Fred Glass’s statement on the ruling

Fred Glass’s statement from an Indiana release.

“Earlier today, we received notice that our appeal for a reduction in the withholding penalties for Hanner Perea and Peter Jurkin was denied.  While we are disappointed with the denial, we are even more disappointed in the case summary as communicated by the NCAA public relations staff.  This case continues to be about $185 in Varsity Club contributions over 20 years ago, notwithstanding the NCAA National Office’s troubling references to activities that are permissible or would have been permissible but for the minor donations.  Having said that, we accept this as the NCAA’s final word on the case, and we will have no further comment on the matter.”


  1. How much tax abatement did we give the Ncaa to move to Indy from St Louis ? Just more wrong headed nest from the Ncaa.I kid at Ucla takes money in the form of travel and who knows what else. Turn off there heat.

  2. I guess maybe all of you are forgetting about Baylor’s involvement it this. Remember they told Hanner if he did not play for them they would see to it that he got deported! IMHO if he had gone to Baylor Adams and A Hope would have no violations. I think Baylor dug this up and sent it to the NCAA because they lost the recruitment to IU. Remember Hanner had narrowed his choices to Baylor or IU. So their coaches did everything they could to get the kid in trouble!! This was never about $185.00 it was the Baylor coaches trying to make good on their deportment comments.

  3. Southport,
    The Baylor conspiracy theory has been mentioned by many, but basically it has no validity because Indiana self-reported this. I can’t say for certain that Baylor didn’t drop a dime on Indiana and ask for an investigation, but the $185 donations Indiana found were self-reported, so whatever Baylor did is irrelevant. The NCAA might have been snooping around based on something Baylor said and I can’t say for certain that isn’t true, but all of the information the NCAA got was volunteered by Indiana, A-HOPE and Adams.

  4. DD on Baylor; no I didn’t forget them either, But, I thought the issue was totally within us. Maybe just looking into the A-Hope kids as a whole since some of the questions were at the margins, but not sure that Baylor itself had the credibility. Weren’t they forced to fire the assistant coach who threatened to get Immigration to expel Hanner and attempted to extort him into signing?

  5. The lesson here is simple. Do not self report. What good did it possibly do IU to self report? NONE!

    The NCAA is a monopoly run amok. It is time for the university presidents and athletic directors to rise up and form a self governing body. One where common sense is more important than positive PR.

  6. Wo One,
    The irony here is that the NCAA is exactly what you just mentioned. It’s a membership organization and the committees are made up of university presidents, athletic directors and others. There is an NCAA staff that keeps it all together, but the legislation is developed by the membership.
    I would suggest also, that neither common sense nor positive PR are driving forces behind the NCAA. This isn’t getting them any positive PR for sure. I’d suggest that the driving force is following the letter of the law regardless of whether or not the letter of the law makes common sense.

  7. Who cares? So two kids sit out 9 games…if this is the worst thing that happens in their lives, they should consider themselves blessed. Let them have a conversation with Mo Creek about adversity at IU.

    For those wasting energy on this issues still, you need to get a life. We’re the #1 team in the country.

  8. DD, Wo One; the further irony is that about two months or so ago, the NCAA Presidents met in the light of several recent recruiting scandals and made clear through a statement by their President Mark Emmert that they wanted enforcement toughened for everyone and that they would no longer tolerate emphasis on the ‘technical rule’ but would in fact emphasize the letter of the law. Even more ironically, they were talking about UCLA and other prominent cases.

    It’s like the following week the ‘rubes from Indiana’ come walking around the corner, crossing on the yellow light and walked into the police raid. And all we could say was, ‘we didn’t mean to’.

  9. Tsao, I understand your concern. I had the same thoughts when Coach Crean visited Gary Harris’ school when he wasn’t allowed. I also don’t want anymore whoopsies, and or self reporting crap. These kinds of mistakes should not happen, but obviously they have. Yes, it takes a little luster off of what Coach Crean has done and the season we are anticipating. We must believe that Mr. Glass is, and has taken steps to further curtail ignorance from ruling the day. At this time, all we can do is deal with it and move forward. I am confident that Coach Crean and the team are doing just that.

