Glass announces two-year contract extension, raise for Crean

Just before tip-off in Friday night’s game, Indiana athletic director Fred Glass took the mic and said Indiana has agreed with coach Tom Crean on a two-year extension that would keep him as coach through 2020 and pay him $3.16 million per year. The release sent after the announcement follows.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Right before the tip-off of tonight’s men’s basketball game against Bryant, Indiana University Vice President and
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Fred Glass announced to the capacity crowd that he and Tom Crean had reached agreement on the terms
of a new contract, including a two-year extension, that Glass said would keep Tom Crean as the head men’s basketball coach at Indiana at
least through the year 2020. The announcement was received with thunderous applause from the sellout crowd.
“Tom Crean has done an absolutely phenomenal job bringing Indiana University back to its rightful place as one of the elite basketball pro-
grams in the country,” Glass said. “His energy, integrity, ability, passion, industry, vision, and commitment are unparalleled.”
“Since we arrived in April of 2008, we have been all in,” said Crean. “ Even through all of the challenges our love and passion never wavered
for Indiana basketball and all that the school and the state embodies. We are extremely thankful to have the support of this administration
led by President McRobbie and our Board of Trustees and the support of Fred Glass. We are honored to know we will be here for a very long
time. Once you are a part of Indiana University, there is really no desire to work or live anywhere else. Go Hoosiers!
The key terms of the new contract will include the two-year extension from six years to eight years (through June 20, 2020) and an increase
in the average annual non-performance based compensation from approximately $2.52 million to approximately $3.16 million. All of the
annual incremental income will be paid through deferred compensation. The new contract will also add a performance bonus for team
academic performance as measured by APR, GSR, and GPA worth as much as $55,000 per year. The contract will also contain increased
buyout and guaranty provisions.
Once the contract is formally signed, it will be released publicly


  1. We’ve all made wrongheaded arguments, but when you’re so wrong that even your name is invalidated, it’s time for a new line of work.

  2. Solid, proactive business decision by AD Glass for the athletic department and the right move for the program and school. He’ll do the same for Coach Wilson after next season or just prior to the 2014 season. His challenge today is how close to 53k can he coax into MS against Wisky? I’ll bet he leaves no card un-played

  3. FC2013, that news really had to hurt. But just think, you now have eight more years to post inane and ridiculous comments about IU’s BB coach, and you can keep updating your Hoosier Scoop screen name every year. Next year, you can be “FireCrean 2014,” then “FireCrean 2015,” and on and on and on, until the day Crean retires.

    I can see it now; a few years from now, after Crean has won a couple of NCAA Championships, you’ll still be here calling for him to be fired. In for a penny, in for a pound, right!

  4. I can see it now; a few years from now, after Crean has won a couple of NCAA Championships, you’ll still be here calling for him to be fired. In for a penny, in for a pound, right!

    Poopy: not a chance. Crean won’t get a banner in Bloomington if he lived to “coach” here 2,020 years. but your screen name will indeed disappear like it happened with BeatPurdue after Bill Lynch’s last game (and win) away in West Laffy. Crean will derail this luxurious train soon enough, and he will be fired 2-3 years down the road. Or move on to coach something at his level (e.g., Rice, South Dakota, Bryant, Loyola (MD), teams he has studied well during his short stint in Bloomington).

    Here’s Crean exposing his basketball philosophy before resigning in 2013.

  5. How’s your granddad, FireJohnWooden1951, doing these days?

    I can still remember when he and his brother, FireDeanSmith1963, would take your brother, FireNickSaban1995, and your sister, FirePatSummitt1975, dynamite fishing next to the old paper bleaching plant.

    I heard they lost everything investing with Goldman Sachs.

  6. I am sure he laughed before, during and after.

    Chet is a dimwit, has always been.

    Didn’t he say two years ago that Zeller is not important?

  7. He may have used a combination of those words, but certainly not in the context that you are presenting them.

  8. There it is:

    Chet (Saturday, October 16, 2010 – 8:02 PM UTC) said:

    If Zeller doesn’t come all is lost … What a frickin’ moron. Indiana lost Larry Bird. Knight had him and lost him. All we were able to do was have an undefeated national championship team. Zeller is one player. I’ve seen better, I’ve seen worse. He damn sure isn’t a Larry Bird.

    Chet is a moron. Damn sure he is.

  9. In order to argue with that you have to claim:

    1. You’ve NEVER seen a player better (or worse) than Cody.


    2. Cody is better than Larry Bird.

    So, obviously that’s your position.

    What a friend kin’ moron.

  10. I think Chet knew in his heart that if we lost a kid like Etherington all would be lost. It was Etherington that assembled ‘the Movement’…It is Etherington that embodies the spirit of ‘the Movement’ and our current resurrection from the ashes of irrelevancy.

