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Two points guards, senior Jordan Hulls and freshman Yogi Ferrell, helped IU to an overtime victory against Georgetown, Dustin writes.

The IU football team sees progress with the season finale on the horizon, Dustin writes.

Hot-shooting Georgetown couldn’t quite complete the upset of No. 1 Indiana, Liz Clarke of the Washington Post writes.

Indiana sees the Legends Classic title as yet another sign of growth, Andy Katz of ESPN.com writes.

Jordan Hulls’ value went up, while Cody Zeller’s stock slipped in Brooklyn, Luke Winn of SI.com writes.

Rutgers gladly went to the altar with the Big Ten, Steve Politi of the Newark Star-Ledger writes.

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany is a slippery bedfellow, as Rutgers may soon find out, Dave D’Alessandro of the Newark Star-Ledger writes.



  1. Not only did Hulls equal Cody Zeller’s point total of 17, the mop-topped gunner from Bloomington also scored eight of his points in the final 2:01 of regulation and OT. He made arguably the two biggest plays of overtime; the first came on a right-wing pick-and-roll in which 6-foot-8 defensive stalwart Otto Porter switched onto him, but didn’t seem to believe that Hulls had the desire to drive the ball all the way to the rim. When Hulls changed pace, Porter stopped sliding, and that’s when he was blown by for a beautiful runner off the glass — and an and-one free throw, because big man Nate Lubick stepped over late and fouled Hulls after the release. It put the Hoosiers up 70-64, and on their next possession, Hulls perfectly executed another pick-and-roll, knifing a bounce pass to a rolling Zeller that resulted in two free-throws, and another six-point lead. From then on, the game was out of reach.

    It’s a testament to how scared Georgetown was of Hulls’ three-point shooting that coach John Thompson III ordered, on a number of big possessions, his best two defenders — the 6-8 Porter and 6-8 Greg Whittington — to mark a guard who was eight inches smaller. After going 3-of-6 from beyond the arc on Tuesday, Hulls is now shooting 55.2 percent on the season (16-of-29).

    Hulls has been so hyper-efficient that only two players in the country who use at least 15 percent of their team’s possessions score at a higher per-possession rate than he does, according to statsheet.com: Creighton’s Ethan Wragge (1.760 PPP, 15.5 percent usage) and Wright State’s J.T. Yoho (1.608 PPP, 16.1 percent usage). Hulls is scoring 1.602 PPP and using 15.3 percent of Indiana’s possessions.
    He isn’t the Hoosiers’ go-to-guy — their offense is still going to be dominated by Zeller and Christian Watford — but he’s an incredibly valuable floor-spreader in a starting lineup that lacks another elite shooter. There’s no way that Indiana would have the nation’s top offense without him.

  2. Jordan was good last night and was a PTPer. But Sheehey sparked the run in the second half and should have been in the lineup down the stretch. With Will in the game during the stretch, we increase our lead and don’t go to OT. And Will has flatted out sucked during the past couple games and the first half of last night’s game. Where has his free throw shooting gone?

  3. It’s good stuff. He’s basically reiterating the play-by-play and toying around at some stat site.

    But the best stuff, the memorable stuff, “the glory, guts, and gumption written all over his grumpy face” phrase, he has stolen from another blogger that used those exact words to describe Jordy over many occasions the last three years.

  4. ^ I know, man, it was a kind hommage to that blogger. And the paragraph is entirely taken from Luke Winn’s SI.com article. The one Jeremy quoted. It’s proof you guys read comments before you follow the links…

    As for the G4 phrase it’s been ™-ed a long time ago, of course…

  5. It’s good to pay homage, but you should have used blockquotes for the SI piece.

    Is there an Establishment protocol we’re supposed to follow here? It’s not o.k. to read comments and maybe go to links on a later visit? I didn’t realize we had to go to links first(many bloggers of Scoop have commented that a lot of the links are paid sites owned by Zach Osterman and I, admittedly, overlook them thinking they are subscription). My bad.

    Anyway, I no longer read SI because of Seth Davis’s affiliation. If we’re talking about people other than the founder of the ‘glory, game, guts…’ phrase for Jordy, the only additional expert I value is Bobby Knight when were talking about the all-around character and basketball skills of Jordan Hulls.