  10. Look at it this way. We all want them back, but if we can get by North Carolina, then all the started bad, ends well with no losses. We get them back for Butler. The argument is valid they lost lots of valuable playing time, but will still have some cup cakes to hone their skills. Playing time or not, I will just be glad to shore up our front line, so Cody can get open looks, and not be double teamed!

  11. I completely agree with Aruss.

    Perea and Jurkin would have never been investigated without Mike Fish’s Establishment-funded witch hunt. Just another Indiana witch hunt courtesy of scummy journalists attempting to influence the inept NCAA that hides behind the true corruption; an NCAA manipulated by propaganda with zero ability to go after the true offenders/violators in college hoops..Why? Because it could bankrupt TV ratings and strip away the ugly truth their propped up idols of “elite” programs.

    And where is the investigation pursuing the booster that provides the dollars/credit for a Duke player to purchase a $100,000 worth of diamond jewelry on a team road trip to NYC? Elite coach….Elite program…Elite personality…Too many grads working big media organizations…Ratings. Verdict? Untouchable.

    The only way they validate their organization is through being pawns in the back pocket of the Establishment’s preferred untouchables. They go after a 3-way caller and ban him from the game for five years. They let a coach in that had a star player cheat on an SAT hop to another program and take his next team to the limelight of a championship banner. They hold him up like he’s the model for everything right in college basketball.

    John Calipari is apple pie..Duke is apple pie…Knight is now apple pie. Indiana is the new dumping ground where they flush away the real truth of the sewage and lies behind the complete hypocrisy their watchful Establishment eye. SnailPond

  12. Exactly Mass. IU has played too close to the edge way too many times on what seems to be small incidents. With Sampson, ‘so he made a few calls…how do we know they didn’t call him?’ and then trying to reassure themselves that the NCAA ‘isn’t going to be that petty’. That CTC just ‘made an error of 24 hrs, anyone does that’ and besides ‘he turned himself in immediately’, yara,yara, yara…sounds like the President of Argentina arguing the bond debt saying she’ll never accept it. You can only go to the water well so often. NCAA Pres. Emmert spoke in the last month of drawing a line on everybody. And, I’m not too sure the argument that ‘somehow the knowledge of the (Adams-booster) violation was believed ‘by the faculty and league reps on the Committee on Infractions’. Do we believe it was only a matter of tattoos at Ohio State, or a couple of practices that ran late at Michigan under Rodriguez?

    Thanks Mass, I love IU and don’t want to see this over and over and over. It wears on us. Obviously CTC is no idiot…just focus on being a great coach. Why do we hire Asst Compliance people, to have them withhold facts like this until they spill out? It’s tiring and embarrassing. Somebody has to rein it in.

    In the meantime, we have to shut-up and pay the piper for a horrible and possibly corrupt administration under A.D. Greenspan. (Same administration that knew the truth at Oklahoma about Sampson). Regards to la gaucha and the all B1G.

  13. Tsao, so you know more about the facts of this “case” than Fred Glass? You know the truth and Glass in wrong? That was a silly comment, Tsao.

    Don’t confuse his decision to be disciplined in his comments about the ruling on the appeal. It’s clear from his comments that he believes the NCAA was wrong in its decision and the information they communicated in their statement. A good attorney knows when to stop talking and move on, but that does not mean he agrees with the decision.

    Like i said, I trust Fred Glass before anyone in the corrupt NCAA.

  14. Ok… New topic:

    Line on tomorrow night’s game – Coming back from finally facing some real size and athleticism… Getting to play at another speed… Pissed at the NCAA… Plenty of rest…

    I am sensing that IU should really overwhelm the competition and destroy Ball St. I’m setting the line at 45…

    Over or under?

