Indiana pummels Ball State, 101-53

(Dustin’s Note: I decided to change things up and come up with a new post-game blog format because I was basically writing two game stories with one going in the paper and the other one going on here. It was inefficient, it got stale, and sometimes I got lazy and did a lot of cutting and pasting. This is designed to shake that up. I’m open to constructive criticism and or ideas on the format, of course. And also, this will probably be more detailed for more dramatic games)

WHAT HAPPENED: Indiana shook off a brief slow start and pulverized Ball State 101-53 in front of 17,126 at Assembly Hall. The No. 1 Hoosiers improved to 6-0 and should maintain their top ranking heading into their showdown with North Carolina in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge on Tuesday night.

The Hoosiers were up 10-8 with 14 minutes to go in the half but proceeded to outscore Ball State 40-11 the rest of the way to lead 50-19 at halftime. The Cardinals were never closer than 31 points in the second half.

WHO MADE IT HAPPEN: Junior swingman Will Sheehey seemed to ignite the team with a pair of mid-range jumpers about midway through the first half and posted his best offensive performance of the season. He finished 8-for-9 from the field with 19 points to go with six rebounds and two assists.

Senior point guard Jordan Hulls continued his lights-out shooting, knocking down seven of his 10 field goals and three of six 3-pointers to finish with 17 points. Sophomore center Cody Zeller had 15 points and eight rebounds, junior guard Victor Oladipo scored 13 points and senior forward Christian Watford posted a double-double with 11 points and 10 rebounds. After not scoring a single point in Brooklyn, redshirt junior guard Maurice Creek also scored nine points, knocking down a pair of 3-pointers.

WHY DID IT HAPPEN: Once the Hoosiers shook off some cobwebs early, they dominated in all facets. The Hoosiers shot 64.7 percent in the first half and 60.3 percent for the game while holding Ball State to 20.0 percent shooting in the first half and 30.9 percent in the game. They forced 18 turnovers and scored 21 points off those, scored 40 points in the paint to the Cardinals 26 and won the rebounding battle 42-29. They were strong in both man-to-man and zone defenses and maintained focus even when IU coach Tom Crean was switching up lineups while the Hoosiers were playing with a 40-point lead in the second half.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN: This game served as irrefutable evidence that the Hoosiers can maintain their focus against weaker opponents and that they can very much handle trap games. This one fit that mold, as the Hoosiers were playing a hungry, in-state mid-major opponent in the Cardinals that clearly wanted to make a statement right in in between games that commanded a lot more attention. They were coming off the Legends Classic championship in Brooklyn and have the marquee North Carolina matchup set for Tuesday. IU coach Tom Crean was hounding them throughout the early going to make sure the intensity didn’t slip and it never did, even once the route had become more than apparent. There was some level of sloppiness in the second half, but mostly, the Hoosiers kept the pedal down.


Assistant coach Tim Buckley on maintaining intensity

“In order to be a championship-caliber program, that’s the way you have to play it,” assistant coach Tim Buckley said. “You can’t take any possessions off. Every possession is just as important as the last possession.”

On Will Sheehey

“Will probably didn’t shoot it as well as he would’ve liked when we played in Brooklyn,” Buckley said. “But he got in the gym and he worked. He got shots up. He shot free throws. He did all of the things you have to do to try to get better.”

On second-half experimentation

“I don’t know if I would call it experimenting as much as we needed some work with our zone. We needed some work, maybe, with different guys playing different spots because we’re not at full-strength right now. I thought Austin did a terrific job of playing post defense. Jeremy Hollowell, Jeremy did a great job of taking care of the ball, making good decisions tonight. That was a step forward for him and they got an opportunity to do it in game situations.”

On playing Victor Oladipo at the point in an all-wing lineup

“Coach is really big on expanding guys games. Vic is an example of not only playing on the wing but playing some point guard to expand his game. Cody, we’ve put Cody out on the floor. Cody’s been in the post. We want those guys to be basketball players. Vic ran the pick-and-roll quite a bit last year toward the end of the season. It was kind of like he as running the point. It put him in a situation where he had to be more vocal and get guys where they needed to go. I thought it was really good for him to be in that spot.”