    And just to be precise, It’s really a G5 phrase..Glory, game, guts, and gumption written all over his grumpy face.

  6. Let’s Review:

    G-5 = Glory, Game, Guts, and Gumption written all over his Grumpy face.

    D-5 = Dowry, Dame, Dotes, and Dim sum written all over his Drumly face.

  7. Dowry, Dame, Dotes, and Dentyne written all over his Drumly face.

    Funny, but this D-5 would also describe me.

  8. I thought ‘Drunk Tom Crean’ described you…?

    Dowry, Dame, Dotes, and Drunk Tom Crean written all over his Drumly face.

  9. How did ESPN not award Hulls the game MVP after last night’s game? They gave it to Zeller! Zeller played O.K., not bad, but not MVP good. Hulls really made the difference, on both ends of the floor. He was clutch and demonstrated great leadership.

    I am most impressed with the improvement Hulls has demonstrated on defense. Is it me, or is he simply a lot better on defense this year? He seems quicker, anticipates better, and has improved his defense a lot.

    I love all the little things Zeller does, but I hope he gets his free throw stroke straightened out soon, or he’s going to be a hack magnet. I know it’s early in the season, but shooting about 50% from the line is terrible, especially for a kid that grew up in Indiana (he did make them in overtime, which was a relief).

    If the refs had used any reasonable standard to call fouls last night, GT’s big men would have fouled out about two minutes into the second half. Zeller was getting hacked and shoved all night. I guess he needs to get used to it, because given his talent, I think that’s the way most teams are going to try to play him from here on out.

  10. Same here. I guess the man is sick, so maybe a free pass is in order. Like you said, hopefully it won’t become an issue down the road. What’s the opinion on how much of a difference HP and PJ will make once they come back? Night and day?

  11. I think we’re going to destroy people once those two are on the team.

    If they double team Zeller inside, they’ll be open for an easy dunk.

    Rebounding machines who can block shots all day long.

    Can’t wait!!

  12. I sure hope so. I am tired of Zeller being double teamed, with no help. Hopefully they can play in the Ball State game to log some decent minutes. The NCAA acts as if it has to ruffle through pages and pages of information to come to a decision. They already did that. This decision should have been made last night.

  13. Here’s my recommendation for ending the trolling:

    Comments that will get you kicked or banned from the live show chat:

    – Comments that are below a high school reading level, unintelligible, contain too many misspellings or unnecessary punctuation, etc.

    – Comments that are offensive to other posters or blog authors without offering some form of constructive criticism. If you really have to get something off your chest, and think it might offend, send private email to “someone@heraldtimes.com” instead of posting it openly.

    – Unhelpfully terse comments like “sucks, boring, worst yet, yawn”. If you want to state that you feel said issue is “depressing/bumming you out/making you angry” without offering anything substantive, do it on Facebook and not in here where your comments will infuriate other people.

    – Repeated off topic chat (like religion and politics!!!).

  14. I mean, as noted in another post, Tsao, I hadn’t been checking in on the comments today because I was traveling back from Brooklyn, but I’m not sure if using Winn’s words in a blog comment rises to the level of plagiarism. I mean, it’s not like he can sell it or take any form of real credit for it whatsoever. The only thing he got out of it is Geoff’s momentary admiration. The poster obviously knew he was quoting Winn and the deception doesn’t gain him anything so far as I can tell.
    (Also, for those of you who don’t know, Luke Winn is really, really, really good.)

  15. The plagiarism really began with the title(screen name) of the blogger’s post. Of course, Dustin knows that.

    Hulls brings no less to the Hoosiers than the phenomenal heart and unselfish play he gave the team the last three years. The synergy on the team occurred last year when Hulls was complimented by the unselfish play of Remy.

    The difference is highlighted even more this season because there is no shuffling in and out any player that can act as a dysfunction to team chemistry. Hulls finally has the additional key component next to him; an unselfish quality guard that allows him to finally get the equal opportunity in terms of open looks and help defense he should have been receiving when all those fools were just making sensational comments like calling him “the worst defender in all of college basketball.”… Not to mention a fool that works for SI that put such a comment into publication on the eve to the NCAA tournament. Did Mr. Winn point out just how asinine the comments his publication let go to print last year and attach the name of the journalist that had a petty anti-Hoosier ax to grind in tearing after a kid Bob Knight called “one of the best college players in the country?” I’m pretty sure Knight made that comment being fully aware the undervaluing of Hulls the last three seasons.