  15. Podunker- it surprises me that you say that. I’ve read your posts on the importance of organizational leadership and accountability in decision making. The point, and I;ve experienced and lived it, is that when things go badly always, always look for accountability within your organization and don’t think two instants past having to wack those responsible within it. Feel any sort of pity and you’ll face the issue again…only worse.

    I did a time line of ‘small little incidents’ between the NCAA and IU, including those I’ve already posted and others that cost us nothing in terms of institutional accountability with the except of having to pay for a scholarship for someone who never got to step on the floor because he was ineligible due to some SNAFU with his scholarship eligibility/academic status/’amateur status. Then, to the timeline I plugged in ‘questionable’ events (i.e. Matt Roth).

    I was left pretty aghast at how close to the margins we were running on some issues. More than anything it does show a pattern of consistency in ‘cutting it close’ that is very, very troubling.

    I love what Coach Crean has done to bring the program back, to help us find our Hoosier pride, in the respect he’s earned the program with the national media, (because, let’s face it, the It’s Indiana reputations has been earned by generations from long ago and across several coaches- it didn’t start with the revival of last year’s Hoosiers). So I’m happy for our success.

    But, the events and anecdotes I considered and cite (and the additional anecdotes and information I did not cite) comes from reading the entire history from Mike Davis on with most of that history taken from statements either spoken by or part of Glass’ records, Dustin’s pointing at his past reporting of events (big thanks to Dustin for pointing me to past links).

    When I laid it all out in a timeline…it makes for a ‘concerning’ picture. We’ve committed no felonies since Sampson, but there have been some misdemeanors that could have led to felonies. And, there’s still a troubling, very troubling habit to roll through ‘stop’ signs without coming to a full stop.

    I don’t know about you; but, I never want to see my Indiana so exposed, so vulnerable…not ever…again. We can have the top program in the country without playing it close to the edge.

    So Podunker…we disagree for the same reason. You love Indiana your way (when it’s winning, I’ll love it whether it’s winning or not quite winning).

    Now…about recruiting fat tackles….

  16. Tsao, you’re missing the point. When you examine the facts, this was a very minor error. It was really a technicality. No one involved was trying to cheat. The point is that the punishment does not fit the “crime.” It’s not even close. And as bad as Sampson was, the rules he violated are not even violations any more. Given the damage to IU’s program, how messed up is that? Furthermore, the NCAA has, once again, demonstrated great inconsistency in handing out punishment.

    But let’s take your point head on. Would you have recommended that Crean not recruit Jurkin and Perea because of their past association with A Hope and Adams? Remember, this was self-reported by IU after some compliance geek coughed up a memory of some old minutia. These two young men get a nine game suspension and are forced to come up with some money because of something that some guy’s wife did 20 years ago, that only under the most extreme contortions qualifies him as a former booster? It’s just absurd on its face. It suspends common sense and is opportunistic on the part of the NCAA.

    And for the record, I want coaches that place the tips of their toes right on the line that separates what’s within the rules and what’s beyond the rules. I don’t want IU to have a coach that is so risk-averse and fearful that he is constantly losing the forest for the trees. If you’re not making mistakes once in a while, you’re not trying hard enough. Just don’t make the same mistakes twice.

  17. Tsao, your comment in #18, “You love Indiana your way (when it’s winning, I’ll love it whether it’s winning or not quite winning)” was baseless. I would have thought such a comment was beneath you. To suggest that I am a fare-weather-fan because I disagree with you on this matter and that your love for IU is somehow superior and more pure is absurd and sanctimonious. I thought you too smart and too mature to demonstrate such naked self-aggrandizement. You should be more careful.

