Hoosier (Late) Morning

The No. 1 Indiana basketball team is ready to play someone besides themselves when they host Indiana Wesleyan for tonight’s exhibition game, Dustin wrote.

Competition drives Jordan Hulls and Caleb Konstanski on the court, on the field and in their friendship, I wrote.

Military school was a turning point for IU cornerback Antonio Marshall, Dustin writes.

Cody Zeller saw Indiana improving in high school, and now he’s putting his own stamp on the program, Elena Bergeron of ESPN the Magazine writes.

Family helped J.C. Hulls through his battle with cancer, and he is now cancer-free, Terry Hutchens of the Indianapolis Star writes.

When Indiana and Iowa meet Saturday, it will be the Hoosiers, not Hawkeyes, who still have Rose Bowl aspirations, Steve Batterson of the Quad City Times writes.


  1. 1…Look at the photos taken at the ESPN mag noted above and I can see Cody staying at IU for another yr or two.

    2…Dustin, are you doing the live broadcast on Scoop tonight..? Game is sold out. An exhibition games. Wow

  2. Great article about a great young man. And I found the information about Crean’s struggles in those first three years most interesting. For any competitive person, years two and three must have been hell. I commend him on the way he handled his frustration. A lesser man would have taken his frustration out on on his players.

    Crean deserves a big raise right now!

  3. What is your purpose? I mean, obviously no one takes you seriously and I’m sure you don’t either.

    Is it just a stupid habit you can’t break?

  4. You can’t handle the truth? Crean is a salesman. Not a coach. He can’t coach. Wait and see. This is the truth. He’s just a salesman. Crean is Mr. Smarmy. Empty.

  5. Maybe you do take yourself seriously.

    I was giving you the benefit of the doubt but I guess you’re just stupid.

  6. Chet, he could be stupid, he could be a little unbalanced, or he could just be one of those really negative contrarians. You know the type; when 99% of the people look up at a clear blue sky and say, “what a nice day,” he’s the guy that says, “this weather sucks, I think its going to rain.”

    One thing I’ve noticed about such people; they never provide any rational information to support their ridiculous opinions.

  7. Is “FireCrean” Hillbilly with his fake names once again?

    Like I said……….nothing but an attention-whore.

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  9. Chet, It is a sad situation but there some after learning to read and write who should never have been promoted out of the 2nd grade.

  10. You guys whine about me when you have this moron making fake names left and right throwing his monkey feces all over the place every single day.

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  11. Wow! All the 7 year olds who read this blog are pissing their pants… That’s HILARIOUS stuff!

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  12. Laffy – no one is really whining about you any more. If you would drop the name-calling on your side I have the feeling everyone (who is here on a regular enough basis to care) would be just fine with you and your posts. Well, except Harvard… I have a feeling those wounds are too deep.

  13. Laffy, Geoff’s right. I don’t think anyone has a particular problem with you, unless you’ve gone after them, except Harvard and that’s really a personal thing between you two.

    Everybody else is kinda over your guys feud.

  14. Chet, is FC13 worth any more of your time? Come on, he’s calling for the coach of the #1 ranked college BB team to be fired, and predicting that he will be fired at the end of the season. Why spend any time responding to such inane comments? Let’s talk IU sports.

    Laffy, I concur with Geoff. The good points you make are diluted by the name-calling you include in many of your posts. Nobody ever wins a monkey-feces-slinging contest. As for HforH, he some times writes harsher comments about himself than anyone else ever could.

    Go Hoosiers, beat Iowa!

  15. Dude, I liked post #14, whoever wrote it. Harda$$ facts, all of them indisputable facts…


    he’s calling for the coach of the #1 ranked college BB team to be fired

    Logic was never (I mean never, ever) your strength. Calipari was the coach of the #1 ranked team last year, no? So just ’cause your team is #1 in pre-season polls doesn’t mean you’re any good. Crean sucks. Probably the worst coach ever. (He also got only half of an award for his coaching. I mean whoever gets only half of an award?!)

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  19. After reading post #23, I agree with Chet’s post #10. Is there any doubt? Do we need to say anything more?

  20. He’s just a middle school kid that’s really excited because someone responded to his post. Just read what he has written. He’s maybe 12…13 tops.

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  23. I’m watching LSU-Alabama and Oregon-USC. How about you?

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