Indiana pounds Bryant in opener, 97-54

Indiana sophomore center Cody Zeller and senior forward Christian Watford both posted double-doubles, freshman point guard Yogi Ferrell had 10 points and seven assists in his debut and the No. 1 Hoosiers blasted Bryant, 97-54 in the season opener in front of 17,472 at Assembly Hall.

The Hoosiers scuffled through the early moments and trailed 15-14 with 11:37 to play, but then went on a 21-5 run to take control and led by 20 points by halftime.

“It’s one thing to win,” IU coach Tom Crean said. “It’s a whole other thing to improve while you’re winning. I thought we improved inside the game tonight. The key is that we continue to improve inside of every game and in between those games.”

The Hoosiers put six players in double figures with Zeller leading the way with 18 points and 10 rebounds. Watford had 15 points and and a career high 15 rebounds. Sophomore guard Remy Abell and freshman swingman Jeremy Hollowell had 12 points each while Ferrell and junior swingman Will Sheehey had 10 each.

Indiana shot 55.6 percent from the field and held Bryant to 32.3 percent, including 13.8 percent (4-for-29) from beyond the arc. They won the rebounding battle 46-29, blocked six shots and shot 85.3 percent from the free throw line.

Ferrell provided the highlight of the night, a no-look dish to Zeller for a two-handed slam in the first half.

“I saw him for a split-second,” Ferrell said of Zeller on the play. “I knew his man was going to probably either come up to me, and if he didn’t I was going to lay it up, but I knew Cody was going to be right there. So I just threw it up to him and he jammed it.”

Bryant forward Alex Francis had 15 points and eight rebounds but was harassed into six turnovers. Guard Frankie Dobbs had 12 point and reserve guard Corey Maynard had 11 points and seven rebounds. However, the Bulldogs had no answer for Indiana’s offensive firepower and couldn’t score at nearly the Hoosiers’ level either.

“Nobody’s going to shut them down,” Bryant coach Tim O’Shea said. “Look at the points they averaged last year. They are going to average just as many this year and maybe even average more with the addition of the point guard and how they shoot the ball.”

AUDIO: Tom Crean

AUDIO: Cody Zeller, Christian Watford, Yogi Ferrell

AUDIO: Jordan Hulls, Remy Abell


  1. I sure hope Watford plays with that kind of intensity and aggressiveness all season, he was ferocious on the boards. I was really impressed with Yogi, too. His mid range jumper looked good, as was his vision and speed.

  2. I agree. I felt that with Yogi, Vic and Will provided the spart when they were in, yet the box scores do not show it. Lots of work to do in a lot of areas. Remy looked good, really good.

    It will take awhile to get used to the fast pace. One pass than a shot, many no passes before the shot. Seemed as if everyone wanted to hit the shot that would start the run.

    Could see where we missed Elston’s minutes. Holloway was impressive once he got going.

    All said and done, they did good and it was sure nice seeing the energy. It’s going to be a fun year.

  3. What’s the deal with Sheehey wearing the #0? I knew Watford was wearing Elston’s #, did Will switch permanently?

  4. I really thought Bryant had a chance. I was looking like a rock star at the beginning. I thought my bet would hold up. Oh well. That’s what I get going with my instinct instead of heart.

  5. Yogi,A+ the ball just zipped when he was in.Hollowell looks like he can contribute much needed help inside.Creek looks WAY better than expected.In general,the speed showed on the defensive side.We kept people in front of us much,much better than last year.That’s what I saw as the immediate improvements over last years team. Oh I forgot,Cody looked like the best big in college ball.A very impressive first game.Yikes these guys can play.

  6. Well, I get back just in time to see someone posting under my name. Uh, I never thought Bryant had a chance.

    So, I’ve been gone. Have I missed anything?

  7. Nope. Nothing. We didn’t miss your bad breath though. Next time when you go on your power trips on here, put a mint in your mouth. A few minutes dedicated to mouthwash would be time well spent.

