Bob Knight to serve as analyst for IU-Georgia game at Legends Classic

Hat tip to Inside the Hall for this. Bob Knight will serve as an analyst on ESPNU for Indiana’s game against Georgia in the Legends Classic at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Monday night.

As far as I know, this is the first time Knight has actually been part of the main broadcast team for an IU game. He was present at Madison Square Garden in 2009 for the Jimmy V Classic, but was part of the halftime analysis team.


  1. He must think Georgia has a legitimate shot.

    I dear hope Tom Crean makes everyone of our Hoosiers shake Bobby’s hand before tip-off…If this is a “Legends Classic,” then surely they must meet their true maker.

  2. More accolades for Cody:

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Indiana coach Tom Crean said all-American center Cody Zeller was sick enough that he might have been better off sitting out the top-ranked Hoosiers’ game against North Dakota State on Monday night.

    Don’t suggest that to Bison coach Saul Phillips.

    “We won’t see anybody like him hopefully ever again,” Phillips said after IU’s 87-61 victory in the opening round of the Progressive Legends Classic. “Like I said before the game, he doesn’t remind me of anybody because I haven’t seen a big man run the floor like him ever. He’s a special, special kid.”

    Hear that Geoff and Chewt? Special.

    Chet (Saturday, October 16, 2010 – 8:02 PM UTC) said:

    If Zeller doesn’t come all is lost … What a frickin’ moron. Indiana lost Larry Bird. Knight had him and lost him. All we were able to do was have an undefeated national championship team. Zeller is one player. I’ve seen better, I’ve seen worse. He damn sure isn’t a Larry Bird.

    ROFL. You can find Chet’s idiotic comment by Google in 0.46 seconds. Just type:

    chet’s infinite supply of stupidities

    and it will come up on top. Guaranteed.

  3. ^ Not off topic at all, Poop, and here’s the connection: Indiana did have Larry Bird once, briefly, for a couple of practices or even less. Bird left without playing a single game, and Indiana went on to win the national title that year, undefeated. The reason was: they had a coach. A true basketball coach. Bob Knight. By comparison, Cody Zeller is indeed a Larry Bird, in terms of major influence on and off the court, but unlike the time when Bird visited Bloomington this time we are being coached by a car salesman. You see the difference! Without Cody it’s over. Or, as someone astutely noticed: without Austin the travesty would have ended by now.

  4. FireCrean2013….you need to go troll somewhere else. What a dumb freaking delusional comment.
    Crean is a great coach and a great fit for Indiana basketball.

    Excited to see that Knight will be at the game as an analyst.

  5. You are stupid!. We just signed another top 5 class and the highest rated player to date. Even rated higher than Cody when he signed. Coach is staying for a long time and he will hang some banners just like Bob. You best get use to it. Go somewhere and hang out with 4guards.

  6. FireCrean2013 = 4Guards

    Coach Crean has done exceptionally well at player development. Sheehey and Oladipo being exhibits 1A and 1B. Remy Abell being exhibit 2.
    Noah Vonleh and incoming recruits noted that specifically as reasons to come to IU.
    IUs academics have never been better.
    Have not heard of any off-court problems out of current players or other players during Crean era.
    IU finished last year in the sweet sixteen losing to eventual champ and ended in the top 15 in the polls.
    Used car salesman? LOL

  7. He didn’t develop Remy. He had no choice but to play him when his pet “Thumper” got injured. Remy went back to Louisville and made himself better with his former coaches.

    If Remy didn’t have the chance to raise some eyebrows his talents last year(Crean had no choice but to play him), he would have been the fall guy instead of Ron Patterson.

    “He just wasn’t ready for the pace of the Big 10″…or some other excuse to make the numbers add up.

  8. It’s all Cody. He makes everyone around him look better, including Tan Cream. Take Cody out of the equation and it’s the return of Twenty-Loss Tom.                   

  9. Hillbilly has now jumped the shark crying that Crean isn’t “developing players” and they “do it on their own.”


  10. Wow..

    How can you say he hasn’t developed players? Sheehey, Oladipo, Abell are 3 very good examples, but he has developed them all. Yeah, Cody makes everyone around him better, but that’s the case for all the truly GREAT players in EVERY sport.

