Andy Graham’s notes and quotes, Wisconsin at Indiana football

FINAL: WISCONSIN 62, INDIANA 14. That makes it 204-41 for the Badgers in their last three games against the Hoosiers.

Sorry lost internet connection for a while, not that it really mattered much, given that updates were basically moot.


No more updates today till the final score. Not much point, otherwise. The Indiana team that took the field today did a remarkable impersonation of last season’s Hoosiers, the guys who went 1-11.

2:11: Wisconsin 41, Indiana 7. French 37-yard field goal.

7:20: Wisconsin 38, Indiana 7. Montee Ball 49-yard touchdown run, untouched. Getting, really, really, really ugly now.

8:49: Wisconsin 31, Indiana 7. Wisconsin came back out and just basically ran the ball right down Hoosier throats to start the second half. The big bad Badgers are just bullying the Hoosiers again. Terribly deflating for Indiana and its fans.

HALFTIME: WISCONSIN 24, INDIANA 7. Hoosiers play one of their worst halves of the season, if not the worst, at the worst possible time. With people finally paying some attention. Wisconsin already has 264 yards rushing on 33 carries. Indiana had to stop the run and just hasn’t. Badgers only have 10 yards passing because they haven’t had to throw. Indiana has just 22 yards rushing on 11 carries, and it wasn’t unexpected to have tough sledding on the ground against the Badgers’ front 7, but IU hasn’t gotten nearly good enough quarterback play to be competitive today. Coffman is 13 of 23 for 113 yards and a TD, but that’s deceiving. He’s missed open receivers on third down. And his two biggest completions were better catches (both by tight end Ted Bolser) than throws. The Badgers, who had a 274-135 total offense advantage, get the ball to start the second half.

0:13: Wisconsin 24, Indiana 7: Horrific play, even by historic Indiana standards, trumps IU’s previous touchdown. Wisconsin is just trying to run out the clock, utilizing simple handoffs, and its 3rd-and-16 from the Badger 31. But Indiana defenders literally run themselves out of the play after seemingly having James White contained in the backfield, and he goes right up the gut and 69 yards for a TD. Heban was at safety, but didn’t really have a shot at him. It’s one thing not to get off blocks. It’s another thing to have so many guys up at the line of scrimmage as to allow that to happen. Have to wonder what the heck the linebackers were doing. No need to come up too hard. All you have to do on that play is contain, but they didn’t.

2:25: Wisconsin 17, Indiana 7. Indiana finally threw a seam route and, boy, did it pay off. It wasn’t a great throw, but tight end Ted Bolser made a great, running 1-handed snag for a 38-yard catch and run to the Badger 20. The TD pass was also a bit high and also to Bolser, but he caught that one, too, for a 6-yard TD. Finally, signs of a pulse from the Hoosier offense.

Again, Coffman hits a couple of passes, but then misses open receivers badly. Offense remains rout of sync. Hasn’t looked like this all year. Mis-communication. Misreads. Wisconsin has played solid D, but Indiana keeps missing on perfectly makeable plays. Don’t know if the Hoosiers are gonna get back in it or not, but it isn’t as if they had no chance.

10:42. After IU defense finally gets a stop, offense responds with a false start by Kofi Hughes and a lost fumble by Nate Sudfeld after a bad shotgun snap. Not good. But then the defense rises up again. Heban huge sack of Phillips with a safety blitz on 3rd-and-6 back to the 33. Wisconsin forced to punt, downing the ball at the IU 3.

Indiana crowd wants to get fired up, but has had nothing to get fired up about. Crowd began roaring on a 3rd-and-14 for Wisconsin from the Badger 20 and UW called timeout with 11:42 left in the half. Big play, if Indiana has any hope of getting back in this. If IU gets a stop here, should end up with decent field position. If not …

Sudfeld in at quarterback for Indiana, but same results, for Indiana’s third possession. Bolser wide-open on third down for a potential first down, but Sudfeld missed him badly.

14:56: Wisconsin 17, Indiana 0. Kyle French’s 24-yard field goal makes it a 3-score game.

END FIRST QUARTER: Wisconsin 14, Indiana 0. And the Badgers are in position for another score, 3rd-and-goal from the IU 3, when the second quarter begins. Indiana hasn’t been dominated like this all season, by anybody. In the season’s biggest game, so far the Hoosiers are laying an egg. So much for treating this like “just another game.”

