1. Man, could be a GREAT day today (Obama wins and these two guys are cleared) or a HORRIBLE day (exact opposite happens).

  2. Ditto on Laffy’s sentiments, but may I suggest a ‘dream scenario’ wherein Tijan wins the election on a massive last-minute write-in campaign and is also awarded more years of bb eligibility.

  3. The tea leaves are reading that Jurkin will be immediately eligible but might have a small charitable contribution to make. Perea may have to sit out a few games but no harm no foul since he’s working back from the foot injury.

  4. What Laffy is is well informed. At the very least on those two topics.

    Oldguy is an advertising agency’s dream. Laffy is their nightmare.

  5. Hahahahahaha. This election is over. Obama with a 91% chance of winning. It would take some serious voter suppression and intimidation for the Republican machine to win another presidential election with a losing candidate.

    The GOP is dead without a serious overhaul. Move forward or get left behind.

  6. “Stupidity” is thinking we could invade Iraq and have it all be over in 3 months and cost less than $30 billion.which is what Georgie told us and his sheep believed.

    It’s also thinking housing prices would go up 20% per year forever….which is what most of the country believed and is what screwed our country. I called the housing collapse while everyone else “didn’t see it coming.”

    Lastly, tell us ONE topic Mitt hasn’t flip-flopped on. Just one. “Stupidity” is believing ANYTHING that comes out of his mouth.

  7. Laffy, that simply isn’t true. Remember Dick Cheney on Meet the Press stated that the Iraq War would not cost anything because Iraq oil revenues would be used to offset the cost of the war. What was George thinking? It was all going to be free and over in a few weeks.

    The only thing that the Republicans have going for them is the huge number of people who can’t remember beyond last week.

  8. Let’s not let this site become political. I would never reveal the fact that I wouldn’t vote for a Republican if my lfe depended on it. Noone else should either, unless you are a 1 percenter with no conscience(?). But these thoughts have no place here!! Dadgumitt!

  9. So, Monkey Man, what does “missing some games” mean? Can the NCAA rule a kid partially ineligible? I don’t understand that.

  10. Sources with knowledge of the situation tell Peegs.com the NCAA plans to make eligibility decisions on Indiana freshman Hanner Perea and Peter Jurkin today.

    At this point, the amount of undocumented expenses related to Jurkin are less than the amount that traditionally requires a player to sit out. It is expected Jurkin will have to repay that amount to the charity of his choosing.

    A key receipt related to international travel for Perea dating to 2008 reached the NCAA late last week. However, there are still a number of undocumented expenses, and Perea will have to sit out a number of games to start the season.

    If the NCAA goes by previous decisions, Perea will have to sit out around six games. However, the NCAA has considerable leeway in these matters so the number of games he has to sit could vary.

  11. I would like to know why espn is showing pUKe exhibition highlights and this is kentucky all access week. Last time I checked Indiana is ranked #1. sounds like john crookaperi might be paying someone again.

  12. I read Kelvin Sampson’s college coaching ban will be lifted today. Has it been five years? Seems like it was just yesterday when I was cheering on “Hot Rod” Wilmont.

  13. Old Guy. Comment (#7) reminds me of last December. IU was scheduled on TV against I forget who. Went out for a ride, stopped at Racetrac station on US 41 next to the Peace River in Charlotte Harbor Florida. Got my newspaper and cofee, going to my bike when two homeless and drunk guys come out of the bushes.

    First guy looks at my IU shirt and asks if that was Utah. Second guy stumbles out and said “no man, thats IU – Indiana” He than goes on to say he loves Bloomington and IU. Took him 6 yrs to get through school and he enjoyed every minute of it.

    I offered him $20 for food but he said to keep it, he would just buy beer with it. Gave him my cell # if he needed anythingt….never heard from him again.

  14. I was so distraught after Coach Wilson’s latest win that I withdrew from the Scoop for an entire weekend, during which I picked fruit with a group of Vietnamese immigrants to redeem my conscience. But now I’m back.

