1. Mark Murphy is TERRIBLE. No wonder no one good wanted a someone with his “lineage.” Can’t wait til Tre is healthy. For every good throw Coffman makes he has two bad ones. And he obviously can’t move half as well as Tre.

  2. Yes, we need Tre back, especially for a game like this. But all I want for Christmas is a Big Ten defense. Just an average Big Ten defense! Playing teams like Penn State exposes IU’s defense for its lack of size, it’s lack of pass coverage and its terrible tackling. Seriously, some of the D-backs look like they are afraid to hit Penn State players. They avoid contact.

    It’s half time, and if Wilson continues to run this super-hurry-up offense, this could become another blow-out. I expect to see Coffman sitting in the second half.

  3. Agree with you, obviously. But until IU hires a head coach with a defensive background it will never happen. The whole definition of insanity thing. Until then, IU fans will just think it’s cute they can score some points and are “headed in the right direction,” whatever the hell that means. Cam Cameron’s teams were headed in the right direction for 5 years.

  4. Anyone who thinks Coffman is the answer, even for this lost season, is out of his mind. How can he be so consistently bad? Littrell or whomever calls the plays constantly has guys open, and it’s not like we’re talking difficult throws. Little rinky dink 5-yard outs, which is why even CC has the completion percentage he does. The fact Sudfeld didn’t get more time this year is mind-boggling. He at least has upside and looks like a QB. You’d think Dusty Kiel never left, watching CC play.

  5. Okay, I’m ready for the off-season. I can’ watxh our defense anymore, I’m about to blow a gasket. That 4th-10 play that PSU converted is the last straw for my stomach. A lot of good things have happened this year, & I’m excited about our potebtial for next season & beyond, but I’ve had enough for now!!

  6. IU is just not going to do well against big, strong, physical teams that play power football. IU is simply too small and too young, especially on defense. IU’s offense would have had to play perfect today in order for IU to win this game, and even then, I got the impression that PSU could have matched us score for score. Even the TV announcers, usually loath to criticize either team, made numerous comments about IU not being able to match up with PSU’s “power,” not tackling well, and getting “dominated” on the lines of scrimmage.

    For a guy that threw for over 420 yards, Coffman was at times today, simply terrible. In the fourth quarter, he looked like a cat on a hot tin roof. He missed numerous wide-open receivers, especially on his last attempt into the end zone. He missed numerous ultra-simple swing passes. On several key third down plays, he held the ball too long and got sacked. Is it me, or does he look like he’s trying to throw the ball too hard, as if that’s not his natural rhythm? I have no idea why he finished the game. Sudfeld should have played in the second half.

    On the positive side, IU did not quit. They have some great receivers. They play a lot of really young players that will get bigger and better. Most importantly, they have a good chance to beat Purdue next week and win their fifth game of the season. That would be significant progress and exceed most fans’ expectations for this year.

  7. Unbelievable how many drives stalled because Coffman couldn’t hit the wide open WR and/or throw a more catchable ball. IU should have had at least 3 more TDs, and been able to keep PSU’s Offense off the field for much, much longer…

  8. Dunbar, I don’t think Wilson’s going anywhere for a long time. And IU does not need a head coach with a defensive background/mindset. What IU needs is one coach that has overall authority over the defense. That coach should have a proven record of success in building and coaching good defenses. Make him the Assistant Head Coach and pay him as much as you can afford. In spite of some improvement this year (but really, the defense could only go in one direction), the co-defensive coordinator concept does not seem to be producing enough improvement fast enough.

    Wilson’s not going to change the defensive coaching staff after this year, but he may need to do that after next year! I doubt Wilson can afford to maintain the current arrangement on defense beyond next year? Assuming all the players that have verbally committed actually sign their LOIs on February third, it looks like help for the defense is on the way. But will that help be enough, or be ready to compete soon enough?

  9. I know he’s not going anywhere, obviously. But I certainly disagree with your assessment. IU already is “heavy” on the defensive side of the ball, remember? 5 assistant coaches to 4, or whatever it is. The only way for the D to ever get better is to hire a defensive guy, period. IU has tried this way over and over and over again. It clearly doesn’t work. You have to care about the defense more than the offense for once.

  10. IU will never be a Big Ten football power. Never Ever. I’m used to it & all of you others are too. We are all led by “hope” each season but that is proven to not win football games. We suck and always will suck. Let’s stick to basketball now that those wheels are back on.

