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Jordan Hulls’ milestone 3 highlighted a thorough victory for Indiana Thursday night, Dustin writes.

IU’s 1953 NCAA championship team and the current Hoosiers might not be that different, I wrote.

The IU women’s basketball team looks to continue making progress in tonight’s home opener, Mike writes.

Christian Watford didn’t start, but he finished pretty well against Sam Houston State, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

The Penn State football team will try to follow in the footsteps of those who have beaten Indiana previously this season, Carole Kirkpatrick of PennLive.com writes.

A controversial flagrant foul call helped Purdue blow a six-point lead in the final minute of an eventual overtime loss to Villanova, Jeff Washburn of the Lafayette Journal & Courier writes.

Let’s just call it Favorite Friday. Here’s one of mine: “A Clean Shot” by The Myriad.


  1. Where did we go wrong..? Shabazz is cleared to play immediately and IU’s two guys still sit.

    $$$$ or pressure..?

  2. Yeah, that’s BS. He got actual benefits and is cleared already and our guys weren’t even born when the stuff their whining about happened.

  3. This Shabazz Muhammad situation as it compares with the Jurkin-Perea situation is exactly why the NCAA is regarded as such a farce. If there was consistency, even if it made no sense, it would be one thing, but to be inconsistent and hypocritical from case to case eliminates every shred of credibility. And it seems the NCAA is not unlike most other sports governing bodies, i.e. – the IHSAA, in that as soon as somebody gets lawyers involved, they don’t have the resources or teeth to take a stand, so they take the first available exit. In this case, time served plus repayment.

  4. It seems Jeremy that the NCAA has been totally consistent. One of its brainless compliance staffers, an associate compliance director excitedly told her boy friend between rolls in the sack that she was completely turned on with the idea of wacking Shabazz’ eligibility even before she had read the documents relevant to the violation. Then, the boyfriend, doing a Broadwell on his girl friend (named Abigail…sooooo Indianapolis or Aby, like in a bad lawyer rerun) talked about it loudly (I assume trying to impress the blonde next top him) while they flew over Indiana on the way to Memphis on a puddle jumper.

    If Los Angeles has anything, it has lots of lawyer for the raunchy stuff. So Shabazz Muhammad’s lawyer reached under the table and started squeezing the NCAA …basketballs under the table…and when the NCAA’s counsel’s turned the color of a basketball they got down on their knees (think of this scene) and begged for Shabbazz and UCLA to please forgive them.

    Jeremy…you can’t make up fiction better than this. Whoever wrote it will get the Oscar in 2013 for comedy screen writing.

    The best part will come out when it is revealed next week that NCAA Executive Director Emmert (formerly of the same conference as UCLA, that conference’s biggest basketball draw), used to exchange emails with Ms. Broadwell (unbeknownst to the good General P), who was also exchanging emails with Shabbazz while they flew to Tampa to a benefit cocktail hosted by Dr. and Mrs. Kelley (Jill) to raise funds for Sabbazz’ UCLA unofficial visit.

    After seeing Shabbazz picture, could they have thrown in a good razor blade…that kid can’t shave.

  5. What a pathetic, sad excuse for leadership the NCAA is. Are you f%^&ing kidding me? I wouldn’t care so much if it weren’t for the fact that WE-IU are the one’s coming out on the short end of the stick as a result of their mind boggling BS. This kid Muhammad is a badass, I fear watching Oladipo chase him around the court, getting torched like never before. I have a nightmare, or daymare, of Muhhamad’s legendary coming out party leading the UCLANs to an upset of IU. I thought I didn’t have to worry about it after hearing he was inelibible, but I should know by now not to count ANYONE out, or in, when it comes to the N(eanderthal)C(lueless)A(ssjacks)A(nonymous).

  6. Chris… Why wouldn’t you want a great test to see where some weaknesses may be, so we can shore them up?

    Obviously the NCAA is a joke, but we knew that already. We don’t need them to continue to be inconsistent to tell us that they screwed up the the IU thing.

    I am glad the NCAA backed off here… For 2 reasons… 1) I prefer to see kids get the opportunity to play, and I think the NCAA should be punishing the schools and not the kids (for the most part). And 2) it shows how totally incompetent they are and brings us one step closer to a solution for their incompetence.

    Listen, Shabazz may very well be the best offensive player in college basketball this year… That is yet to be seen. He may be the difference in a UCLA upset. But I believe Indiana can play with anyone. I believe we have more talent across the board than anyone. I think we have a chance to take another step forward when we get our 3 big men back. I am not scared of anybody, and we shouldnt be ducking anybody. It’s basketball, not a gang fight. Dipo and the rest of the team will return to Bloomington after the game, and they’ll have a better understanding of things they need to work on whether they win or lose. If Dipo gets eaten up, well then he knows he needs to stay all 4 years. My guess is he has faced players as good as Muhammed in the summer circuit, and I’m thinking he can’t wait for the challenge… Dipo is a bit of a competitor… And so are the test of ur Hoosiers.

