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An IU spurt at the end of the first half, another to start the second half and the rout was on against UNC, Dustin wrote.

Cody Zeller and Indiana validated their standing as the nation’s best player and team, I wrote.

The IU women take on a Clemson team that more closely resembles future Big Ten opponents tonight, I wrote.

The Hoosiers proved they are elite with the thumping of UNC, Myron Medcalf of ESPN.com writes.

IU showed its vast talent and potential against the Tar Heels, Mike DeCourcy of the Sporting News writes.

North Carolina just wasn’t ready to go toe-to-toe with No. 1 Indiana, Andrew Carter of the Raleigh News and Observer writes.

In a domino effect from the Big Ten adding Maryland last week, the ACC voted to add Louisville this morning, the Louisville Courier and Journal reports.

Michigan’s win over N.C. State showed that these Wolverines have something last year’s didn’t, Nick Baumgardner of MLive.com writes.

By midway through the second half, UNC looked like Roberto Duran saying, “No mas.” So here’s a look back at the famous ending of the 1980 fight with Sugar Ray Leonard sporting a Yogi Ferrell-esque appearance.


  1. That was the best basketball I’ve seen, by any team, in years.

    Holy cow.

    Both offensively and defensively, we were amazing.

    What makes it even more incredible is both Watford and Holloway sucked….and we have THREE good front court players out.


    Yogi and Jordy combined for 14 assists and 1 turnover. Jesus.

    I was the loudest voice saying they could not play together. I’m happy so say….thrilled to say….my foot is VERY tasty this morning.

    By the end of the year, I’ll be eating the other foot as well.

    And I love how HUMBLE the team was after the game.

    No wonder Kentucky chickened out of playing us this year….and beyond.

    Go Hoosiers!!

  2. I loved this quote after the game… “Zeller … and two other guys I never even heard of when they were in high school just kicked our rear ends tonight,” admitted North Carolina coach Roy Williams, referring to Hulls and Oladipo.

  3. I totally agree Laffy.

    Watching this team over the last four games you can see the team “getting it”. Jordy has been amazing. Will & Vic have been amazing.

    Reminds me of one of my favorite teams, 69/70 UCLA with Henry Bibby, Steve Patterson, Curtis Rowe and Sydney Wicks. They had a lot of close games and some night they each scored 20 points and other nights they seemed to rotate who would save the night. They had a couple of losses one being to Notre Dame. But the team had players who’s personality jived with each other. As I think the IU current team has done.

    Somewhat concerning how the three guys incoming are going to fit into the equation. I would guess that CWat will lose some minutes, but he seems to be motivated when coming off the bench. Giving Cody some rest time will be welcomed, but I don’t see many minutes for the others.

    My Risk Management background coming out, I hate to see Cody diving for a loose ball when leading by 25 points and a couple of minutes to go. He took a couple of hard fouls last night that seemed to really crank him up.

    Congradulation to Coach Crean and his staff & the team.

    …..Looking like UCLA is kind of falling apart again…

  4. Laffy, haha! I was wondering when our resident troll would come out and face the music. Instead, the anonymous coward is back under his bridge passed out in his own feces.

  5. The cowards are all the same.

    4Guards whined 24/7/365 that Crean “couldn’t recruit.” And when he was proven wrong, he vanished instead of admitting he was wrong.

    There’s a board I go to to talk politics and for months, the Righties were BRAGGING that not only was Mitt going to win in a LANDSLIDE, that they were going to RUB IT IN THE FACES of the Dems non-stop after the election.

    Of course, when the exact opposite happened, most of them vanished and the ones that did stay, whined how “classless it was to brag.”


    And now, FC13 will vanish since IU just proved they can destroy people….and will only get better…..instead of admitting he’s a moron.

    I was wrong and admitted it.

    They have ZERO integrity.

