1. Well, Dustin, I thought your answer was stupid.

    There isn’t a website that I know of that says “Anything goes.”

    And you’re an idiot if you think Hillbilly and 4Guards actually mean anything they say. They’re just here to cause as much problems as they can.

    Has nothing to do with “freedom of expression.”

    I also don’t know of ANY board that lets people sign in under other people’s names.

    That’s just f-ing ignorant.

  2. I’m sorry Laffy. I was just thinking about how much you do to bring peace and harmony to this blog and how incredibly respectful you are of opinions that conflict with your worldview.
    Look, here’s the thing man, I like you. I respect you and I understand some of your concerns. But frankly, I didn’t get into this business to mitigate internet fights between grown men who should know better. I spend too much time already reading what you guys write, and as you’ve pointed out, I should probably be doing better at my actual job, which is writing stories and getting after news. I’m covering two sports at once right now, so I’m going to go ahead and focus on that. You don’t like the conversations on here, don’t involve yourself in them. I vouch for the content on the site, not the comments that follow the stories. I’m not going to forcibly construct a community of homogenized people and opinions. If you see something on here that makes you mad, either find a constructive way of solving the conflict or walk away from the computer and get your mind off it by having a conversation with actual people.

  3. Dustin—

    That’s bullsh!t and you know it.

    I never caused a problem here……not once…..until you let your BFF Hillbilly launch personal attack after personal attack after personal attack and you didn’t say a f-ing word to him to tell him to stop his crap.

    So take some responsibility instead of blaming me.

    And the least you could do is stop people from signing in under others’ names as there isn’t a board on the net I’ve EVER heard of that allows that.

    That’s just f-ing retarded.

  4. Dustin-
    They simply can’t handle the fact that you are better at your job than they’ll ever be. That’s the bottom line here, Dustin. They’re all sports journalist wannabees. They don’t respect the job you do because they’re convinced they know more.

    I vouch for the content on the site, not the comments that follow the stories.

    Amen. Laffy wouldn’t last for 30 seconds with a site requiring registration and appropriate conduct/policing. His mouth is filth. SnailPond is all the example anyone needs. And if you enforce character limits or content, I highly doubt there’s only one “attention-whore” that will be crushed by the realization they can’t type six pages into one post to trivialize the efforts of the hard-working journalists that bring us Hoosier Scoop.

    They can bitch all they want, but within all the thick grandiosity, they never show any humble appreciation your work. They only complain about how you let so many steal this blog without ever acknowledging it’s not their blog to own. It’s first and foremost your creation(along with Andy, Jeremy, Mike and the rest at HT behind the scenes that bring Hoosier Scoop to the internet FREE OF CHARGE). It’s your choice to do as you damn please. Their assaults in suggesting how you manage your blog and your efforts to bring us some of the best Hoosier sports coverage anywhere speaks volumes to how far arrogance can consume the soul.

    I may be a lonely attention-whore, but I’ll never believe I am better than Dustin Dopirak at his job; incessantly whining and never showing one ounce of appreciation anything outside my assessment of Mr. Dopirak’s horrible lackluster policing efforts the comment sections.

    Such malice, Dustin. Such terrible disregard for your engine and wheels and seats. You should really have more respect when you let anyone on the block drive YOUR car. Did I ever say “thank you” for letting me take it for a daily spin? F*&k no, you f*&king, moron. You should have never let that f*#ker I don’t like drive your f*%king car. Nobody likes that f*&ker. He drives it too long and he sticks a Bobby-worshiping plate on the back when he’s in YOUR seat. And have you heard him honk YOUR horn? That honking coming from YOUR car irritates the f*@k out of me. If you don’t stop it, I’m going to threaten you and tell you I might just not drive YOUR car anymore. What the hell is the matter with you, Dustin? You should be so much more grateful that I drive it around town when you make the payments, you keep it running, you fill it with gas(that’s a metaphor for stories for those not keeping up)…Why are you giving the keys to YOUR car to any f*&king idiot you choose? It’s really pathetic you’ve allowed this to happen to YOUR car that you let me drive! Go f*&k yourself…Sincerely, just go f*%k yourself.