  15. Hey Ron,
    It’s dude #2 from the bushes(can I get a mulligan on that 20 spot?)
    Just kiddin’ I really appreciate all the perspectives here at the Scoop. We can disagree with out being disrespectful or calling someone’s opinion stupid (oh, wait oldguy ruined that.)
    I, like all commenting here I hope these two freshmen don’t miss any/very many games this season, ’cause it’s gonna be fun to watch. As a matter of fact, I got a pair of candy stripes to rock on Friday as I venture into enemy territory (Northern Kentucky) to drop my kids off at preschool. (The Huge IU magnet on the back of my car may not be loud enough)
    As you were men, and go HOOSIERS!!!

  16. Well, there ARE opinions that are “stupid” if/when they claim “Obama is far worse than Bush.”

    We had the worst attack ever on Bush’s watch (yes, I know Righties never say “The buck stops here when it’s one of their own at the helm and blame it on someone else).

    Bush lied to get us into war…….the worst thing a Prez can do….and then had the two worst managed wars ever.

    The housing collapse happened on his watch.

    We were losing 700,000 jobs a MONTH when he left office.

    And on and on and on.

    Obama, while FAR from perfect, hasn’t come CLOSE to ANY of those things, let alone being worse than ALL of them.

  17. This dumpster fire of comments totally unrelated to Peter Jurkin or Hanner Perea is starting to resemble the HoosierTimes comments section more and more every day. I assume next we’ll have a throwdown about gun control and I-69? This is a sports haven, please keep it that way.

  18. It’s Election Day, Gilligan. Quit crying like it happens all the time.

    I mean, how often do we have to read about restaurants and people’s fishing trips and all that other crap?

  19. Nervous mindless babble while we await “the news”

    I-69 dead issue due to $$$$$$..? At least from Bloomington north.

    Need the guns to shoot all the deer running around town.

  20. Wanna know what’s wrong with this country….

    My 89-year-old dad(WW II vet)dropped his cell phone and it quit working..the plastic hinge had partially broken, but it would still open and close. He rarely uses the cell phone(cheap model with least expensive T-Mobile plan) and only needs it for calling a family member after a doctors appointment, possible emergency, etc. He’s living off money borrowed against his home…gets his social security benefits. I took him to the phone store and right when the sales clerk was going to ring him up for a $100.00 replacement phone, it dawned on me..Hmmm? I thought to myself, maybe it’s just the SIM card..Maybe it got jolted loose..

    I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier. Anyway, when I asked the clerk if it was possible that the SIM card had been knocked out of line(he was reinserting the SIM card and just about ready to transfer data to the new phone), he was forced into being honest and said it appeared his old phone was working just fine.

    My dad got to save himself $100.00..I should have thought of the SIM card issue earlier, but I can’t believe the sales clerk was going to play dumb instead of being honest.

    We can blame politicians, the rich, the 47%, etc, etc…Sometimes we need to just look in the mirror and wonder why we can’t do the decent, ethical, honest, and kind thing within every interaction our daily lives. I’ve never had much faith in politicians. Whether from saturation into the elite worlds of privilege in educational institutions or business institutions, most become far removed the struggles most average Americans.

    What becomes most disheartening is when “average” middle class Americans begin to lose a conscience and have no problem f**king over a fellow American who put his life in harms way for his country. Where has decency and honesty gone? All we want to do his screw the next guy over because somebody is ready to screw us over the same.

    My dad left the store happy he didn’t have to buy a new phone. I left the store disappointed. If we can’t look out for each other on a one-on-one basis, we are done.

  21. You guys should leave the politics off this board. Remember, the majority of the “Hoosier Nation” you young bucks like to tout as “us”, generally votes conservative. Don’t believe it? Check election outcomes for the last 100 years or so. Fastest way to kill a good site politics and money!

  22. First, most on this board are not “young bucks.”

    Second, if Wilson can wake up our football program after 90% of its history rooted in decades and decades of bad decisions and reckless indifference, surely Indiana voters can wake up from the dead and change their historically bad, uneducated, corny habits in voting booths.

  23. There is nothing “conservative” about the Republican Party.

    Wanting to ban porn is not “conservative.”