  6. Well, I could definitely see Perea taking most of, if not all, Holloway’s minutes – he really isn’t getting any minutes at the 3 right now, and he isn’t the presence at the 4 that Hanner will be. Jurkin would really only play in blow outs and if Cody gets in foul trouble. I could see Elston taking some of Creek’s and Watford’s minutes… I still think Creek is having a hard time keeping up with the speed of the game, and Elston is his equal as a spot up shooter, but is a slightly more versatile defender, and certainly a better rebounder.

    One other good thing is that Elston and Perea probably aren’t coming back at exactly the same time… So Perea will get a real trial run as the back-up 4. We’ll probably have a little better idea how Perea will fit by the time Elston comes back a couple games later.

    I suspect the minutes pecking order once we have a full roster is:

    1) Cody
    2) Hulls
    3) Dipo
    4) Sheehey
    5) Watford
    6) Yogi
    7) Abell
    8) Perea
    9) Elston
    10) Creek
    11) Hollowell
    12) Jurkin
    13) Etherington
    14) walk-ons

  7. Yeah… I love how those “athletic bigs” for UNC couldn’t keep up with Zeller running the floor at any point in the game.

    My favorite Zeller play though was on defense. Second half, Zeller hedges out on a high ball screen, re-routing the guard towards half court…. He then sprints back to the lane to recover to his own man rolling… Meanwhile the ball is being swung to the right wing. On the catch the wing drives baseline and goes up for a lay-up… Only to be met by Zeller at the rim who swats it out of bounds… The whole thing took about 5 seconds to happen.

    I just don’t think any other big man in my memory of college basketball makes that play.

  8. I think Holloway is gone at the end of the year.

    Would rather he had left instead of Patterson because Ron’s D is amazing.

  9. Hmmmm… Remember what Dipo and Sheehey did coming back as sophs? I’m not sure Hollowell should go anywhere… But you may be right. At some point, one way or another, someone is going to have to leave.

    2013-14 at the SF, PF… Sheehey, Perea, Williams, Vonleh, Dipo (?)… then Hollowell, Davis, Hartman, Etherington

    He seems to be at best, the 4th guy in that group, but after seeing Williams highlights(!) I’m guessing 5th at best.

    He could probably be the best soph in the country not getting minutes next year… BUT if he comes back like Sheehey and Dipo did… Damned if you could keep him off the floor. He certainly has all the tools.

  10. i agree 100% with post #11 Laffy. I’ve been watching Hollowell closely all year, & he looks very discontent. I’m sure thats partly due to the fact that he’s a low key kid, but only partly. He shoots the ball EVERY chance he gets, & sometimes when he doesn’t have much of a chance he still shoots. I think he has a ton of potential, so I’d love to see him stay & realize that potential, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he jets at some point. I too wish Patterson had worked out, we sooo need that D not that we’re suffering defensively but it’s ALWAYS a good idea to play strong D. He didn’t cut it academically though, so…it’s out of our hands that he didn’t make it here. Btw, so far this season I’m DAZZLED at the quality of defense we’ve played. It’s been fantastic, & exceeded my own expectations, & I give CTC credit for that. For a long time I questioned what he was doing, but no doubting what we’ve seen recently. Up untill recently, I was of th belief that Cody Zeller was the whole reason for CTC’s successful turnaround, but I think this team would be a top 25 group even if Cody Zeller weren’t here.

  11. Both Sheehey and Olidipo have a FIRE to them….that’s the LAST thing one could say about Jeremy.

    And with the talent we have coming in at that position, he’s never going to see the floor.

  12. I’m 70-30 with you on this Laffy… I just don’t remember saying to myself after 10 games of 2010 season, “wow those 2 freshman have a real FIRE! I think they are going to be stars.”

    As far as the uncontent and you can tell because he only shoots it when he has it thing… I think we’d all agree that Crean is a players coach… My guess is that Crean is encouraging Hollowell to be aggressive to see what kind of player he has on his hands. I haven’t witnessed Hollowell getting yanked, or even a strange look from Crean… Maybe they’re there, but I’m missing them.