  11. Yeah, and Army and Harvard are major football powers (unless Centre College can pull an upset of Harvard), Frank Leahy is the top college football coach (unless it’s Bear Bryant), the NIT determines the national basketball championship, and only white people can compete in college sports because, you know, nothing ever changes.

    Who’s on Ed Sullivan this week? What are you, sealed in amber?

  12. I will have to throw this in too: I was very frustrated with Coffman’s inaccuracy today. He’s been pretty darn good this year, but he really hurt us today by missing open recievers on key plays. Not that that was our biggest problem, defense continues to be, & with that, let’s be honest–I’ve held off crityicizing the coaching staff, but an up-tempo offense is the last thing our defense needs. THAT being said, I also realize that it’s really just up-tempo to get to the line of scrimmage, not necessarily to snap the ball, but nonetheless…

  13. You sound as if you are echoing Podunker’s thoughts. Nevertheless, today Coffman looked ‘skittish’ as if the ball was made of burning coals. As much as his accuracy, his timing was horrible and everything seemed to be behind the receiver or as if it were being thrown at one of Tom Crean’s recruits, Durking, Fischer or Vonleh. Coffman seems as if he could be a good passing QB, but seems to just want to get rid of the ball.

    I’m sure CKW has noticed it, he’s doing one heck of a job not being public about his feelings.

    The defensive backfield is like the levees in Venice….everything gets through and in a hurry. You’d think the other team is on a railroad schedule. Opponents see the CBs and linebackers and start yelling ‘All Aboard!’. Very frustrating because the defensive backfield and(some) linebackers do not even meet the most minimum reasonable expectations we can have.


    The season started ‘full steam ahead’ with anticipation and promise..We were dining and toasting each other to the future and of a place dreams we envisioned could come true…Always on the ship we board..Every season with christened hopes forward ..Always venturing onward into the mysteries of darkness with all our proud efforts packed in luggage, seeking a morning sunrise more beautiful than ever painted in fondest memories an unfinished canvas. The band played on.

    But voyages of mightiest effort are no match for the hand of fate, and from the distant fog and shadows of nasty sea, she came again upon our game of this game of football…a sudden impact, a sinking feeling as we witness the horrible injury to Tre, an iceberg of destiny lurking in the cold dark of unforgiving waters a tale already written. The band played on.

    Within seconds, every splinter of bone in Tre’s lower leg became the horrible sound our hopes and dreams being peeled back from the hull, ripping our hearts we thought stronger and unsinkable ..We trusted our fortitude, but we always knew she’s out there. Soon we wonder if she’s waiting only for us. She rushes in to all the compartments. We feel her taking us down.

    When all we’ve done seems faithful to the heavens…When all our work for the sake of making most our time, striving to be better in the eyes of stars drifting down upon our vessel so small from above, we still really have no say at all. Yet, we stand tall. The band plays on.

    For there is only one crueler fate. Blessed our journey not be a fate where truly believing in what is left to the land behind is better than the unknown arms to embrace us ahead.

    And though this season so wants to rest in a bitter and cold place of days a past that have come back from the depths our fears, we mustn’t blame her. We mustn’t blame destiny. She took us down but she holds us warm in her bosom..The heart with hope is eternal and it is prized by her in our humble refusal to go down easy. The band played on.

    Cherish the Hoosier ship for never stopping to make the glorious morning proud.. Soon there will come a story already told where nothing of the icy past can crush our burning desire. We will rise again from the rusted remains and claim back the iron in fortitude and earth in our true spirit. We will fight until our last maiden voyage will turn the sea upside down. And the truth, our strength, shall cast a flame upon destiny and from the darkest of days, discover the glory of a new dawn.

    The band played on.

  15. Good obvious spot on posts by many. Some final points of frustration.

    1. DEFENSE: I rewatched a number of games and although the db’s play is terrible as noted there is actually two larger reasons the defense fails continuosly. The middle LB’S ( 42 Cooper and 49 )are the worst LB’S at any level of football that have ever played the game. 2 MLB’S that should be involved ( due to how poorly we play defense ) in easily 20 plus plays per game. They are involved in approximately 3 per game. With two of those being missed tackles. There has to be kids in the band that can walk on and play better. They might blocks head every single play and get wiped out every single play. No attempts to avoid being blocked just straiht facemask to facemask – RB’S passes right be their hip enroute to normal 30 plus yd.. TD runs.