  18. Ok Podunker and Chet, let me try to handle it as one argument…

    Po says: “…this was a very minor error…It was really a technicality. No one involved was trying to cheat.”: This issue is fundamental to the problem.
    *In 2008, during the Greenspan administration and just as we are getting out of the ‘Sampson violations’, an assistant A.D. discovers that Adams (AHope-see below) is a ‘booster’ by definition (in for a dime, in for a dollar) and does not report it.
    *I do not believe that Greenspan did not know this. I think he was afraid to report ‘minor violations’ after having assumed earlier that ‘too much cell phone time’ was trite and would not be sanctioned.
    *So, with IU just bringing in a new coach and having to pay Crean major, major dollars over a long term contract, they sat on ‘minor violations’ (read this ‘HID’ including the Adams-booster finding. That- sitting on it- goes to the most important rule of all NCAA rules –“get caught not reporting and it is major, major, major (like Catch 22). (That’s what happened at Ohio State with Jim Tressel, their football coach, and the butt tattoo sessions.
    *If you recall, shortly thereafter, Sampson is fired, no one- not even Dakich is kept (to the consternation of several former Knight players including some who had sworn to never step on IU land again) Greenspan is forced to leave.
    *Glass is hired. He’s an Indy attorney, with NCAA contacts from his involvement in Indy sports promotion (very important since it is likely he knew most of the first level NCAA people; department heads, investigators, administrative personnel.
    *His first action is a major restructuring of the Athletic Department centered, of all things, on the Compliance Department. (remember Adams-AHope is a part of that thread, and was already under some ‘observation’. In the ‘coloring’ of NCAA compliance something smells.
    *Glass’ is told of the info about Adams-AHope, his possible role as an IU Booster because he had given money to the Varsity Club. At that point, the only AHope involvement was Tijan (was there another African AHope kid who did play?). He’s declared ineligible because (apparently) he had lost his amateur status with a club in France. IU does not challenge that. But no one is too concerned with a bad IU team that goes nowhere. The Adams-AHope issue continues to lie dormant.
    * Now, we’re involved with the Baylor dust-up over Mosquera-Perea…nothing that seems to be a problem for us except the exposure to the NCAA compliance people right there in Indy where they surely read the Star. Nothing happens as a result of Baylor.
    *IU becomes everybody’s favorite basketball team, a retelling of the movie Hoosier. And IU begins to compete for top prospects. The NCAA individuals who investigate and handle the administration of paper know all of these stories and anecdotes because they work a piece-of-chewing gum spit from the Indy Circle.
    *now all the bad publicity re Roth’s 6th year is discussed in papers, the issue of over-scholar shipping hits the consciousness. Still nothing is a violation at all.
    * The Patterson mess and his eventual non-admission which avoids us from the over-signing issue.
    *Mosquera- Perea and Jurkin sign with Indiana and their recruitment is reviewed (as probably hundreds of cases) and they see the A-Hope connection and Adams and $14000 worth of expenditures (total) on both and someone types “Adams, Mark” and the NCAA screen goes …”tic, tic Indiana Booster…paid $20 per year to IU Varsity Club…beg 1984 (or whenever)
    *Crean asked in a press conference about the progress of the petition for Mosquera-Perea and answers the gathered sports writers including Bloomington’s version of Westbrook Pegler, Dustin Dopirak, “because the Panama Canal brought about the split between Gran Colombia and what is now Panama and thanks to US Army doctor Walter Reed we were able to control the spread of malaria during the building of the Panama Canal and I’ll let you know something grrbl-ggrrrrbls-local fauna and flora…rapnfaisaskatch….
    *My take…Glass saved our rears.(As I said, he has friends in high places, was hired as AD to save us from ourselves and it was probably been discussed with IU so Glass knows we could be in deep doo-doo and does everything by the book.
    * NCAA: (to IU) ‘please, put them on the table’….WACK!!, IU ‘OUCH!’, NCAA …please put them on the table again,…WACK!!!… ‘OUCH'(in a thinner voice)…please…again ‘OUCH’ (full soprano now).
    *Now I lay me down to sleep, I hope my heart the Lord to keep…Please God, protect Mr. Glass for he protects us from ourselves…

    Podunker I learned one thing when I was a kid and my old man rapped me across the top of the head…turn the head down, watch the hair fly and hope his arm gets tired before the head breaks. Ours is not a short history. friend.