    My take on Chet’s interpretation is that he’s merely alluding to the humble origins man’s greatest achievements. Basketball is a team game and the biggest hearts behind the changes our collective successes don’t necessarily become the “stat stuffers” or make the cover of Sports Illustrated.

    Note: photo courtesy Inside the Hall

  11. Quit f-ing crying how “Etherington started it all.” In case you missed it, moron, Hulls was here first and started turning things around before Eth ever signed anything.

  12. Chet is hands down by far the most laughable dimwit on this entire blog. That, if you don’t count Crean’s quotes:

    “There’s conventional, there’s unconventional and then there’s tonight,” he said. “We need to do the same thing next Monday and Tuesday. We’ve got to do the same thing against Ball State and North Carolina. It makes no difference.”

    Thus spake His Smarminess…

    “Your fundamentals, your technique, all your experiences, all those things are really, really important, but there’s nothing bigger than energy and toughness. It’s got to be there constantly,” Indiana coach Tom Crean said. “Once we got that figured out tonight and we had some guys that figured it out from the beginning, but we didn’t have a team of guys that figured it out from the beginning, and once we did, I thought we played pretty well.”

    OK, folks? That’s it in a nutshell.

    A very BIG, porous, sucky nutshell.

  13. Every time FC13 (you do realize you need a new name, right?), aka “$hi# for brains”, wastes a hour looking for my old posts, an angel gets his wings.

  14. Even if we were to hypothetically accept Rico’s standard desperate-for-attention doofusyness and consider Crean’s quotes to be laughable (which the are not), here’s one that easily takes the cake:

    “It’s very difficult to win road games, but it’s hard to win homes games (too). If, all of a sudden, you don’t play well — a game where you don’t make shots or where you’re not on top of your game defensively — you really run the risk of losing” -Steve Alford

    Oh really Steve? Ya think?

    Such astute basketball wisdom will only ever be outshined by Skip Bayless – and maybe, at that.

  15. ^ I agree. You’d have to be an imbecile to look for something like that more than 5 seconds or to think that it could take longer than that. And that’s how long it takes — not to you, of course, since you obviously can’t even use the phone.

    Keep posting, Chet. Every time you make one of your attempts at logic an angel somewhere pees itself laughing.

  16. Hulls is glory, guts, and gumption..Always believed it..Always will. And a far better player than you could ever find within all your thick BS hate directed at him last season. You are the hypocrite of all hypocrites. Now you’re defending Jordy? Now you’re crying Jordy “abuse” for the kid you always claimed was “abused on defense” when he was basically playing on an island with no real help in terms of top talent in the backcourt?

    ‘The Movement’ and the influences formed within the relationships doesn’t happen without Etherington. He was behind the scenes in the AAU circuit and a constant vigilante organizer to get the major players to convince the major talent that put us over the top. I read many a Thursday chat where Kellenberger and Dustin sited numerous examples(how Etherignton would smmooze it up with coaches, fans, and former Hoosiers at games) in total agreement with that perception. Shall I go find them? Do you honestly think we signed Etherington because he was the next Steve Green? Do you honestly think Cody came to IU solely because of Tom Crean and Dan Dakich? Wake up. These kids wanted to collectively bring Indiana back and there was no greater motivator than the CEO behind the Movement, Austin Etherington. You cut that kid now and run him out of Bloomington once Cody leaves and you’ll unleash the karma. God help IU if they break that kid’s heart or twist his tongue into saying he’s leaving on his own accord.

  17. There’s conventional, unconventional and stupid (Crean). Does anyone remember the ESPY play of the year 2012? A broken play by Christian Watford and Verdell Jones. Why do you think they did not do what Crean had drawn for them?

  18. Etherington- most overrated non factor, people who saw him play hs ball knew he’d never play at iu, his changed attitude, from pompous cancer to encouraging teammate is the only thing surprising to me

  19. If Teague had run back on d, watch the replay again, there never would’ve been an iu replay at the espys…thankfully it wasn’t Aaron craft trailing that play

  20. Keith – I will agree that Crean is not the gold standard for X’s and O’s… His strengths obviously are recruiting, motivating, and managing egos. That being said, if I had to choose why the play at the end of the UK game went the way it did was because the ball wound up in the hands of VJ3… When that happens you can throw anything that was on the dry-erase board out of the window.

  21. This is why Hillbilly is a f-ing retard: If you say someone gets killed on defense, that means you “hate” him.


    And take your phony hyperbole about “God sending lightning bolts” and shove it up your Drama Queen Attention Whore butt.

    You sound too much like the Thumpers you hate.

    You really think none of these kids were coming to IU unless Etherington did?