  13. Laffy, loved your posts #1 and #4. Not so much #11. Let’s not start speculating on a freshman player’s future seven games into his first season. What we witnessed last night was a game played between two teams that like to run. IU ran better, and when they could not run, they rebounded and shot better, and won in a blow-out. Last night’s game favored the team with greater depth and players that are built to run. That style of play appears not to suit CW. It may not suit Holloway (too early to tell). But there will be games this year when IU’s opponents slow the game down and force us to play a half court game. I think we will then see the value of CW and perhaps witness better performances by Holloway.

    Remember, Holloway is a freshman. He’s still trying to finds the locker room half the time (figure of speech). He’s joined a team and, because of injuries and suspensions, has been thrust into a new system with significant playing time and responsibility. He looks a little overwhelmed by it at times. It takes time for inexperienced people to process all the information necessary to excel. It’s called cognitive overload, and last night, I think Holloway showed signs of suffering from cognitive overload. (He looked like he was thinking too much).

    A couple other points:
    1) YF had two immediate turnovers to begin the game. He still has a tendency to drive too deep into the defense and get stuck/rejected. His first two attempts to drive tot he post led to IU losing the ball before getting off a shot. IT had exactly the same problem his freshman year at IU back in 1980. It takes time for those young guards to realize that they can’t get away with that at this level like they did in High School. The opposing defenders are bigger, faster and much more experienced. YF adjusted and reduced his errors for the remainder of the game.
    2) We’re all anxious to see Jurkin and Perea play and finally see how their skills match up in a game. But we have no idea how well they will perform, or fit in to the system, once they get on the floor against college competition. Our memories of their performance in High School mean nothing, therefore, we should not make assumptions about them being superior to any of their teammates until they have a chance to compete in games.
    3) Zeller really spoiled us last year. He was so good, and played with such maturity as a true freshman that it may have warped our expectations about other talented freshman. Zeller is the exception, not the rule. We’re not used to having “one-and-done” players at IU. For most freshman, it takes a year or two of really good coaching and experience before they begin to reach their potential. Anyone thinking YF, Holloway or Perea will leave for the NBA after their freshman year should reconsider. It ain’t going to happen. These guys are talented, but they need time to mature, both physically and mentally.
    4) Anyone who thought “the movement” was going to come in and take over as team leaders was mistaken. Hulls, Zeller, VO, WS and CW are this team’s leaders. They’ve embraced and encouraged their younger teammates, but the talented freshman will not be the leaders of this team as long as those guys are around. Their leadership is demonstrated by sheer willpower, determination and enthusiasm (its beautiful). Young, super-talented, highly touted freshman, used to be ing leaders where they came from (and maybe expecting to be leaders on their new team) have to adjust to their new role as followers. Holloway and YF are learning that it will take time and enormous effort before they are recognized as team leaders.

  14. Question for anyone: How are Jurkin and Perea supposed to get the money to give to charity? Get a job and earn it? Wealthy donors? Loan from Mark Adams? Selling IU bumper stickers? By what date do they have to pay it back?

  15. DW- out of their scholarship funds. There is a sum for expenditures. Nevertheless, someone should make sure no one be tempted to ‘help them’ less they get in the ‘deep’ again. I’m sure the NCAA can work out a 4-year, below market repayment arrangement. If not,we go to Indianapolis and we steal their waiting room furniture and sell it at a Saturday auction in Martinsville. Make sure you attend the auction. They’re like UJ horse auctions.

  16. It’s Hollowell, not Holloway, Or am I going crazy?

    It’s pretty obvious that its taking him a bit to get used to playing at the next level and he struggling. You can tell he is trying maybe to hard at times. Its early and he doesn’t have the luxury of playing full games to get acclimated, like the senior class did their freshman year and it still took them 2 full years. It won’t take Hollowell as long and we will see him much improved by the end of the year.

  17. Perea and Jurkin should have a Lemonade stand at the next two home games, right outside Assembly Hall. Sell them for 10 a glass, should not take long to get the 2500-3000 they need.

    Sadly it will come out of their scholarship funds.

  18. I see that since last week in New York, noone told Dickie V. that Oladipo’s major improvement came last year, & that he’s apparently just now noticing. I mean, he has improved this year, but in the same way that everyone else has: a year older, stronger, wiser.