    The kid is relentless. He’s always been relentless.

  16. Boy Dustin…I’m having one heck of a lot of trouble getting around your thought process on #25. Plagiarism is taking anyone’s written work and passing it as one’s own without proper attribution in any medium, under any circumstances. I’ve known of professors and of writers who’ve plagiarized from their student’s test Blue Books or class reports and, when discovered, have lost their jobs and their careers. It is a form of property theft.

    Each individual is entitled to his/her ideas, thoughts, etc. It is, in the end, (my dad used to tell me this) ideas are the only thing we own that no one can ever really take away from us, even in the worse of authoritarian circumstances. I really have a hard time believing you actually believe differently.

    I’ll argue with you over a heck of a lot of things, but basically I’ve believed you to be a good journalist and a decent person. But, I do thing there is a permissive side of you that is really consistent with this episode.

    There is no doubt that the poster fully intended to plagiarize. He took 4-5 paragraphs or more, the title and not one indication…not one…that the content was not his idea. Ethically he’s thieving scum.

    Also very dumb, given who the real author is. Tt reminds me of a great defensive back from the northern part of the state who was not the brightest light on the Christmas tree. He was a freshman around the time of the Rose Bowl, when John Pont was the head coach at Indiana and as celebrated in Bloomington as Tom Crean. This idiot broke into the coaches’ locker room and stole some credit cards. About a month later he was picked up after he had gone to a downtown Bloomington men’s store that had called the police because this kid was trying to purchase about $500 worth of threads with a credit card to the name of… ‘John Pont’.

    I know that short of mass murder, it is your preference to maintain an open, no-holds-barred blog…but in an extreme case like this perhaps you could tell the blogger to at least misspell a word…

    Unless, of course, SI’s Luke Winn came to the blog and plagiarized the particular post and published it as his take on the Georgetown-Indiana game under his name in SI. After if Geoff could be fooled, anyone could. Why…especially those East Coast ‘Establishment’ outlets.

    Pretty hard to keep a straight face.

  17. Tsao,
    It would be property theft if he were using an actual name to quote it and it could be realistically construed that he was attempting to claim it as his own intellectual property. That isn’t the case. He isn’t using his real name and he isn’t even using the name he ordinarily uses. If he turned those grafs in uncited on a college paper and I were his professor, obviously, I would flunk him and report him on grounds of plagiarism. But there are no grades for blog comments and there is nothing tangible to be gained from a blog comment, particularly if you make it using a fake name.
    Obviously, he was calling attention to a section from an above linked story that he believe advanced a point he was trying to make. The fact that he didn’t use AMA citation format to attribute it to Winn in the comments section of a blog is not grounds for calling it plagiarism.

  18. He’s making it look like someone else is committing the plagiarism because the slogan is something a very regular blogger of Scoop originally created for Hulls. In many respects, it’s double plagiarism with an ample amount of deception.

    Now the 5G(glory, game, guts, and gumption, written all over his grumpy face) phrase for Hulls is tainted with an ugly association to this event of double deception; stealing a catchy phrase not his own and stealing the words of the esteemed Sports Illustrated writer.

    In both instances, there was thievery. And there’s likely more harm to the original blogger that created the ‘5G’ phrase for Hulls because, by association, he is being wrongly attached to the post involving the plagiarism.

  19. Wow… Who gives a damn? Everyone knows the 5G is your thing Harvard… I would think you’d take it as a compliment that someone is copying your idea. Best form of flattery, right?

    Tsao, I know we are starting to get along again sorta… But why are you tryin to push a plagiarism thing here in a blog. Dustin’s logic on this is flawless… I don’t see how you could possibly argue his points.

    And yes, believe it or not… I only read abut 10% of the links they put in the Hoosier Morning thing, so it’d be pretty easy to slide that by me. I just have no idea why anyone would care that an anonymous poster was using someone else’s sentences.