    The DB’S ( PSU 1ST TD of gm. )sometimes are in position to make plays. Watch receiver eyes – watch hands go out to catch ball – NOW – put your hands in between his as you turn your head to locate ball. This is a normal drill you do in youth football. Much like you teach them techniques to avoid being blocked. I swear to god if IU played in the famous Cal. / Stan. band game the IU defender would have bounced off the trumpet player and and been run over by the flutist.

    Sorry to be long winded. Lots of frustration for a season that should have nee better record wise. My son and the walls are sick of listening to me so venting here.

    IU is the only team that I’m aware of that have the co-def. coord. thing going on and have for years. It can not be lost on the IU football HC and AD that they are regularly one of the worst defensive in the country. Hmm. There has be be a young established def. mind out there to hire and give complete control too there has to be.

    In closing.

    Horrible call in BSU game at the end – replay out of bounds catch – add a second back on clock – they kick game winning FG on last play. Horrible. As I think we’ll beat Purdue and that alone costs a bowl chance.

    MSU game – failure to run some clock w/ 10 t. lead in 4th qtr. costs us that game. Thankfully I can take some solice in that in the Iowa gm. a lesson was learned and they ran out the clock and won.

    I hope in my lifetime they can be competitive and move to the upper level of the conference. They did alot of good things this season. Enjoyed watching an Adam Repogle play and a few other DL’S. We ultimately did well considering we played backup QB’S for the season.

    Of course I do not think in my life I’ve watch a qb ( CC )
    throw for 400 plus yards and think to myself. He’s not playing very well with the horrible missed throws.

    I love IU football. I have no idea why. Of course I also take high blood pressure medication. There’s probably not a connection.

  16. “IU will never be a Big Ten football power. Never Ever.

    Kansas State, for the time being, is the number one college football team in the country. Prior to the arrival of Bill Snyder they had the worst record in the FBS (yep, worse than IU) and were coming off a 27 game losing streak.

    I imagine there were plenty of K-State “fans” saying the same thing before Bill Snyder.

  17. Releasing the ball to late is exactly what the 2 Kevins are instructing Sophomore QB CC to not do. As Coach Wilson has stated early on, Cam is a laid back personality and they are focusing on his reads and timing to not reflect a lack of urgency. His delivery tempo has picked up(last 3 weeks), as TTG stated. So has his decision to run when nothing develops. Both good things. …Simply…OJT…

  18. Chet- That was the perfect comeback; all you need to say.

    Oh, also, a black man will never become president of the United States.

  19. Chet, bravo. You beat me to it. Kansas State football is the classic rebuttal to any of those defeatists that say it can never happen at IU. Although you must have jinxed KSU with your post (boy, they looked terrible last night), Kansas State is the model IU should strive for.

    KSU had terrible facilities, they had terrible attendance, they were the laughing stock of their conference, and they were, according to all the statistics, the worst football program in college football. And now look at them. Heisman trophy candidate, cover of Sports Illustrated (the SI jinx), and the #1 ranked team in the country (until last night). If KSU football can be transformed, there is absolutely no reason IU football can’t be transformed.

  20. Kansas State University enrollment in the fall of 2010 was 24,378. It is located in Manhattan, KS, with a population of 52,281.

    Indiana University-Bloomington had a fall 2011 enrollment of 42,730 (75% more students enrolled). Bloomington’s population as of the 2010 census was 80,405 (53.8% more people).

    Both KSU and IU play in major BCS conferences that include traditional national powerhouse football programs. Both schools share the state with another major university (their arch rival school) located within the state (unlike Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Ohio State).

    Somebody explain why IU can’t duplicate KSU’s success in football. Demographics are not the reason.

  21. I agree with the KSU analogy. Just want to point out that somewhere I read that one alumni voted to the Board of Trustees (look, this may be completely wrong but I think it may be one of the Koch brothers or someone of that ilk) and did not appreciate having the shool seens as a doormat. So, he banked and pushed the entire change, beginning with a new stadium and single handedly picked the coach (probably with a parallel promise of tens of million for a post retirement gig). I guess there is nothing wrong with that. If we want to do the same thing, the big money here has to start dialing the 812 area code. It can be done, but if you wanna do the walk, let your money do the talk.