    Telling gay people they can’t even visit their partner, which should be their hubby/wife, is not “conservative.”

    Saying “corporations are people” is not “conservative.”

    The list is endless.

  24. PULEEEZE!!!! Keep politics off this site. I have very definite political views, and won’t hesitate to call you an idiot in the proper site, but this ain’t it. After all, what’s more important – which guy is going to run the country at the pleasure of his rich ‘keepers,’ or Hanner Perea’s eligibility? …. That’s what I thought – now lets talk about Hanner and Peter.

  25. Whoaa Laffy! You’ve got to get all the facts before you make conclusions and assign responsibility on the issues that shaped the last decade-plus.

    I agree partially that Iraq was mishandled. Probably in that we did not do it George Bush Sr. and Gen. Powell style, overwhelming force, a strong initial intervention in their government and a gradual transference to an Iraqi government prepared by us. Likewise, we should absolutely not disbanded the Iraqi army after their surrender nor dismissed the entire bureaucracy. Both were huge sources of employment and would have accepted a state-of-law arrangement with us. The last thing you need is a million trained, unemployed former soldiers with their weapons running around the street. So, given Hussein’s propensity for killing entire towns, savaging their children (see photos of dead children bent in half after Saddam used chemical bombs or photos draining the southern swamps before we ran him out). We should be playing a similar role in Syria. And in Darfur, South Sudan. That’s why we are the U.S. and have rarely ever ignored our role to protect the populations…yes, of even other countries.

    And, as far as the crisis in 2008 set off by a corrupt investment Wall Street banking system and corrupt mega-banks like Citibak, and Bank of America in places like Charlotte, NC and overseas (mainly British HSBC, Barclays, Germany’s Deutsche Bank and the Swiss Credit Suisse finance)…it’s partially true they get a big hand from the Republicans, with a big- big hand hand that has to be credited to the Democrats and President William ‘Billy-Bob) Clinton who, in November of 1999, proposedand passed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, which eliminated the GSA restrictions against affiliations between commercial and investment banks. Furthermore, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act allows banking institutions to knock down the 1933 Grant-Steagall Act firewalls limiting and controlling the use of deposits for speculation, unleashing the orgy of speculation that contributed to the 2008 financial collapse. Republicans are no saints, but Democratic politicians celebrate our ignorance and innocence as well.

    Laffy, likewise with the political push to loosen the mortgage regulations that created the (Fanny Mae, etc)bubble immediately prior to the collapse and made everyone think housing prices would go up forever, leading to qualifying poor risks and causing many homeowners to use their mortgages as ATM’s. Whose policies were responsible for the push to make home ownership and relax common sense mortgage financing rules…again Willie Bob of Arkansas. All, with the glad handing and back slapping of bankers, investors and politicians, Democratic and Republican, Liberal and Conservative, who see the ‘common folk’ as a convenience with the same future as a used Trojan p___phylact_c.

    But…in spite of it all, and in spite of Bob Knight’s retirement and Sampson’s obsession with cell phones and our mid-2000 decade idea that we could get a good football coach on $347.50 per week plus gas money…We Is Indiana! And now they have to talk about us in November for basketball and football.

    See Laughy…there is a God!!! (and God’s wearing his Go Hoosiers TIS t-shirt and a red Bobby Knight replica sweater which he pulls up just above the bellybutton while checking out Crean’s last Twitter message to Him and Bobby’s last curse and laugh around Him.)

    And He loves you too Laughy! and Chet!
    (Do me a favor Laughy…this was all written with a smile and enjoying, so don’t go all beserk and send back a bunch of MF’s and F’s and so on and so forth… Enjoy!…Saturday we beat Wisconsin and if you go nuts the Big Guy in the Red Sweater will get us upset by Bryant).
    Read more: http://www.investopedia.com/articles/03/071603.asp#ixzz2BTfJ7cxu

  26. Ron- incredibly good anecdote- your #20…you’ve got to write more often!!!! You’re all Hoosier!!!

  27. Nothing yet….Info I would guess goes to IU first.? Or will it be a public announcement..? Maybe we should have gone to White River Park and sit outside the NCAA office with signs.?