Jordan Hulls

On what sparked the rally

“We saw a couple of shots fall. Our defensive pressure was a lot better. We got some turnovers. That’s when we’re at our best is when we’re running in transition and just getting buckets in transition. We found (sophomore center Cody Zeller) and we were able to get to the foul line a lot.”

Will Sheehey

On Austin Etherington pushing to make the bucket that got Indiana 100 points and set off a promotion with QDoba that earned free meals for the first 100 fans to present tickets at the Bloomington location

“His eyes lit up when he saw it was 98,” Sheehey said. “He wanted to get that burrito. He’s probably at QDoba right now.”

AUDIO: IU assistant Tim Buckley

AUDIO: Jordan Hulls, Will Sheehey, Maurice Creek


  1. I know it was Ball State, but that was the best game I’ve seen this bunch play yet. That was awesome. This team will be a nightmare for opponents at home this year. I watched UNC v Butler last week, the Heels are very young, & I don’t want to sound cocky or overconfident, but I think it likely that we will roll over them Tuesday, largely due to the fact that it will be at IU. Good chance we could go unbeaten at the Hall this year, but that’s getting way ahead of things…still think it’ true though!!

  2. Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!! On Etherington’s burrito, make sure he reports the free burrito coupon w. ticket to the NCAA; we don’t want him suspended and fined because someone in the NCAA read this report.

  3. Will Sheehey shoots the mid-range jumper as well as anyone I’ve seen. The mid-range J has become somewhat of a lost art. That is just ONE of the values Will brings to IU.

    I hope we keep the momentum going against UNC. UNC got off to a slow start against Butler last week & paid the price. I want to see IU start with GREAT “D” against the Tar Heels & keep the pressure on them. Someone told me that UNC is too athletic for IU! Ha! I think it will be a GREAT match up as IU has a roster full of athletic players who can play the team game. Assembly Hall should be rocking!! Let’s show UNC, the ACC and the nation what IU is all about! Go Hoosiers!!

  4. Wolfer, I’ve been thinking the same thing. Will has obviously worked hard on his shot (not that it wasn’t good before). His stroke is as pretty as any I’ve seen. It just seems automatic from 18 feet in.

  5. So Cliche… UNC more athletic than IU… Not true however.

    UNC just applied to join the B1G (as did UVA and GT)

  6. If UNC comes to the Big Ten, what happens to Duke?

    Hard to believe they walk away from that rivalry.

    I guess they could just play them every year like we did with Kaintuck though it wouldn’t be twice a year like now.

  7. If UNC comes to the Big Ten the ACC will just be a shell of a conference.

    In basketball, it will be Duke and a rotating series of wannabes. Duke will be the only perennial power.

    In football it’s like that already. It’s Virginia Tech and whoever else might rise up to challenge in a given year. VT is 6-6 and they were a serious contender for the title until a couple weeks ago. I’ll bet they will be the favorite again next year…and the year after.

  8. Great game, but enough with these “slow starts.” IU has the talent, maturity and experience to just blow a team like BSU out from the first jump ball. Yes, UNC will be much better than BSU, and they will be motivated to make up for that humiliation, but having watched that Butler-UNC game, I believe IU can deliver another butt whupping tomorrow night.

  9. Chet – FSU is far and away the class of ACC football. VT was only in its divisional race…

    Prior to the UF loss I thought FSU had as good an argument as any for a BCS title shot. 1 loss, by 1 point, on the road. Of course it’s all moot now. As much as I hate the Gators I believe they deserve to be in the title game against the Irish. 1 loss vs the #1 SOS in America.

  10. Geoff,
    Well, yeah, except, you know, in reality. They’re good this year and long ago but VT has owned the ACC for quite a while.

    2004 Virginia Tech
    2005 Florida State
    2006 Wake Forest
    2007 Virginia Tech
    2008 Virginia Tech
    2009 Georgia Tech
    2010 Virginia Tech
    2011 Clemson (defeat VT in championship)

  11. Actually, even using the ‘way back machine’, VT was in the Big East in the years prior to that list.

    Since they joined the ACC FSU hasn’t held a candle to them.