    HFH, CTC said after the first practice last year that Remy was the best on the team at getting to the rim. It was no accident that he got playing time, he worked hard and plays solid defense, he earned that playing time. When it came time that he was going to get some extended minutes, he stepped up and made the most of it and that’s a credit to him and his work ethic.

    Coach isn’t going anywhere, you might as well get used to seeing him around. What he has done here in such a short period of time is nothing short of amazing. All the RMK faithful need to get over it. It’s apparent that you feel nobody will ever be good enough to replace him as the coach our hoosiers, but it’s time to let go…we have an excellent coach that WILL bring us more banners. #6 – COMING SOON!

  11. Without Isiah, Knight was nothing.

    Same with all those other players.

    And they all “developed themselves” and Bob had nothing to do with them getting better.

    The Crean-haters are as insane as the Thumpers.

  12. I look forward when Tom Crean lands the first 5 start recruit that is Muslim. Care to imagine how his tweets and press conferences will look then?

    Enjoy the season. There’s potential for a banner, if Crean stays away from it as much as possible. Give him a sabbatical or something… and hope he doesn’t come back.

  13. So…FC13, do you actually think that there is anyone here that doesn’t know that you are also AGD?

    I mean, we all know you’re ‘special’ but, Dude, seriously?

  14. ^ You still searching the Internet for the “meth” girl?

    I mean we already knew you’re “special” but dude seriously…

  15. FireCrean2013 To say that Crean would be nothing without Cody. Would be like me saying my Kia is faster than a Corvette missing a tire. This argument is not valid. Part of being being a good coach is recruiting and Crean has no problem there. He put this team together and I will judge him on how well his team performs. To start subtracting players and then guess how bad that team would be and then blame Crean for a fantasy is rediculous. This is the only post you will get from me feel free to reply. Just know that your thoughts are not worth any more of my time.

  16. Laffy is really Dan who used to preach near Woodlawn hall. That’s why he always talks about bible thumpers. He really is one. You are all welcome for this bit of insider info.

  17. Ballantine…If I’m going to do the toilets, the least I can do is know how to spell it before I smell it.

    Elisha Ballantine

    Elisha Ballantine (b. October 11, 1809, d. April 20, 1886) was a professor at Indiana University and is who Ballantine Hall is named after. He first taught at IU in 1854 and was the acting president of Indiana University in 1884 inbetween the 6th president Lemuel Moss and the 7th David Starr Jordan. He was vice president of IU from 1884 to 1886. He was married to Betsy Ann Watkins from Prince Edward County, Virginia, with whom he had 7 children.

    He taught math and ancient modern language. He was later chair of the languages department.

    Elisha was one of the professors who seemed to oppose Sarah Parke Morrison (first female student at IU) as a student. Interestingly his son, William Gay Ballantine was president of Oberlin College in Ohio [1], which was the first college to admit (1837) and graduate (1841) female students.

  18. Crean is just a good salesman. As a coach though… ahem, he’s good at pacing back and forth and his 180 degrees turns on the sidelines are the envy of any middle school marching band, but beyond that?

    Even his recruiting is not entirely his, though… Does any one of you seriously think that Crean would have convinced Cody Zeller (or any of the players we have on the team now, except maybe, Jonny Marlin) to go and play for him at, say, Marquette?

  19. FC13 is the sad little guy who doesn’t realize that his every post is a punchline to the rest of us. Even though everyone here tells him.

    I, too, feel a little uncomfortable laughing at him. He’s pretty pitiful.

    But it’s not like everyone on the Scoop hasn’t tried to tell him.

  20. It eats you inside, doesn’t it. It bothers you straight into your neurolinguistical malarkey you claim to be doing. Soon the nurse will come and turn your lights off. Sweet dreams, Chewt, maybe you will meet the “meth” girl in your dreams.

    I don’t feel uncomfortable laughing at you. It’s why you’re here, it’s why you post.

  21. Chet,

    You make me sick to my stomach. Get me some stool softners so I can crap all over your stupid posts. Not only do my posts, firecreans posts eat you up, you also can eat $&@! as far as I am concerned. Fruitcake!

  22. Chet- I think you’ve evoked an emotion from your groupie…it is l-o-v-e!!! Poor, desperate SOB can’t accept the fact that you are married and take your oath seriously. That is one sad ballad!

    (I really read these desperate cries and think, ‘poor guy, he just doesn’t understand it can never be). He’s turning you into a legend; next, they’ll be selling a cologne ‘Essence of Chet’ at the better men’s stores. (I can’t stop laughing!)