  19. Whoaaa! Sorry Podunker, my bad…I had not intention of writing it the way it came out…I meant to write winning or losing for you and winning and near-winning for me…actually, I was laughing at myself. If there is anyone here who can take more IU pain than me it is you my friend.

    (I wrote sometime yesterday that I’ve had a big bronchitis/head cold that has really broken my concentration, even came home early from Thanksgiving family dinner because of it. So sorry, had no desire to offend you…just explain how the chain itself maximizes what seems like small incidents). BTW,the NCAA probably feels as it has had the legitimacy of its authority questioned, over a number of incidents over the last 2-3 years and they can only pounce on those that are ‘clear 100% violations as written and documented and not on major incidents where lawyers will spin and question the rules themselves or can point at ‘indiscretions by NCAA personnel as in the UCLA case.

    Hope we’re OK.

  20. Hey, Goof you little impotnt s***, still looking for a friend huhh? You my groupie now? Switch hands once in a while.

  21. Most telling phrase in the entire pile,

    “not even Dakich is kept (to the consternation of several former Knight players including some who had sworn to never step on IU land again”

    …and that is relevant to what, exactly (other than an opportunity to bring up the name of your patron saint because you haven’t mentioned it for nearly 24 hours)?

    Let’s dig up that horse and give it just one more whack.

  22. 1) Looks like someone stole TT’s screen name on # 25

    2) Dustin, you say you “don’t have time” to monitor this place. Well, two things. First, you have time to respond to both FC13 and Hillbilly so that means you “have time” to boot them for their crap. Second, why don’t you do what EVERY board does and have volunteer moderators that you and others trust? I think Geoff and Chet would be great at the job.

    3) I read that Mark might sue the NCAA for defamation and I hope he does.

    4) The line in my Vegas paper today is 30.

  23. That’s a good question Chet. I mention it because it became quickly apparent that Greenspan at that point left Dakich to deal with the mess, the anger, the sanctions, the passions coming, gave him no support (to deal with the mess) and allowed the visciousness of the moment to focus on Dakich, washing his hands off. If there was anything to be done with the 3-4 ‘student-athletes’ who were left and weren’t going to class, ran with a group of known Gangster Disciples or Gangster Disciple wannabees or selling whatever out of a cart parked next to their locker marked ‘Property of the Sinaloa Cartel”. The rest, the part about the former Knight players including Benson, Abernathy, etc were quite public about boycotting the (coming) coach (whoever that might be then) and aftermath…and initially, quite vocal about it. (I thought that was unfair, not very loyal to IU regardless who got the job)and not smart since we were already in the toilet and begging each other ‘don’t make waves’. My point was that the gutless, no clue, no spine, no judgment Greenspan left Dakich to drown as a way of showing the chaos that reigned and, possibly save his own arse

    It surprises me quite a bit- the tone of your comment. Last week when it seemed you had gotten fed up with the ‘tones’ and the frivolous personal attacks on your own commentary and thoughts, I seriously considered ‘maybe he’s right…who needs this sh__?’ and also considered that it’s getting too ignorant, ill tempered, obscene and personal rather than being moments shared with IU fan/friends while satisfying my motorcycle, my love for writing. In fact, I think I even wrote a comment then directed to you and posted that was saying ‘don’t let them get to you’ or some such thing Chet. I thought losing your honest commentary (whether I agree with you on everything or not) was robbing the blog of 1. honest opinion, 2. interesting anecdotes and thoughts and 3. a humorous serious yet somewhat laughing-at-it-all take. I also thought why should I continue…to read FireCreanKnightOliverWatsonWilsonMyMom2013? To readLaffy’s #@!!!??<##**;$ the Exitentialist thoughts of Geoff's on a T-shirt "Why I Am the Greatest Mind Who Ever Lived though Kierkegaard already wrote that one)… and on and on? or HfH's 'I'm Sh__ and There is Nothing Lowerr than Fly-sh__ ' self-despising treatises so he can insult you when you tell him it's not true that he is flydoo-doo. Gimme a break!