    Actually, I respect what they’ve done at Kansas State. Would love to have it here. We’ll need the funds when it is time to say ‘thank you to Kevin Wilson and Tom Crean at the same time and continuing the upgrade of our facilities and resources. I’m reasonably sure that Mr. Glass is aware of all this and is right now planning to call each of you/us.

  22. That your contribution Goofy? Durking-Jurkin? Sunch a smart man. Yes, typo,… how’s you family? Your wife?

  23. Wife is tired… She gave the 3 pets baths today, did about 4 loads of laundry, and vacuumed the house.

    I’m tired too… Ran a 5K this morning, then played some pick-up bball, went grocery shopping on the way home (place was mobbed), got home and did the dishes, made a dump run… But I got to settle in to the RedZone Channel at 1 pm and not leave the couch until now after watching my Pats put up 59 points on my Mom’s Colts, so I can go make the wife and I some dinner – a juicy ribeye and broccoli.

    Thanks for asking. How’s your family?

  24. How about we make a deal?

    No more “bad language” if you guys drop the “I mowed the grass and took the dog for a walk” crap?

    Take it to email so we don’t to wade thru that nonsense on here.

  25. I don’t care too much about them as people… I just like watching them win football games. As long as its not my kid we’re all good.

  26. bkwd…I actually agree with you. Just the same, since there are no rules we often get off the subject and stray off in different areas such as recipes, adventures, travels, political views and that does make this blog enjoyable since it’s point of departure is a commong (oops Goofy, there’s one) and shared sense of who we are. But thank you for sharing.

  27. Tsao, I think you might have been referring to T Boone Pickens donating $280 million or so to Oklahoma State University, most of which he directed be spent on the athletic department. When a journalist asked him if he thought that gave him influence over the athletic department, he said something to the affect, “I certainly hope so.” Then the journalist asked him, “Do you think it’s right that a private individual has that kind of power over a public university.” T. Boone responded (again, I paraphrase), “when someone donates more than $280 million, they can have my seat at the table.”

    Yes, a big benefactor, like they enjoy at Oregon (Knight) and OSU would certainly help our cause.

  28. Po, RE: T. Boone Pickens
    Anybody who asks an Okie a Q and does not understand the reply will be a straight answer with all the bark on it should receive it as a free lesson in interpersonal skills. I had on going business dealings with Sooners for near 3 decades. The 1st year or 2 their honest, straight forward, stoic abruptness was most of the time confounding. After that it was sheer pleasure doing business by written contract or handshake.

  29. Clarion, big businessman. You sure do bring up your “business dealings” an awful lot on here. So…how is the lemonade stand going?

  30. Podunker
    Wednesday, September 12, 2012 – 4:00 PM UTC

    Can’t imagine why ND would not want to share the revenues they receive from their exclusive NBC football contract with all the other schools in the ACC.

    I wonder how much longer that NBC contract is going to run and how profitable it is for NBC? ND football is nothing special any more. I know they have tradition and a very loyal alumni group, but they have not been a top football program for many years. They’re mediocre at best. Given the other football games being broadcast at the same time, I’ll always choose to watch another game before watching ND. Whatever magic they used to have, it’s been gone for a long time.

    Harvard for Hillbillies
    Wednesday, September 12, 2012 – 4:13 PM UTC

    I think ND football will be back. I still think the tradition is there. I’ll always cheer for the Irish against USC or any the so-called “elite’ teams of the Big 10(those same elite teams that traditionally lost 9 out of every 10 games in a Rose Bowl contest against USC or UCLA over the last three decades). Though the contest in South Bend against Purdue went down to the wire, I think it’s more about PU having(dare I say?) a pretty strong team this year.


    I’m beginning to realize that Tsao is nearly as in touch with the pulse of IU football’s turnaround as Podunker was two months ago with his scary ability to understand how the Irish were ready to claim all the comforts of eternal stagnation and mediocrity as they prepare for their #1 ranking this Monday morning and a shot at the national championship game..

    Maybe you guys should just stick to professing all your worldliness and your seasoned lives. When it comes to sports, it appears the bathers in their own brilliance this playground never got off the jungle-gym.