  23. Actually, it causes near hysterical laughter, especially seeing your various pseudonyms merge into one.

    Please don’t stop. This stuff is classic. I’m saving it all for my grand kids.

    Harvard, I’m your friend and a big fan of your writing (you hafta know that), but you are making some pretty outlandish posts. Even for my wide open spaces of acceptance.

  24. TTG, I have noticed that my underwear has been disappearing.

    I figuring it was like socks in the dryer but it was before they got washed so…who knows?

    I’m gonna check the door locks.

  25. Laffy is fine. Nothing wrong with strong opinions. He’s a good guy. I just wish he and Harvard could find a common ground.

  26. Chet– that’s tragic, like a 1950’s tv show on a low budget network… 57 characters in half an hour, all different shades of grey…all played by Vincent Price.

  27. Harvard is just a complete moron with his non-stop cryfest.

    And does the other idiot think Knight would have got Isiah at Marquette if he had been there?

  28. Laffy is unquestionably a moron, residing basically in the same crow’s nest as Cheat. Anything Tswhoa writes that is less than 3000 words is not convinging enough and therefore I don’t read. Chewt the hobo claims now that if he had grand kids he’d feed them posts from a blog. There he is, ladies and gentlemen, the man they call Arm Pitt — which by the way will also be the name of his cologne. Tswhoa, get in line NOW.

  29. Fruitcake Chet is dead and gone
    We will never see him anymoooooooore
    He used to wear an old gray coat
    All buttoned down to the floor

  30. Chet-don’t even think about it Chet, you have friends (many) who enjoy your thoughts, your comments on life and your Hoosier heart. Just ignore their c__p

  31. Hey FC13 you are a pathetic IU fan and I can’t believe you actually still hate Tom Crean. How can you even call yourself and IU fan. A fan is loyal to his team and there coach. You make me sick and it’s sad to even see you post on here.

  32. Thanks, Dustin, for letting 4guards ruin this place.

    He wouldn’t be allowed anyplace else…..for good reason.

  33. I just want to know this: What problem are the complainers trying to solve?

    As far as any rationale observer could see, CTC has brought the program back from the ashes to a #1 ranking (meaningful for now, if only symbolically so). Our team is positioned well to be entertaining and successful. Sport is competitive entertainment; by definition it breeds divisiveness across fan lines – although even that can be polite. But what value is derived from diviseness among a common fan base?

    So then, again, what problem — in the realm of the competitive entertainment that is the #1 ranked IU basketball team — are you complainers trying to solve?

  34. You guys are, as Bugs Bunny would say, Gulli-bulls. Nin-Cow-Poops. FireCrean2013 is obviously a 13 year-old KY fan who should be doing his homework, if he hasn’t already graduated from UK. He’s pulling your chains and you’re falling for it – Don’t Feed The Troll.

  35. FireCrean2013–

    Would you like to go out for a movie and dinner sometime? Afterwards we can go back to my place and feed each other strawberries while we whisper in each other’s ear how much we hate Tom Crean and IU basketball.

    We can even do naughty things with whip cream.

    I even have a Bob Knight mask you can wear in bed.

  36. Chet,

    Stop being so cocky, and maybe you would get some respect around here. We are tired of your “know it all” attitude. Only thing that’s of value to me is your posts provide comedy relief. Come on Chet, respond to my post. Your weak. I know you will.

  37. Chet—-Please ignore the doofus 4Guards. I like your stuff.

    Dustin—Please get rid of that idiot.

    No other board in the country lets non-fans hijack a board like he does.

  38. Can someone please give FC13 his light saber back so he can go back to his favorite past time? It obviously is not basketball, since he doesn’t have a clue. Too bad this isn’t like the Dakich show where these morons can just be cut off.

  39. The stupidity and twisted logic contained in some posts is mind boggling. But posts #5 & #6 on this string set the new standard for irrational thought. Dumb opinions are one thing, but opinions based on erroneous information from 37 years ago, mixed with hate is how one becomes an epic fool. I really never thought anyone would top 4guards as the biggest fool to ever post on The Hoosier Scoop, but obviously someone has.

    Somehow, Crean recruiting Zeller diminishes Crean as a coach! But Larry Bird leaving IU before any team function makes Bob Knight an even greater coach! Epic!