    SkidRow – ever hang out at the RACETRAC station in Charlotte Harbor Florida.?

    Harvard – I think it’s the “greatest generation” thing. When my father passes away at 89 I felt the world may have lost the last honest man. My mother at 88 is the same. Enough to want to pull your hair out. Same house insurance since 1950, same auto insurance agent since 1988. I found them much cheaper insurance and they would not change. “their agent was nice”. Of course he was, never had a claim. As loyal as honest.

  28. Thanks Chris. when I drink one tonight, I’ll pretend you bought it for me. 🙂

    TT— Agree “partially” Iraq was mishandled? (rollllllleyes)

    Righties love to WHINE how “Obama isn’t a leader.” Sure never heard the blast Bush for that. Did he ask for sacrifice during war time? No…he gave a tax cut for the first time in history.

    Did he tell people, “Hey, the housing market can’t go up like this forever. And, you need to stop using your houses as ATM’s”…..instead, he told people to go buy houses and spend, spend, spend.

    Ron– I think the “greatest generation” is a load of crap. They raised a bunch of selfish brats who destroyed this country.

  29. Ron-

    An hour earlier we had a wonderfully kind waitress(she looked of Philippine heritage)at a local breakfast establishment. There are plenty of hard-working honest Americans…

    My dad never saw himself as part of a “greatest generation.” He was simply driven and motivated to do right by his family. I don’t want to get too political, but I believe the concentrated wealth in boardrooms has become so disconnected from the decent, dollar-stretched, inflation squashed, workers in the trenches that make their companies truly successful, is where capitalism has failed. I see less and less of respect for true backbone of companies. Undervalued, under-payed…with rarely a voice of appreciation or a pat on the back from above when they represent the name on the door with pride dignity.

    Politicians can be agents for change, but change must come from within.

    I pull the lever in the voting booth for those I believe actually have the appearance of an ounce of humility and compassion; their heart in the corner of the real engine of hope for our country.

  30. Ron…that was my dad!…was he your dad too?…I knew he was up to something!!

    He would come home on Election Day and proclaim (with a heavy- heavy [javvy] accent “I kame to thees kontry too bee and Amerikan…I foolfeel my ceevik dooty!” He’d look at me, shake his index, smack me a burner on top of the head and say “you bee goo-sea-tea-sin!!”

    They were something weren’t they? I really miss him on Election Day. Was thinking the other day…you know the b_lls you had to have to grab up your family, wife and three kids, get on a vote with all your clothes and possessions in two trunks and sail some 7000 miles to a place where no one spoke your language and look for a job. I’d be scared into diarrhea every day for a decade. A good bottle of Malbec to him tonight while watching the election results.

    When I told him I wanted to play football on the 7th grade team but needed a helmet, he looked at me (we had little money-the kids slept all in one room for the first year) and took me to Macy’s and bought me a ‘like-leather hard cardboard helmet with no padding and a shoe string for for a chin protector’ that looked like the ones that Bronco Nagurski, Howard Brown or George Taliaferro wore but not nearly as protective. He’d come to the games we’d ride the subway to Van Cortland park (227th Street and Broadway stop and finish on the bus) in NYC, and shake his fist in front of his face. I’d dive under the pile ups just to see him do it. And he’d carry my helmet home for me and when we got there he’d wash off the marks and spit-shine the damn thing. (I didn’t know what a suspension helmet was until I was in high school). I’m getting tears…go Hoosiers!! Gotta live it inside!!! That’s what I love about this team…they may end up my favorite IU team ever!!!!

  31. I just remember morning coffees with my dad when we used to work together. When he’s gone, those will be the days I’ll truly miss…just making small talk in his office together. I wish I could have made him more proud.


