Cody.

  52. There’s only one blogger that predicted IU to win over 20 games last season WITH Cody Zeller.

    Now you think they could flirt with 20 wins without him?

    Where was that confidence last year? Did you not see the night and day difference in the team at the onset of the season?

    If Cody doesn’t sign, North Carolina is hanging another banner in the face of our Hoosierland mega letdown..I bet that would have sat real well with Hoosier fans as Crean sniffs around for 15 wins.

    I’m not trying to sell our talent short that was here before Cody arrived. Huge fan of Hulls, Watford, Elston, Remy..Sound talent and great young men(some may even “sniff” the NBA…though I’m pretty sure you have posted numerous doubts on Scoop that ever happenin).

    There was just never going to be an instant transformation from a program just crawling out from what Crean himself labeled repeatedly as “decimation” to a rocket ship of relevancy and national attention without putting Cody Zeller in candy-stripes.

  53. In other words, ffoGe: Indiana State without Larry Bird in 1979, do they reach the national championship or not? Most people would say “No way!” You say: “Can’t be determined.”

    Well, I am going to have to agree with that assessment: your foggy mind won’t ever be able to determine anything. So keep on smoking the “çhèt” you’re smoking if it makes you feel good.

  54. The wins were trending up each year.

    😆 “Trending up”, as defined by Foggy:

    2008–2009 1–17 (11th) summary: one conference win
    2009–2010 4–14 (T–9th) summary: four conference wins
    2010–2011 3–15 (11th) summary: three conference wins

    See Foggy, I once told you you have trouble counting to four and I was right. It’s 1, 2, 3, 4 and not 1, 2, 4, 3 as you insist to believe.

  55. 20082009 117 (11th) summary: one conference win
    20092010 414 (T–9th) summary: four conference <font color="#000000">wins</font>
    <b><font color="#990000">2010</font></b>–<b><font color="#990000">2011</font></b> <b><font color="#990000">3</font></b>–<b><font color="#990000">15</font></b> (<b><font color="#990000">11</font></b><font color="#000000">th</font>) <font color="#000000">summary</font><font color="#0000f0">:</font> <font color="#000000">three</font> <font color="#000000">conference</font> <font color="#000000">wins</font&gt/

  56. Sorry about that mess above…The “computer wizard” remains perplexed.

    Here’s a slightly happier Harvard trending upward.

  57. No problem.

    Are you saying this is beyond your abilities:

                   ,        ,
                  /(        )`
                  \ \___   / |
                  /- _  `-/  '
                 (/\/ \ \   /\
                 / /   | `    \
                 O O   ) /    |
                 `-^--'`<     '
                (_.)  _  )   /
                 `.___/`    /
                   `-----' /
      <----.     __ / __   \
      <----|====O)))==) \) /====
      <----'    `--' `.__,' \
                   |        |
                    \       /
               ______( (_  / \______
             ,'  ,-----'   |        \
             `--{__________)        \/  

    I hope not. Also, please don’t confuse ffoGe with facts.

    He can’t handle them.

  58. How does this look?

                   __   __
                  __ \ / __
                 /  \ | /  \
       /\__/\  /            \
       \_  _/ /              \ 
         \ \_|           @ __|
      hjw \                \_
      `97  \     ,__/       /

    Does it look good or not?

  59. Everything is beyond my abilities.

    2008–2009 1–17 (11th) summary: one conference win
    2009–2010 4–14 (T–9th) summary: four conference wins
    2010–2011 3–15 (11th) summary: three conference wins

  60.                __   __
                  __ \ / __
                 /  \ | /  \
       /\__/\  /            \
       \_  _/ /              \
         \ \_|           @ __|
      hjw \                \_
      `97  \     ,__/       /

  61. Harvard – no one knew the enormous strides that Dipo and Sheehey made before making pre-season win predictions. If you want, you can tell us for the 1,042 time that you were “the only one” who predicted last years success……………………………… I certainly didn’t . I predicted 18 wins I think. At the onset of the season I did see an improvement, but you can’t change preseason predictions after 5 games.

    They went from 6 wins to 10 wins to 12 wins without Cody. So I’m guessing they could have gone to 16-18 wins without him last year considering the experience and improvement of returning players. Zeller adds about 10 wins by himself. Not sure there’s another player you can say that about in a major conference.

  62. Not sure there’s another player you can say that about in a major conference.

    Attaboy, Geoff! Certainly not since Larry Bird.

  63. Pats are by far the best team in the NFL for the first 3 quarters… And by far the worst team in the 4th quarter. What a bunch of mental midgets.

  64. Remy saved our ass more than Sheehey….(and the happenstance of a particular player not getting his “chosen” minutes).

    Pre-Cody? Nothing trends upward without Watford. Watford doesn’t make his game-winner last year and Cody isn’t making the cover of Sporting News.

    Watford should have been on the cover. He also played like a beast in the NCAA tournament and single-handedly kept us in against New Mexico State. Much of our success again this year will ‘hinge’ on Watford.

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