  22. “Etherington- most overrated non factor, people who saw him play hs ball knew he’d never play at iu”

    Thanks for proving my point to why he is in the uniform. And if you are taking a scholarship, you are “playing” at IU.

    And if there’s one reason Cody would stay for four years it would be to honor the efforts of Etherington.

    And if we’re talking basketball talent…? Etherington deserves that spot on bench far more than 5-7 Bible “thumpers” that are “Homers” and more Jordy-ish than Jordy himself…or projects of promises that give berth to pathetically cute mockery slogans the missionary talent prompting the NCAA to look closer at the cronyism wrapped in the empty blow of piety.

  23. Cody goes to NC without Etherington in candy-stripes. What’s wrong with friends wanting to work collectively in bringing Indiana back from the ashes? Yogi goes elsewhere without Cody. It’s all rather easy math.

    “….shove it up your Drama Queen Attention Whore butt”.

    Nice to see you bringing out your SnailPond thesaurus.

  24. Do you have a quote from Cody saying he’d go to UNC without Etherington or did you pull that out of your butt with everything else you say?

    I guess the truth hurts when you’re shown to be as big a fruit cake as the Thumpers you mock 24/7 when you scream about “God’s wrath” if something happens you don;t like.



  25. A lot of defenders were “abused” by the likes of some of the point guards playing in the Big 10 last year. Jordy was on an island until, by pure happenstance, Remy began to see minutes. Everyone saw their games elevate when the synergy of a team working together was on the floor.

    We’ll see how many point guards Yogi abuses this year. And he’ll benefit immensely in not getting abused himself with a couple savvy and intelligent backcourt players alongside, Jordy and Remy, that aren’t playing the game for the sole glory their own jersey number. Hulls never had the benefit his early years playing alongside unselfish talent.

  26. I get it FC13. ‘Bombthrowers’ are all the same. I (and many others here) represent what you crave but can never have. Success and the time and ability to explore the world that comes with success. A life full of depth a a wide variety of interests.

    We sometimes go off on tangents that you don’t understand or could never experience, and it upsets and frustrates you.

    We discuss places you’ll never see, experiences you’ll never have.

    When IU fired Sampson you were all set for a tiny bit of satisfaction in your life by the hiring of a childhood idol (no doubt Steve Alford) but instead they hired the right coach. To make it even worse we agreed.

    Instead of failing, as you’d promised yourself he would, he has become more successful than anyone could have imagined. He became perhaps the hottest coach in the country. Now, you’re facing the fact that he’ll be here for 20 years. You are now at the point we refer to as denial. There a a few more steps before you reach acceptance, but you’ll get there.

    Once you accept the hand you’ve been dealt you’ll feel, well, better.

    Go ahead and thrash and lash out. It’s harmless and I’ve come to enjoy it. I don’t take it personally, you’re just mad at the world. I realize you have to find some sort of meaning in your life somewhere. I’m glad I can help.

  27. Does someone have a quote that our coach said “Etherington is an overrated non-factor” and that’s why he recruited him?

    Or did he just flush a scholarship down the toilet without a greater prize in mind? You underestimate the ruthlessness and tactful maneuvers of Tom Crean. Why do you think he’s such a phenomenal recruiter? Do you think it’s solely the Christianity spiel? He’s continually attempted to recruit players on the backs of another interested party.

  28. If I had a dollar for every time I heard “floodgates” and “dominoes.”

    Now it all happened in a bubble and Etherington had nothing to do with helping behind every door to fire the coals…We simply wanted Austin because he can win standing still in a game of HORSE……Riiiiiiiiiiight.

  29. There you go folks: Hillbilly just admitted he’s full of feces without actually saying it because he has ZERO class and just says stuff to get attention because his mommy hated him.

    He whines 24/7/365 that “Zeller would have never come to IU without Etherington” and when asked for a quote proving that, he just diverts with his usual BS.

    Hillbilly = closeted Thumper who pretends he hates them just like closeted gays act like they hate gays because deep down they hate themselves.


    Tell us more about “God’s wrath when he doesn’t like something”, simpleton.


  30. Chet- Only a few things are certain in life. Death and taxes are the two main ones. The third one is that if Crean only lasts 18 instead of 20 years, FireReekosh!t will be on this thread digging 18 years into the past to find post #36 to rub in your face. His high-flying aspirations in life would allow for nothing less.

  31. Stop attacking CTC’s religion Harvard! These dumb liberal are tolerant of everything but Christianity! Let the Christians live the way they want to live!

  32. Not to agree with every word Harvard said on here — because it’s Harvard, and I’d have to do a lot of evaluating before I’d go that far — but it’s undeniable that Etherington mattered in the process. I’m not saying Zeller doesn’t come without Etherington. I also dispute the notion that Crean only took Etherington to get Zeller. Zeller and Ferrell (and Perea for that matter) have their own minds, but Etherington made a point to recruit all three of them. What he’s done or not done to continue to earn his scholarship is information to which I’m not much more privy than all of you if at all. But as Hugh and I pointed out, Etherington did a lot of work on that front. He was in their ears talking about what they could do to change the program.