  8. Rico, good to hear you didn’t start making sense in my absence.

    HC, can’t imagine why someone would post something that innocuous under someone else’s name. You’d think they’d post something a little more controversial if they were going to lie about who they are.

  9. Your dumb enough to respond Chet. Lou Chet was right. You are weak and meek. Mighty small man. These comments really do eat you up.

  10. I thought Creek looked okay. They pace wasn’t too much for him on offense. He had a good feel and spacing right away. But he struggled on D. He had the hardest time guarding his man coming off screens, he man a couple awkward communications on defense that ended up with 2 guys guarding the same man and giving up wide open 3’s, and then there was the time he lost site of his man on a cut through the lane and the pass went behind his head for an easy lay-up. So overall, I thought he was a net loss in points, but that doesn’t mean it was a bad game for him. He just needed to get out there in that environment and have some success, and the fact that he shot well will certainly give him confidence.

    Harvard – if last night is any indication, I think you are 100% correct that Remy will have a “MUCK” larger role than Mo.

  11. HC, yes. Thanks for asking. We had a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time but we did pretty well. The weather held up.

    Really, couldn’t have asked for much better results.

    Again, thanks for asking.

  12. Welcome back, didn’t realize you were gone. Yes, someone is still trying to imitate you, but that is hard if not impossible…and Rico Chet (which translated into Spanish means ‘Rich Chet’, giving us a hint as to who it may be if you think about it) is still obsessed to the point of having puppies.

    We did stumble today, …nevertheless, it is still a big job and, simply, will take time. So put your helmet back on Chet.

  13. Harvard for Hillibilles
    Saturday, October 20, 2012 – 4:58 PM UTC

    Regrettably, I don’t think Creek will be much of a factor this year(especially defensively).

    I certainly don’t want to put things into a Remy vs. Creek scenario..They are two of my favorite Hoosiers. I have been a big advocate of both these guys long before they were definite offers/commits to be in a Hoosier uniform. I used to blog on Hoosier Hype(formerly IDS Basketblog) endlessly about Creek…Long before Maurice’s injury, I drew some rather foolish parallels some similarities I saw him to the great Oscar Robertson(his b-ball IQ/maturity on the court, his somewhat similar handsome looks, and the dipping shoulder twitch in his jump shot). Big fan of Creek..Always have been..Always will be.

    I don’t presume to know where/when(games, circumstances, happenstances?) or how many minutes per game Remy will find.

    I do believe Remy will still surprise and move his game on an upward slope at a higher rate than many expect. I think he has immense potential.

    But you’re right…It will be tougher to find the minutes at guard play with the increasing depth of talent(primarily Yogi hoarding many of the minutes in the backcourt).

    Pretty ‘muck’ sticking with what I said in the above post from October 20th…Yogi is going to see a lot of time on the court. Now Remy is fighting for minutes against Hulls instead of Verdell Jones(And let’s not forget, Remy would not have seen nearly the chance to show his abilities last season without the happenstance of VJ’s sidelining due to injury). Remy certainly brings a stronger defensive element than an undersized Jordy and a less dynamic Mo Creek. But we also gain exceptional defensive awareness/quickness from Yogi and that takes tremendous pressure off of Hulls when they’re working in tandem. Remy’s stroke looks pretty confident, but is it enough to remove the outside threat of Hulls teamed up with Ferrell?

    I love Remy’s composure and unselfish habits on the floor. You won’t see Remy foul out against a team like Bryant. He’s a heady kid. Whether he gets 10 minutes per game, or 20, or more, it’s quite a luxury to have a physical and trustworthy guard coming off the bench; a versatile workhorse(can play point or 2 guard) that brings a whole new set of variables to the table, can get to bucket, unafraid to drill big shots in big moments, bringing leadership and defensive tenacity, whenever his number is called. Remy was vital to our success last season and he’ll not disappoint in providing that extra zing in our arsenal in big games this year as well.

  14. North Carolina vs Florida Atlantic on this afternoon. May be a good one to watch, get a good measurement for later.

    This time of the yr is confusing. Headline of Louisville beat by Syracuse first thought …good than to realize it’s football.

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