1. Regardless if the outcome tonight, we are NOT the #1 team in the nation. Maybe #8 or 9, but not #1. Too many puzzling unforced turnovers and trouble defending the 3.

  2. I would tend to agree Iso, although I’ll take a legitemate 8 or 9 ranking, moreover, I for one feel that HMPerea could make us the #1 team. I may be wrong, but I think he’ll bring a dynamic to the team that will take us to a whole ‘nother level. The athleticism, shot changing, rebounding, defense on the interior.

  3. Georgetown was a formidable foe for us, w/their size & us w/out perea & jurkin. It’s a nice win to get, oit sure how good Georgetown will be ultimately, possibly quite good, possibly not, but either way I think they are a tough matchup for us due to their length, so it’s a quality win for us, imho. I know CTC was peeved at the officiating yesterday, but w/out all those whistles we don’t have a chance tonight. That’s something else to keep in mind. We won’t get to enjoy. this type of a free throw bonanza against tough big ten teams

  4. Ha… We’ve won every game by double figures… Just won a tournament in NYC… We’ve beat teams playing multiple styles… Our defense has been OUTSTANDING… And we’re missing 3 of our bigs…

    Name 7 teams better than us and tell me why…

    We aren’t a finished product, but we are still damn good, and have stepped up to every test so far.

  5. DANGIT I even spell checked that last 1 & still, the mysteriously misplaced period at the end(I did not put that there), Goeffie, I wish you could see this ridiculous crap my PC pulls…my PC & keyboard in concert. Not abge/fix at the moment. Believe it or not, I’m USUALLY stickler for grammar/punctuation. W/ this it’s either don’t participate, or do…what I do on here.

  6. Absolutely #1 team in the nation.


    1. Hulls: player of the game yesterday.
    2. Zeller: player of the game today.
    3. Crean: powerful Subway commercial.

    Crean’s Dentyne commercial in preparation: Crean drops it, Zeller dives, deflects to Oladipo, who passes to Hulls who shoots from downtown straight into Crean hyppopotamus mouth, wide open. Camera zooms on Crean as he starts chewing and says, as he chews, into the camera: “Mbhtseen ambhtcheen dianna!” and smiles, also drools a little endearingly.

  7. Good point Geoff, the D has been markedly improved so far, I meant to mention that before, as well as my concern for our FT shooting. It’s been very poor so far this season, up untill OT tonight. The experience is showing too, between that & the improved defense, these are good signs. Major major ingredients that really good college teams posess nowadays.

  8. Ha, they(Vitale & Greenberg) called Oladipo a “breakout star”, & “much improved this year”. That’s odd, I thought he was those things LAST year. He certainly is inconsistent offensively, but how Oladipo dosn’t get more credit for his defense is beyond me. I think he played 1st team All-American caliber defense last year. 2nd teamer for sure. It’s so tacky when national color guys show their lack of knowledge of the teams they are covering. It happens in every sport. I don;t hold it against you if you don’t watch every minute of every game in the country. Hell, who has time for that? I DO blame you for speaking about teams & players as if you do know everything about them. These guys b=never get called out for g=doing that stuff either. Probably cuz’ the national press doesn’t ususally notice these things the way local fans do, I imagine.

  9. This was a very good team we played tonight. It isn’t just a match-up issue. G-Town is good, disciplined and well coached. They played with a lot of heart. They’ll be a “match-up” problem for a lot of teams this year.

    The reason why we are #1: we beat G-Town in almost every facet of the game.

    FG %: IU 47% GT 44% +3
    3 pt % IU 59% GT 42% +17%
    3 pt FGs IU 10 GT 11 -1
    Reb IU 30 GT 21 + 1
    TO IU 13 GT 15 -2

    GT played us really tough, but we were the better team tonight. To play a hard fought game in NYC in Nov against an upper tier Big East Team bodes well for us. Felt we should have taken some better shots and pulled it off in regulation, but the issues that I have with our guys right now are very minor.

    Bring on UNC, baby. Is all forgiven if Scott May shows up, sits being the IU bench with an IU shirt on?

  10. I know most of you did see the 1976 team play, that was undefeated, but they did not blow everyone out of the gym every game. They had 2 pt wins over Notre Dame and Ohio State that year and 2-4 pt wins over PU and 2 overtime games. So it was far from easy but
    they had a senior team except for Benson who was a Junior. My point is they always found a way to win even against lesser quality teams that the 2 we just faced. We are hanging in there with lots of Freshman/So. minutes and without 3 big men. This team will get nothing but better as the season goes on and I doubt they will be undefeated they they won’t lose many.

  11. A few thoughts:

    1. Geoff, I concur. This teams sucks at the free throw line so far this year. That has to be fixed real soon, or IU will lose a few games that they should not.

    2. IU made too many stupid turn-overs last night, allowing GT to stay close. My wife was yelling at the TV, saying, “you’re not playing Sam Houston State guys.” Give credit to GT’s defense (long arms create turn-overs) for some of that, but there were numerous turn-overs, some at critical points during the game, when IU players simply attempted really stupid passes. At times, I think they are too anxious to run, and as a result they pass into traffic and lose the ball. As the competition gets better, they will adjust and develop better situational awareness.

    3. I had my suspicions about how good IU was relative to their ranking, but having watched UNC get crushed by Butler last night, I’m confident IU is a lot better than 8th or 9th. Only time will tell, but I think Southport65 made a great point in his post #12. I remember that in several games during the 1976 season, IU did not look like the best team in the country, but always found a way to win. We have to keep in mind that we were short three key players last night. Not having those big guys presents an extra challenge for IU. How much better will we be when our two big freshman are available?

    4. It was a great win if IU learns from the mistakes it made last night. What impressed me the most was that at the end of regulation, with the score tied, having lost a significant lead with a minute left to play, IU was not rattled, not showing any signs of distress. They talked it over and then took control in over-time. These guys believe in each other, and that is beautiful!

  12. ^ Ya, who cares about your thoughts? I have e-mailed Dustin’s boss’s boss and he promised he’s going dismiss the lawsuit, then fire Dustin’s boss and make Dustin boss. And then erase all your posts. Because they are worthless.

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