  7. I should probably stop with those last comments, but I had one more thought pop into my puny head…

    I think it’s absolutely perfect that this happened to IU and UCLA… Now both schools just have to cooperate and win their games so they play in the championship… No one cares about runner up game on The U. BUT if they are in a nationally televised prime-time tourney title game what a great opportunity for ESPN to do a little SportsCenter segment on the NCAA hypocrisy of the 2 cases… What a great opportunity for the game announcers to show some balls and discuss it during the game (and Jay Bilas doesn’t usually hold back). IT WILL NOT ONLY make the NCAA look totally inept in front of a national college basketball audience tuning in to see 2 blue bloods play, but it will make IU the sympathetic character in the story.

    Whether IU wins or loses that game it still becomes a victory for the program, and hopefully for the future of young student-athletes everywhere.

  8. TTG, Shabazz is a BASKETBALL PLAYER!!! What are you doing here? I’m afraid you got confused again. I’m also glad that you note the important things, like facial hair. That doesn’t make you sound like a sanctimonious prig or anything. I can only assume you feel even more strongly about Watford’s beard, which is ten times what Shabazz rocks.

  9. We’ll get plenty of tests in conference, I can tell you exactly where the weaknesses lie–on teh front line-thanx to the NCAA. I want to win every game possible, I don’t care about being tested, that will happen eventually regardless, plus this is a veteran team that knows what it needs to know.

  10. Actually, Dunbar I did notice his attempt to shave, and saw the results, rusty blade breakout zits all over his lower lip and chin. There is one thing I can say about Shabbazz…he’s got a great lawyer.

    I’ll try to explain what I stated in the post that has you convinced I do not follow, enjoy and comment on basketball. Actually, I’m equally rabid about the Candy Stripes, just that right now I’m trying to support the football Hoosiers through bad moments since I believe we can actually see the top of the hill we are trying to climb. (Following here, I just redacted a paragraph I would have regretted later…but this is a good time to share our devotion to both great and unsuccesful Hoosier teams.)

    My post was basically complaining that two days before a very challenging game for a Hoosier football team that generally has been playing its heart out (admittedly with the exception of the Wisconsin game and some generally and consistently heartless performance in the defensive backfield)) was being dismissed by media) eager to move to the ‘front runner’ status of IU basketball). You’ll probably argue that it makes sense, but I am a Hoosier fan, have been so since 1958+ and make no apology for it. To the contrary, I generally have an aversion to fans that can only show strength and support for ‘front-runners’.

    So the statement from me to your post is, ‘wonderful and I agree that the Hoosier basketball team deserves adoration if, for nothing else, going through the exact same exact process the football team is going through there. And, in my view other sports, the soccer team as an example, deserve since they too are a top national brand but struggling to sustain its effort.

    So, my message, which I repeat, is that IU fans deserve coverage of all IU sports, especially those of us who subscribe to the HT and pay to follow the multisports Hoosier athletic program. I know it’s tough given today’s newsroom budgets, but often I see three reporters covering and commenting on the same basketball event, all three answering the same question in internet conversations with the same exact facts and repeating each other’s opinion while the football team lacks significant and deep coverage.

    Or, worse, a Hoosier basketball rivals’ recruitment being followed even though it does not involve an IU prospect, while we only occasionally see coverage of football (or any other sport’s recruitment with barely any depth to it, less the commercial link to football recruiting services which usually simply send me to a pay subscription, non-HT link. And, for instance…I hear a rumor that soccer is having another great recruiting season (mention of that somewhere)but I might as well be asking about the Bolivian National Under-20 soccer team for all the information I’ll get. I’d just get another ‘it’s not my beat so I’ll let someone else comment’. Pretty dismissive.

    Dunbar, I don’t know if somehow this is personal with you. My issue exist as a Hoosier fan who just loves the shirt. Lately I’ve been giving some thought to the reasons that drive so many fans of the Crimson and Cream and I’ll just leave it at my bewilderment to so much pettiness and nastiness between fans who should cover rather than attack each other’s back. I’ll leave it at that. Too bad, it sickens me, about this afternoon’s football loss-, boy, hard to win with that defensive backfield but I’ll continue to believe CKW notices this as well. Ekeler needs to be less ‘warrior like’ and start being much more direct with some defensive backs…

    And, yes, I’m excited about the basketball Hoosiers…you’d have to be on intravenous feeding injections not to be. Hope you get all you want and hope for out of this team’s effort. And, I hope we’ll be able to handle the tough moments (they always show up) as well and let the coaches do their job.

  11. So the BIG TEN (+1) looking to invite Maryland and Rutgers to join the party. Taking away the TV marketing and the increase in visibility for recruitment, how does that make sense..?

    I’d rather see Notre Dame and maybe Butler or even Ky.

    I believe that Maryland would pay 50 million $ to leave and Rutgers 10 million.

    Thats a lot of money being thrown around, while IUs two guys sit on the bench for $185.00

  12. BIG, RICH TV market, NE Virginia, DC/Baltimore, all Maryland, all New Jersey, Western Pa., NYC and maybe Philly. Would make quite a footprint East to west for the B$G10. Would make an interesting dilemma for Leaders and Legends. PUke to Legends?

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