    Check your data. That is a fact.

  12. Well, coming out with an absurd comment like,

    “FSU is far and away the class of ACC football”,

    is just silly. Virginia Tech has won four championships to Florida State’s one since VT has joined the conference. There’s no way to twist any data to make that comment hold water.

    Since the Hokies joined the ACC FSU has won exactly the same number of titles as Wake Forest.

  13. I agree completely…but, that’s what not getting an IU education will get you…. “Let’s see, today I’ll watch three NBA games, get the evening paper and read yesterday’s NBA results, go to the drug store and buy the next NBA preview and ….check the line on tonight’s NBA game….I’ll be up soon honey, soon as the Sacramento-Portland game is over.” -(living in ET zone)

  14. Your right…sometimes it happens, even on the best (or Worse) of days. Already football withdrawal symptoms.

  15. Chet… Was talking about this year. Sorry I wasnt more specific.

    Was that Tsao trying to make fun of me? I think his picking has started to have an effect, a fact I’m sure he’ll be happy to hear… I have only watched about 10 total minutes of NBA Action this season.

    Did he just say “get the evening paper”… Bahahaha

    I know I don’t get one of those framed pieces of paper, but where on the “getting an IU Education” spectrum does growing up with 4 educator parents, all with 2 IU degrees each, land you?

    I mean my fathers gave me my mathematics foundation – one of them received his degree in mathematics from IU, and the other got his masters and PHD in accounting at IU. How else could I have such a wonderful relationship with statistics?

    My mother, the English major, corrected me every time I tried to use “like” incorrectly as a teenager. It was annoying, but it cured me. That’s gotta count for something…

    And my step-mother, who received her undergrad degree and masters in Art and Education at IU, and became, oddly enough, an art teacher rounded me out as a child by encouraging my creative side.

    Come on Tsao… Do I at least get an under-under-undergraduate degree from IU? Maybe a BS-BS?

  16. But Chet, I’ll make a bet that going forward FSU returns to dominance in the ACC (if it exists).

    The recent stretch of down years had a lot more to do with the uncomfortable transition of going from an aging legend to a new regime (something all IU fans should understand). It had nothing to do with VT going to the ACC. They just happened to be simultaneous events.

    Record vs. ACC opponents
    Florida State holds a winning record against every current and former ACC school except for Miami, who holds a slight advantage.

    School Record Streak 1st Meeting
    Boston College 7–4–0 Won 3 1957 (2005 as conference opponents)
    Clemson 18–8–0 Won 1 1970 (1992 as conference opponents)
    Duke 18–0–0 Won 18 1992
    Georgia Tech 12–9–1 Lost 2 1955 (1992 as conference opponents)
    Maryland 21–2–0 Won 6 1968 (1992 as conference opponents)
    Miami 26–31–0 Won 3 1951 (2004 as conference opponents)
    North Carolina 15–2–1 Lost 1 1983 (1992 as conference opponents)
    NC State 22–11–0 Lost 1 1952 (1992 as conference opponents)
    Virginia 14–3–0 Lost 1 1992
    Virginia Tech 23–12–1 Won 1 1955 (2004 as conference opponents)
    Wake Forest 24–6–1 Won 1 1956 (1992 as conference opponents)

    And “way back” from 1992 – 2005 FSU won 9 straight ACC titles, and 13 of 15. And VT wouldn’t have been able to do a damn thing about it because FSU was the class of college football period, not just the class of the ACC.

    So, if I’m talking about this year, or historically, FSU is the clear class of the ACC.
    12 ACC Titles in 20 years, and 13 if they beat GT Saturday
    15 division championships in 21 year history in league
    Winning record against every ACC team except Miami

    FSU = Definition of conference dominance.

  17. The most accurate statement would be:

    Over the last 20 year history of the ACC, FSU has been the dominant program. More recently that shifted to VT, but this year FSU returned to prominence.

    That is undeniable.

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