  33. Obama just passed under my balcony…as I was exchanging with the citizens in Scoop, all of a sudden I looked up and some 30 yards in front- at the big S turn at the yacht club at the harbor on Lake SHore Drive at Grant Park, I noticed the cops had cut the drive completely of, cleared it from here to the Field Museum…then I saw a bunch of blue light, followed by two RUV’s, the limo, another 4 RUV’s, and about 10 busses/vans (probably the press) (all going north…of course, where the money is). Cloudy, rainy gray Chicago day, with gray clouds on top of the gray clouds. Normally I can see the Indiana shore (south end) and a bit of SE Michigan around the Benton Harbor area…today can barely see the Aquarium. (It’s all trues, as I was writing on DD’s Scoop blog)

    As Obama drove by, I wrote and hung out a sign…
    I could see him show the finger in my direction through the smoked window and I could see him move his mouth, placing his upper denture over his lower lips to form an ‘F___” and then pucker his lips in a ‘W’. (some literary license in this last paragraph).

    Kevin Wilson for President!!!! Thomas Crean for Press Secretary!!! Glass for Secretary of the Treasury!!!!

  34. I like boats…a lot.

    Hey TTG, post #35 covers a lot of ground (and I appreciate it and the tone in which it was written) but I couldn’t help but notice that the last few sentences in the second paragraph sound remarkably like Cold War Soviet doctrine (i.e. “Domino Theory) or Ronnie Raygun’s fears that the Commies would take over Latin America (so he HAD to fund Death Squads, doncha know, to keep people safe).

    Let’s not be taking over the galaxy quite yet, Darth. That kinda thing has yet to work out for anyone, ever.

    Funny thing, Nicaragua was a particular focus of Ronnie’s attention. Now that that dreaded Commie, Daniel Ortega, was elected President of Nicaragua, and rid it of Ronnie’s Death Squads, it’s considered the safest country in Latin America.

    Side note: I made quite a few Nicaraguan friends my freshman year at IU and has stayed in touch and traveled there a good bit over the years. Their families have been or out of favor with every twist of change. I’ve only felt safe visiting since (that dirty Commie) Ortega was elected.

    You just never know how those kind of things will turn out (but anything involving ‘Death Squads’ is unlikely to go well).

  35. Tsao- Did you see the official Republican metaphorical election day response to the Obama motorcade while you gazed upon Buckingham Fountain from your high-rise window?

  36. I don’t have Premium at Peegs, but just reading what’s available, it doesn’t look good.

    Of course, in the past, they did that stuff on purpose just to mess with people that don’t have Premium.

    Guess it’s too much to ask The Scoop to have any actual “scoops” or updated info……..

  37. Laffy – you may find this interesting… I was watching Obama 2016 last week (obviously flawed, but nonetheless thought provoking and a viable “theory”) and the director/narrator interviewed a historian who was also a child psychologist about why Obama seemed to be so influenced by his father – a man who was almost completely absent from his life and living on the other side of the world with no contact. This doctor talked about a phenomena that happened after WW2 where many children were raised by single mothers because so many fathers never came home. The mothers took over both roles, and one of their main tools was placing their deceased fathers on a pedestal and creating role models and war heroes out of men, who at times were not great fathers or husbands (or providers due to Depression) prior to them leaving to serve their countries. And while this did have a generally positive effect on children’s behavior and morale it begs the question… Did those mothers essentially write a suspect history, albeit with good intentions at the time, and unknowingly create the “Greatest Generation” (myth?)?

    I’m not presenting that as MY theory. I’d have to dig a lot more into it before I took a position, but it does bring up an interesting question…

  38. I didn’t say it was correct… It’s highly flawed… Only presents one side that promotes his theory… But it’s all just theory… There is nothing about a human’s intentions or inner thoughts that can ever be proven… There is no “fact”

    It can be thrown on the table with other theories and be considered just as viable. I actually don’t think it paints him in a negative light (although it was intended to). It says he is anti-colonization and that the he inherently believes that USA is the worlds biggest bully, basically using under-developed countries for our own gain…. Well, I think there is plenty of evidence supporting that. I guess I am anti-colonization too. I can’t imagine how I’d feel if china came here and started taking our resources and telling us what to do. Now we also do more good in the world than any other country, but that doesnt mean we arent a bully. I won’t address all the parts of the movie, but some make sense and other parts are a massive leap…

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