Hoosier Scoop Sage Take of the Day, Nov. 9, 2012


The Indianapolis Star plans to select a Top 75 all-time Indiana High School All-Star team in a few weeks to commemorate 75 years All-Star basketball. As one of the lucky folks asked to submit a nomination list of 50 players, I was struck by how many prime candidates went on to play at Indiana University over the years.

I also noted how some terrific in-state IU players were not All-Stars for one reason or another. Alan Henderson is a case in point, if memory serves, due to a scheduling conflict in 1991. He was an officer in the Jack and Jill of America youth group and slated to give the keynote address at that organization’s national convention, which rendered him unable to participate fully in both All-Star weekends. So he was eventually left off the squad.

But I’d say most great home-grown IU players over the past 75 years were also Indiana All-Stars. Here in chronological order are just 40 of the many (with Mr. Basketball honorees signified by an asterisk):

Bill Garrett, Shelbyville, 1947*
Dick Farley, Winslow, 1950
Don Schlundt, South Bend Washington-Clay, 1951
Hallie Bryant, Crispus Attucks, 1953*
Frank Radovich, Hammond, 1956
Jimmy Rayl, Kokomo, 1959*
Ray Pavy, New Castle, 1959
Tom VanArsdale, Manual, 1961*
Dick VanArsdale, Manual, 1961*
Gary Grieger, Evansville Bosse, 1962
Harry “Butch” Joyner, New Castle, 1963
George McGinnis, Indianapolis Washington, 1969*
Steve Downing, Indianapolis Washington, 1969
Steve Green, Silver Creek, 1971
Bobby Wilkerson, Anderson Madison Heights, 1972
Kent Benson, New Castle, 1973*
Mike Woodson, Broad Ripple, 1976
Ray Tolbert, Anderson Madison Heights, 1977*
Landon Turner, Indianapolis Tech, 1978
Randy Wittman, Ben Davis, 1978
Ted Kitchel, Lewis Cass, 1978
Steve Bouchie, Washington, 1979*
Winston Morgan, Anderson Madison Heights, 1981
Steve Alford, New Castle, 1983*
Jay Edwards, Marion, 1987*
Lyndon Jones, Marion, 1987*
Calbert Cheaney, Evansville Harrison, 1989
Greg Graham, Warren Central, 1989
Pat Graham, Floyd Central, 1989*
Damon Bailey, Bedford North Lawrence, 1990*
Brian Evans, Terre Haute South, 1991
Michael Lewis, Jasper, 1996
Luke Recker, DeKalb, 1997*
Tom Coverdale, Noblesville, 1998*
Jared Jeffries, Bloomington North, 2000*
A.J. Ratliff, Indianapolis North Central, 2004*
Eric Gordon, Indianapolis North Central, 2007*
Jordan Hulls, Bloomington South, 2009*
Cody Zeller, Washington, 2011*
Yogi Ferrell, Park Tudor, 2012

Your nearly-impossible mission, should you care to accept it Scoop readers, is to select a 15-man honor roster out of that list of 40 IU standouts and place it in the comment section for this post. Mine is below and, yes, the omissions were painful:

Forwards: Calbert Cheaney, George McGinnis, Mike Woodson, Tom VanArsdale, Dick VanArsdale
Centers: Cody Zeller, Kent Benson, Steve Downing, Don Schlundt
Guards: Steve Alford, Eric Gordon, Damon Bailey, Jimmy Rayl, Jay Edwards, Randy Wittman


  1. I realize this is not following directions, but my only comment is shock that Don Schlundt was not Mr. Basketball. Was Jesus in Schlundt’s class, and got all the votes for his off-court work? Who else could have beaten him out?

    I’ve seen one old piece of footage of him at IU, and certainly seen his stats, and I often wonder if he’s not the best ever at IU, let alone the best in his high school class.

    Oh, I guess I’ll follow directions partially. I nominate Schlundt, even though he was WAYYYYYY before my time.

  2. Thanks to the Stars Mr. Basketball poster- 1951 Mr. Bball was Tom Harrold of Muncie Central.

    McGinnis, Downing, Alan Henderson, Damon Bailey, Steve Alford, Eric Gordon, Yogi Ferrel, Cody Zeller, Jordan Hulls, Brian Evans, Calbert Cheaney

  3. Thanks, Pete. I guess it wasn’t Jesus, but I hope Harrold was the second coming. Because Schlundt was really good.

  4. No Delray Brooks? Michigan City Rogers 1983? Guys who transferred out don’t count huh. I had to throw him in there, since that’s(Michigan City)where I live now, unfortunately.

  5. Andy, if you put a pin on a map of Indiana for each of your choices, Indy-south would look like a porcupine and ‘the region’ would be smooth as a baby’s butt. Just off the top of my head, what about the ’71 East Chicago Washington team which went undefeated and featured Tim Stoddard (All-American at NC State), Junior Bridgeman (NBA All Star), and Pete Trgovich (starter on a National Championship team at UCLA). Also, like him or not Shawn Kemp was a monster in HS.

  6. Sorry Andy, my bad. I misread your list – didn’t notice that you were only listing IU guys. Thank god we didn’t recruit Kemp.

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