    Please tell me you guys did not graduate from Indiana University.

  40. Sure, Poop. Anything for you. We’re talking recruiting vs. coaching. I know you can’t tell the difference. It’s hard for you so just be quiet and stop embarrassing yourself.

  41. Chet, Podunker…I very much agree with your #61. Your point is particularly true of posts that only seek to be demeaning and are laden with abusive language. I don’t particularly care what other opinions may be, I consider them entitled to it. But, it does matter that the language in more than a third of the posts is completely inappropriate.

    I’m aware that Dustin has decided for a total ‘laissez-faire’ approach on language and insults. So be it. However, it’s not working. It makes the HT’s sports blog, the Scoop, a festering nest of unacceptable and obscene language; not something that the HT should condone. I am not talking about censoring or even editing ‘thought’ or opinions; merely about the language of the post in a blog that is available and probably by young readers.

    There is absolutely no reason why any participant should have to be personally demeaned or insulted on this site; as many have. Protecting freedom of expression should not mean abandoning respect and violating an individual’s dignity.

    I have the feeling this blog is in trouble. I see nothing wrong with a gentle-person’s agreement to maintain a level of civility while exchanging and protecting individual ideas.

  42. Post #61 is the worst ever. It’s not even worth commenting on.

    Chet, Podunker… I very much agree with your #61.

    You’re seeing double, eh? Go to an optometrist.

  43. FC2013, recruiting is a big part of being a college basketball coach. It’s huge. I don’t care how good a coach you are, if you can’t get top level talent, and get them to play together, you’re not going to hang any banners.

    Now all that aside, you really do sound idiotic when you try to demean Crean. Only time will tell if he is a great coach or not, but he’s going to be at IU for a long, long time. Why continue to be the turd in the punchbowl for so long?

    Are you going to change your name next year to Fire Crean2014, just to keep it fresh?

  44. Laffy burped:

    Without Isiah, Knight was nothing.

    OK, here’s the deal with Isiah, Mr. Laffy:

    Thomas quickly had to adjust to Knight’s disciplinarian style. At the 1979 Pan American Games in Puerto Rico Knight got so mad at Thomas he threatened to put him on a plane home. Knight recalled yelling at the freshman-to-be, “You ought to go to DePaul, Isiah, because you sure as hell aren’t going to be an Indiana player playing like that.” Prior to the start of his freshman year, the 1979-80 season, Knight became so upset with Thomas that he kicked him out of a practice. According to Thomas, Knight was making a point that no player, no “matter how talented, is bigger than Knight’s philosophy.”

    So, there. Knight made Isiah, not the other way around. OK?

    Podunker, you are so, so intellectually challenged I pity you. Your are essentially Laffy (low, low intellectual ability) but with about 0.1% less insults. Two idiots. In both cases your posts read like they were produced by your epiglottis flapping away.

  45. FC2013, wow, I’m devastated. That’s all you got? You’re like a fourth grader, crying and yelling, “you’re stupid” at the other kids that are laughing at him on the playground.

    You’re boring.

  46. Knight created Isiah and tens of other great players. Crean will only be remembered for picking gum off the floor.

  47. Wow. The only think being cleaned up on the floor in this thread is FireCrean2013. Never thought I’d see the Scoop’s Great Retarded Windbag so thoroughly fazed and mopped up by someone of allegedly lesser brainpower.

    Nice work, Podunker!

  48. Poopdunker as Scoop’s Great Retarded Windbag? There’s a trio of imbeciles vying for that position already: Chet, Laffy and Poopsky and it’s real close. Hoosier Cacaledonian: you don’t have enough material to qualify as a contestant yet, but it looks like you’re very eager to make up the ground.

  49. ^ As we can see, the Great Retarded Windbag’s repertoire of retorts is rather limited, usually alternating “No, you are!!!” “You’re stupid.”

    Childish, yes, but on the other hand,an understandable defense mechanism when you are humiliated by Podunker!

  50. ^ Silly. Poopdunker seldom humiliates anyone. Ask him to pick the initial letters in “Albany Great Danes”, see what he comes up with next time.

  51. I almost fell down laughing from TT whining about “foul language” on here when his Savior Bobby Knight cussed more than every sailor ever alive and TT talks about him as if he’s more pure than Jesus.