  5. Sorry, Baggy, but you’re clueless.

    I think Dustin is an awesome journalist and love reading his stuff.

    I mean that sincerely.

    And his video after games is one thing I really look forward to (especially since I don’t have to see reverse-mohawk-guy any more)

    I just think he’s let this board become a complete joke and think his excuse “open flow of ideas” is stupid and naive.

    Hillbilly and 4 Guards are not here to “exchange ideas.” They’re here to be a-hole trolls because they’re loner losers.


    And to let people sign in with others’ names is THE dumbest thing I’ve EVER seen.


  6. I think Dustin is an awesome journalist and love reading his stuff.


    And his video after games is one thing I really look forward to (especially since I don’t have to see reverse-mohawk-guy any more)

    Agree/Disagree. I enjoyed reverse-mohawk. I thought he brought fruit cake and a positive vibe.

    I just think he’s let this board become a complete joke and think his excuse “open flow of ideas” is stupid and naive.

    Irrelevant/Disagree. Not my blog. What occurs in some of the comments sections on this blog(e.g. your “trolls”) is no different than a sensationalist journalist claiming a kid is the “worst defender in all of college basketball.” Just as “stupid.” Just as “naive.” And just as motivated to incite reaction.

    Hillbilly and 4 Guards are not here to “exchange ideas.” They’re here to be a-hole trolls because they’re loner losers.

    See previous.


    I think you’re constantly on one.

    And to let people sign in with others’ names is THE dumbest thing I’ve EVER seen.

    Irrelevant/Disagree. Not my blog. The “dumbest” thing I could ever imagine is when someone is wanting to steal the name of Laffy.

  7. And to let people sign in with others’ names is THE dumbest thing I’ve EVER seen.

    Irrelevant/Disagree. Not my blog. The “dumbest” thing I could ever imagine is when someone is wanting to steal the name of Laffy.

    I don’t know how you could “disagree” when the trolls make it impossible to know who is saying what.

    My guess is, you’re one of the losers doing it. Several people have complained about it, Goober.

  8. Well, at least Harvard is no longer trying to hide the fact that he is Lord… It was thinly veiled, but I remember him denying it on at least one occasion.

  9. Wrong again, Geoff.

    I only denied being behind certain posts when children in this schoolyard began to steal my “Lord of…” intro for their own screen name.

    I will gladly retrieve the post where I confessed I used the “Lord of…” as my only other alternative handle. Numerous thieves now use variations of ‘Harvard for Hillbillies’ and ‘Lord of..”

    I do not play the hijacking screen name game(or the game that steals part of a well known regular Scoop blogger’s name).

    Again, Dustin can confirm where the first ‘Lord of…’ post originated(I believe it had something to do with “the Clapper” and a black and white photo from a ‘Lord of the Flies’ film. Hate being a rock star…Remy Remix. Establishment. Harvard for Hillbillies. Lord of…

    Do you need Dustin to also tell the Scoop faithful(much like he cleared up the Remy inside joke) that ‘Lord of…’ is also Harvard’s for eternity? Will you believe it coming from Dustin’s mouth or will you just say something vulgar and claim I’m his favorite attention-whore and butt-buddy?
    What can I say? Always imitated, never duplicatedness.

  10. Do all of you remember the heavy backlash on here when I first starting using the ‘Harvard for Hillbillies’ screen name? Obviously, Laffy never did get over it.

    Such rage on here for cleverness…Such placidity for true filth, vulgarity, and the repeated use of the ‘f’ word. Such deep, deep envy for such a suckling never hugged by his mommy.

    And on top of it all…? The nasty little f*#ker knows a tad bit about hoops.

  11. Ummm, Harvard… I have never made those claims, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never said anything vulgar in here.

    I believe you if you say you admitted at some point you are Lord… I either didn’t see the post or I forgot it. I just remember a denial at some point, but not the details of it.