  20. Dustin lets Hillbilly do ANYTHING he wants.

    Many people on here have said they are SICK of Hillbilly’s crap but Dustin doesn’t care.

    I think he has pictures of him with a naked male cheerleader.

    And FC13 is even worse and Dustin lets him do anything he wants too.

    So, plagiarizing sure isn’t going to make him care.

    It’s all just “freedom of expression” to him.

    And save the crying, “You’re just as bad Laffy” because you asked us to knock it off months ago, I did.

    And they got worse.

    And when they saw you STILL did nothing, they got even worse than that because they know you have zero balls or integrity.

    They wouldn’t last 5 minutes on another board.

  21. I looked up the definition of “cyberbully” and it includes “impersonation.”

    It’s illegal.

    So is most the crap he lets him do…..like accusing Crean of illegal activity.

    So unless/until Dustin grows some balls to put a stop to it, he and his boss and FC13 will be sued.

    I’m sick of it.

    I knocked it off when he asked me to and Dustin did NOTHING while they got WORSE.

    Screw that.

  22. Laffy,
    Impersonation would require that you identify yourself as an actual person. Stealing your fake name doesn’t qualify as impersonation. And I deleted all of the impersonations of you from the other day. The reason I hadn’t when I received your e-mail was I was on a plane coming back from Brooklyn.

  23. Well, my real name is out there. It was revealed on Peegs, and Snail Pond and Indy Star by someone I knew in college.

    And even if it wasn’t, using others’ screen names is pure bull%^*&…..and you know it.

    And I bet you a lawyer would disagree with you because of this: “A cyberbully may be a person whom the target knows or an online stranger. A cyberbully may be anonymous”

    There isn’t ONE board in the COUNTRY that lets people get away with that crap.

    Just as there isn’t ONE board that lets trolls like FC13 hijack a board like you let him do because of “freedom of expression.”

    If that were the case, no board would have a monitor at all….they would ALL be a “free-for-all” and let trolls ruin them all.

    He has openly bragged the ONLY reason he’s here is to piss people off…..he’s not here to “debate/discuss” things. Period.

    And your BFF Hillbilly wouldn’t last 5 minutes on other boards too.

    It burns my a$$ you asked us to knock it off and I did and they only got worse………and you did NOTHING about it…..which only made them worse after that because you have zero balls.

    It’s like a parent/teacher/coach saying, “If you do that again I’m going to punish you” and then looking the other way when they do it. The kid is just going to get worse and worse.

    I’m far from the only person to say I’m sick of Hillbilly’s schtick. Even his “friends” have said they’re TIRED of it.

    And while Crean is a public figure, I bet FC13’s constant attacks of him breaking the law/rules without any proof is also against the law.

    Peegs will ban a person in 5 seconds if anyone pulls that crap on his board…….just as any other board would too…..yet you let him get away with it constantly.

    Lastly, don’t use “I was on a plane” as your excuse as this has been going on for months.

  24. Here’s a message I just saw on Peegs about a troll there:

    “Getting really tired of Mkeyz BS. He’s obviously a fan of some other team trying to pass himself as an IU fan while saying stuff no IU fan would say about his team, the #1 team in the country. This guy would get a lifetime ban on almost any other Rivals site. Yet he’s allowed on here to inflame all of us here. I know I can ignore him, but that’s not the point. There must be some standards we have to follow on this board, and why let an obvious troll run free? So, if you disallow bullying, you also have to disallow obvious trolling as well.

    It’s at the point where people are getting sick and tired of it, and they’ll probably get banned for something they post telling Mkeyz to STFU.”

    And guess what? Peegs booted him. He didn’t whine about “freedom of expression” and let him take a crap all over the place 24/7 like you do here.

    You know, like EVERY other board does?

    Dustin, you’re a GREAT journalist. You’re the WORST “moderator” I’ve EVER seen.

    The SECOND someone used another person’s screen name, he should have been booted…same as on ANY other site. There’s a reason why that option isn’t even available on other sites.

    People have asked you to stop FC13 from ruining this place and to make Hilly stop his crap too.

    Step up to the plate like EVERY other moderator would.

    I’ve already shown you I can knock it off.

    They refuse to.

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