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  1. Has anyone been keeping up with Rabjohns tweets about the NCAA? Seems they are painting themselves into a corner and violating their own bylaws in the IU decision. NCAA is siting the Yahoo sports article as basis for suspensions, but never mentioned that in letter to IU as ruling. Here is what Rabjohns has been tweeting:

    @NCAADana tweeted that ESPN story on A-HOPE as rationale for the NCAA’s decision on Perea, Jurkin, Interesting…The NCAA in its own 13 page report, never referenced the ESPN story, some of which Perea has said on the record is inaccurate. That raises legitimate question: Were allegations in a story given weight even if facts suggest portions of a story are/were inaccurate? And certainly that question speaks to NCAA enforcement in a very broad national scope, not just about two freshman at one school. Those tweets directly from the NCAA also raise questions as to whether 1 story was the basis for an eligibility decision.

    Then Rabjohns has been tweeting with a lawyer who has given him permission to retweet his comments:

    Lawyer to me(Rabjohns): “Those ncaa tweets suggest facts not in evidence were applied to decision; violates their own bylaws.” “ncaa tweets/pub date on story clearly suggest bias on part of staffers. A school has the right 2 raise that issue in appeal”

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