    Relax pal… It’s game night!

  12. I do remember the backlash, of course it was all happening about the time I started commenting here, so I didn’t know your previous names. I was actually surprised at the time that you stuck with the moniker… It seemed for a minute you might cave.

    I love the irony of being so anti-Establishment and having such an Establishment name.

  13. I had to have a new name, Geoff. My first name got me banned from every basketball blogging site talking of Hoosier hoops.

    Dustin made the huge mistake of letting blog on Scoop. I used to use sites like ‘Hide My Ass’ to try and get past Kellenberger’s Iron Curtainness, but they’d inevitably shut me down. I’m a horrible person, but Dustin has a heart bigger than the Tin Man. We have shared Cutty Sark with numerous cans of 3-and-1 to save my squeaky liver. We have danced late at night when everyone else is asleep. We share favorite recipes of love and poetry in secret e-mails.

  14. I don’t believe for one second Hillbilly isn’t most of the aliases on here…..and I don’t care if Dustin says he isn’t or not.

    And I don’t think I was on here at the start when you were ripped for your name, crybaby victim.

  15. Laffy was never breastfed. That’s why he’s attracted to the biggest boob on the internet.

  16. Is Hulls not special? Did you see some of those no-look passes tonight. Wow. Move over, Steve Nash. Finally a little help in the backcourt. This will be Hulls’ year.

  17. Dustin, on your way over to my place after the game, could you pick up some more Vaseline? We used it all up last time.

    Oh, and the gerbil died from exhaustion so I had to buy a new one.

  18. I hope that isn’t really you Harvard…

    Too far man. This really shouldnt be the format for constantly testing and pushing the limits.

  19. Dustin said “anything goes in the freedom of expression”….unless, I guess, he’s attacked.

    Nice game tonight….and I didn’t think they looked that great and still kicked butt.

    Nice to see Jordy get 1,000 points……

  20. Not me, Geoff. Have you visited SnailPond? Every other sentence is similar to what you see in post #21(90% consumed with homophobic remarks..stuff like butt-buddies, etc).

    The schoolyard child behind this sort of name hijacking is pushing for censorship and attempting to force Dustin’s hand by associating my name to such filth. I would never have a desire to play in any of the muck that I’ve read on SnailPond. I have my issues, but that is a level of perversion and hate that destroys any common level of decency. Not into that hardcore language and constant ‘f’ word usage. I have opinions people don’t like on here. Is it a surprise that any bigot will take my name and use it to attach filth? I don’t mind the occasional suggestive fun or something that could be construed by as too risque(I do go over PG-13 sometimes), but I’m not into raw vulgarity as a form of hate.

    And who is already saying they won’t believe any of Dustin’s claims? I highly doubt the culprit is using a different computer or is a wizard at hiding IP addresses. I would surmise HI is aware of the IP address behind all the name thievery.

  21. I would surmise [HT] is aware of the IP address behind all the name thievery.

    Stealing has nothing to do with freedom of expression.

  22. Hillbilly spews anti-Christian HATRED non-stop and he’s crying about “filth” and “decency”?


  23. Laffy, just gonna throw it out there… Any chance you can forgive and forget?

    Trust me, I get into it with Harvard all the time… I know it can be tough… But can you just let it slide for a bit regardless of what he says or does?

    Your ability to do so would earn you a ton of respect around the Scoop… I promise you.

  24. I just read the articles here mostly, but their are some REAL fruitcakes and perverse language on this board. Lady, you have a job? Harvard, did you really post all that junk? I have always liked your posts. This place needs some serious help. This place is on life support. Anyone have a CPR mask? Who knows what illness you all carry.

  25. Joey,

    I don’t have a CPR mask but I have a Kelvin Sampson mask that put on at special occasions. Do you think that would help?

