1. Did Bobby call Jordy one of the “best players in college basketball?” Take that, Seth Establishment.

    Attaboy, Bobby!

  2. This game will be remembered for 2 things:

    1) Bob Knight solidified himself as the worst analyst of all time. Could not stand listening to him talk. If he had any other name other than Knight he might be able to call a HS game in Ohio but other than that the dude is terrible.

    2) Vic and Jordy decided to win this game.

  3. weird. I enjoyed Knight’s talk. Was just thankful that it was not mouth Vitale.

    Do agree with #2. Without them it would be no game.

  4. So Crean’s “style”of basketball continues. It’s the same as last year: first fall behind in the first half and then wait for Hulls and Zeller to bail you out. Even though Zeller got in foul trouble precisely because of Crean! What these kids go through to overcome the stupidity of their own “coach” is unbelievable!

    Great game by Will Sheehey, a player “developed” by Crean in His Image.

  5. I like Knight as an announcer.

    And I’d rather listen to 5 cats fighting than listen to Vitale.

  6. FC13, so what you’re saying is, Crean made great adjustments at halftime. Wow, I never thought you’d say anything that wasn’t completely asinine but you’re right. Really great halftime adjustments. You’re learning something about basketball. Never saw that coming.

    RMK was on his best behavior. I’ve never heard him sound quite like he did tonight. He usually just mails it in. He actually seemed to be paying attention to the game tonight and he was enamored by Jordy’s game, as was to be expected. He’s usually dull as paint drying but he actually brought something to the game. Maybe he’s maturing as an analyst. That would be great as he has so much to offer but he usually doesn’t seem to care. I hope he’s turning a page. He’s got a lot of potential but he just hasn’t been showing his “A” game. He almost never gets the #1 game. Maybe he’s ready for a step up.

  7. The only one made in his own image is you and 4guards. Both of you were and are worse than stupid. When Coach hangs some banners and they are coming mark my words then you will be the only one looking stupid. Zeller had his worst game of his career and we still were up by 16 with less than 1.5 minutes to play. Vic and Hulls won the game offensively but the defense was great and it was a team win not 2 players. They held Georgia to 34% shooting. The team won this game because Coach did what he said defense was job one.
    Zeller did not bail or ball us out like you say. Did you even watch the game? Your old buddy said IU has a great team and they are very good on defense and well Coached. Why would your idol say that? Because you are wrong and the Coaches in this country are right That’s why they voted IU #1 again this week. You are out on a limb by yourself why don’t you just cut it off and go somewhere else. Oh wait no one else will let you post!

  8. No, I said he waited for Hulls to bail him out. That’s what happened last year too. Knight said that himself: Indiana is asking Hulls to do TOO MUCH.

    Crean remains the most incompetent coach of all times. No adjustments. Just happenstance. Soon Crean will drive this Mercedes in a tree with his absolute incompetence.

    Chet and Southpork: you are asinine.

  9. You’re right. I generously assumed you had learned something. I was way too sympathetic. You haven’t learned anything.

    You are the same dunce everyone on the board has always assume your are.

    Only now was can attach number to it.

    By the numbers, you are mentally, right now, somewhere between green algae and rodent fecal matter.

  10. Only now was can attach number to it.

    Still not good with words and writing, eh?

    You’re losing it dude. You’re taking it personally.

    Crean didn’t even want Hulls. Buckley insisted.

    Tell us more about rodent fecal matter. You sound like an expert on the matter.

  11. Chris k – well you don’t have to worry about Shabazz anymore… But after watching tonight I think Otto Porter is a bigger headache. Watford is going to have fits on both ends.

  12. How miserable FC2013 must be. To have nothing better to say about this game than some contrived idiocy. Really kind of sad. And made even more sad if we waste any more time responding to his drivel or allow him to distract us from making or reading legitimate comments about our beloved basketball program. Chet, I suggest we just ignore this little person. Is he even worth the time it takes to type a response?

  13. The first half reminded me that IU needs to have better mental toughness when they’re on the road. Maybe the fans in Assembly Hall really give them a boost. Maybe they’re used to the lighting, or maybe they get the benefit of some home cooking because the refs are influenced by the Hoosier crowd. I don’t know, but the first half of this game brought back my concerns about the quality of their play when they’re away from Assembly Hall. I really thought the NCAA tournament got them over that hump last spring, but for a while there, it looked like they were suffering from that old road virus again.

    And darn, they are a bad free throw shooting team. They need to get that fixed real soon.

    Given how bad they played, it was a good wake-up call and a good win on the road.

  14. See, being a pathetic troll means sitting in your dungeon master’s basement and throwing fireballs without fear of incoming fire taking you out. FIRECREANOU812 has nothing to add but soliloquies of loathing and tears over the fallen soldier (a rogue pieclce of gum, which had the audacity to storm the bastille and jump out of the Devil’s mouth and experience true freedom for 5 seconds).

    Crean came in and put the paddles to a program that had not seen greatness in decades. This team is #1 and Steve Alford remains in the desert. Oh sure, we’ll have some disappointments. But think about the connotation that takes now: a bad game equals struggling in the first half against an upper tier SEC team on a neutral court before adjusting and turning them to dust in second half.

    FIRECREAN has attached itself to a horse named Gluestick. Keep on riding that horse, you sad little creature, and we will laugh at you from afar.

  15. Be happy, be very happy, enjoy while it lasts.

    The travesty will end soon enough.

    Poopsky, Cheap and Double Dodo are the three stooges.

    Everybody laughs at them.

  16. Is he even worth the time it takes to type a response?

    Not to mention that he can’t even type very well…

  17. Only a small little man such as FIRE, could without irony, call this team a travesty.

    Come on tiny little man, keep digging your hole. Come and get all the attention you can’t find in real life that you desire. And by attention, I mean beatings.

  18. The coaching is a travesty dude not the team. Write it down double dodo because there isn’t room for much in that pea sized brain of yours.

  19. Po – I thought that they just played too fast pretty much all game long. When they are overwhelmingly more physically talented than the other team they can get away with that. However, the athleticism and size was fairly equal last night… Those are the games when you need to use skill and execution to win. I honestly believe that they just got used to playing a certain way against the first 3 opponents and it took them most of the GA game to settle in to using their skill advantage instead. I think they will play much better tonight, although they game will probably be very close just because Georgetown looks pretty damn tough.

  20. Crean is the worst coach of all time?


    Did he have sex with your mom, sister or wife?

    You’re the lamest troll ever.

  21. Dustin, can you please delete these horrible comments about Tom Crean? It’s probably some PU or UK fan acting like an idiot.

  22. Nah, let FIREPANTS whine. If he doesn’t do it here, he’ll probably go shoot up a Wal-Mart or something. We’re saving society a front-page national tragedy by letting him moan about something he’s completely on the wrong side of.

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