    Then, I made a terrible mistake (proving I can be as dumb as the next hillbilly), Saw (to my surprise, your post the next day and decided….naaaahhh!

    I guess I should have remembered Charles DeGaulle's line from his biography, "the more I meet people, the more I like my dog."

  24. Nothing hurtful intended. I just didn’t see how RMK could possibly be relevant to the topic yet somehow his name made its way into the conversation, as it frequently does. It’s 2012. He’s only marginally more relevant to the current state of affairs at IU than Branch McCracken, the difference being Coach M didn’t continually give us the finger.

    I guess Dustin has done some housecleaning or the kindergarten locked the computers as things seem much more civil around here recently. The posts of the sad little fella with the CTC complex don’t show up on my screen anymore so I don’t know if he’s posting or not. If he is everyone is finally ignoring him.

    Let’s go tonight Hoosiers.

  25. Don’t think it too loud, lest the little man hear you. I hope DD can keep it somewhat ‘clean’. He’s absolutely right, if he has to spend time refereeing he’ll die heir less.

    I specifically avoided the issue of the former coach since I know the reasonable discussion end at the mere mention of the name. The only mention in the ‘violations’ timeline discussion (#23,#24) was about the “initial [consternation] of some former XXX players…” at the appointment of CTC.

    Yeah…one thing we have to watch (all of us) is being manipulated into provoking each other. I’ve lived long enough to know that some individuals ‘need’ the confrontation to know they’re alive since nothing else is happening in their lives. Ironically, when they’re confronted usually they slip and fall in their own ____ as they try to sneak out. Years ago, when we did that the only thing we did was to ‘hold it’ for a few seconds so everyone could put the beer mug some place where the beer didn’t get spilled and then went at it…till we got tired and it was time to drink the beer again.

  26. Geoff, good call. Actually, crazy good call.

    Please don’t spend the rest of the season telling us how close you called this game.

    Just kidding.

  27. Tsao, I had to call you on that comment. I took my time before responding, trying to figure out where your comments came from. You’ll note that my last comment, “You should be more careful” implies that I was giving you the benefit of the doubt and that it might have been a mistake.

    Typically, when you disagree with me, you’re straightforward in your response and don’t resort to “passive/aggressive” or indirect comments. So it was either someone using your screen name, you did not write what you meant to write (that happens), or you had suddenly revealed a different side to your character. Glad to know it was a mistake resulting from a bad head cold and the cold medication.

    As for your post #23, wow! You threw a lot of irrelevant information into the effort to justify your position. Here’s a brief retort. Glass is not Greenspan. Crean is not Sampson. “Contributions” made to some IU organization, by a man’s wife, two decades ago, should be considered irrelevant. In most organizations, common sense would have been applied and at most, a written warning would have sufficed. To suspend two young men from playing basketball for nine games and to fine them (make donations to a charity) because some man’s wife donated $185 to IU before these men were born is simply ludicrous.

    Can you imagine if our country’s criminal justice system worked this way? (“The Indiana State Police, after reading a series of on-line blog posts, has concluded that Mr. Tsao Tsug, did, in 1978, drive an automobile on public roads located in the state of Indiana, after consuming three bottle of beer in a 60-minute period of time. We therefore conclude that Mr. Tsao Tsug is guilty of having driven an automobile on State roads while under the influence of alcohol and have issued a warrant for his arrest. Furthermore, after reading said blog posts, we have concluded that Mr. Tsug is guilty of this crime and have suspended his drivers licenses, impounded his automobile and fined him $5,000.”

    Anyone can spin it any way they want, but the NCAA has, once again, demonstrated its unique ability to convert an irrelevant act, a technicality, into a source of power for its corrupt bureaucracy. It can’t find or punish the true and serious cheaters, but boy can it flex its muscles and punish student athletes over irrelevant acts that took place before they were born. All hale the great and mighty NCAA!

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