Again, lame QB play snuffs IU’s third possession. Wynn wide open for first down but Coffman late with the ball, backpeddling unnecessarily before he threw. Not good. Indiana really needed an answer on that drive, but Coffman is not sharp and the offense is going nowhere. There are plays there to be made that aren’t being made. Same goes for Indiana’s defense, which isn’t getting off blocks. It had to stop the run and isn’t. Wisconsin is successfully attacking Indiana’s defensive ends.

3:52: Wisconsin 14, Indiana 0. Carbon copy TD drive, pretty much: 8 plays, 69 yards were the exact total of the first TD drive. This one was capped by a play-action pass on 3rd-and-goal from the 2, Phillips hitting a wide-open Sam Arneson as Griffen Dahlstrom loses coverage on the ball fake. Total domination by Bucky so far. Somehow, I don’t think spotting this team a 14-0 lead is the same as spotting Iowa a 14-0 lead.

Indiana quarterback Coffman’s start similar to last week’s start. Not real sharp. He rushed a third down pass and missed an open Charles Love III. He threw late to an open Cody Latimer. If he finishes like he did last week, IU will have a shot. But two first quarter possessions gone now with nothing to show.

9:50: Wisconsin 7, Indiana 0. Hoosiers get a first down, Badgers get a touchdown on first possessions. Badgers move 69 yards on 8 plays, all runs except for one incomplete pass. Curt Phillips, in his first career start after 3 ACL tears to his right knee, keyed the drive with his feet, scrambling 9 yards for a first down on a 3rd-and-8 from the IU 48. The Badgers also showed some new formation wrinkles coming off their bye week.

PREGAME: Well, my son Alex just took the field (which means the Marching Hundred is on the march), so we’re getting close to kickoff in perhaps IU’s biggest home game since the 2007 Bucket game. Sparse crowd at this point, but often it’s a late-arrival situation for these noon kickoffs.
Wisconsin had outscored Indiana 142-27 in the past two games in the series, which might add a little fuel to the fire today. The X factor is perhaps how UW senior quarterback Curt Phillips plays in his first career start. He’s a fifth-year player who came out of Tennessee a highly-touted, talented prospect only to get sidetracked by three ACL tears in his right knee. How well he throws it, and how well he can help the Badger running game get to the edge is key. The Hoosiers will load up the box, defensively, and try to take away runs between the tackles. If they can, Phillips will have to help counter that. On the other hand, if Montee Ball runs effectively between the tackles, it might not matter much how Phillips plays.
Can Indiana actually get to the Big Ten title game? If it wins today, the probability lies in that direction. But Wisconsin guarantees itself a trip to Indy with a win and the Badgers, coming off a bye week stewing over an overtime home loss to Michigan State, will be focused and ready to play today.
As always, I’ll have updates here and via Twitter at htograham.


  1. Dadgummit. That last TD by White had 5 guys in position, which is a good thing, they just can’t match Wisky physically, that run was all White, frustrating as Wisconsin was just trying to run out the half. We still need a lot more speed on defense, we need as lot more experience. & size on offense/o-line. The best news is that all of these things we need are going to get here. Speed is an obvious focus of recruiting this year, & we’re getting it. Even the lower rated recruitas-Clyde Newton, Jacoby Hunter, hve strengths of speed & athleticism. Exactly what we need to stop a play like that last TD for Wisky. The O-line looks too young, too small, & too worn out to block Wisconsin’s MASSIVE front 7-Borland looks the size of 2 IU lineman. Good news also, is that this won’t happen with the O-line next year, shouldn’t anyhow. As for the QB’s, Coffman inaccuracy has been a killer, but remember, as far as the QB’s go, neither 1 will be on the field next year anyway, barring another inhjury to Tre. Not to say that I don’t value their potential improvement, or to undermine their importance, but it’s just a reminder that better things loom on the horizon for 2013.

  2. Now the D is getting tired, the up-tempo offense we run is the exact worst matchup against Wisconsin. Not saying we shoudn’t run it, it’s who we are, but Wisky is better than us at this point, & they are a bad matchup for us stylitically. I hate seeing this.

  3. ChrisK…look at Andy’s comment, I thought the same thing at that moment…the defense was in horrible position, leaving a very, very shallow depth; once the runner hit the line of scrimmage, it was just a short sprint. Perhaps, everyone on that field went forward wanting to make the tackle for loss…

    Coach said it best. We are what we are, a 4-5 team getting better (even much better, though probably not today). In some sense they are still showing a lot of fight, just not playing with focus. Too many balls dropped, too many defenders out of position.

