Hoosier Scoop Sage Take of the Day decides to take five, so to speak, going on temporary hiatus


With apologies to the faithful readership that has received this experimental feature so graciously, I have to proclaim a brief halt due to a number of factors. The Take will return next week, following the conclusion of IU football season, with an altered format. It will no longer be automatically a daily item, but rather a responsive one as time and topic allow.

There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is that my professional attention must now turn primarily to coverage of local high school basketball, which is a beloved pursuit but not germane to The Hoosier Scoop’s IU orientation. Plus, if I opined daily upon IU basketball topics, I would almost certainly, if unintentionally, infringe upon  turf more properly under the purview of our estimable IU basketball columnist, Jeremy Price.

I’ve found that I’ve written column-length Takes pretty much every day, which is another reason I’m going to dial it back a bit. My intention will be to supply shorter and hopefully pithier Takes more often than not. But I will supply lengthier ones when it seems appropriate. They might not be daily, but they will still be frequent, at least through basketball season. The Take might then take longer breaks when the IU sports calendar winds down.

(Though I duly note that, this being Indiana, basketball season never truly ends.)

Again, many thanks for your encouragement. When I started this feature, I wasn’t at all sure how it would pan out. It’s still evolving, and I’ll happily consider your feedback at any time.

Meantime, while the Sage continues to wrap what is left of his aging mind around the latest Big Ten expansion, it seems fair to observe that the conference need not have spent so much time and effort designing its B1G logo a couple of years back. The following, more accurate insignia would have sufficed:

Big $



  1. Andy,

    Enjoyed it while it lasted. Here’s hoping for one to two IU football wrap-up posts, especially focusing on the defense- who might be able to stay on the field next year, where will we need upgrades (DE, LB, ?)

  2. Keep up the good work, Andy and do the column as often as possible. In your duties as a HS basketball coverage, you might keep in mind that many of us regular readers of the HT are unfortunately living in far-flung locales around the state. If you could find time to occasionally feature a game outside the Monroe county area in your spare time (that being the time one always assumes others have to spare) that would be cool. In any case, I’ll look forward to enjoying your work – especially your fixation on uniforms (I share that peculiar interest) and your pride in your child’s participation in IU bands (something else we’ll share starting in a year) .

  3. The design of the B1G logo was not a waste of time as it is easy to see where the conference is headed. That G will serve a dual purpose. Which is 4+4+4+4.

  4. I like the Sage take at the very end of this column… A glimpse of the future – quick, concise, thought provoking.

    Good luck with the HS gig. Looking forward to the weekly updates on IU targets.

  5. Harvard: Thanks. I confess to having enjoyed the Eagles through about the “On the Border” album. Really liked the debut and “Desperado.” They kinda lost me from “Hotel California” on. Too little Bernie Leadon. Too much Joe Walsh. I liked the country-rock phase better. Most people, I am aware, would disagree, since “Hotel California” is the album that sent the band into the fiscal stratosphere. The clip looks like it’s about the same era as when I saw them at Assembly Hall in a show opened by Kansas (egad) and closed by the Beach Boys. I think it was 1974 or so. Again, thanks. It was a long while ago Glenn Frey looked that young with hair that long (and played bass, to boot.)

  6. Fall of ’74. I was in attendance as well. The Eagles warming up the crowd for the Beach Boys. Imagine that.

  7. Darn!!!…Class of ’73 or we might have met. Besides, I was into Tenptations, Bo Diddley (Bo Diddley was a Gunslinger….), v-e-r-y s-l-o-w dancing to The Platters or Johnny Mathis on one spot and, yes, ‘study dates’ in Brown County or Lake Lemon at night.

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