    And basketball discussions..? I don’t know how I’m going to stop Geoff. Hoops is his stage. Never failing to ignore the details to bring us the more thoroughly developed picture his expertise..I saw he was posing as ScoopGeoff and talking hoops over at Inside the Hall again.

  31. Some day I’ll figure out why you have this need to vomit on people HFH. Somewhere in you there’s a claim that says you actually care for humanity and as soon as it starts expressing itself, you make a point of vomiting on it. Podunker is a good guy. I can’t remember a post in which he dumps on you. I argue with him all the time, but no big deal…all in the friendship. (It’s also not coincidental that anyone you consider ‘old’…buahhhhjjj!)

    Chet’s right. Lately, a lot (if not most) of your posts are beyond the bearable.

  32. Podunker, I realized tonight as I was reading another post, you are absolutely right. I was referring to T. Boone Pickens and Oklahoma State not Kansas State.

    All of which makes the Kansas State revival that much more admirable. Yeah…it may be good to look at how it came about. Thanks

  33. Podunker, as I mentioned earlier, for now I’ll leave that in what I believe are the very able hands and, so far, good judgment of A.D. Glass. He’s done very, very well in the 2-3 years he’s been there. I’m more than pleased with CKW and what he is doing; Obviously, with Coach Crean (and I was not always sure but thought best to wait and watch); really pleased with Tood Yeagley’s beginning even with a disappointment or two (soccer is a tough sport, the better team does not always win and it’s designed that way), seems like the woman’s basketball job is in good hands, track and field are excellent and baseball certainly has established itself.

    Not sure about giving any outside interest that much power. We do have Mark Cuban who has been very successful as owner of the Dallas Mavericks and I’m sure would cover IU if needed; sure there are others potentially. Cuban seems to know how to be the ‘power behind’.

    A funny story. Former Kansas City Athletics (now Oakland As) owner Charlie Findley was a big, big IU football supporter. Once he was asked for help in recruiting someone in Chicago. Findley agreed and leased an Boeing 707 to fly the kid and his parents to Bloomington.

    The story goes that when the personnel at Monroe County Airport got the radio call that a 707 was going to land there they looked out and saw the 707 approaching and they all took off running in fear of that sucker landing.

  34. You have such ease being brutally honest with me. You ought to try that on yourself sometime.

    You should reread some of the things you say to Dustin and do a bit of your own searching. It’s never to late to open the closet and come to face with some of your own demons. Give pause to the jury in the halls of some rare introspection and humility before you rush all but yourself to lynching platform of your continual judgments.

    Any attempts at a bit of fun, an inside joke, a game of tag…a lighthearted reminder even the brightest can be wrong..You turn it all into the Spanish Inquisition. We can’t make fun of a coach..We can’t say a player sucks…We can’t poke fun at losing without you labeling us as losers.

    How did you become so, so, so, terrible anal? There is humor in tragedy. There is nothing wrong with enjoying that humor without the labels you want to put on people. There is nothing evil in JPat. What is more ugly is your constant persecution and your refusal to see the lighter side of some cruel ironies. Why must everything be so sinister in your eyes? If only you were as capable a portrait of sanctity the same you want the world to measure up to. Give yourself a break…Give us a break. Give a twenty-something-year-old journalist a break for not spewing it out just the way you see it.

    The football season sucked. It started with an injury to a starting QB that sucked. It may suck for many years more. Suck IT UP and be honest. Sh*t doesn’t smell like roses because Tsao molds it into a flower.

  35. Correct, I’ve have had an awful lot of them and still do. In fact the last I had was real good. Stop by the stand sometime and your glassful will be free as I know you are part of the 47% and you expect it. Don’t worry I’ll discharge the loss to charity.

  36. Further observations:
    1. Who is responsible for punt return formation and post snap execution? This isn’t even at a Jr. High level. No rush, 2 guys standing there in case the 3 blockers and kicker decide to run/pass it, offensive linemen beating our linemen down the field, no chance of a block kick or rushed kick, no chance at a return, a big chance of a clip.
    2. Coffman does not posses the aptitude, composure or the decision making capabilities to compete successfully at this level. They have a 4 star guy on the bench that does. Go figure.

  37. Hey Clarion, here’s a quote for ya about the delightfully stupid “47%”comment, brought to us by Newt Gingrich (who suddenly looks like one of the only sane Republicans remaining):

    “First of all, it’s insulting. This would be like Wal-Mart having a bad week and going, ‘The customers have really been unruly.’ I mean, the job of a political leader in part is to understand the people. If we can’t offer a better future that is believable to more people, we’re not going to win.”