  26. Harvard attempts to maintain such a saintly, innocent veneer regarding name-stealing, mockery, and all the nonsense that goes on on this blog. I find it funny how Harvard has confronted EVERY…SINGLE… PERSON on this site, Dustin included, EXCEPT Lord of the Fire Rico Chet’s Momma. Never once have I seen the “two” partake in a conversation, nor have I ever seen Harvard confront Rico or even disagree with him. It’s just ridiculous at this point, how much HfH is pulling people’s leg and leading people on that they are two separate names.

    In order to have two separate identities/IP addresses, all you need are a laptop and an Iphone.

  27. Well, Geoff, Dustin asked us to knock it off before……and I did……and Hillbilly didn’t.

    As long as Dustin lets him barf all over this place, I’ll rip him for it.

    Anyone who thinks Hillbilly has only one name on here is a moron.

  28. Neither one of you guys will ever get in the ‘last word’ if you both insist on having it.

    You are two of the best posters on the sight…until…this silly crap gets going.

    Warning, Zen reference to follow…

    Put down the rope.
    (You know, it’s a tug-o-war and it can’t happen if you put down the rope blah, blah, blah).

  29. Chet, I let him have the “last word” for MONTHS.

    Even Dustin gave me credit for knocking it off for awhile.

    That a-hole didn’t dial it back one bit……if anything, he did it even more.

    And others told him to cut his crap too.

  30. Dustin as not a liar and he has no reason to lie on my behalf. I cannot believe that was even inferred. I’m amazed how many on here are letting that accusation just slide.

    As said above, Dustin could quickly clear up the false accusations that I am a screen name hijacker. It doesn’t happen. I don’t alter another blogger’s screen name to use it as a form of mockery. I don’t hijack screen names. He could also quickly clear up that I am not Rico Chet and have kept to ‘Harvard for Hillbillies’ and ‘Lord of..’ as my only screen names when I post. Other schoolyard children that have now taken my ‘Lord of…’ moniker and have all sorts of fun with it(as the jealous adolescent did in post #34). A hijacker also used my ‘Harvard for Hillbilly’ name on this thread. If they can’t debate me, they choose to hate me. They resort to infantile behavior and steal a blogging trademark.

    What can I say..? They love the originality. I’m a rock star. Most of you know my rants. Most of you recognize my lousy grammar and tiresome verbosity. I have nothing to hide. I haven’t the skills with language to hide. I’m pretty certain it’s rather simple for most you geniuses with multiple doctoral degrees that ridicule my using unnecessary forms of “lazy words” to recognize the real Harvard. I never went to school beyond high school. I was once accused on Basketblog as having the command of words at the level of a 5th grader. How on earth could I battle the professors and seasoned mature literary minds on here to act as an impostor?

    Remy Remix..Lord of…Harvard for Hillbillies…Establishment…Glory, Guts, and Gumption…Frankencody…It’s all I’ve got. I have nothing else. My keyboard is my guitar. I am rock star. Taught my self in a hole I’ll never crawl out of(that one was for you, Geoff). Everybody hates a rock star.

  31. oops…Dustin [is] not a liar….

    Jordy sure showed his glory, guts, and gumption all over his grumpy face tonight….Agree? Are you out there Setharnold Davis? Do you agree?

  32. It’s too thick, isn’t it? I don’t get out much.

    I do occasionally draw and paint. Would any of you enjoy looking at some of my art? When I was 12-years-old I did a very nice pencil and charcoal drawing(approx 18″ x 24″) of Calvin Hill..a profile shot of him sitting on the sideline and sipping water out of a tiny cup. Would that be to off-topic to post on here?

  33. “The Albany Loss”…right up there with the Space Shuttle Challenger and the Phuket tsunami as the biggest moments of tragedy in the history of compassionate Washingtonians…NOT.

    I think that the Washington fan on this blog is enjoying 3 straight wins by the football Huskies, which strangely occurred exactly after FireCrean13 revved up his taunt machine after one of his daily Husky research binges (between massage sessions with his mother). He has been dead quiet on the subject since then.

    Perhaps his latest attempt at mockery will lead to a similar winning streak for the basketball team (but who really cares anyway when you have Tom Crean and the Hoosiers to watch).

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