  52. FC2013—-I mean this with all sincerity… snark at all:

    Being called an idiot by you is the best compliment I’ve ever received in my life.


    The day a fruit cake like you respects me is the day I eat a bullet.

  53. Laffy, while his level of childlike douchebaggery is certainly Ryanesque in nature it’s best to ignore him. He will soon, no doubt, be lured to a lonely spot for yet another inappropriate ‘relationship’, possibly by his long lost uncle who made contact with him in a chat room. The last thing you want is to be connected to a 13-year-old child abuse victim’s browsing history.

    Ignore him. He’ll soon discover girls…or boys. Responding to him just gives him the attention he can’t get from anyone else.

  54. Just like with Hillbilly, I ignore most of what he says.

    Don’t worry, I won’t be feeding the troll much. 4Guards makes Harvard look sane.

  55. He’s back. Chet is the paragon of emotional instability on this blog. He’s leaving! He’s back! Now he leaves again. Then again he returns, but just to tell us that he is ignoring us. Well, well beyond fruitcake.

  56. Ricotard 2013 wields “Albany St.” about as effectively as Donald Trump wielded his “birther” campaign.

    It’s as if someone handed him a squirt gun, telling him it was an AK47, and then sending him off into Fallujah. Go Rico!

  57. Chet, don’t be so naive as to think this chump will go away. He’s been doing this for 5 years at least – 5 years, equaling his maturity level.

  58. FC2013, you’re right, I don’t often humiliate people, and I certainly have not humiliated you. There’s no need, because you humiliate yourself. But worse than that, you’re just boring.

  59. Poopdunker: the Buckeyes pooped all over Washington.

    The Ohio State Buckeyes: where Bob Knight won an NCAA championships as a player. One banner with them and three as a coach at IU.

    Where did Tan Cream play?

  60. Oops: an NCAA championship as a player.

    A total of eight final four trips as player and coach.

    Can’t compare with the retarded’s Crean lone random Wade trip to the final four. He got lost and ended up there by mistake only to be humiliated by Kansas 94-61 (it’s like IU playing a cupcake in the preseason, but this was a final four game folks!). Crean will be remembered for that humiliation, and for running away from it so he can pick up gum off the floor at the Branch McCracken court.

    Crean needs to be fired now so Hulls, Zeller and Watford can play at their full potential. Fire Crean now! Before it’s too late!

  61. After the Wuskies fire Romar they can have Crean. He comes highly recommended with the trademark phrase: “It’s the PAC 12! It’s the PAC 12!” (He needs to repeat it otherwise he’s not convinced of it himself.) He will implement his smarmy happenstance system right away, just give him time to rebuild, because he will recruit the c*@p out of the state and region and also bring the highest ranked recruits from the Midwest, Africa and Europe (don’t you know they follow him wherever he goes?).

    Tom Crean to Washington? One. Step. Closer.

  62. FireCrean is boring, says Podunker? Chuckle.

    Just look at post #61. The thread was doing fine and then Podunker had to argue he just couldn’t stand a FireCrean 2013 post. FireCrean is never boring. Podunker is envious. End of proof.

  63. FC isn’t boring?


    Hell, Hillbilly is the best poster in the universe compared to FC.

    Same old tired crap: Crean sucks and Knight is God. Yawn.

  64. So sorry Ricotard that Washington deprived you of your blabber-mouthed selective trash-talking opportunities this weekend. It was indeed wise of you to stick your small ostrich brain in the sand yesterday and the day before, while the football and basketball Huskies were winning.

    I’d also like to thank you: every time you go on one of your coked-up internet spelunking adventures, finding old posts and quotes to ejaculate onto the Scoop, the teams you bash begin to win. You were a great good luck charm for Tom Crean, and you’ve become one for Sark as well.

    Bye bye!

  65. I’m perfectly content with Crean replacing Romar. Also I’d be even happier to see Wilson come and replace Sark. Washington sucks but could suck a bit more to my taste and that’s why bringing Crean and Wilson to replace Romar and Sarkisian would make me extremely happy. Go Mediocrity! Go Huskies!

  66. It’s about time IU gets a proper coach instead of this walk-on, Crean.

    Crean behaved like a mendicant, like a beggar running after Knight at the end of the game.

    What did he want from him: “Coach, can you spare some gum?”

    Crean is an embarrassment to IU. The guttersnipe of college basketball.

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