    And then:

    :””I’m very disappointed with Governor Romney’s analysis, which I believe is insulting and profoundly wrong. First of all, we didn’t lose Asian-Americans because they got any gifts. He did worse with Asian-Americans than he did with Latinos. This is the hardest-working and most successful ethnic group in America–they ain’t into gifts.”

  38. When people complained before about this being people’s “personal blog about how their day went”, we were told, “Give us a break. It’s summer and there is nothing to talk about.”

    Well, it’s not “summer” anymore and basketball season has started and we’re # 1 in the country.

    I just find it a little ridiculous people whine about “bad language” and talking politics when the rest of us have to weed thru posts talking about your day at the fish market and shoveling your drive-way after watching your grandkid play soccer while exchanging recipes for meatballs.


  39. Tsao, thanks for the support, but it is unnecessary. I already conceded, a couple weeks ago, on this blog, that I was wrong and that I had underestimated ND football. They are much better than I thought they’d be. By the way, a lot of other football prognosticators were also wrong. Why HforH continues to post my previous comments on the subject is beyond me. He’s the only one who cares what I had to say about ND football a couple months ago. I guess his logic is, “if he was wrong about ND, he must be wrong about everything else.”

    Having said that, I want to provide HforH some more material for future posts. Here it is. ND is still very much overrated. KSU was also overrated, as evidenced that they dropped out of the top ten after getting smushed by Baylor. No way is ND the best football team in the country. I don’t care what their record is, they are not even in the top ten teams in the country. ND was a missed field goal away from losing to an unranked team and falling out of the top ten. BYU pushed them to the limit. I hope ND beats USC so they get matched up with Alabama for the National Championship game. Then we’ll see how good they are. But it might be better for them to lose against USC, so they avoid getting destroyed in the BCS Championship game. Oregon, LSU, Florida State, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida would all beat ND. Maybe even Texas A&M and Oregon State.

    But honestly, I don’t know why HforH cares, except that he appears to be a bigger ND fan than he is an IU fan. I wonder if he spends as much time contributing to the ND sports blogs as he does the Hoosier Scoop? He’s obviously not got anything better to do.

  40. I enjoy seeing teams resurrect their tradition…I have no ties to ND nor have ever followed them closely in the past…But isn’t there enormous parallels between what is currently happening on the national stage with the ND football program and the current resurrection of Hoosier basketball? Do you think we are also overrated in hoops due to the love affair the media has with finding stories of returned traditions/relevancy/lore..?

    Or, if you prefer, just call it my ‘Establishment grudge,’ Podunker. I witnessed so many Rose Bowl games through the years where the best Big 10 teams still had little answer when going up against USC. It’s sorta nice to see a team from Indiana have a chance at a bit of redemption for all those spankings. I certainly wish it could be IU, but there are no mistakes in the parallels in resurrections.

    I hope our basketball return to “elite” status is no more a fluke than ND’s quick rise to the top…I hope tradition can find a flame reignited and that this is not just a temporary insurgence of a few gifted players, before it slips back into the same irrelevancy you seem to have a desire to pin on ND football.

    In many respects, cheering for ND football gives me hope that those labeling our traditions lost were also wrong. Does tradition have to die with firing a coach that brought us the most banners or do they survive in small gyms and football fields scattered about our tiny state? I believe tiny Indiana is very unique in how tradition can survive with such small numbers a populous.

    No matter the poor decisions in the coaches we choose, and the feeding frenzy now present on the national stages of recruiting, somehow “tradition” never dies our state.

    I’m just having a bit of fun with you…But you certainly may have just provided more in the future with your predictions…Reminds me of how so many in the Establishment were certain UK was going to march into Assembly last year and claim easy victory. You may be underestimating that ND football team with the all the familiar tongue those put onto the IU basketball team last season(except for a numskull on here that predicted 22 regular season wins and a top-10 ranking by mid December..and a trip to the NCAA tournament).

    Parallels. Indiana. Pride. Tradition finding a way.

  41. Just when you think Clarion can’t be any more predictable or cliche, he rises to the challenge. Poor thing. No wonder you’re always in such a sour mood.