  19. Thanks BTN. Watched the game again with emphasis on CWat. He seemed to be a second off last night. He fumbled the ball 3-4 times and had a nice hit on the dunk. Crean must be giving him the ok to shoot but I hope in the future after 7-8 misses he would just pass. Had some good rebounds and a nice pass to Will. Just a half a step off which is ok with the current team. Next game he’ll hit everything and have 25 points. Hulls looked better than I thought he was and I thought he was really good.

    Good pre=game coverage in the HT by Dustin and Jeremy and good post-game coverage. Wonder who writes the headline for today, “IU knocks tar out of Heels”.

    Fresh fueniture in Martinsville? Cool I’ll be there but I’d rather do the horse auction. Need a horse for Utah this summer, found out that 3 days of hiking sucks. Tie the horse to the motorcycle and head west.

  20. Vitale is the worst announcer of all time.

    First of all, his fake enthusiasm. I don’t buy for one second it’s genuine. It’s not about the game, it’s ALL ABOUT HIM….BABY!!!

    Second, he likes Duke more than anyone alive. It’s sickening…..as is his worshipping of Knight.

    And then, he rarely talks about the game he’s actually doing and always ranting about something else until there is a big play and then starts his SCREAMING BABY!!!

    There was on great play last night but I couldn’t tell who did it and was waiting for Vitale to say, “Great play by so-and-so.” Never did. He was too busy bloviating about something unrelated.

    Like always.

    He sucks.

  21. I always thought it was kind of a show too Laffy. I am sure he is a great man, but his time announcing has passed. Tends to repeat alot. RMK HALL BABY! Shut up! LOL

  22. Here’s why both Zeller and Olidipo are probably gone: It’s a weak draft. Cody will be a lotto pick no matter when he goes but does Victor have a better chance of being a first rounder if he goes early now or stays for a 4th year and does even better even if it’s a stronger class?

  23. Po,
    As Yogi and Jordy had 1 turnover the entire night between them, Yogi couldn’t have “had two immediate turnovers to begin the game.”

    Just sayin’.

    Did anyone else think he had turned the ball over when he drove the basket and kept going out of bounds chucking it toward the corner where a wide open Jordy caught it and drained the three? I did.

  24. Laffy,
    Meant to thank you the other day for the compliment on my All-Big Ten post. That really did mean a lot, and thank you.
    That being said, in the future, can we find a way to express distaste with someone’s obnoxious level of affinity for certain things (In this case, Dick Vitale with Duke) without referencing oral sex? Thanks.

  25. I wish they would go ahead and name Assembly Hall after the very deserving Bill Garrett just so Vitale would have to STFU.

  26. 1) You’re very welcome. I meant it. Wasn’t trying to kiss up or anything.

    2) I’ll do my best.

    3) Did you see the article Peegs posted the day of the game from a writer from the UNC site? Everyone said it looked a 3rd grader wrote it. It was awful.

    4) I just looked. Where did I say anything about “oral sex”? I just said “he sucked.” Dude, that is EVERYWHERE.

  27. Chet, I just watched the replay again, and call it a turnover or a blocked shot, but YF dribbled the ball deep into the post, on the right side of the lane, and lost the ball. I don’t care how they categorize it, the point is, IU did not get a shot off on either occasion.

    I was not trying to bash Yogi, just trying to make a point. Just saying.

  28. Geoff,

    It is undeniably a coin flip but I thought Roy Williams reference of 2 guys he never heard of while in HS was about Will and Vic. Maybe after watching the game tape he would restate it as 3.

  29. I follow these young guys pretty close when they are on the floor. JH playing with talent on the floor now looks very much the same as Will and Vic did in their initial games as Freshman. He will develop just as they have and are and maybe with a bit more O.

  30. HC, great point. It takes time for these young guys to adapt mentally. Until they feel comfortable, they’re thinking too much and sometimes they press. I think JH will show significant improvement before the end of the season.

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