    This is still a process (I’ve thought that from the beginning) for a very young team, and an even younger fan following.

    We were saying be patient early, early this year. CKW is still saying the same thing. But there are still too many Hoosier fans who stay with the silly ‘win today!, “I wanna win”, “just win!”

    (Who is our #7 ?????) What’s he do for a living? ).

  4. Hoosier Football

    Set the clocks back to lengthen the fall day,
    Cast your hopes of Hoosier bowl games away…
    Fill the trick-or-treat basket for the kiddies seeking treats,
    The horror’s almost over for the men in gridiron cleats.

    Bundle in wool blankets, the air grows cold, the season, chuck it!
    As always our consolation prize, found in Old Oaken Bucket…
    The fans grow tired as the restless autumn leaves,
    Hopeful dreams break free from the same old stubborn trees..

    Rake again the huge pile of losses into bags few victories our lovin’
    Set the timer to next year, this turkey’s in the oven..
    Upon dormant field Zach Osterman shouts a final sarcastic cheer,
    Not without thanks for all that matters, IU basketball is echoing near.

    The Memorial sky darkens, a wintry sullenness begins to loom,
    Yesteryear’s dark shadows have found their familiar gloom..
    In the stands some silly snowflakes drift down in mocking bliss,
    A wintry bite of harsh reality, give the pigskin her bedtime kiss.

    Put her on the dusty shelf, sing her a ‘Dandy Don’ tune tonight,
    The football party’s over, don’t forget turn out the light.

  5. Chris K (P), I know you care…it’s obvious…it makes you one of the better and most loyal of the posters here.

    Yes, but: look at this next sentence you wrote:

    [talking about Coffman’s poor performance, which I agree with until you add the following gratuitous statement: “…but remember, as far as the QB’s go, neither 1 will be on the field next year anyway, barring another inhjury to Tre). First, you don’t know that; second, you seem to take away the prerogative from CKW?; third, what’s the point? To tell Coffman to go away? Same for Sudfeld?

    Same with the ‘quick’ offense. The thought is still the same. It works when you make it work. Today, we probably had the ball 25% of the time, so there’s no chance to make the offense wear down the defense. But the game is still the best training we have with two games left.

    You’ve said this before…this is still a big job that will take time. Some things like today’s stumble happen. Wisconsin is better than us, When they are playing well, quite a bit there. We are headed there.

  6. Ode to the Lord of Uber-Uber and Under-Under
    (or…oh my how I enjoy it!! Failure by those close, perhaps even dear gives me such joy!!)


    (same formula as always…)

    I write of
    the closer, and dear
    the loves that I dump on,
    to be perfectly clear

    replace adverbs with bitter
    my words of depression post on blogs and on Twitter
    …change handles, I’m gone
    the issue behind is so perfectly clear
    it’s me,…a soul so perfect to smear

  7. Only 564 yds. rushing? I was quite proud of the Knothole Park All-Stars effort against the Wisconsin ground game.

    Mmmmmmmm, meatloaf…Hoosier football is tastier than Tsao’s leftover meatloaf.

  8. Oh, it would be so humble a cheer for loyal in our hearts as true in defeat as solid win,

    But your empty blow for months wore the balloon of fallacy your quest for personal inflation so exhaustively thin,

    The satirical chuckle transposed upon your foolish and stretching hype has nothing imparted on a real fan’s current smeared chagrin.

    It’s not our pride in football lost that brings any joy from the abrupt pop a season’s long overblown balloon,
    Only the comedy of a fraud bursting from his own highfalutin wind,
    For sake his only care from start to finish, to worship his only empty wind, foretold the real loser in this Hoosier room.

  9. Looks like the Sage, after getting his hopes up, got a little too angry and disappointed, and just packed up shop in the second half. After lecturing us that the “true fans” had to show up for this game, the Sage shut it down early today.

  10. This is kind of funny. The Sage is clearly upset and goes off to pout in the corner instead of providing the detailed notes he was at the start of the game. Love the “lost my internet connection” line as well. I’m assuming it’s wireless in the press box, and that everyone else was still humming along just fine. Perhaps the Sage’s laptop was broken into 10,000 pieces shortly after halftime?

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