  33. I never said he “didn’t matter.” Hillbilly flat-out says he wouldn’t have come here without him as if it’s FACT.

    He should put up or shut up.

  34. I hope AE becomes part of the puzzle. I think he has more physical talents than Matt Roth, if not the freakish shooting range.

    Time will tell.

  35. Most liberals are very tolerant of religion (and lack thereof). Most (in the US) are Christians.

    They are certainly more tolerant than fundamentalists are of, well, anything.

    Who, beside’s Harvard, is making an issue of CTC’s religion?

  36. I’ve never made an issue of CTC’s religion. I have issue with selling it as part of Indiana. I think it should be about basketball when you’re a basketball coach. His symbols and quotes from the Bible had no business being on a page with official logos of Indiana University. It has ceased. I’m happy IU made the right decision.

    I hope there’s a better place for all of us. I tend to believe those visions should be private and not used to sell or lure based on a singular adherence or a singular faith in the context of a public institution’s functioning.

    I view it as no different my intolerance of ESPN if they would begin to roll Joyce Meyer quotes at the bottom of the screen, interspersed with scores and updates, during a nationally televised sporting event. Just as weird..Just as improper.

    I am not intolerant of Crean’s beliefs. I am intolerant of the constant selling and holding it up as solely supreme to any other form of spiritual guidance.

  37. Etherington:

    Thank you again, Dustin.

    Post #44 speaks to everything I’ve said…Draw the inferences as you please. I don’t think ‘the Movement’ gains the steam without Etherington. I think Zeller is at NC without Etherington’s relentless persistence, building of camaraderie, and belief that it was “one for all and all for one” in bringing back Indiana. I think Zeller needed that comfort level in knowing the weapons would all follow to take us back to realistic chances in contending for championships….These guys were bonded by a mission. Cody would not leave Etherington out of that picture.

    Cutting Etherington from this class would be an injustice to the kid that never stopped recruiting for Indiana. Coaches can only do the contacting and visitations within the legal scope/guidelines the NCAA rules..Etherington filled in every void beyond the sphere where coaches and boosters cannot venture. You don’t cut that kid from the team.

    And all that aside, I do think he is a fundamentally better basketball player than three of four currently on the roster.

  38. Well he’s clearly better than Peter Jurkin, but unfortunately he’s not 7’… He plays at the most stacked position we’ll have over the next couple years.

  39. He’s a shooter..You can have a team that’s a trampoline act, but you need shooters, passers, and unselfish discipline on the floor.

    Gary Harris…Wow. What would our conference competition be without the key components of rosters filled in with phenomenal Indiana talent?

  40. I agree, but I also think we will have shooting on the court. Maybe not as pure as AE, but much less one dimensional, and clearly more talented.

  41. Pinot Grigio! I don’t cut Austin Etherington. I’m not the coach, but I keep him because of his skills and his instrumental efforts behind the Movement….and in allowing us to enjoy chatting up all the wonderful possibilities, the hopes, the dominoes, and the dreams of future banners that we are salivating over. That is karma I don’t f#*k with.

    The kid might just surprise us all this year. He may come off the bench a drain a huge bucket on the road.

  42. He surely was.

    He also predicted this:

    All night, Mike Black found ways to maneuver around the Huskies on the perimeter before darting into the lane and flipping in high-arcing layups.

    Washington couldn’t corral the fleet Albany senior guard and on the game’s biggest play, he blew past C.J. Wilcox and threw up a shot that kissed the glass and landed softly in net with 3.7 seconds remaining.

    Without a timeout, Abdul Gaddy launched a desperation three-pointer from NBA range that bounced harmlessly off the front of the rim, capping a 63-62 defeat that stunned the crowd of 7,041 at Alaska Airlines arena into silence.

    The only sound echoing inside the building was the hooting and hollering from the Great Danes, who celebrated what Black called “the biggest win in the program’s history” as they raced off the court.

    It was Albany’s first victory against an opponent from a BCS conference since the school joined the Division I ranks in 2000.

    Still ROFL.

  43. ^ Hey, Washington is now in the select company of Duquesne as the only other team this season to lose by 3 or less to Albany. Not bad for them. Also Duquesne and the Huskies may even meet in the postseason (first round NIT).

  44. Blah blah blah and loddy-doddy^. You spend more time following the Huskies than anyone on this blog, when you aren’t massaging your mother’s buttocks.

  45. OK, so you’re hurt. Good to know.

    Comments about my momma don’t bother me.

    Tell me more about your momma.

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