  42. HforH, thanks for the post, Now it makes sense. Before, I couldn’t imagine why a ND football fan would spend so much time slumming around the Hoosier Scoop.

    But I see it a little different than you do. The one thing the traditional football powers have in common, besides tradition, is money. Lots and lots of money, to spend on anything they believe will help their football teams remain amongst the elite. And ND has tons of money to spend on football, especially with their exclusive NBC contract. ND is the New York Yankees of college football. They’re not always the best team, but they can spend what they want to buy what they need (I am not implying that they pay their players). Nothing wrong with that, especially for a private institution.

    When the alumni at ND openly boast that they can buy-out the multi-million dollar contract of a football coach that has disappointed them as easily as they buy a Quarter Pounder, you know the program is loaded with money. Same with USC, with Alabama, Oregon (more recently), and with Texas. Money buys good college football teams. It’s that simple. If some super-wealthy IU alumni donated $300 million to IU and mandated that it be spent on the football program, I guarantee IU would field a top ten football team within five to seven years. You want John Gruden to be IU’s head coach, offer him $6 million a year, guaranteed for five years, and pay his top assistants a million per. Provide the budget for him to hire a bunch of top talent scouts and you’ll have 5-star talent from all over the US enrolling at IU. It’s not difficult, it just takes a lot of money.

  43. Maybe you’re right. It sounds rather bleak and defeatist. I just see the parallels and looking at the possibility of planets moving back into their old alignments this state.

    It was weird watching Butler in Final Fours…Maybe Hoosier football can become Butler hoops for a brief stint. More players..different animal. I know the arguments.

    Maybe ND isn’t for real..I guess we’ll soon find out.

    Please understand that I was just having some innocent fun with you, Po. I’ll stop reminding you of how you thought(money, or no money) that ND and fallen into the deep abyss of irrelevancy.

  44. In all fairness, regarding bashing ND. Alabama has only played a couple good teams. They should have lost to one of them (LSU) and the did lose to the other. They have feasted on bad teams and struggled mightily with good teams. If they weren’t Alabama, and were just going on their performance, they’d be lucky to be ranked in the top ten.

    People rave about their talent, and that might be completely fair, but their performance on the field is that of a top ten team, nothing more.

  45. Po, you’re right on target. If John Schnatter wasn’t a U of L fan (and a total prick) he could turn around the Hoosiers with the stroke of a pen. We still have the “real” Hoosier John. Mellencamp. He’d never suck up to U of L. He’s a Hoosier to the bone.

    I actually grew up with ‘Papa John’. I didn’t know him all that well (he was a few years younger) but I was good friends with his cousin, Greg. We all lived nearby in the same Rolling Fields subdivision. Everybody knew each other. Never would have guessed John would have turned out to be such a douche bag. He was always about money, though, even as a kid. Nobody ever really trusted him with money.

    I guess my opportunities in the field of poor quality carry out pizza just went out the window. I have made it a point to ask employees how they like working there if I happen to order a PJ pizza (maybe once a year). They ALL seem to hate their jobs.

    I’d never, ever invest my money in a company that all its employees hate. One always hope that good employers are successful but, then, there’s WalMart (another place I don’t go).

  46. HforH, notice I did not suggest that vast sums of money are essential for a quality college basketball program. It’s a different paradigm because you really only need nine good players to be a good college basketball team. That’s how a Butler makes it to the final four two years in a row, and why March madness is always the best show in town.

    And by the way, I did not take offense to you pointing out my error regarding ND football. I was way off and ND is much, much better than I thought they’d be.

    Chet, no other conference comes close to providing the level of competition that the SEC does. Alabama may not be as good as they were last year, but Oregon, ND, and KSU would have several losses this year if they played in the SEC. And that’s not to mention that Alabama gets every team’s best effort, every game.

    IU has some wealthy alumni, but nothing to match the level of wealth that Phil Knight and T. Boone Pickens enjoy. Mellencamp is great, and very generous, but I don;t think he could come close to matching the donations that Knight and Pickens have made to their respective alma maters. Schnatter is wealthy, but he’s not in that league either. We’re talking Billionaires, not multi-millionaires. IU does have a billionaire alumni, but his favorite team plays in the NBA. And I heard, years ago, that after IU fired Knight, he refused to donate any more money to IU. Not sure if that’s true, but that’s what I read some years back.

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